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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Moustachi ji-san sure say (tak) sugoi!!!!! (Pt 6)

Plenty of war to make, folks...
Firstly, allow me to clarify that the 2D map for Solo mode stays the same for War mode. As in the interface ofc...

During every character's turn, you will see his/her unit type and the relevant info automatically popping up with the map size minimised. Do be cautious though, for one wrong call can spell disaster!

Firstly, the map will be far more expansive in nature, hence allowing more enemies and friendly PCs/NPCs to join in the fun. PCs and vital NPCs will be represented by their respective individual sprites, the rest will be represented by their respective unit sprites.

Secondly, due to the expansive nature of War mode, terrain will vary more vastly compared to Solo mode where at most only two terrain types will appear.

Thirdly, different PCs/NPCs will have different unit types depending on situations or specific character traits.

Instead of selecting Actions for the slots, you will have a menu popping up where different buttons will represent different options with brief explanations on the options as well. You can only select one option out of four.

Pretty much the same as Solo mode apart from the fact that whatever movement penalty/bonus will be unit specific.

Instead of 3D real time gameplay, combat will only be 2D cinematic in nature with unit sprites being pretty much the same as those on the map.

Menu screen will pop up once again where you must choose one Magic type out of the four available, after which another pop-up menu will appear. You must then select your own choice of Magic by pressing any button. This will also be the phase where execution of Magic is applicable.

Buttons command

-Strategy phase-




Anti-Target Magic

Pro-Target Magic

Anti-Area Magic

Pro-Area Magic


Different factions will have different war units under varying situations. While one can never classify any under a fixed type, individual unit types will have different combinations of any below stated properties:


The only unit able to perform ranged attack. If opting for Hold within Mountain terrain, Archers will deal 20% more damage while taking 30% less damage. This unit cannot execute melee attacks.

The only unit able to attack during Movement phase so long as:
1. Unit chooses to Advance.
2. Enemy unit targeted is within reach.
Engagement phase will begin immediately afterwards. Additionally, Cavalry will have higher Movement than any unit type.

Unit will not experience any penalty in moving through any terrain. Enemy unit attacked will gain a -1 penalty in Movement during its next turn. If opting for Hold within Forest terrain, Assault units will gain these additional bonus traits:
1. Cannot be targeted/seen by enemy units in any way or form.
2. Enemy unit attacked will automatically Hold during its next turn.
3. Assault unit attacking will deal 60% more damage.

Unit will suffer 10% less damage when opting for Guard. If opting for Hold, unit will suffer 15% less damage. 

Options during Strategy phase
This option will give your unit normal Movement speed. However, affected unit cannot go into Engagement phase unless said unit's Backup effect got triggered. More on that later...

Unit will gain +2 Movement under any scenario.

Unit will receive -1 penalty in Movement and taking 15% less damage when attacked.

Unit must skip its Movement phase during the current turn. Unit will take 20% less damage.

Backup effect
Every unit have its own backup effect. In order to trigger this effect, there must be two given conditions:
1. Backup unit must be just next to any friendly unit, i.e. grids occupied by both friendly and Backup units will flash blue.
2. Friendly unit must be targeted by any given enemy unit.

Next: Magic trollolol!!!!

Moral of the story:
Sucks to be Kratos