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Latest on ART: A Ranger's Tale now starting to kick back in gear. But I really hate the insanely fluctuating climate here in S'pore.

P.S: Oh, and one more thing. Vid below is yet another ideal OP for A Ranger's Tale.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dark Friday II

I don't know what to say apart from stating "a freak coincidence". Shortly after I upped my first Dark Friday post, a giant amongst men passed away. RIP, Tito. You shall always be missed by those close to you and football as well. No matter how much of a realist I still profess myself to be, football will always be a sport both loved and hated by the world. To all Amigos del Fútbol, I can assure every one of you that once a footballing man, forever one.

Gloria en caos, viva Blaugrana.

At the same time, it also means the national mourning for the South Korean ferry tragedy victims yesterday actually took the definition of sombre to a whole new level. This was when my muse hit overdrive mode halfway during work.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Dark Friday

I really hope this post won't turn out to be anything but sombre. Today (i.e. Singapore time zone) is the day where Koreans mourned the passing of those drowned in the South Korean ferry disaster. This is not the time to contemplate about whatever repercussions on the tourism trade, this should not be the time for any regional tension. (Related link)
Should justice be served at the end of the day? Definitely.
But for now, I just feel like adding some songs here.

I am NOT doing this for fun. Neither am I plugging any artist here. I know the pragmatic Singaporean will call me an idiot for doing something without positive returns, but I'm sorry to say I don't give a damn. If people want to point fingers and press online charges against some innocent blogger, then it's not my problem. Period.
At the same time, I like whoever seeing this post to understand the music more than anything else.


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Let's see if can break 40K mark w/this...

Realised I should try indulging my fellow male species. Since I'm a J-culture nut, might as well add in a few visual ice-cream. After all, I believe J-girls now lagi ulu in terms of popularity.

Aragaki "Gakky" Yui

Horikita "Homaki" Maki

Fukada "Fukakyon" Kyoko

Toda "Nao-chan" Erika

Nagasawa "Gasawa" Magami

Mizuki "Nana-chan" Nana

Okay, now for a bit of HT break...

Now let's keep on going for a little more...
Kuchiki Rukia
Lucy Heartfilia & Erza Scarlet

And to sign this off...

Monday, 21 April 2014

Let's create multicultural society...

Lately, S'pore has seen quite a bit of dismal incidents. Okay, I technically lied b/c the only dismal incident I can recall goes something like this. While I don't profess to be part of the order (albeit this bastard knows nothing at all), I also feel like doing something to diffuse the situation. Don't worry, folks. Condemning others is NOT my forte unless you happen to believe people are incapable of killing others without guns/knives/broken beer bottles. Due to whatever sensitivities still abound, I'm not gonna up any Pinoy media in this post even though I know 70% of SGH will have my karcheng for breakfast come tomorrow.



[Because I have to play the PC hand here]


[Ah Leo, this one you say in Hokkien one lol!]

Bonus li-pun
(b/c anime is worth it)

Ofc since S'pore still needs English to survive...



P.S: She-Hulk, you're right in asking me why I tend to like all the sad-sad songs. Must be b/c of my past where once I like a girl, triple confirm will kenna rejected one.

Add P.S:However, I must say I got a good bit of taste. Don't believe me, go take a look at what Justin Bieber's motherland got to offer.

Conclusion: Actually, I just want to post something for fun. Yes, me=El Bastardo.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

So damned retro sia...

Recently during work, I realised that geeks like are nearing extinction. Why? Because nowadays, no one actually give a two hoot's damn on the swordfighting genre. Better known as 武侠小说, this genre is all about kungfu fighting, plenty of TV cheesiness and 1 main character who is:
1. Upright in nature
2. Somewhat stupid (unless you turned out to be like Yang Guo or Wei Xiaobao)
3. Really lucky with women despite deemed a loser otherwise

Apart from that, notable names which I can rattle off my brain atm includes Gu Long [古龙], Jin Yong [金庸] and Wen Rui'an [温瑞安]. Which now comes to the point of this post. Okay, I know shit is self-explanatory.

A/N: To a certain auntie HCA at DDR, let me just clarify that my Cantonese only know sikit sikit.


And lastly...

Pak T: Hey, Guo Jing*!

Me: ?!!!!
Note: This is based on RL workplace interaction due to my surname, i.e. 郭

P.S to all whom it may (?) concern, I only add this 4 teh lulz:

Add P.S: Since there's still a little more time/space, might as well include an old time literature classic.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Long time nvr talk romance liao...

Just some random ramblings to idle my time away. That plus I now getting my ART engine started. Albeit just started.
In other news...
1. My big boss seemed to imply that whoever my future (confirmed?) gf is, double confirm she support Liverpool FC one.
2. Find it really hard to stomach since I don't even know any relevant individual in the relevant dept.
3. Then I suddenly realised Liverpool have became serious chihuahuas mutated like the X-Men this season.
4. Then I realised some people actually know things I don't know a shit abt.
She-Hulk, I advise you pls dun watch South Park unless you know how to sing that Canada song...
Apart from that, South Park should be rated M18/R21. No joking.

Problem Romance?
Don't we all love it? Realists enjoy seeing shit happening, idealists enjoy seeing happily ever after. Romance is actually the next big thing in fantasy after flashy magic. Okay, that's technically a lie since the best fantasy stories will always be those telling the readers what exactly constitutes as human nature (I miss my MIA The Children of Húrin T_T). So what am I gonna ramble in terms of ART? Well, basically nonsense and stuff I guess. She-Hulk was right in insinuating my sanity being somewhere along this bloke's standard.
She-Hulk, I'm sure you dunno who is H.P Lovecraft...
Okay, above image is a bit too extreme. If She-Hulk ever sees me during work again, she'll start saying the same ol'stuff. Might as well downgrade my jerkassery...

With stupidity out of the way...
(don't worry, She-Hulk. I'm talking abt myself)
To be honest, apart from the whole Guy-Ales deal, the only clear cut romance would be the whole Aera-Hyo-Lars love triangle. The skeleton has already been fixed, only thing left is fleshing out everything. That plus I'm gonna have plenty of fun with Aera gatecrashing the whole Guy-Ales deal. Hopefully.
[Note: By gatecrashing, I mean anything romantic in nature should be taken with a pinch of salt unless blatantly portrayed]

So any more romance?
I'm gonna touch a bit on 2 potential pairings. Firstly, some extra trivia.

Joenne Nances: Originally intended to play a meatier role in A Sea of Arms and Craft. However, I decided to have a bit of practice in killing off characters. Not b/c whether she's annoying as hell, but rather I'm out to create a realistic take on the harsh reality synonymous with the plot.

Joyce: I really feel like a jerk in creating a horrible situation for her. Srsly, I still have no exact idea on where to carry her role in the story. Given Southgate's presence though, whatever traumatic scenario I portrayed via some half-assed Hitchcock manner was... well, necessary.

Incidentally, above two lasses actually have hots for Guy Cody. Last thing I ever want as the writer? Guy Cody=stud icon.

Lars Alterfate+Lolyx
When I first introduced Lolyx's character to my brain, the intent was already there. In short, any self-attempt to deny otherwise has been proven futile. Have to say 'tis actually quite enjoyable creating some tsundere girl liking some crouching moron, hidden badass archetype. I'll have to admit there's still someway to go where this romance is concerned. Heck, I can't even give any promises on whether Lars will reciprocate Lolyx's feelings (altho to be fair, Lolyx herself didn't seem to comprehend the actual extent of her romantic feelings towards this bloke).

Most fun part: Blatantly implied, but not yet fleshed out. I'm NOT talking abt whether Lars truly likes Lolyx (since that would be tantamount to GRRM saying Jon and Dany will have kids come the end of ASoIaF. Which ofc is poppycock). Rather, any reader with half a brain would have known Lars being a character living in his own past. Not that every other character are not guilty of this, but Lars really needs some major personal therapy (and by that, I mean only emotionally. Sorry to disappoint you, She-Hulk). I'm still in no-man's land in terms of fleshing out Lolyx's future role. Not so much in terms of nature, but more of extent wise.

Most challenging part: How to develop Lolyx as a character on the whole. So far so good, she's still a certified minor character. To create my ideal romance (?) between these two, I really need to find a stable platform so as to speak. In short, I'm talking abt actual plot mechanism.

Most ideal wild card: Sarel Aphros. I can't divulge too much abt her apart from the fact that I've yet to even complete 1% of the whole idea. Yes, I know Sally Whitemane's clone is hopelessly in love w/our anti-hero. But hey, guess what? We're talking abt a convoluted past beginning with Hyo. Scariest shit? Nothing has been resolved. If only things should be that simple, Sarel wouldn't go apeshit crazy and slash herself on the neck during the ending chapter(s) of The Wolf, the Boy, the Maiden Fair.

Potential wild card: Aeranath. Not that he'll be out to bang Lolyx ofc, but we all know old grudges die hard. Especially if you managed to turn your best friend against yourself due to self-inflicted (?) factors.

Original draft dictated Ceres to be a rape victim of the worst kind, i.e. nothing is more torturous than imagining an innocent girl raped by her own father. If you think this is sick, let me assure you that this no different from a teacher bailing out of the country just because he happened to knock up his ex-student, after which said girl committed suicide. As for Arondight, it's rather easy for me to create a knight in a shining armour entrance. In the original draft, he's actually much more brutal. Current draft wise, he just ended up being something like this bloke below.

Most fun part: How to draw out whatever romantic feelings present. Given that Ceres is quite obviously a bazillion times saner than her potential bf, this is really saying something in terms of the challenging part.

Most challenging part: How am I gonna connect the dots? Granted Arondight, like 99% of the cast, still remains trapped in his own past. Yet, how am I going to justify whatever status Ceres has within this context? I know many ppl will say "hey, reincarnation lolz!" Unfortunately, I'm in two minds over this. Reincarnation can be really effective once you pull off a blinder. One single cock up though and you're better off blinding yourself otherwise. One of the most iconic success stories in all things reincarnation is Rand al'Thor+Lews Therin Telamon. I know Steve Ang will laugh at me again for being a fan of all things ulu, but there's nothing ulu over The Wheel of Time being a global bestseller. So will I attempt a Robert Jordan? Hard to say b/c I take immense pride in whatever little I'm capable of despite having no hefty bank account as proof of talent (?).

