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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some pre-match lulz before I go out...

So it's all abt England, England and MORE England. So what's the deal? Very simple. Hodgson playing mind games? Before the French match, he played down everything. But now it seems that he looked far more belligerent now. The most amazing thing yet? Classic English pride:

But then again, can I say mind games? A lot has been said on how this comment will go dual edged blade mode. But maybe we should see things this way: Stevie is quite obviously trying to do a PR hype. Guess Hodgson would have given him the green light anyway. But key statement? This:

...[if] we reach the same level of performance...

Key word in brackets. So should be truly a hoo-ha over the whole thing? We all know what the English are capable of. Boat loads of what-ifs. What if David Seaman nvr flapped at Ronaldinho's lulz ball last time round in the great land of Far East? What if Rooney discovered Carvalho's balls ain't made of steel? What if Roy Keane is an English and that Simeone picked the wrong target to troll? The list is so extensive, I can only express my surprise that no one have renamed it The List of Bollocks. :S

So should the Swedes be trapped here? Maybe... just maybe they're not really that stupid. So why the backlash? Counter-mind games? Interesting enough, Stevie's words might NOT be used against the Swedes. But rather the media will always be their greatest enemy. Simply put, it's a PR warfare. To test whether the press are really that dumbass after all. The Swedes knew that as well. Yet via their very own reaction, they might be putting up a bluff after all where in fact they should have gotten used to this load of bollocks both 1st and 3rd party wise.

Warning: Slightly NSFW