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Latest on ART: A Ranger's Tale now starting to kick back in gear. But I really hate the insanely fluctuating climate here in S'pore.

P.S: Oh, and one more thing. Vid below is yet another ideal OP for A Ranger's Tale.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Argh!!!! IMPOSSIBRU!!!!!!

Note that most suspicious nation with 1 view...

Round 1-House Microsoft unified every banner
Round 2-House Sony send their regards

D-pad-browse selection menu/select character turn order
Left analog stick-Controlling character in real time
Right analog stick-camera zoom

Triangle-confirming option in selection menu/standard attack
Square-activate selection menu/block




Options-open controls menu
Triangle-confirm whatever changes made

And to prove that I'm no pro-Sony Snow bastard...
D-pad-select character turn order
Left analog stick-Controlling character in real time
Right analog stick-camera zoom

Y-confirming option in selection menu/standard attack
X-activate selection menu/block

Left/Right bumper-Focus
Left bumper+Right bumper-Feat

Left/Right trigger-Parry
Left trigger+Right trigger-Stance

Left bumper+Left trigger+Right bumper+Right trigger-Drive

Menu-open controls menu
View-confirm whatever changes made

And who can forget them all...

D-pad-browse menu/select character turn order
Left analog stick-Controlling character in real time
Right analog stick-camera zoom

X-confirming option in selection menu/standard attack
Y-activate selection menu/block

Hold A/B-Focus
Hold A/B+up direction for D-pad-Feat

Y+down direction for D-pad-Parry
Hold X+up direction for D-pad-Stance

Hold any button+any direction for D-pad-Drive

Start-open controls menu
Select-confirm whatever changes made

Okay, me fight against sleep, now have to go sleep...
To be continued...

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Suddenly realised I've made a massive mess out of my A Ranger's Tale RPG. Therefore, I now tweak the system. Doesn't mean a shit when it comes to original concept tho since key word is "concept". In short, you'll be dumber than you look if you steal any shit from my ideas...

Note: I suddenly realised the actual dangers behind a Christian being globally known. Let's see if this is me being paranoid...

Tweaks: Game Menu

Adventurer-this is where the gamer will experience the plot via the PCs' POV. Individual PC's routes are possible depending on in-game choices made by the gamer.

Gladiator-Online multiplayer mode where gamers all over the world are welcomed to pit their skills. DLC characters are allowed in Tourney mode with option for co-op.

Wanderer-individual chapters unlocked via Story mode. May or may not involve Story mode PCs in any way or form.

Explorer-a mode where your only goal is to slay as many enemies you can. Basically a free-for-all PvE with option for co-op.

Conqueror-in short, we nerds call this Boss Rush. Every boss character defeated in Story mode can be fought again here. In the standard Boss Rush sequence of course.

Legends-display a list of characters unlocked via Wanderer and Adventurer mode. You can use them in Gladiator, Explorer or Conqueror mode. At the same time, you'll be able to download every manner of  DLC in this section.

Dreamer-an array of non-canon fan works ranging from in-plot to actual crossovers. I swear this will be a recipe for copyright lawsuit together with DLC characters.

To be continued (b/c I really need to kun liao...)

P.S-Don Ralph Lauren, I got no beef with your beloved Naruto. Hence me now trollolol you. :D

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Just some random dialogue/quotes... (Alestrial Eliaden)

Will my life suck forever? Will I die forever alone and without $$$? Apparently, it's not good being a profound thinker. Mr Eric Soh, I know you once said I've got a profound mind, but you might as well now call it profound sadness. She-Hulk might be right when she said my past life was a drug addict... O.o

Further references (b/c I do things for teh lulz, shit went nuclear*)
*Me not bullshitting-my sis+mom will be flying to Seoul come 18-25th Oct even tho I thought they both neutrals in K.culture...
Double confirm I put this link for teh lulz
Another candidate to play Guy Cody
Another candidate to play Aeranath...

"Once, I tried asking my tutor why learning etiquette is a must. I can never forget that stinging slap nor my classmates' sneer."

"His eyes, the azure moon, and a bloodied sword... I tried asking his name, he retreated into darkness instead. Did he save me due to chivalry or out of pity? Mayhap 'tis only down to some whimsical want, I care not even till now. I only understand one truth about him, that he's merely a wounded beast crying for a home."

"This was someone I could save, a boy around my age. I knew the victim suffering his torture, he was a murderer cloaked in ignorance. This isn't right, I tried reasoning to myself. No, a thug deserves his rightful wage, argued my other side. Then I discovered his sapphire gaze, my hands holding a muscular arm back. His name uttered like a boy his age, Guy Cody finally became my finest friend."

"I never realised how beautiful I am until you told me, Guy. Oh, and please don't give me this expression. You look like a fish out of water. Others may lie to me, but definitely not you."

"Whose love should I desire more? A lion's affection or a wolf's enduring hurt? Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah, if you are indeed real despite death, please grant me a reply. Just any answer will do..."

"What exactly is a Dragon? Why do you fill me with venomous questions, O'Grand Damsel of the Quintet Church? Why must I live a life where my choices will save many, yet destroying many more?"

Dialogue I

Alestrial Eliaden: Father! I don't want to get married when I grow up!

Louthes Eliaden: What do you want then? What manner of life do you want?

Alestrial Eliaden: I only want to be free, father. Free to ride, free to sail, free to love...

Louthes Eliaden: Enough!

Alestrial Eliaden: And lastly, free to be a filial daughter even without merit of birth.

Dialogue II

Eliador de Lioncourt: A good game of chess...

Alestrial Eliaden: Only because you won, Serpent.

Eliador de Lioncourt: Fairest Alestrial Eliaden, do you still perceive yourself as a harlot meant to please kingdoms of men? Surely not.

Alestrial Eliaden: Spare me your lies, for hungry Dwarves under your gold had devoured my chastity with glee.

Eliador de Lioncourt: But not your inner fire, not your unique talent waiting to be freed. I have two keen eyes for capable people instead of one, mind you...

Final words

"Ales, you are merely my daughter in name, I love you like one in blood. I won't live beyond the end of winter, I won't live to accompany you come spring. Summer now belongs to you, autumn is now imminent. Therefore, be free to chart your voyage, be brave enough to fight. Remember who you are, the only child belonging to Lord Louthes of House Eliaden and Lady Emma of House Watts."
~Emma Watts-Eliaden, Lady Consort of Louthes Eliaden

Sunday, 25 August 2013

I have a friend...

...who has just gotten a twin package of joy. Not so surprisingly enough, I only knew about it this morning. To dear Mr Boon Ning and Mrs Thory, here's my belated present to you both. Or at least for Mr Boon Ning that is...

P.S to the two recipients: Swearing present in the post, it's your call.

P.S to Mr Chen Kangbo: Yes, I know you also got your own baby also, but this post not for you. Want to know why, just ask yourself why Blackburn decided to deliver a nice little 5-2 gift in a baby-wrap.

P.S to self: Current events have assured me of the possibility that my life sucks and most likely I'll die alone and penniless.