Most ideal wild card: Lolyx. Weird, yes. Due to a moment of personal lulz, I decided to pair the two together as potential soul mates. It really feels weird every now and then, but it really makes for interesting planning. For now, every detail possibly planned is quintessentially zero.

Potential wild card: Lars. This has nothing to do w/the Fate/Zero clip above despite Lars' appearance chiefly inspired by Gil. Rather, I hope whatever memory of previous chapters still stays fresh in the readers' mind. Craziest shit yet? There's no reason warranting their standoff apart from Aeranath's presence. Yes, folks. This is why I chose to include Lolyx as the most ideal wild card.

Greatest wild card or not: Relevant people in his past. Note that I never stated anywhere how distant was Arondight's past, let alone the fact that you can't really trust a person literally (?) barking mad.

Feel like writing some more, but now have to give up the ghost for the night...

Monday, 14 April 2014

A Game of Trollolol ver. Engrand (aka AGoT shut up and take my $$$)

Today, I realised season 4 of A Game of Thrones would be debuting on HBO. At the same time, Neil Humphreys decided to pull off a parallel blinder for Liverpool's biggest match. Yes, no match will get bigger than this since Man City will pose a major obstacle, both physically and mentally. Okay, that's me talking cock b/c Liverpool managed to win 3-2. R.I.P, Hillsborough 96. You all deserved this result even though I'm a certified neutral. #YNWA

P.S: Wonder if that unnamed bloke managed to motivate his beloved Reds via the same stunt pulled off by a few fans belonging to another kind of Reds. If so, then I need to congratulate my fellow S'porean for putting S'pore on the global footballing map should silverware return back to Anfield.

Depending on whether you heng or suay, some clips are not meant for kids. The fact I don't include bare naked tits doesn't mean a thing when it comes to brutal reality in all things conflict.

House Anfield
*Weirdly enough, Don Ralph Lauren and She-Hulk found the climax amusing
Wild Card

House Etihad
Bastard King

And lastly,
House Riverside
Ex-Incumbent Lord

Current Lord
Man on Mission

Bonus (?) member (??)
This si pai-kah eh...

P.S: Please don't ask me whether I support Meera Reed bedding Bran. Period.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Game of Trollolol ver. [Rescue] Mission Impossible (aka AGoT masters shit story telling)

Once a upon a time, shit happened...

A few years later, more shit happened...

Which promptly resulted in major shit happening...

Ultimately, someone ended up like shit.

As the story continues, one shit leads to another shit...

And with so much shit happening right now, only one man can save the shit...

Response to all this shit?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Chaos Before Conflict

"Order is a haven, Chaos is everything which is not. One is the strongest scabbard, the other a sword always dealing its fatal hand."
~The Sunken Text


A Ranger’s Tale

The city of Blomfeld had always been a byword for prosperity and bustle, a success story inked by prudence and hard work. The soldiers stationed were strong, their discipline untested yet. Soaring seagulls used to frequent above its fortified walls, alas for their status usurped by cawing crows. An ill omen are these carrion birds, whispered the common folks amongst themselves. Surely they are ready to feast upon our children’s flesh and our fallen selves, wailed the smallborne unto each other.

“No please! I beg you!”

If there was to be any response from her lover’s assailants, Tina received nary a word for an answer. And why should they? Taunted by an inner voice dripping with sarcasm, Tina could only try shutting herself away. The harsh reality greeting her lover prone on the ground, the cold hard truth dictating life was never fair… everything about this world was merely a mockery and lie worshiped by the naïve. And Tina Wells indeed belonged to those girls fully grown, yet unwilling to mature.

“What did Bren do? He only wanted to return your lost pouch!”

“Shut up, bitch! Something important went missing. We’re just wanting to teach this thief a lesson unless you’re willing to offer yourself on his behalf.”

“O… o… oh shit,” stammered one of the thugs in fear, “Sean, bugger’s not moving…”

If a murderer was capable of guilt, Sean Reon chose not to make his shown. Scratching his finely-groomed face nonchalantly, the wiry ringleader shrugged with apathy. Tina then started fearing for the worst, ravens perched making their restlessness heard.

No… Bren… don’t leave me behind. O’ Holy Father above, let Your miracle show, please deliver me and Bren from evil men…

“Okay, let’s grab the girl and go run somewhere.”

Tina’s world swiftly came crashing down, romantic ideals gleaned from written books and minstrels’ songs at last caving in. Her heart utterly crushed, she could only sense her empty soul cruelly raped as her body numbed was roughly groped.


“Damn, she’s a tight one,” sneered a hulking brute, “Bitch’s gonna fetch a handsome price, no?”

“I’ve got fine taste in maids meant to be whores,” snorted Sean, “Me and my fellas have enjoyed enough. Rest is up to you.”

A violent gale promptly launched its attack on the trees, their swaying limbs akin to dead people demanding redress. Sean knew that feeling, but he nevertheless dismissed that chill penetrating his spine. Many a time, his gang had committed the same act. Many a time, he was the only one playing scoffer.

Retribution my sorry ass. As if tonight I will die.

There were plenty of ways for justice served, underneath the shadows an assassin lurked. One could never predict when and where a Ranger will strike, let alone whether or not. Sean Reon might have picked a wonderful victim for his senseless assault and a perfect prey, but nobody ever told him a wolf was ready to lop his head off.

