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Friday, 2 August 2013

World of Yore (R004-005)

Last 2 Rare cards, have to go back to Roar of the Three Kingdoms asap. Starting on Wu, but Qun and Han still kosong. :(

Also my father still watching PRC news channel, I still don't care abt politics. Going by Westeros' standard, laopeh would be head of House *insert name here* and me a musibot hitam.

R004: Ziron



Spd-4 Atk-50 Def-43 HP-200


Skill-Arms Master Unrivalled
Increase Atk, Def, and critical hit chances when attacking.
[Atk+10; Def+10; Crit chances+5%]

Area of effect: self
Charge time-Short
Type-Special [特殊]
Sacrifice this Character.
Remove all ability effects.
Revival time for this Character card is reduced.
[Revival time reduced by 5 counts]

Class-Lord of the Lancers
[Vanguard/Rearguard/Leader Class]
Attacks against enemy Characters cost 3 and below count as Penetration.

Area of effect: self
Charge time-Long
Type-Special [特殊]
Greatly increase Atk.
All surrounding Characters receive gradual damage. 
[Atk+24; 10 HP damage per count; lasts 3 counts]


Nationality: ???
Exact Age: ???
Birth Place: ???

Family: ???

I see the boy frowning at yet another broken sword.

[Why... why is it that I just can't hold any weapon?]

This doesn't look good, I'll have to give him that.

[Hey, old man! Is there any way out?]

Such a charming little boy... I still remember Rowein telling me his name.


{Illustrator: Rare Engine}

R005: Lars Alterfate



Spd-4 Atk-40 Def-28 HP-320


Skill-Martial Zenith
Increases damage dealt to all enemy Characters cost 4 or more.
[+20% damage]

Area of Effect-surrounding circle, small
Charge time-Medium
Type-Sunder [破壊]
Nearest enemy Character takes damage.
Affected Character cannot be healed unless killed and revived.
[50 HP damage]

Class-Demon Hunter
[Vanguard only Class]
Heals HP whenever killing enemy Character
[HP regained equals 5% of enemy Character killed]

Ability-Judgment of Steel
Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Long
Type-Special [特殊]
This Character receives damage and cannot move.
All enemy Characters take damage and cannot use Abilities.
All friendly Characters take lesser damage and gain increase in Spd.
Can only use Ability once.
[120 HP damage to both self and enemy; -50% damage taken; Spd+2]


Birth date: ???
Birth place: ???
Nationality: ???
Likes: Girls, Drinks

"Girls, drinks, money... everybody wants to have them."

I really enjoy seeing Hyo's incredulous look.

[I would have made meat buns out of you if you're not Lars Alterfate.]

Okay, she's one not to take a joke.

"Screw money then. How about girls and drinks only?"

{Illustrator: Nishiyama Yuriko}

Unrelated P.S: Tomorrow, we the YOLO Boro will have our first league match. At home against Leicester City, still ppl say we no hope of kenna promoted. If you all think we don't deserve promotion this time round, maybe video below will change your mind...