A/N: Vids are meant to be watched separately. This time round, I'm not gonna to utilise my modus operandi.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Since every school is a good school...

...therefore, I should try having a hand in deciding the cast. In short, how will I go about doing this if ART really becomes an actual TV/movie series?

P.S: If I believe above mentioned dream is possible, then why would I use the relevant tags?

Still, let me drum up the mood first


CV-Prince Nuada [Hellboy II: The Golden Army]

Guy Cody
CV-Robb Stark [Game of Thrones]

Alestrial Eliaden
CV-No point pointing out the most obvious...

50-50 Protagonists

Lars Alterfate
CV-Prince Caspian [Chronicles of Narnia]

CV-Remember this?

Antagonists (at least for now...)

Eliador de Lioncourt
CV-Remember this?

Lukas Brun
CV-Refer back to Richard Armitage, i.e. Thorin Oakenshield

2 amigas

Nanaya no Geun'Jin

Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah

2 amigos+1 amiga

Sarel Aphros

Ziron, Lord of the Lancers

Aor, the First True Apostle

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Kork M. Hancock, Rogue Economist: How one empire's resurgence boosts global economy (Part 3)

Lately, it seems to us at IRE that this stupid columnist has finally gone 100% broke. In short, he had been in and out of our counselling room with many a counselling letter. This is what our Head of Counselling Faculty has to say:
[Apparently, Kork has suffered what the experts termed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whether this is down to certain people or some imaginable people remains to be seen. However, it is to society's best interests to keep him tightly leashed while giving him ample dosage of oral sedative. In particularly, he must be banned from getting anywhere within 200 miles radius from anyone with the surname Wong. Apparently, he has an imaginary beef with an imaginary nemesis by the name of Wong Pengsan.
P.S: It's highly recommended by my personal expertise that we must get a girl for the above mentioned patient. Failure to do so will only give us one final choice: allow him a lifetime in enjoying porn.]
To Miss Bu Huiying, I can only express my most heartfelt thanks. Sadly, I'm already married with a shotgun wielding wife.
~ Sincerely yours, Institute of Rogue Economists

Signed by High Dean, Highest Prof Simisai

Part 3: Interview with a pundit
It's to my most heartfelt gratitude to know many people asking about my current well being. Don't worry, for my medication has made me stable due to stable therapy. With that being said, let's go onto Part 3 of my column.

Amazingly enough, the relevant authorities had barred me from writing up the final part of this column. Instead, I had to interview a renown expert on Great Burritain's national sport gone global, Association footbrawl.

KMH (Me)- Hello there, Mr...

Expert-Singh, Baik Singh. In case you want to know more about me, I'm currently working as the only alternate consultant in Blackburnt Footbrawl Club, thank you very much. Oh, and Blackburnt's stadium is now renamed Deadwood Park.

KMH-But your name sounds so...

BS (Baik Singh)-Gay? No! Who say I gay? My name also not gay! I mixed parentage, my father has to cut down on basement furnishing in order to marry my mother! Understand?!

KMH-That's not what I mean... okay never mind. So Mr Baik Singh, do lend the readers your personal expertise on Association footbrawl. Like why is it a global sport despite a close market tendency we're seeing?

BS-Oh, that one ah! Very simple... firstly, foreign ownership is frowned upon there, you know why?

KMH-Because the people are scared of erosion in club identity?

BS-Partly. But the greatest reason lies in no foreign club is allowed to join the Burritain Premium League. You see, money distribution is a case of simple economy mathematics. Every team has a first team of 23 players, only 3 are allowed to hold foreign passport. The other twenty blokes are mostly on dual citizenship.

KMH-And what does it have to do with close market industry, dare I ask?

BS-Firstly, with foreign teams, there will be a lot more foreign players! A bloody great amount of pressure coming from foreign influx if I say so myself. In order to safeguard whatever national pride at stake, the Footbrawling Associates decided that foreign ownership must meet the least requirement of 1 billion dollars annual profit. Not average but literal, mind you. Basically, it means only the most lucrative business owners are allowed to own any Burritain footbrawl club, no matter what kind of division and style.

KMH-So let's cut the chase, let us hear your expertise view on the important details.

BS-Remember the famous last words from famous late fighter, Hang Tuang? There are three ways to win-Blood, damned thunder, and statistics. The former two is the core of all things on-field, the final piece in this sporting jigsaw puzzle is how money is being made.

KMH-Do go on...

BS-Firstly, business is done in a two tier system. The Footbrawling Associates are NOT in charge of money distribution due to a lack in systematic cohesion off the field. Therefore, money rights, better known as TV rights, is something under the control of Great Burritain's major sportsman network, Skyrocket. And that's working hand in hand with national cum global bookmaking authority,

KMH-So does that mean final position mean everything?

BS-Not that simple, for only base revenue is decided by Skyrocket. This is what one means by revenue via positioning., however, are there to add further bonus cash based on deed and merit. Add together the simple sum and we'll discover actual ranking is NOT everything, but pretty much covers most of everything.

KMH-I think one of the greatest question is...

BS-The first round of this season? Good! I know punters, fellow pundits, and wannabe pundits alike are interested to know that.

KMH-Erm... it's indeed a global craze, this BPL, but...

BS-Oh, don't be ashamed of your loyalty! One of your footbrawling kakis has told me accidentally over a Tigress beer session that you support Middle-yoyo Footbrawl Club! Good choice, Typical Yoyo will never keep you bored. Enjoyed how they grabbed Blackpoo by their bollocks last weekend...

KMH-How do you... okay never mind... so what's your take?

BS-Firstly, let me start on Mangkok United. When incumbent manager, S. Alex. F, retired halfway through, many pundits predicted doom for this long running Mangkok outfit. People are still singing SAF tributes despite old bugger still alive! But what about current manager, David Amoy?

KMH-That he can't make it?

BS-Yes, and I suspect a lot of it has to do with his wife allowed to own a shotgun despite guns declared as contraband. Apparently, SAF never let his wife has one despite wisdom in age. However, the problem lies in preseason form. I told my fellow pros that M.U will start roasting teams once the season kicks off. My prediction was spot on apparently last weekend. Mangkok United 4, Swaysiao City 1. And that's given them Swaysiao lads were playing at home.

KMH-What about the favourites then?

BS-You mean Cheesy F.C? Oh, the return of Hosei Mourijiao! We all know that self-proclaimed Special Bird, 2-0 to Cheesy is too little a score. I can tell you Hell City Tigers should deserve bigger hell! What the **** Mourijiao was thinking by not fielding Biru Mata? Lad is a perfect all rounder, not just some jack of all trading like Franc Lampaji! Target come, whack! Target open, shoot! Target on target, score! Biru Mata is the star man! Why depend on Jonny Terrible and Nano Tongkeng only? Now still got which team I miss out from the Biggest 6 ah?

KMH-Arsed Goners F.C?

BS-Why mention that team of losers?

KMH-Because they par of Biggest 6 what...

BS-Correct hor... some more Arson Wedgie still around as boss...

KMH-Tongkat Hotspurs? I heard AV Beng signed a new striker named...

BS-Roberto Pajiao? Sorry hor, that stupid bugger caused me to lose money big during 1994 footbrawling crisis. Bloody pajiao aim...

KMH-But Pajiao isn't... okay, let's talk about the other half of Mangkok.

BS-What other half of Mangkok? Only whole red, no bloody blue! I know today is Monday, you want me to kenna Monday blues izzit? Mano Peregrine sure will dive like peregrine falcon one! Which left one last team...


BS-Yes, Liverboo. The team that defies every pundit's expectation during the 1st round. Except for me of course! You think Mak Huge so easy to beat ah? Sure he needs money, but Stroke City lagi rich one hor! You think all teams like Middle-yoyo can only depend on boardroom welfare izzit?

KMH-So what's your take on the most famous bust up ever Mario Trollotelli trolled his ex?

BS-I tell you, this Brendan Dodgers lagi pandai one. You think star player Lugi Suarez wants to leave the club meh? Everywhere he goes, he sure will lugi one. Only Antfield will never make him walk alone. That's why we got this dodgy wayang drama, dodgy ending has fellow drama grad, Wayne Guni, standing up in applause.

KMH-Err, I'm sorry, but it's time for me to go home and take my scheduled therapy procedure...

BS-Can, no problem! Next week tips, bet on Mangkok United, Cheesy F.C, and Liverboo all winning by at least two goals or more. Sure will win money one! Cannot win, I give you my address, you can hunt me down with your buddies.

Is it fine for me to file an appeal? I don't want constant therapy, I only want girlfriend... T_T

Monday, 19 August 2013

A Soldier's Muse... (Guy Cody)

Life goes on as normal, let's see whether I'll truly die lonely and penniless. :P
Meanwhile, allow me to live my life to the max before dying. :D

P.S: Last part on latest Rogue Economist post will be on temp rest due to me not having the drive to go 200%.

Guy Cody: A Roar of Fire and Pride
Fire, a sign of destruction and passion. Pride, a symbol of honour and stubborn nature. I do feel that this is quite apt with Guy Cody's personality especially given the nature of The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair. If A Sea of Arms and Craft should be Alestrial's BSOD arc, then this first part would belong to Guy. Can passion tamper destruction, honour justifying stubborn character?

I used to see Guy Cody as a what-if Robert Baratheon. Yet, after knowing Robb Stark better, I ended up seeing more of the Young Wolf in this young lion. Firstly, both Robb and Guy had lost their loved ones. Robb lost his father while Guy lost his buddies in arms (especially a certain Catterm Leen). However, there is still a marked difference between the two: Robb was already a potential conqueror even while young, Guy Cody didn't know a shit about what he should do with his life.

So what kind of character is Guy within the warfare context? I believe like Robb, he has the capacity to lead men into battles and making boys into men. But we must also take heed that Guy remains an unfinished article unlike Robb, so how should I go about shaping his part of the plot will constitute a certain challenge.

I enjoy contemplating Robb's ceiling of growth compared to Guy. Robb might have won many battles, but he lost the war. Why? Because he had his own pride, he was being too stubborn. Ditto for Guy also, which makes whatever possible paths much more interesting to map out. Robb failed to learn from his character flaws, Guy will do well not to follow his own blueprint's road. Yet, this is not to say Guy can/will just forsake his principles just like that. You see, the finest fallacy in House Stark lies in an OCD tendency for honour and truthfulness. Guy can never escape cleanly, he can only learn how/when to bend and stay rigid. Scariest fact? I haven't got an inkling of an idea on where to start this advanced character development.

One interesting flashpoint would be his interaction with Aeranath. The above clip is how I'd describe things in parallel. Given the difference in House ethos, I know it will seem utterly ironic to see a wolf (i.e. Aeranath) standing off with a lion (i.e. Guy Cody). Yet, whatever beef shown thus far is all about how Guy Cody was terribly close in being the monster he hated most. I particularly enjoyed how R.A Salvatore managed to humanise Artemis Entreri during the Sellswords trilogy. This is where I ripped off the idea and slightly modded the shit. At the same time, the Warcraft art book once asked this question: when a monster sees itself in a mirror, does it see a monster? This is pertaining to the Orc faction for Warcraft III, I do enjoy asking myself this hypothetical question. Keeps me grounded and reminding me not to stray from my self-humility.

I won't say whether Guy managed to triumph over this battle, but it seems that there are certain things left unresolved...

I remembered something being said on Jon Snow idolising Daemon Blackfyre (forgot where I found that quote though). Like Jon Snow in the clip above, Guy Cody also wanted to be a hero. So now the biggest question-who granted Guy this dream? On the first glance, it's Aeranath. Yet, we can't discount any other characters playing far bigger roles in the whole picture...

P.S: 30 should be that age where every decent man must consider where he stands. However, my attitude is still like "lol! no sweat!" Does that mean I'm totally loopy? Or maybe my Christian faith had taught me how to sit back and relax?

Friday, 16 August 2013

If A Ranger's Tale is an anime done by Ufotable...

The list below will be my ideal OST/AST list. Yes, me guilty of plagiarism, I no $$$ to earn from this...

P.S: Get well soon, Parky. This Saturday will be your grandest day 'cuz Blackpool will def give us the respect you deserve. Paul Ince, you have a duty. Mogga, you also have a duty. It's called making this match a bloody cracker. Make this into something Parky can and will be proud of.

A/N: With that being said, I suddenly realised I've offed his ART incarnation due to potential plot implications... shit, Teesside's going after my arse. >.<

Pointless bs-ing: Yet again, Nippon strikes again...
Moral of the story:

A World's Legend: The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair

Intro theme




Character Themes


Guy Cody

Alestrial Eliaden


Chaos Incarnate/Aor

Sarel Aphros

General Themes

Battle Themes

Aeranath vs Guy Cody

Bonus Tracks

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kork M. Hancock, Rogue Economist: How one empire's resurgence boosts global economy (Part 2)

Apparently, IRE has gotten really famous. Too famous maybe. If monocultural countries like Japan and South Korea knows roughly what you look like, you know they will start sending the military after your ass. Maybe that's us at the IRE being too paranoid, but when I say military, it's something totally out of this world. For no reason at all, I earned the admiration of global celebrity, Lady Gabra. Hence, I requested bodyguards for this stupid lobo columnist here, all three counted as global stars also.
Star no.1: Korean starlet Park Si-Ran will be protecting him 24/7 due to her expertise in national martial arts.
Star no.2: Chinese actress Xiao Longmei will put him under surveillance 24/7.
Star no.3: Lastly but not least, Japanese thespian talent Enjou Kousai will be in charge of internal affairs 24/7.
~ Sincerely yours, Institute of Rogue Economists
Signed by High Dean, Highest Prof Simisai

Part 2: How an empire's entertainment works
To uphold the correct spirit of journalism, it's with my heaviest heart that what my boss said is true. But then again, all three really lagi chio, so at least not that bad. So now onto the second link-the entertainment scene. For reasons baffling every genetic scientists thus far, it seems that Great Burritian's women are blessed with sexy figure and a pretty face. In fact, statistics shown by famous global brand, Duress, has discovered the average cup size for a Great Burritain woman is a whopping G.

In order to milk the cash cow (pardon the pun), Great Burritian started an industry no other nation is capable of overtaking:

Burritain's next Great Top

This was an idea mooted as early as the 80s. However, the plan was cancelled because local channels refused to play with fire. And by fire, I mean overly angry parents and overly horny kids. Basically as quoted by Maggie Hatchet's successor-

"The dangers of sex cannot be underestimated. Our lasses are the most desirable lasses in the world! Why should we let foreign males shag them? It doesn't make any sense at all!"
~Winston Chutney

Chutney's rein, however, never really took off due to a freak accident involving horse racing. Details were unknown back then, they remain unknown now. After Chutney, a young upstart named Major John took over. By implementing rapid reforms, Maggie Hatchet's policies were realised to their maximum potential. Indeed the first edition of Burritian's next Great Top smashed the ratings ceiling. Even the much feared adult backlash never materialised. Pertaining to this mystery, renowned South Korean psychologist, Eric Jang Geun-Soh has this to say-

"It's not really rocket brain science to be honest. When parents are caught doing things under the cover, kids will always ask the damndest things. You see, parents can never lie personally to their children, they have to be educated instead. That's why whatever happens in private should stay private, this is exactly why people are still pushing for the felony status for invasion of privacy."

If Dr Jang's assessment is correct, that will explain the emergency measures for planned parenthood one year later. To the historians, it's known as the Dark Ages. To the baby boomers, they recalled their greatest feats with passionate pride.

In short, if nothing happens, it means nothing happens at all.

The age of higher Reality TV
Unhappy with the surging success achieved by Burritain's next Great Top, current media mogul Simon Cowed decided to show the entire world what Great Burritains are really capable of. Hence, ushering the hit series:

The Axed Factor

Thanks to Simon Cowed's words of mass destruction (abbrev: WMD), The Axed Factor managed to garner another kind of audience-people who enjoyed hearing teens and tweens singing aloud. In particular, people will always remember how contestants managed to take a step up after surviving every barrage of WMD. Of course given that we're talking about reality television show, there has to be a certain drama 24/7, thus a spike in mental breakdown cases amounting to attempted suicide.

Amazingly enough, the final winner was a sixteen year old girl by the name of Cate Middlearth. Seven years after, Cate Middlearth married the highest potential authority in Great Burritain, Prince B.M Williams. And this is in spite of Cate being slightly autistic and quite a fantasy nerd. Needless to say, Simon Cowed manage to carve out more than a niche for himself.

Sadly, The Axed Factor got axed from public TV after its first season due to parents complaining over on-screen child abuse despite the nature of reality shows. However, famous media pundit Stefan Irish has this to say:

We could have unearthed the second Cate Middlearth if not for parentage meddling. How Burritain's next Great Top secured constant high ratings is beyond me, but thankfully we already got famous celebrities bringing pride to our people even with whatever external interference enforced.

In the gaming circuit, we got the reigning doubles champion of World RPG Tourney, Greatjon Snow and Robbed Stark. Although constant first runner up Dick Lannister deserves honourable mention.

When it comes to the silver screen, we have Emmy Megawattson.

And lastly but the greatest of them all, we are proud to say that famous idol boy band, Once Directed, is also a band of Burritain brothers despite failure in getting past The Axed Factor's round 1.

To be continued...

Plans (?) for A Sea of Arms and Craft

Original plan: finish Part 2 of Great Burritain.

Final outcome: fail.

Well, guess it might be high time for me to write this little piece of personal bs...

So what now on 2nd arc of A Ranger's Tale?
Firstly, allow this bastard here to say that I'm gonna start killing off characters. Already I've got at least two characters slated to bite the dust. I'm not gonna spoil it for you, if I managed to pull off a Ned, then I must be the greatest bastard ever lived. Bar G.R.R Trollolol ofc...

I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners. The architects plan everything ahead of time, like an architect building a house. They know how many rooms are going to be in the house, what kind of roof they're going to have, where the wires are going to run, what kind of plumbing there's going to be. They have the whole thing designed and blueprinted out before they even nail the first board up.

The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed and water it. They kind of know what seed it is, they know if planted a fantasy seed or mystery seed or whatever. But as the plant comes up and they water it, they don't know how many branches it's going to have, they find out as it grows.
~George R.R. Martin on two different types of writers.

So what's next for...
Alestrial Eliaden:
This Park Shin Hye lookalike has gotta be the spotlight character, no? I'll have to admit that initially, my attachment to her from a reader's POV is "meh..." and that's it. However, times will always change, people will change accordingly. That includes me also, I've discovered that somewhere along the road, I've grown quite attached to her so as to speak. And no, I not PSH fan, I certified neutral, I double confirm still the author (read: limpeh is still lim-laopeh).

If The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair is all about Guy Cody's development, then w/o a doubt A Sea of Arms and Craft will shift the whole BSOD focus onto Ales. How she reacts to harsh reality will go a long way in shaping her character. In a very real sense, I can identify her with Emiya Shirou of Fate/stay night. No, I'm not propagating any Rule 63, my darkest years are behind me now.*

One glaring contrast between Ales of the 1st arc and the current Ales is the greatest proof of her current identity: a harlot. This has nothing to do with post-rape or no rape. Rather, this is my way of creating an identity paradox in her. I don't have to spoil this little morsel for you guys b/c I've alrdy implied that in her attitude towards Eliador (which to be fair is the bastard responsible).

Ever wondered why compared to her previous noble lady look, I opted for another design hammering home this point, i.e. having short hair instead of long flowing locks? As Eliador had pointed out, having one's hair shorn will mean the girl in question is a harlot. Period. See? I've alrdy planted a BSOD bomb.

Note: Have to say I did hesitate on whether I should do this far at first. Thankfully, I took heart from G.R.R. Martin's words that...

Art is not a democracy. People don't get to vote on how it ends.

And may I include the SOP as well...

Relevant links:

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Kork M. Hancock, Rogue Economist: How one empire's resurgence boosts global economy (Part 1)

No need to say anything, you all catch the drift. No compensation will be paid for 100% corruption of humour, thank you very much.

Lowdown on the columnist

Kork.M.Hancock is a leading young star of the Institute of Rogue Economists. Supposedly a promising student from H@rv*rd Uni dual majoring in political studies and economy, he was promptly expelled due to getting caught in the middle of watching porn while jacking himself off. Claims of intentional bullying went to nothing as Kork was... well left with nothing until IRE offered him a spot in the Analysis Faculty.

Lowdown on the institute

Institute of Rogue Economists (abbrev: IRE) is an unlisted think tank unaffiliated with any political party or even any given nation. Due to their inability to conduct terrorism (some say they're pretty much law abiding citizens although such claims were shot down just as fast), anything said in the columns should be taken with a grain of salt. Or so says the current Government regime. Whoever that may be anyway.

Special note:

Of late, it seems that this stupid lobo has gotten distracted by random distractions from one single source. Hence, we at the IRE decided to send this stupid idiot to a weekend holiday trip. Hopefully, he will be more responsible. Hopefully also, he will get his first girlfriend...
~ Institute of Rogue Economists
Signed by High Dean, Highest Prof Simisai


GDP, 30%. NNP, 30%. FAP, 30%. Independents, 10%.
Hence I, Maggie Hatchet, announce the birth of Great Burritain's first hung parliament!

For the very first time in its history, Great Burritain ushered forth a brand new era. The year was 194*, this once great empire was reduced to social chaos. On one hand, the rich enjoyed their privileges. On the other end, the poor could only spam their basic rights. Back then, there was only two major political parties: the Grand Domestic Party (abbrev: GDP) and the Nation's National Party (abbrev: NNP). Yet, with the emergence of a new player, the Forward Action Party (abbrev: FAP), every shred of political order went kaput. The greatest winner? The Independents since they became the kingmakers.

So what are Maggie Hatchet's contributions to Great Burritain?

Firstly and foremost, Maggie Hatchet was a controversial figure in local politics. Not much was known about her youth, but one thing was for certain: she was indeed the much feared Iron Hatchet. Yes, she managed to shake up the economy, but at what cost?

Firstly a lowdown on population...

The GDP desired rapid growth, the NNP argued that 90% of foreign population must be expelled first. The FAP, on the other hand, debated among themselves on how to improve every man and woman's sex life due to dwindling population. Indeed as famous Italian sociologist, Eric Spressoh, put so accurately:

"Manpower means money, money is the only way to improve any nation's economy. At the end of the day, it's up to the powers-that-be when it comes to where the money should go. Should they stay inside or be traded outside? Years of bickering ended up with a population explosion, the living money had to find some way to earn money. This was where Maggie Hatchet finally became the fearsome Iron Hatchet."

Four years after the first hung parliament, tensions finally surfaced in the ugliest manner. In a drunken stupor, an unnamed leading figure of an unnamed party exposed himself before a group of prostitutes. In the midst of panic, said politician got stabbed on the bollocks. His life was saved, his balls were not. In a bid to exact rightful vengeance, he declared there were many people living off men, that such women were unworthy of real men. Thus, began the notorious Salami Witch Hunt.

Foreign supply, local demand

Apparently, it's cheaper to cheat behind your wife so long as your wife isn't a sex worker. This was the logic behind the Salami Witch Hunt, 90% of the sex workers died due to trials with ample evidence. The only problem? The sex workers were uneducated, their only education was knowing how to please and submit.

This was when Maggie Hatchet tried helping these poor ladies. Ridiculed because she's a woman, Maggie Hatchet swore revenge within ten years' span. Eerily enough, she returned with a brand new fervour. By proving every man to be perfectly hung and functioning, divorce rate skyrocketed within three months. In a bid to arrest the situation, Maggie Hatchet made for herself an actual hatchet. By declaring an emergency state, the remaining 10% of sex workers were required to help stabilising the population by any means possible.

The Decade Civil War

While her only policy in force reaped major dividends, her political rivals remained in humiliation. Finally, they managed to arouse the northern end of Great Burritain. Interestingly enough, those living in the north didn't have any documentation proving their legal status as Great Burritain's citizens. Rumoured to be the result of administration cock up, these hulking men and women were hell bent in reclaiming their lost territory (although how much was considered lost is still subjected to intellectual debate).

Out of every ten northerners, there would bound to be one local talent waiting to be unearthed. Such was Sean Konek, first world class scientist the North has ever seen. Sadly his peers believed him to be mad, for he believed in scientific fundamentals more than anything else. His only proposed plan was ridiculed, people called him a dreamer. Yet, he ended up having the last laugh upon defecting to his greedy southern brothers...

How a missile won a war

In the greatest visual feat ever, Sean Konek came up with an outrageous missile design. In fact, this was his proposed plan, the only catch back then was that he only came up with the concept. Within three months, the missile was completed. The missile's name?

Torpe-Dong 007

Indeed so majestic was the sight, every northern barbarian fell down to his/her knees. Shocked by this insane turn of events, Maggie Hatchet's enemies whipped themselves up in a frothing frenzy. The modern southerners were overwhelmed, the entire standoff lasted for one full decade.

So how did Torpe-Dong 007 won the war? Apparently, Sean Konek managed to sell his Torpe-Dong 007 concept successfully, the United Nato was utterly impressed. Hence came the ceasefire order, both sides could only obey.

How Great Burritain regained its full glory...

Ironically, Torpe-Dong 007 wasn't used during the Decade Civil War. In the finest show of irony, Great Burritain was only reunified after a missile misfire. Nobody knew why Torpe-Dong 007 suffered a minor malfunction, but what we all know is this: said misfire managed to blow up one third of northern Great Burritain, only a deep crater now exists in its place. Miraculously, territorial separation on literal terms was averted since:

1. Said crater never sundered Great Burritain entirely, hence Great Burritain is still considered whole technically.

2. The northern heathens surrendered willingly due to a new found faith in science. That's the most important part.

But the greatest reason why Great Burritain is still Great Burritain? Very simple:

Because Maggie Hatchet is now dead, her iron hatchet still lives...

To be continued...

G-lecture (no, nothing to do with G-string or G-spot, I sumpah...)

I really need to kick start my Rogue Economist engine. Procrastination=lazier day by day. :S

I discovered I've done something lagi bodoh this morning, shit might just change my life the way I want...

Grail: Capt Picard got something to tell me (?)

Self reminder to try getting 1st gf aside, allow me to re-emphasis this first. However, Grails are not meant to be physical symbols of individual identity. Rather, you can call them magic weapons on an epic level. Just like there can be only one Excalibur/Caliburn/Gae Bolg/*insert whatever famous weapon's name here*, likewise every Grail should be seen as unique.

Known Grail 1-Fragarach
One of the most common fixtures in Irish mythology, Aeranath's Grail retains the original's counterattacking property. Or rather, you can call it the only absolute form of counterattack.

Given how far (?) the plot has gone, I guess you all know how Aeranath activates Fragarach. One thing planned and implemented on the spot is the concept of suffering in exchange for total victory. Call it a trade off system if you must, but I'm not gonna pull off a deus ex machina bs.

Appearance wise, I decided to go against the norm and give it a mundane look. Try visualising the typical longsword, you'll get the actual picture. In this sense, it serves to compliment Aeranath's rugged character design in my mind. After all, he's a Ranger, Rangers don't earn much money. Unless you're used to seeing Drizzt do'Urden wielding Twinkle and Icingdeath, then you should be fine with this concept. Hopefully that is...

P.S: Ofc due to rule 1 of global selling, I can only pull this off once or twice. Supply and demand ftmfw.

A/N: Original plan-include Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg also, have to quit halfway. Monday blues ftw... oh wait! 'Tis midnight liao!!!! :o

Unrelated bs satu: Mogga now go on holiday trip across the Channel, hopefully we can start having new Boro blokes asap. Oh wait! Shouldn't he be doing that one week ago? I swear something is wrong somewhere... >.<

Unrelated bs dua: Boro won 1-0 against Charlton at the Valley, I swear punters longzong lugi big. Limpeh's only reaction?

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A Ranger's Ramble... (Aeranath)

9th of Aug, National Day. Tomorrow, have to go back to work again. Thankfully, today I off day, today I hope to have good dinner also... b4 I start talking cock however...
Yes, I tend to plug all the incorrect ppl lol! Problem, mainstream?

'Tis nothing formal, I think I'll be going random in terms of words. fyi, this post will cover whatever A Song of Ice and Fire parallels available for the character listed here.

Aeranath: A Tale of Winter and Wolves
Winter is a sign of desolation, wolves are generally ill-represented. Never mind the fact that the Bible is supposed to be seen as figurative 90% of the time, I really enjoy making wolves as the mirror of human beings. When we say "greedy as a wolf", we are actually speaking about ourselves unwittingly. I've seen enough of human greed to tell all of you this cold hard truth-that there's a wolf in all of us, we can only choose to tame it or ignore it.

As for winter, snow is good to appreciate, please don't misinterpret my words into something totally unrelated, i.e. we already got a queen of bloggers who's very likely far less controversial than this upstart of all bloggers. So what am I trying to say apart from all things bad about winter? Winter is also a prelude to spring, but will Aeranath find his own?

I suddenly find it interesting to see how judgmental is Ned. Granted Jaime isn't the best of men, but who is the Hand that he must judge the Kingslayer so harshly? The same goes for Aeranath where people's opinion is concerned. Both are reviled for their actions, said actions ended up making demons out of perfectly humane characters.

Initially, such a plan wasn't planned in advance (pardon the pun please). But like a certain section in the NDP had said, life is all about falling down and getting back up again. Harsh criticism will never feel nice, I never say life is a bed of roses, no matter how poor or rich you are. Interestingly enough, I only got into ASoIaF AFTER I started blogging. Which is a damned big miracle given how far I've reached within this 1 year plus.

Now does Jaime like to kill? Yes. Does Jaime like to have sex? Yes. Same goes for Aeranath also, I believe my biggest challenge yet is not to make my Jaime Lannister into an actual Jaime Lannister (and that's being me giving a figure of speech). Thankfully, Aeranath doesn't believe in incest, I think this is the only moral feat he accomplished over Jaime.

Did Jaime have a life direction in the beginning? Initially no. However, we all know that's fake since said direction was already in place ever since Ser Arthur Dayne knighted him on the battlefield.

Does Aeranath have a direction in life? Yes right from the start. His goal is 100% definite compared to Jaime's 50-50, yet is it really what he wants? Last question IS exactly what separates Aeranath from Jaime. In short, Jaime didn't have a clear cut goal, Aeranath has it. Jaime KNEW what he wanted from the start, can't say the same for Aeranath. In this sense, a certain BoA inspired character killed off-screen serves to hammer this point home. And to make things worse, we got a Park Shin Hye inspired character playing the wild card. Is this me self plugging shamelessly in front of global Korean entertainment? Sorry, but NO. Either you believe me to be politically incorrect or you can call me a liar.

Witty response wise, I prefer to see Aeranath along the same scale, but that would be insulting a true blue talent named George R.R Martin. However, I must also say that bloke is really vulgar in his words, the only thing separating a Ranger from a Lannister Kingsguard is official status. After all, money is not an issue since every Lannister shits gold while Aeranath only kills shit for fun. It's just like comparing some guy doing one night stand with random hot girls and some married bloke having extra marital affairs. Both are equally bad just how the pot and kettle are equally black.

Wow, did I say Aeranath is fast becoming Ser Kingslayer II? I won't blame you guys for thinking this way. Have I created a sticky situation? There's no harm in saying "possibly yes" although that will be a politically correct answer. Do I have a challenge up in my hands? Aeranath is born to be challenger quite obviously because...

Challenger-someone who challenges.
Challenge-a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc/a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.

Note that if you're a challenger, it doesn't mean you're a victor by default. Challenging something/somebody only means you got the balls to do so, never mind whether well-calculated or vice versa. There's a certain twisted joy in creating a rotten character capable of challenging whatever things acceptable. In short, I call this one sinner versus all moral norms. This is not somebody incapable of doing good, just someone incapable of hypocrisy.

Simply put, Aeranath has never called himself good, he merely sees himself as rotten, hence acting in a rotten manner 24/7. Is this an attitude 100% personal? Can't say for sure, but when Aeranath calls you stupid, it means that you ARE really stupid. Demeaning intelligence of others is also my pet habit, something which I do instinctively at times.

P.S: Yes, I know this year's NDP is, by far, the best NDP ever. I hate to be this cynical for this post even though whatever said has nothing to do with anything real. You see, I did up a status complimenting our ex-Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew where I noted he's having a better life without stress and burden. See, I not ungrateful what! :)

A/N: If you think this particular sub-section is only about A Song of Ice and Fire, then you're wrong big time. There will be many things for me to ramble, Aeranath is not the only fella available. Now if only I can do something about my time management... maybe having my 1st gf will help? After all, my sis also no 1st bf, but she now enjoying shopping with my mother at KL b/c my dad don't see any reason to follow them. Read:  Eh, I still a responsible son despite got 5 Ns* instead of 5 Cs*, okay?
*5Ns: No $$$, no status, no appeal, no degree, no gf. 5 Cs=no need to explain. But at least Marvel Avengers Alliance gave me 100 Command Points as NDP present. :D

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Proof that die Führer is anti-Korean...

Note: tak boleh do Rogue Economy liao... too many footie talking cock, now brain burn out...

The fact that Alestrial Eliaden's RL blueprint concerns a certain Korean celeb doesn't mean anything for this post.

Hence after ascension...
And upon deciding to take things into one's own hands (literally)

Problem Verräter????

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Die Führer, die Feind, die Mädchen

Nothing better to do, planning on a new Rogue Economist column. Hopefully after this b/c I've got quite a good lot of ideas popping up during the past few days, I only need to do organising and enough prior sleep.

A/N: Is Albert Adomah signing for us? So many ambiguity, so many stupid questions, so many stupid answers flying about. Unless lad is a happy lad, Sean O'Driscoll must be playing English Roulette. So how's the 2 million, Dave Whelan? Bristol City expected more, we are practically broke. Not to mention Mad Ian is still hunting for Zaha's replacement also.

Source of problem for Britain

Apparently, Middle Ages corrupted humankind...

Beckoning Tempest-A Wolf's Journey

"To win a war, you must win battles. To be the only victor, you must understand defeat. I've seen countless wars lost by one battle and many wars won by a single victory."
~Heihou no Tae'Geuk


A Ranger's Tale


Frigid wind whipping the fair Elf’s golden mane, his partner in tryst gazed at a naked back. Lukas Brun knew too well what Harbour Fort means to Histalonia, it was absolutely mocking to see his room overlooking a massive sea port. For one, it should be Eliador’s room deserving this bird’s eye view, not his. Secondly, said room belonged to Eliador prior to whatever arrangement.

The room was something of a beauty, drawings depicting war and romance adorning its pure white walls. Then he realised Alestrial Eliaden’s room might not be so different, mayhap even better. Then his thrice damned lover turned towards him, storm grey eyes mocking riches owned by fallacy. Making no move in shunning a bedfellow, the androgynous brunette stayed quiet as the greatest crime lord The Known World had ever seen sat down beside him. A brief kiss ensued as Eliador de Lioncourt broke off contact just as swift. Then he left Lukas’ hazel green sight with a plain yellow robe shrouding nudity lithe, his last words for the night striking a haunting chord.

Once a wolf, forever a wolf, such is the way of life. Have you ever seen one giving up its hunt? I know his desires, who he wants dead. One does not live that long without earning many a scar and failure.


“He took Karen!” snarled Granad Tenias before an impassive Louthes Eliaden, the Home Guards of House Eliaden tensing up. House Tenias was indeed minor nobility, but its patriarch was also known to be volatile and violent at times.

“Unfortunately, I do not know where this Ranger you speak of is,” answered back the noble with an iron mane.

“This Ranger you speak so highly of,” corrected a female adviser standing behind, “For peaceful alliance’s sake, I beseech Lord Eliaden to conduct a search.”

“Peaceful alliance?” scoffed the lightly armoured veteran, “What peace is there between me and him? I hanged his brother-in-law for desertion, what peace is there between a loyal commander and a disloyal man?”

“Fine, then,” Granad sucked in his breath as he grabbed his adviser roughly by the hand, “My daughter shouldn’t associate herself with any dubious harlot anyway. This woman will do for now.”

“Mi…” protested the adviser before a stinging slap cut off her protesting words.

“You want to address me properly, make sure you please me properly first!”

“No! Please, I beg you…”

“Foolish men will always beget foolish children,” sighed the Knight Lord hours after his dastardly counterpart left, steely eyes wandering down to the bustling streets, “Thankfully, I do not have to say ‘begone!’ to Granad Tenias, At least not this time round.”

“So you’re saying Granad is a fool, but his wife isn’t?” questioned an impressionable youth armed, “Maybe that’s why…”

“Karen Tenias should just be like her useless father,” came the snapping reply, “She’s thankful that a busybody changed her life! Konnor Ripels, there are many things for you to learn, for you are just a boy drafted as my Home Guard.”

“I am sorry, Milord,” apologised young Konnor sheepishly, “I…”

“No apologies needed,” sighed the aging noble, his gaze hard as steel resuming its glare, “Wars happen for a reason, I know what Granad is dreaming of. My daughter’s hand is reserved only for a worthy man, no scoundrel should soil her chastity with his dirty seed.”

Konnor Ripels entered silence together with his fellow Home Guards, all who were older than him. As they followed their liege in rank and file formation, Konnor stole one final glimpse at a wooden picture frame turned face down by his master.


“Congratulations for warranting a manhunt,” quipped Moggray Tonn, steel grey orbs observing a smug Aeranath, “Not only have you pissed House Tenias off, even House Eliaden received your middle salute.”

“And is that my problem?” shrugged the True Apostle, “I could have tested myself how fine is that lady’s ass, I never said anything about being Louthes’ obedient bitch.”

“Idiot!” flared up the veteran, “You could have followed Louthes Eliaden instead of walking all the way here! Granted you didn’t do anything to Lady Karen, but Granad Tenias is another fish altogether.”

“All the way here? Hah! I was merely walking no more than five miles out!”

“That’s the problem! Only five miles apart and Lord Louthes can easily flush you out! What are you thinking, implicating everyone in your merry little game?”

“This,” an answering smirk accompanying a middle finger raised, the Ranger cared not for whoever he riled.

“Fine then,” glowered the Northern Lion, “Do not say I never warned you.”

“Bye then!” called out the Ranger, “Remember to send my best regards to the boy!”

As the wooden door slammed shut before his azure orbs, Aeranath adopted an irate stance with a phantom materialising being his target.

“So are you the one ratting me out again?”

“After two weeks sticking around the lot?” replied a mirthless Ziron, “Get real, please. If I wanted to stab you behind in the shadows, I would have done so many years ago! Aeranath, do you know there’s someone keeping an eye on you?”

“If it’s the Church, then I’ll have to kill you first.”

Ziron smiled wanly in front of a threat easily discerned, especially if his charge was the speaker. He had taught a young Aeranath the arts of survival, a decision tantamount to encouraging distrust in a child. The True Apostle was a boy once, this boy turned out to be a man of many deaths.

Do not trust any man more than his worth, do not buy any woman’s words more than her value. Even a child demands payment due, every person is born a sinner.

Attempts in silencing his own words spoken to Aeranath countless years ago proved to be futile, Ziron, Lord of the Lancers, could only forge ahead. Was everything a mistake?

“Shit’s a mistake,” growled the dark sellsword, a bare hand ruffling his snowy hair in frustration, “That boy was supposed to be someone I can never be, I end up making him a potential hero.”

“He wants to be one,” commented the wistful mentor.

“I only taught him how to live an upright life!” roared a lone wolf scarred, “He could have fucking done so, but hell no he didn’t!”

“Is Guy Cody not an upright man?” asked Ziron.

“He will be once he decided not to kill people,” gritting his teeth in anger, Aeranath couldn’t be sure who should be his target of ire, “Only morons will believe heroes are not murderers.”

“Our talk is going nowhere, Aeranath,” dissipating himself in front of apathy personified, Ziron offered his last advice, “I believe you should know Eliador de Lioncourt is planning his next move. The Serpent is dangerous indeed, his wiles nobody can read. Not even me, let alone any living mortal.”


“Wait… so you’re saying… that we have a…” spluttered Southgate Garrat, “Gemma, this ain’t a joke!”

“Why should I blackmail you when I could have swindle a rich man or better?” glowered Gemma, “And to set the record straight, being rich or an elite means you’re a born sucker.”

“So… who’s our…”

Before the soldier could formulate his imminent question, a massive explosion rocked Pleasure Bode. Patrons fled and the girls were left cowering. Southgate reached for his weapon, only for Gemma to hand him a sword.

“This is my father’s sword. Nothing valuable, only a mercenary’s weapon.”

“That’ll do, Gemma. Thank your father in heaven for me,” smiled the stocky brunette. Yet, before he could act, a familiar face graced his own presence down the stairs.

“Fucking idiot!” exclaimed Southgate, “Do you know…”

“What the fuck am I doing?” snarled a dark visage mired in darker rage, his finger gloved jabbed forcefully into Southgate’s chest, “I know what the fuck I am doing, so don’t boss me around. I’m gonna cool myself down somewhere, make sure I have a better room once I’m back.”


“So the conversation didn’t go so well?” asked Guy Cody as Moggray Tonn took another sip of wine, “Gaffer, forgive me when I say you don’t really drink wine.”

The grizzled veteran chortled heartily, a strong hand slapping the surprised youth on his back. The sandy blond had just taken a break from training Gemma’s girls, Ithi was the only one staying.

“Stop!” chided the Sudhlit, “You’ll hurt him!”

“He’s no more a cub,” winked the Northern Lion, “He’s already a lion, a hero in the making. Ithi, you should be honoured instead of angry.”

Guy gave an irritated groan as he foresaw whatever implications to follow. The bards always enjoyed singing tales of heroes saving many and earning many beautiful women’s love. In particularly, Lannos the Thieving Knight was a favourite amongst the boys and detested by grown-ups, for it’s been commonly sung that Lannos accomplished many a valiant feat and had pleasured the finest of ladies.

Way to go, Gaffer. Lannos is a legend, Guy Cody is a living legend.

Then a blinding flash erupted, shocking all watchers to their very core. The wary young lion did not understand the angry man’s intent, but he knew only fools would pursue a wrathful beast.

If I’m part of the Red Lions, then what is he? Monster or a wolf?

“Look out!” shrieked Ithi, “There are men coming!”

“Oh shit, after one fucker freed, twenty more offered,” grinned Moggray viciously, “Guy, take your girl into the main hall, I’ll hold them back. I don’t see any bloke armed with guns or bows, this should be damned easy.”

Guy Cody quickly ushered Ithi inside, there was no need to add a cautious voice. Lukas was right in calling Moggray Tonn a stubborn jackass, Guy hoped he would be right in trusting his Gaffer.

“Twenty men, twenty shagging session? Gate got busted, so will you.”

If the twenty had any answer to the Northern Lion’s taunt, they merely replied through flashing steel and blood running their cutthroat veins…


“Twenty men under my gold, twenty men dead…” growled a bestial Granad Tenias, his previous adviser ploughed into total submission, “The Northern Lion, huh?”


“Milord, the firstborn son of House Steele seeks your audience,” announced Konnor Ripels, “Shall I…”

“No, let him in,” waved off Louthes, “And leave us alone as well.”

The young Home Guard bowed reverently, his voice clear as trumpet’s call.

“Hail young Jase, son of Brynn Steele, unto Lord Eliaden’s grace! Blessed is the bold by the Holy Quintet!”

“So what’s your business with House Eliaden?” questioned Louthes bluntly once the duo was left alone.

“Firstly, please allow this lowly boy to offer his highest family’s regards,” knelt the ginger lad, “My lord father, Brynn Steele, sends his iron respect.”

“Rise, young Jase,” offered Louthes his hand, “Sit in front of me and I shall hear what your father has to say. After all, Brynn has always been my better and superior in military affairs.”

Jase promptly placed a right fist onto his left chest, Louthes clenched his offered hand in return. Mutual respect sealed, Louthes poured himself a glass of wine. Observing the surroundings, Jase noticed a simple layout. With nary a decoration adorning timber made walls, furnishing was sparse bar a stone table and a pair of wooden stools.

“Vintage Bordeu?” proffered Louthes, “We, the men of war, call it ‘truce wine’ for most obvious reason.”

“Your offer is much appreciated, Milord,” curtsied Jase, “Yet ‘tis unfortunate to remember my lord father’s teaching.”

“Do not apologise, for great men will never do so for the sake of principles,” smiled Louthes, “You have a lot to learn and many more battles to fight. Here, sit and I will pour you some tea instead.”

“Water please, a hundred gratitude,” sat down Jase.

“Brynn is truly a good father,” sighed Louthes, “Fine, let’s cut the chase. Firstly, I need a favour from you. Be known that I’m not talking to your father.”

Jase laughed out in good humour, this was the first time he felt so much at home since becoming a squire to House Tenias. As he relaxed further, the elder noble made his request heard.

“I need your help in organising a search. I have somebody waiting to be tracked down, I believe he should be a familiar face.”

“A familiar face? Surely…” grimaced Jase.

“Yes, that Ranger,” affirmed Louthes.

“That cur!” gnashing his teeth together, Jase’s hands balled themselves in fists of ire, “Lady Karen ran away because of him, now he has created further trouble?”

“I assume you will agree then,” curtsied a sombre Louthes, “A hundred gratitude in advance from this unwanted soldier.”

“Why are you hunting him down also, lord uncle?”

Eying Jase’s emerald gaze, Louthes suddenly remember what Aeranath said to him.

“I’m under no obligation to bend over for you, Milord. Have I made myself courteous enough?”

“Because the Ranger insulted your lord uncle’s honour, that’s why.”


“Aera, have you ever thought about love?”

“Love? I only understand how to make love, people call it fucking.”

They say you can never buy Hyo’Ah’s expression, I’m glad my tongue is the most valuable asset alive.

“Hentae! Why do you men enjoy thinking about sex and more sex?”

Because that’s what men are born to do, stupid girl. Thankfully, Lars spoilt my fun before I can say everything out.

“Hey, Hyo! Heard there will be a kei two ri ahead! Geun has already prepared our kitaka, let’s go!”

A kei? Sounds fun to me since there will be countless pretty girls. Unfortunately, I know Hyo’Ah will bar me from going there. Life’s a bitch…


“Wake up, Aera Darko!”

If daylight was incapable of waking Aeranath up, icy water splashed on his face would surely do the trick. Reinvigorated in an instance, the True Apostle could only stare daggers against a long-time face.

“Brook nearby, we’re in a mountain surrounded by forest,” smiled the partial blond sadly, “I really wish everything can be just like how everything should be. You’ve gotten yourself dead drunk in middle of the night.”

“Spare me your bullshit,” snarled Aeranath, “If Hyo’Ah is still here with us, she’d say the same thing also!”

“So he’s our ally promised,” murmured an impassive statement brimming with volatility, “I expected better from a skilled drunkard…”

“No, he’s much better than all, Ser Arondight. There are no men like Aeranath, only the man himself. I, Lars Alterfate, can assure you that.”

The Ranger surveyed his predicament, instinct tempting him to start a fight or two. Yet, while terrain was favourable to him, he knew perfectly what a Demon Hunter is capable of. Coupled with an unknown entity supposedly mortal…

“If you want a deal, it’s a deal you get,” answered the True Apostle, “But after that…”

“You’ll get your death duel, I promise you that,” assured Lars.

“Your promise means nothing, my statement means everything,” muttered Aeranath darkly, his words not gone unheard by the last Demon Hunter’s ears.


Background notes:

Iron respect: Any show of well wishes or tributes sent between military men.

Hentae: Cinha slang for pervert.

Kei: Any quarter-annual festival held during the middle of every season, i.e. spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Ri: Cinha measurement for mileage, i.e. a ri equals a mile.

Kitaka: The Known World’s equivalent of kimono/yutaka.