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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Character Concept: Guy Cody

Part 2 of the cast concept outed now. So erm yeah, guess we should just skip the tea and scones. ;)


A foil to Aeranath. That's my original plan here and truth to be spoken, it hasn't change a dime. Or maybe I should say the idiocy ante got upped. We all know the standard shonen-manga hero. And yeah this is what you'll get here. Interestingly enough, while his qualities set him on good stead to play the main character, it actually turns out that the one most legit to be the Lancer has snagged the role. In a very twisted sense, I do enjoy doing this stereotypical jock/lad character. Simply put, Guy Cody is an idiot. And quite frankly, I truly doubt no one will be dumb enough to wager a bet on him snagging Alestrial. :D

Note: The original name was actually Wheater Downs. Due to unprecedented incidents pertaining to a certain ex-pro-player-turned-sucky-manager, a certain David Wheater left us for Bolton. Apparently, Mogga was right in saying that things will never go well by default for any of lower flight players destined to reach top flight football. Again, I blame it on this fella.

On the naming: Its just a case of me being a Final Fight fan. Yes I know... Guy is badass and so is Cody. Interestingly enough, we might not have even seen the tip of the iceberg. Whatever that means anyway. ;)

Appearance: An average looking lad standing tall with an athletic build, his sandy blonde hair were cropped and spiked upwards. His eyes were the deepest blue with an everlasting fire stowed within which somehow had an alluring effect on other girls. (Not that he realize it anyway)

Garb: A mundane commoner's garb when off-duty. Yet upon times of deployment, he would be decked in a suit of leather scales combined with garments of green.Such was the standard uniform of any given Support troops within the Red Lions' ranks.


Okay, I take back my words... all of it.
(No prizes for guessing right.)


Never to yield, yet not knowing the time of defeat
Reckless youth be the cause of death, mayhap smiled upon by Fate after all
A fool who can unite all under his banner upon merit unrivaled
Mocked as a toothless cub, yet a lion amongst men
A lion is a lion. Intrude upon it's territory and one will gaze at fury never seen

"People tend to feedback to me that they prefer this bloke to the other one" ~ Me

Quotes most quote-worthy

"Wait a sec... so you're saying that I end up bashing a hobo where in fact I got the wrong target?"

"But that doesn't seem right. I noticed a glint... crap! He scooted off! You laid on the wrong bet, So-dumb!"

"Erm, what do you mean by expendable energy? Surely that doesn't bode well for my future with Alestrial?"

"Yeah I know she's a Cinha. A False Noble upon the rights as an adopted. Plus I'm no righteous goody-two shoes as well because I'm gonna shaft my boot straight into your ass. Plurally speaking of course."

"So how long have our promise been made? Feels really weird  to imagine that the moment being neither far nor near. Bah! Who am I trying to kid? Erm Alestrial? Am I drunk by the way?"

"Dammit! You got scammed, Alestrial! Why? Why is it that you choose to believe in that murderer? You know its a mistake yet..."

"Oh no you don't! You're not gonna get away with this. Not if I can help it. Not by a long shot."

"Erm okay... so let me get this clear, Uncle Parky. That looney sod I've tripped down the ditch was really an escaped felon? Wow dumbass luck again..."

"Take a look at this bloke before you. For I'm nothing more than a lion seeking it's hunt..."

"What does the Church want with me? I don't remember any promise made to some wonky clergy..."

"Draft me under your wings? In exchange for? Wait a sec... you're saying you know the truth behind the years I never had? Stop talking in riddles damn you!"

"Don't give me that empty look. I've yet to settle my score with you. Until that day, you better keep yourself alive."

"A life you never had? Hah! Don't be a hidden moron! I'm not gonna buy that lie. Or am I right to say that dumb luck had saved me yet again?"

"One of theses days, I will return what is rightfully yours. Because I will never owe any favours to an asshole."

"Dammit! Fight it, Mayweather! You're a Pure Noble for crapsack's sake!"

"So here's my weapon... never considered myself as an accomplished fighter yet I end up being a Lancer? My life's a joke for good now..."

"Why is it that I feel at ease with a spear in hand? I used to ask myself this question whenever I fumbled with one and now I might not even need to know the answer."

Seriously we can't believe our ears...

"Erm Gaffer Sir?"
 "What, Southgate? I'm feeling damned stressed out now. Get to the point."
"The Second Support Command are at it again."
"Please don't tell me its a buff poker all over again..."
"And Guy Cody floored ninety percent of the Wearsider lads. In nothing bar a pair of boxers no less... permission to summon, Sir?"
"That's it! I'm gonna bray him twice the force now! Summon that cretin into my office. Immediately!"


"Let's make a promise by the park, shall we? You will marry me upon our eighteenth birthday, right?"

"You're far better off than me. Or just about anyone around me. Guess that's the reason why I forced both of us to make that childish promise when we're merely twelve..."

"Living as if tomorrow's the end. It takes a fool to carry through such a simple truth. Will I end up the same way as well, Guy?"

"Damn you! Crap wasn't supposed to turn out this way! If anything happens to that kid, I'll skin you bloody good, get me?"

"You suck, That's the cold hard truth. Unfortunately, it will take a subhuman far worse off than an idiot to stay stagnant or worse. Have a go at me again until you can't stand up anymore for the day."

"The spear of gold and crimson... guess we're in a for an interesting ride, huh? Maybe it wasn't down to dumb fate that you survived the roasting back then..."


We no speak Engrish...

Guy Cody's way of self addressing is pretty much interesting to say the least. Under normal circumstances, he will use "boku", yet under certain conditions, "ware"/"waga" will be used. "ore" is usually used when he's on a high or really pissed off. If he used "omae", it means you're just an average fella not in danger of setting him off. To those close to him, "anta" will be used. If you managed to piss him off, you'll end up hearing "temee" (i.e. a more hostile version of "temae" that is used by Aeranath) or if you think you're some big shot, "kisama". When addressing a junior/kid, "kika" is the way to go. Generally he will spam "yarou" at times. "baka" is used towards people whom he deem as stupid despite his brain not really that bright. (Those around him tend to call him "boke") Yet "sugoi" is a word used at premium due to personal reasons. To show his everyday excitement, he will express it in normal words.


P.S: A sign of things to come?

The song I'll associate with him: