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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Some truly interesting conjectures on Jon Snow himself

This is provided that:
1. He truly survived the mutiny.
2. He truly is the bastard son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
Additional reference:

Any views here are solely of my own. All these are actually conjectures that may or may not truly happen. Because I know I don't look like a troll.

So apparently, I may go on another swearing spree due to this being yet another A Song of Ice and Fire post. Now what I'm gonna say is this: we all know Jon Snow's lack of impact on the overall political play in Westeros itself due to the inseparable plot link between him and the Night's Watch. Yet with the mutiny being a done deal, there's no way Jon can go back should he survive. So what's possibly next for him?

Actual death due to any flawed perception that his plot value has dropped to zero? Far from it, my fellow Snows! [1]

Because given the kind of delicate situation by the end of A Dance With Dragons, The Winds of Winter may throw up a brand new whirlwind of political chaos due to Jon Snow himself.

Firstly, let's see things from the Targaryen's lens. Or more specifically Daenerys'. What will she get to gain if by any freak chance [2] she's able to recruit Jon?

Firstly, Jon will never have any legitimate claim where the Iron Throne is concerned, no matter what. Because Dany is a pure blooded Targaryen while Jon is merely a bastard born from her deceased brother and a daughter from a much hated House. However despite Jon being a 50% Stark+50% Targaryen, with Rhaegar being his father, that might be more than enough to offset any factional animosity. Even if there would be lies stating Rhaegar was being seduced [3], the Targaryen loyalists will know every word is brainless people bullshitting. [4]

Because the usurper has always and only been Robert Baratheon himself, NOT Lyanna Stark herself. [5]

So since Jon could never have the right to rule, the next best alternative here will be assuming an able leader's role second in rank to only Dany herself. Sounds crazy? Maybe we should ask whether Ser Barristan Selmy is truly an able leader.

Yes, we shouldn't doubt his ability on the battlefield, but what Jon truly has in abundance is the capability to plan and manage, be it behind the scenes as a Steward within the Watch back then or mustering the defending forces at the most forefront during the defense of Castle Black.

Likewise, he's no Kingsguard martial prowess wise, but at least he's still able to take down a single wight and that should truly say something. Or maybe I should rephrase the whole fighter's logic here:

Jon is a THINKING man against any foe far more inclined towards martial technique. Being able to analyse any situation on his feet will ensure the very fact that he's way more of a frontline planner than anything else. In short, he's actually one of the best war commanders [6] you can ever hope to have by your side. [7]

In short, Dany isn't a fool. She knows that her enemies are not just about the Baratheons and Lannisters. There are still enemies swarming around her due to the nature of her conquests.

What Jon can offer therefore, is that of an utility type leader whose key in efficiency lies in the versatile nature of deployment. [8]

And to me, this has always been something truly unique in every renowned leader character both in-plot and background wise had to offer thus far. [9]

The scariest possibility? Due to the fact that House Frey and House Bolton had sworn fealty to the Lannisters, a temporary alliance may be on the cards between the rest of the Northern Houses and Dany herself albeit this being that most far-fetched bullshitting theory [10] due to the presence of Stannis being the only legitimate Baratheon still going strong against the rest. [11]

The most likely scenario on paper at the least. The fact that Jon still distrusted Melisandre should warrant nothing substantial if she truly manages to save him post A Dance With Dragons. Such is the code of Northern honour and lest we forget, Melisandre is still under Stannis' banner in name.

Now let me just dissect a good bit on Ramsay Bolton's bastard letter:

Simply put, Ramsay FEARS Jon. Sounds absurd? Well it's pretty much a given that Ramsays fears nobody. This is due to his own acumen of cunning wits augmented by an absolute lack in morals and zero actual honor.

Jon on the other hand has always been Ramsay's only antithesis. Jon do possess a well defined set of morals, principles, and honor, but that alone is NOT enough.

What Jon truly has is the ability to lead. An actual leader of men. Someone who is born not to follow, but to be followed.

Ramsay can only control the proceedings behind the scenes, but Jon has the mental fortitude to make hard decisions come every moment of make-or-break.

Ramsay is merely a glass cannon. He has the ability to deal with any given situations, be it preemptive or counter preemptive. Jon on the other hand, lacks Ramsay's level of manipulation, but he has the gift of excellent foresight and thorough planning that Ramsay can never hope to override in his current state, be it a faster speed of thought or a more thorough manner of analyzing.

In short, by goading Jon and indirectly inciting the mutiny, Ramsay's ultimate aim wasn't really about Theon and Jeyne Poole although the two of them should be seen as vital part of the package.

Rather, Ramsay wanted Jon dead.

Case of proof: Jon's exceptional gift of perception was actually the reason why Stannis could secure what should be arguably his greatest victory of date going by the name of Deepwood Motte. It's not just a military victory, but above all a political victory where via securing the loyalties of House Glover and House Mormont plus an inevitable spike in popularity in the North. Basically, it means having the resources to march straight towards Winterfell and to RETAKE Winterfell. [12]

So yes
Ramsay Bolton 1 - 2 Jon Snow

Footballing parallel aside [13], should Jon truly join Stannis' cause due to the nature of that mutiny, the Baratheon banner will not only gain a capable all round planner cum leader, but more importantly, the ranks of wildlings led by the likes of Tormund Giantsbane [14] as well. A truly fearsome force indeed. [15]

Coupled with the political deal reached between Stannis and the Iron Bank, everything can only bode well. On paper at least, but still good tidings nevertheless. [16]

And lastly, what can I say about Jon's timely warning on Arnolf Karstark's planned betrayal apart from the most obvious?

[1]: Let this be known that Snows in this context has nothing to do with Xiaxue's fanbase despite the latter's Chinese characters. And let's not go on about what Snow truly mean in the North.
[2]: Of course should Melissandre decide to ditch Stannis for Jon due to the whole Azor Ahai deal, we will most certainly see Dany's end happening due to her being far more of a politically shrewd dealer than Stannis himself. Albeit there can be only one Tyrion Lannister.
[3]: Of course that won't really prevent the said loyalists to label her as a convenient excuse for Robert and co to wage their merry little rebellion. In short, poor Lyanna won't be vilified, but you can virtually call her a collateral casualty post-death.
(Note: We should try imagining this for the entire Rhaegar-Lyanna deal even if it's just only for fun)
[4]: Although it remains to be seen on how many people (apart from Ser Barristan) are willing to be victims of political propaganda.
(Note: This has to be the greatest fail in all things propaganda.)
[Disclaimer: I do NOT have anything personal against Kazakhstan/Borat/anyone from Jewtown because I'm may be a local bastard, but I'm definitely NOT a xenophobic bastard]
[5]: In a very twisted sense, this might be Robert's greatest personal failure.
[6]: A certain Zhou Yu comes to mind. NOT that Zhou Yu from Luo Guanzhong's bullshitting, mind you.
[7]: Or maybe your worst nightmare depending on whose side you're on.
[8]: In this aspect, I can pretty much liken this with the General of Soaring Army if there's anything to go by via Zhao Yun's implied supporting role prior to the actual onset of Battle of Han River.
[9]: The only other two people of note are both Lannisters. Namely Tywin and Tyrion. Life ain't fair to the Starks, eh? Just ask Robb.
[10]: And yes, this IS indeed me bullshitting for once.
[11]: I don't even consider Renly to be a distant second in terms of leadership. A bloody shame that Robert Baratheon had became a victim of his own demons. No sarcasm intended here. :(
[12]: Although Stannis will never be that dumb in assuming himself as the new Lord of Winterfell. NOT even on an interim basis because he's no Rafa Benitez.
[13]: And that's me trolling every American believing football to be a gay sport in spite of soccer being a pervasive culture now.
[14]: The only other badass Free Folk of most worthy note apart from Mance Rayder himself.
[15]: Which in turn will create a very real chance of the Night's Watch eventually siding with we-know-who-now. 
[16]: Although with the Others complicating things up, we all can guess where the whole shit will be going.