Flashing silver and ice blue orbs hailed his horrified stare, gushing fountain red and headless stump supplanted a living man. Fear seized every individual save for one wholly broken, a monster dark and fearsome had his back facing them. A longsword was baptised in blood, his hood let down. Beneath the twinkling stars exposed his hair of purest frost, an act no better than brutal rape complimented the night time sky.

“So how?” mocked the brazen butcher with shoulders shrugged, his visage still facing the opposite end, “Are you lot gonna let pass this chance to run?”

At last breaking down, the craven quartet fled the scene. Two arcing slashes and one forceful thrust later, the fertile soil finally drank its fill of freshest blood. All were dead except one, the whore dealer quavering in terror with his pants soiled.

“Tell me where is he,” snarled the dusky Elf, his features now contorted, “Either I show you mercy or living hell once I’m done.”

“I… I… don…”

“You don’t know? You don’t fucking know who?”

Maniacal laughter torn asunder the silent night, a wolf’s baleful howl heard from afar. It was then when Marh Fres beheld a crimson stare burning bright, its promise of agony and murder beckoning a sinful sheep.


Dawn had raised its fiery banner, the morning larks serving as heralds. A cloudless sky greeted the walls of Blomfeld, the ever loyal Red Lions keeping their vigil. At last hearing the tolling bell ringing from a tower strong and tall, a squad of six arrived to assume their shift. Bumping fists with their fellow fighters, only a fool would say all is well.


“Mad Ian’s alright,” snorted Joes Mouriz, his expression that of amusement, “The only thing he can’t do is to take a swig or two. If Moggray didn’t bail out, that emotional bastard would have been much quieter. So what brings you here, geezer?”

If there was anyone capable of riling Fergie Malom, surely that person could only be the Gaffer of Stamford Division. As head of the Red Lions, he was definitely the oldest of the lot. The Red Lions comprised of aspiring smallborne youths, all ten Gaffers were veterans choosing retreat over glory and honours. None of them had ever said much to each other pertaining to their shrouded past, Moggray was right in stating every hero’s demons are himself.

“The reason why I am here is very simple: to keep watch over some problematic assholes.”

“I hope you don’t mean me, Fergie.”

“Bullshit, Joes. I know the law equally well compared to whatever those bastards in the Church profess to know. The Church’s writ is merely there to prevent shit from happening, not disabling the local enforcers’ right to diffuse major shit.”

Laughing with his much younger counterpart in spite of dire circumstances, the Gaffer of Manchester Division felt a momentary surge of rejuvenation coursing through his aging veins. This wasn’t some mystical art at work, but rather the defiance of mirth displayed before looming shadows. He had never feared death, but a brief reflection or two at his iron grey hair cropped and wrinkles lining a beardless chin would always fill his heart with lamentations. He’s a soldier and soldiers should be used to losses by now. Yet, memory of his family fractured due to duty was all too fresh despite three decades passing by. The Red Lions were his only family left now, a soldier’s worst death lies in departing with hopes unfulfilled.

How I yearn to hear Tanee calling me gramps once again…


“Have you ever wondered what lies ahead of death?”

I look blankly at the girl, the hot summer wind relaying her flowery scent.


Her resultant laughter filled my heart with a feeling all too unfamiliar, something my inner sense is trying to warn me about. Or is it?

“Listen up, neku. The Wild One does not grant life without a purpose, death is merely there to appraise the value of our actions.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

No sooner I gave my reply, a dainty finger poked my forehead hard. I hate it when people do that. My father always does that after having me on the ground during training.

“Don’t worry, you’ll understand sooner or later.”


“Fuck this dream. Why am I seeing this over and over again?”

Mocked by images belonging to the past, Aeranath casually vented his frustration by spitting. His antic caught the eye of a slumbering prisoner, the sole cellmate yammering away. Caring not for incessant curses hailing from an incarcerated mutt, the Ranger’s anger was only further compounded by a pointless question gnawing him away inside.

Shit… what was her name?

Then he felt a rough grip shaking him like some worthless cur, the True Apostle’s patience finally fraying rapidly like rope above fire.

“Yar larkee yer nut sum brown bitch! A’ll fark ye mouth, kunt and ass all ar’t once!”

Bestial fury promptly seized Aeranath like a wolf pouncing onto an unsuspecting lamb, its jaws clamping down hard on his spine. Painless flare consumed his mind, the only scene greeting a fiery pair of azure orbs being tragedy itself.

That of a Demon raping the nameless girl with insatiable lust, her naked body barely alive and spirited eyes days before already dead.



Never before had Fergie Malom experienced such raging anger, blazing ire unbridled coursing throughout pulsating veins.  This was not only a challenge to the law, but a mockery directed against his convictions. Bravery of arms and wit in battle was to be the only way to victory, not some bloody sorcery unproven! Yet there it was, the cold hard truth shattering his world.


“Describe the scene once again, Coles Ashe. Don’t you dare miss even a stitch, get me?”

If Fergie Malom was a picture of fluster, Joes Mouriz managed to paint himself a portrait of stoicism and composure. Young Coles only knew too well what his Gaffer’s face means, it took a silent string of long prayers to calm him down.

“Entire cell got burnt. Only one person dead, but that’s because he’s the only one apart from him in the cell.”

“Anything else? Tell me more, boy!”

“Stop, boss!” snapped Joes, his strong hand stopping Fergie’s iron grip from exacting more damage unto Coles Ashe’s crumbling fortitude, “You’re only dishing out retribution undue and chagrin unwarranted.”

“And can you tell me the answer?” retorted Fergie.

“Conflagration without apparent cause, you happy? Want a fight, don’t you dare fucking try duelling any of my lads.”

Detecting accurately that dangerous tilt in Joes’ stance, Fergie could only let go and let live.

“Glad that you managed to get my message. Sorry for being crude, boss.”


The crows were unusually placid, the cawing of hunger muted and sporadic. Before the vast sea erected two giant statues, a harbour fortified and more than sufficiently manned situated in between. Oft it was sung that two warriors unnamed and blessed by the Soldier kept their vigil spanning many a year, their souls remained lingering still. This was Gemini, the sea port famed by merchants and daunting to invaders.

“Ah, that’s some fine wine you’ve got here,” beamed Lars, a rascally grin betraying his mirth, “Tell me, my maddest Ser. Who’s the fine girl giving you her pledge?”

“You like it, you take it. ‘Tis no pledge and neither is it from a lady.”

Being no stranger to awkward ambience, the Demon Hunter whistled a merry tune as a gentle breeze caressed his golden bangs. Moments soon materialised into brief eternity, Arondight’s stoic silence forming a vast contrast complimenting Lars Alterfate’s mysterious optimism.

“Say, have you got any girl in mind, most honourable Ser?”

“Shut up.”

“Aww… don’t be shy,” smirked the mischievous man-child, his teasing grating on Arondight’s calm, “Tell me more about her. Like is she feisty? I happen to know a girl like that and her name’s Lol… hey, that’s mine!”

If Aeranath had any qualms in taunting an old friend turned foe, the True Apostle only flashed nary an expression. Taking a deep swig, he trotted off back to the gates.

“He doesn’t seem happy, that Aera Darko,” mused a genuinely curious Lars, “One thing being granted total immunity from the law, quite another…”

No regards were given to Lars’ stinging jape, Arondight’s stiffened posture insinuated a hostile intent. The carrion birds abruptly stayed silent, their feast subsequently exchanging for flight. As the hulking knight strode past a dead cat half-eaten, Lars made his move.

“Don’t even try.”

The air swiftly became stifling, balmy sea breeze mere seconds ago reduced to death’s whisper. Pausing his steps, Arondight nevertheless chose not to return a glance.

“He’s a danger to all…”

“Not to us, foolish Ser.”

“I can sense something in him which shouldn’t even exist,” snarled the glowering youth, Lars Alterfate refusing to back down nonetheless.

“And why should you care? I know I don’t,” shaking his head, the Demon Hunter betrayed a brief visage no one never seen before.

“Piss off, Demon Hunter. I’m being kind here.”

“Stay down then,” shrugged a frowning Lars Alterfate, “That is unless you’re truly all alone in this world since a lonely person won’t mind dying once or a thousand time.”

If only this world is able to understand empathy…

Damning words from a damning past rocked Arondight, a beautiful lady blessed with auburn locks and most innocent smile at last forcing his hand.

Beastly roar tearing through the clearest sky, a vengeful bellow calling for blood shocking all the nearby guards. A lethal swipe of steel met its rising match, a silver chain topped by keenest blade sending it flying and shattered.

“That’s a deadly sword, Ser Arondight,” commented Lars, a fighter’s gaze incompatible with a jester’s words, “I’m pretty sure your life isn’t just about one single weapon.”

Suffocating force then grabbed both Arondight and the watchers in entirety, the latter audience passing out. Surely this is indeed the finest of knights and maddest of men, noted the wary Demon Hunter. Any consideration given to the unconscious thrown to the wind, all Lars Alterfate desired now was to prevent Arondight from marching straight into the square and tearing up Blomfeld. If Sarel Aphros gave the trio total freedom to act within self-discretion, it meant the Church was content to be knowingly ignorant.

Then came the moment where Lars Alterfate had to make his call, momentary tardiness otherwise shall definitely spell utter destruction and chaos. Volatile force unseen rippled through the walls of Gemini, its stifling pressure ten times worse than the wake of a violent earthquake.

Crackling sound and golden sparks the only signs, a sudden blast ruptured altogether the surroundings and loftiest sky.


“This is an act of murder, O’ Grand Damsel.”

“No less heinous than auctioning off innocent girls like cattle to slaughter, O’ Gaffer of Stamford.”

“Unfortunately, that manner of victim you speak so fervently about is now dead. Butchered by your man, I suppose.”

“That is reality,” smiled a white haired girl, her beautiful features attracting lustful eyes till no end.

“Hey, pretty lass!” accosted a fit young lad, his features well chiselled and comely, “You alone?”

“So what if I am?”

“Care for a night? How much do you charge?”

Sarel Aphros chuckled softly, the opportunist in her counterpart taking the cue.

“Excuse me, I am looking for a certain Sally the Fair Haired. Is she around?”

“Huh? What the fuck you’re babbling about?”

Quite obviously riled by interruption unwanted, the youth grabbed a young boy of olive complexion and who happened to have bad teeth by his collar. Shaking his quarry like some rag doll without value, the bully finally threw his victim down.

