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Monday, 27 May 2013


In short, I call this old news, I call this having nothing better to do. Before I kick this off Gallery post however, allow this no-life lobo to offer his congratulations towards FC Hollywood. I know I still have reservations towards their HR policy, but you'll really have to give it to Jupp "die Vereinheitlichen" Heynckes. Not to mention a certain Arjen "botak Spock" Robben.

So now onto the actual topic at hand. Remember World Cup 2010, folks (or is it 2008?). Back then, I noticed a hot girl donning an Oranje costume and I thought she's a Dutch. Well, you know the tabloids called Lianhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily are famous for publishing miscellaneous stuff, not to mention FHM* is still alive and kicking despite it's fiercest rival Maxim locally busted. But then again, how many local footie khakis horny enough are truly curious enough?
*Still can recall a certain edition of FHM Singapore stating Boro to be Premiership no-hoper, that was b/c of Gareth Southgate screwing Engrand during Euro 96. Eerily enough, we are now in the Championship. But then again, so is Wigan now.

Proof that I no local talent, I only local bastard:
Headlines I liak boh kiu... -_-
Note: This was the photo making her famous if we're talking abt Wanbao. Or is it Shin Min?

And now on some non-footie ver...
Further proof that I only local bastard:
pls dun ask me whether nudist camp is legal in Holland.
I do know a little bit abt legal weed tho... ]:-)
2nd last pic....
Finally, no boobs angle...

P.S: I could have tried uploading a new chapter of A Ranger's Tale, but I suddenly discovered a sore need to reorganise my shit and I'm NOT talking abt time management. :(