“Wow, his breath stinks like latrine,” mocked the arrogant lad, a derisive wave of the hand in front of his nose bringing forth laughter and cheering, “Moral of the story: If someone is stronger than you, it means you should just either ignore or shut up.”

“Are you okay?” smiled Sarel as she handed the hapless boy a silken handkerchief, a finger placed upon her dainty lips, “The fool is never defined by strength, for cowardice to them means power.”

Then it all happened in a blink of an eye, a flare of crimson red begetting a dead man whose corpse retained whole. Silence and terror gripped every watcher’s heart, this was the same boaster bereft of naught save for his life.

“Witch!” blabbered the bartender, “A witch killed somebody! Help! Guards, guards!”


The speaker’s voice hailed not from a girl, but a man fully grown. A Sudhlit stood lazily before the patrons’ widened gaze, his visage wearing nary but a frown.

“Let me get this clear across to you all unless you’re not retarded enough,” gesturing to his audience first, the dark handsome youth then pointed to a smirking Sarel Aphros, “If a witch desires to kill someone, that person would have been dead. Understand me?”

“Is that a threat?!” squeaked a timid serving wench, her fearful eyes betraying only a fervent wish to survive.

“Thankfully not,” beamed the Sudlhit abruptly, after which he turned towards the boy no longer shaken, “Little boy, the next time anybody says you deserve to get it, gut him alive. Get me?”

Horrified gasps unveiling disbelief disrupted the deathly silence enforced mere seconds ago, the Sudhlit clucked his tongue in reply.

“What I spoke just now is a threat, the other statement a fact.”


“Don’t worry, Milady,” sighed Tristan Ajax while wearing a relaxed grin, “The Ranger is currently confirmed alive and fighting fit, our other two friends as well.”

“You do not have to tell me that, Sniper,” reciprocated Sarel in like, “I know enough to tell me all this.”

“What about that kid then?”

“Give no pursuit,” answered a sombre Grand Damsel, “To stage a hunt for an assassin under the Serpent’s gold is folly, for Eliador de Lioncourt understands best those he bought.”

“Ah well, at least we didn’t get a gutted swine,” whistled Tristan casually.

“That pretty boy is too handsome to be from some sow’s womb.”

“A gutted dog then,” shrugged the Sudhlit bowman nonchalantly, “Men and dogs switching places has always been a common sight.”


Gazing impassively at the mirror of a lake before him, the First True Apostle betrayed a knowing smile. Here he was witnessing a scene taken place somewhere within the waters of time, the crackling blade that was Fragarach penetrating both hostage and taker alike.

“One more step and the bitch dies! You see my knife against her throat?”

“Tell me who sealed the Geis with you.”

“You don’t understand what I’m saying?”

“Fine then. Go fuck her in hell and don’t ever come back again.”

“Wait… we ca…”

“Negotiate? I don’t do that with dead people or those who are going to anyway.”

Exact sequence of images looping endlessly, Aor finally decided enough was enough. Not because of the innocent dead but rather an understanding on what he had done. With a whisper, the master of Avalon walked away with swirling white petals following his trail.

“How the Alpha yearns to see the Omega once again, yet the cub still remains as one. Little wonder why mere mortals will always choose to grasp the heel belonging to themselves.”


Background notes

Miss(ing) a stitch: The act of missing out any detail, no matter how minor.

Alpha: A wolf with its own marked territory.

Omega: A homeless wolf spending its entire life seeking out any Alpha wolf's territory.

A/N-Omega wolves are not to be confused with normal wolves (otherwise known as a Gamma) which seek out any unclaimed territory as the top priority.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

How to be persona non grata (Pt 2)

1. An act or remark that is calculated to gain an advantage, especially at the outset of a situation.
2. (In chess) an opening move in which a player makes a sacrifice, typically of a pawn, for the sake of a compensating advantage.
~taken from Oxford Dictionary

Fact: This Gambit really damn suay...
I can't tell you how long did Gambit drift about b/c I don't profess to read the comics. However, it can be speculated that whatever spectacular manner of Julien's death had truly haunted Remy for good. After all, would you be so stupid to commit intentional homicide out in the open especially if your would-be wife is a certified beauty?
[Note-Bella Donna means beautiful lady in Italian. Incidentally, Atropa belladonna is a type of plant commonly known as deadly nightshade]

I suspect this particularly traumatic event actually prompted Remy to approach a certain Mr Sinister for help. That is seeking help for containing his awakened powers. Now it must be stated that Remy never had any freedom of control over his potentially imba ability per proven by that fatal firework released N ages ago. Ever since he was wrongfully exiled (technically so since Julien was acting like a bullying dick he really is), it can be surmised that Gambit was fearful of physical contact. His only problem? Nathaniel Essex is a doctor sans ethics.

Fact: You can still live (somewhat) normally post-lobotomy if you're Gambit
I'm not too sure whether partial removal of brain tissue should be considered a lobotomy procedure, but said method was indeed the only way out for Remy. This is virtually an alternate retelling of Faust and the Devil since Gambit's hand was sorta forced, but that's a story for another day.

Long story short, Sinister decided to hold Gambit to ransom. Granted Gambit didn't know a shit about Nathaniel Essex's sinister agenda, but it didn't really prevent a major massacre from happening. Against a team of hardcore assassins with Gambit tagging along, the Morlocks never stood a chance of surviving. Slaughtered till the very last mutant, only one little Morlock survived. Her name? Marrow. Sounds familiar? Go play Marvel vs Capcom 3 again and you'll def remember.

Now I don't need to tell you all who Marrow's superhero was in this instance, but trust me when I said Gambit nearly got himself killed for the morally correct reason. He knew Sinister duped him into becoming a mass murderer, it didn't matter to him that every member of the Marauders are actually ten times more guilty. Needless to say, Remy LeBeau attempted to salvage the situation but victory ended up with Victor Creed. Quite literally a crushing victory for Sabretooth if I say so myself.

Myth: Gambit is a scoundrel
Just as how Jean-Luc LeBeau met a ten year old Remy playing thief, likewise an adult Remy LeBeau encountered Ororo Munroe as a child.
Just as how Gambit years ago saved a young Marrow, likewise by saving Storm he ended up eventually saved.

I cannot give you an absolute answer on wtf Gambit was doing post-M, but it seems that irony decided to grant him a chance to redeem himself. In a weird twist of fate, Storm managed to undergo some anti-aging process where she ended up being an amnesiac little girl. By helping Storm to escape the Shadow King, the Cajun managed to prove something true: Playing hero to little girls do have its perks so long as you're an uneducated redneck incapable of literal wanking over Arya Stark and Maisie Williams at the same time.

Crude humour associated with pedo bear aside, they say even a dishonest thief deserves credit where it's due. Ever wonder why the British gahmen decided to exile ppl all the way down south N ages ago? I'm talking abt the history behind Oz in case any bodoh kambing putih dunno.

Long story short, Gambit eventually became part of the X-Men. That plus we're coming to Anna Marie soon enough.

Next up:
No more plot talk (hopefully), in depth take on why Gambit is so badass and romantic at the same time.

Friday, 4 April 2014

How to be persona non grata (Pt 1)

Today while browsing today's TNP, I noticed two notable April Fool articles. The first one is something about Rosalyn Lee proving a thing or two when it comes to calling the bluff. The second article is all abt a certain Madam Yeti Bte Buang who is apparently fictional and part of the Noose cast.
Apparently Madam Yeti is officially part of the Noose canon, Bte Buang is my own way of telling uptight S'poreans that we can do w/o a society that's pretty much 90% politically correct. iirc things could have been worse once you switch on the TV and watch the news on Crimea and the current Korean ceasefire turning into crossfire.

And with the trollolol done, let's continue...
Recently in a previous TNP article, I discovered a certain Queen of Bloggers actually threw a superhero/heroine theme birthday party for her son. Now I do NOT profess to know anybody there b/c my life is still abt hard work and no life. Then said article actually reminded me of a certain Justice dated last year.
Don't we all love to live in an ideal world where superheroes and superheroines will always stand for justice? This is the stuff of fairy tales, something for the kids. The key word is "kids", sorry if I sound cynical b/c they say a person's past will impact his/her life. That plus I noticed my weight ballooning along the chin and waist.

So it means there's such a thing called cynical superheroes then!
The answer is sadly a resounding "yes". When the S-word pops up, I believe people tend to gravitate their standards towards the marvelous egos at DC and Marvel. For instance, the real Batman is actually much more cynical than Adam West donning the cape. Then we also have Wolverine going to Hell instead of Heaven since very few souls can reach the latter and Nightcrawler is actually one of the elite few. Thank goodness for 2014 and Amazing X-Men Vol 2.

Then we got the Cajun

If there is any superhero earning his keep via shady dealings, Remy LeBeau would be the number one pick together with a certain Wade Wilson. While playing Marvel Avengers Alliance, I noticed a certain phrase "Red in the Ledger". Heroes under this category are actually considered villains/antagonists before they turned good. And even after that, no one should just stand up and say Max Eisenhardt is a good man. Tragic, yes. But I won't label Magneto as a righteous person unless we're talking about end justifying the means.

Fact: Remy is used to lying, cheating and stealing
Let me ask every female reader this question: If you happen to have a baby and you realised he/she actually has black eyes with red pupils, what would you do?
1. Take care of the child despite the obvious.
2. Abandon the baby since God should always be fair to every parent.

Remy's fate was option 2, this was to be the start of his hard life. When the local hospital took him in, I truly doubt the society at large actually cared for someone like him. Thoughts like "freak", "monster" and "son of the devil" must have been coursing through his birth mother's mind, let alone random strangers. Remember this, folks: X-Men is all about relating the non-fictional outcast with fictional mutants. Yet, the manner of Remy's life couldn't be any more ironic.

Referred to as Le Diable Blanc by his fellow thieves, I believe this quintessentially means "the white devil/demon" in Cajun French. If I end up giving the wrong answer, please don't kill me b/c this is me trying to act clever. This was the person viewed as the Thieves Guild's messiah for reasons unknown to this fat blogger, I find it interesting that neither Remy nor the Thieves Guild were anything but upstanding citizens.

Apparently, he's no slow learner. In a world where you can only steal to survive, Remy LeBeau proved himself as somewhat of a child extraordinaire. And I mean it in terms of stealing, mind you. Trying to target a random rich civilian for criminal intent is one thing, targeting the wrong person quite another. So imagine the kind of balls a ten year old boy had when he tried picking the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, patriarch of the Thieves Guild back then.

Fact: Remy actually nearly became messiah
As fate would have it, the only way to unite two warring factions is to broker eternal peace. I find it interesting that X-Men is all about us-vs-them on a personal scale. Normal superheroes will try saving the world because 'tis their mission, evolved superheroes actually try doing it so that others will accept them. I'm not gonna make any bones over the fact that the top priority of Charles Xavier was to establish a world where social barriers will be torn down for good like the Berlin Wall. This is why the X-Men are still fighting for the good of humanity compared to the Brotherhood, who actually decided that declaring outright war is the only way out.

As for both the Thieves Guild and its Assassin counterpart, I firmly believe a consensus was already reached. This was exactly why a marriage was to be on the cards where Remy LeBeau of the Thieves Guild and Bella Donna Boudreaux of the Assassins Guild were concerned. And this was when shit truly happens in the form of another Boudreaux: Julien.

Fact: Remy was guilty of homicide
Now before any politically correct parent starts screaming hell and murder over Gambit teaching impressionable children the finer arts of murder, let me explain the term homicide. You see, there are actually two definitions within the law. Murder is quite obviously the more commonly known form, the other is technically culpable homicide. If you all don't know what is culpable homicide, go ask the nearest lawyer firm what is the definition of manslaughter. Just don't hound me for $$$ if you're forced to pay a consultant fee amounting to sucker tax. Yes I made up that term "sucker tax", so please don't pirate my creation.

After one paragraph of digression, we finally came to what truly defined Remy LeBeau as Gambit. It must be said that despite martial training under Jean-Luc LeBeau, a thief is NOT meant to fight like an assassin. In fact Julien only had himself to blame for his own death since he believed Remy was nothing more than a swamp rat. Needless to say, Julien Boudreaux actually dominated the fight like some schoolyard bully pummeling that poor scrawny boy. Then shit indeed happened.

Like so many mutants before and after him, Remy LeBeau's actual powers awoke to serious consequences. 'Tis one thing to throw a knife against an opponent far more superior, quite another to realise that you've unwittingly killed that opponent via that exploding knife thrown just mere moments earlier.
Needless to say, the buck had to stop somewhere. Just that the wrong person got punished.

Next up:
More Gambit, (hopefully) less digression and some romantic bits.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Might as well add in a new tag...

As the post title suggests, guess I should do one more tag for Skies of Arven since creative rights very important to ppl indulging in creativity even though no $$$ will come out of this. Actually make that everything I did so far.
And no, this statement has nothing to do with whether I approve of NDU being outed in Jack Neo's latest movie planned. Def not my problem.

The world of Arven is mainly split into two parts, namely Surface and Sky. The Surface of Arven is where only the mighty reigns, a world where civilisation is a symbol of power more than anything. Separated by a vast sea without ends, the various continents are either content to wage conflict within their own borders or ambitious enough to launch daring raids against each other.
The Sky of Arven is where the wise and prosperous rule, a realm where levitated islands of varying sizes engage in trade and diplomacy. Regarded as a paradise compared to wilderness that is the Surface, every island is entitled indirect authority over surrounding areas of the Surface, whatever boundary necessary drawn by the Convention of Olymbus.

Every continent also holds total control over surrounding islands, colonies are established because of this. There are three types of continents on the Surface: Pictland, Gaeland, Cushland.
Pictland refers to any continent with fertile plains as the core terrain. Main ways of earning livelihood are farming and livestock rearing.
Gaeland refers to any continent comprising mainly of mountainous and forest terrain. The people there are known as expert gatherers and fierce hunters, but nothing more.
[Note-Eden falls under the Gaeland type]
Cushland refers to arid regions with extremely fertile lands situated at either side of the great river of Euph. Said areas are the only places boasting settlements due to water deemed as a religious symbol of status and wealth.

Any floating island is known as Heaven, a realm regarded as an independent nation by itself. Every Heaven carries the same traits, namely a vast bustling city fortified by both might and magic. Travel in between Heavens is carried out via drakes flying from one point to the other. The organisation overseeing the stability of the entire Sky of Arven is called the Convention of Olymbus.

There are two ways to travel: ship (for Surface) and drake (for Sky). Depending on the nature of location and distance, travelling can cost a bomb. Ship travelling will pose forth a risk of fighting random enemies, but doing so has its perks in terms of EXP and loot drops gained. Drake travelling holds no such risk while having a shorter duration.
Note that duration of travel tends to affect the quest completion rating, be said quest side or main. More on that later on.

Quests are either considered main or side. Main quests provide the standard quest reward together with plot progress. At the same time, main quests can only be unlocked as the story progresses.
Side quests yield EXP and loot drops, but nothing more.
There's also the third type, namely elite quests. Elite quests are much more challenging with far better loot drop and a relatively higher EXP gain. Elite quests can only be unlocked via specific requirements met during main quests.
Note that the relevant NPCs will unlock side or elite quests, but definitely NOT the main quest.

To be cont'd...

P.S: In other news, I realised I fail utterly for life when it comes to organising solo my own PC folder mess.