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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Weekend football: The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good: BvB and let's enjoy a Bovril double at that
Forget about the Wearside authorities' apparent lack of self faith in stadium security behind that 2800 tickets allocation. Let's talk about tonight.
I'll have to admit that we don't really stand a chance at least on paper to win 3 points at the Amex Stadium. Gus Poyet has built a team with painful endurance and he may be reaping the fruits of his labour by end of season. Quite a big far cry from Tobias' team, where the vision Shebby Singh had listed out for whoever unlucky enough (bar Harry Redknapp that is) to take up the job sorely lacked the necessary contingencies to brace Blackburn for any shit outta luck what-ifs. Believe me when I say the Championship is a league where ANYONE can beat ANYONE. YOLO is wayy too damned overrated there with chaos and shit happening post final whistle being major by-words on what to expect rather than what to aim for.
Okay, enough of the bashing because I've digressed somewhat. In Gus Poyet, we have a gifted tactician who can play the same brand of expansive football week in, week out. Mogga on the other hand, is far more of a strategist who must rely on video replays in order to find a correct mix to start the match. It's like envisioning a Fa Zheng (Gus) vs Guo Jia.(Mogga), i.e. 法正对郭嘉. Let's savour the match I say, lads! I don't give a flying **** on how we will be mocked on FB should we lose this one because there have been way too many short sighted football fans not really knowing a shit bar boasting/sniggering about history and present to start with anyway.
Because one match doesn't make a season, but for bloody hell sure can one match truly make an enjoyment.

The Bad: Crisis most unexpected dressed in Blues?
Is he guilty or is he not? Be it whether John Terry's a racist or Anton Ferdinand merely crying wolf complete with tears doesn't matter a shit now. What's truly dangerous is towards Chelsea itself. Now I've got nothing personal against Roberto Di Matteo nor do I think there should be any major hoo-ha over JT's decision not to contest an appeal against the four match ban. RDM is NOT JT's brother in blood. When Cain asked "Am I my brother's keeper?", he got condemned because Abel WAS Cain's younger brother by blood. JT isn't Abel and RDM isn't Cain. JT would have been far more cultured if he's truly an Italian anyway not to mention the likelihood where he will think being drafted into a squad with the likes of Cassanata and Super Mario should be a given. No jokes on any two vs one mano-a-mano, please.
So what will the crisis be like? The neutrals used to laud Chelsea for their hardliner stance towards racist behaviour. Now with JT refusing to apologize together with Ashley "twitted as choc-ice" Cole jacking the entire shit up via a stupid twit on Twitter itself, everybody's up in arms including the neutrals. If Chelsea think this is okay, I beseech Mr Abramovich to think again. The potential PR backlash can be extremely lethal because on a greater hindsight, NOT even Jose Mourinho would be this daring on the pitch nor will he truly be as well. Having Russian oil to spare is one thing, but if your team got vilified after painful efforts to create a moral image, then you'll end up far worse off than Millwall and the New Den lads. If JT's stance is still "I did nothing wrong!", then why not appeal against the FA charge? Frank Lampard's red card N seasons ago was rightfully warranted, but in the most absurd twist of fate, the FA rescinded a perfectly sane decision. If anyone thinks I'm trying to mock Chelsea or the FA here, then it shows that you lack the proper brains to connect the dots properly and you all can just stick your own self-pompous attitude up your asses.
So what should Chelsea do now? Firstly, JT, please for the love of anybody you believed in up Above and all the countless kids still looking up to you, APOLOGIZE, LIVE AND LET LIVE. If you think RDM and co are still gonna protect you come hell and high water, think again. I don't remember this current JT being the JT of the old. The JT who had yet to shag his ex-best friend's ex, the JT who would put his body on the line even if any cause had never begged him to.
Case in comparison: Joey Barton is still a big ass problem waiting to be sorted out, but at least he had never faked himself off as a saint.
Secondly, it's unto the club's utmost imperative that they must give their strongest condemnation, both actions and words to any hate actions directed towards Anton and his family, be it in the past, present or any future may come. I don't care about how the powers-that-be do it. I only care for the future of football because this is NOT about how much I hate the English senior team. This is a personal matter of individual attitude and overall quality. I'm being hundred and twenty percent objective right now, right here. I don't have that luck to visit England, but I know full hell damned enough on how such an undesirable culture works. And it's a rot that will eat into the future generations. That's how all forms of negative social norms work in general and globally.
And lastly, but not least, RDM should retain JT's armband. Yes, I know people will go wtf over this view especially those hailing from the Loftus Road end. But here's the catch: it won't do RDM any good if he decides to do the exact opposite. Andre Villas-Boas got sacked for a very good reason. He wasn't betrayed by Roman "Ruthless Roubles" Abramovich. He was betrayed by a dressing room who TOTALLY disagreed with the fact that AVB was out to do a total revamp rather than a mere case of modifying and strengthening. I don't have a good opinion on that rich Roman, but I'll have to be fair to say my own piece: that I believe the media tabloids are just out to hype up the duel underway now. Simply put, it's for the team stability above a perceived lesser evil. Fullstop.

The Ugly: Because I don't know how many narrow minded people can't truly take jokes
Danny Rose: Hello, Big A boss! It's me! Dear Danny calling from the Mackem base!

AVB: Please don't call me that. It sounds, I supposed. But anyway, I thought you should be training now?

DR: Well, you see Boss A, I just bumped into Anton Ferdinand a few hours back. He was off to see a shrink just like me because we've been under a severe case of possible depression. As it turned out, we're both certified fit to play and work. Anton actually related to me about being stalked by blokes who looked weirdly like Neanderthals despite all of them gone extinct millions of years ago.

AVB: And I know that racist chanting incident as well. Say, Dan, is it really as everybody said? That the atmosphere felt weirdly like a zoo rather than an actual football match?

DR: I dunno, Boss A. At least I remembered clearly that monkeys at the zoo don't get to pelt random missiles because they're not in the wilds anyway.

AVB: Damned, why are we even talking over the phone right now? Just get to the point now, Dan. You're sounding like some weird video game character. Plus you're wasting my iPhone 5 battery above everything else.

DR: Oh yeah, Street Fighter. Hey Boss A, are you still going toe to toe with that Ihara despite every single gameplay vid uploaded by his opponents rather than himself? I swear he's a class Guy use...


DR: Erm, sorry Boss. But anyway, Anton couldn't reach you and with us being of two of the same kind...

AVB: He's asking us to shove up some Blue ****s. Yeah I could guess that. In fact, I shouldn't even be swearing if I'm still at Portugal. Anton should just learn something constructive from the all time headbutting great, Zinedine Zidane if I say so myself.

DR: Wow, that would have looked cool on Anton! So please shove up all the eleven playing, deal? I'm gonna hang up now.

AVB: *sigh* He's way too damned eager to play again, it seems. A good lad and a good decision to loan him over to Sunderland. Newcastle has virtually no slots available for him while Middlesbrough already have a Josh McEachran to win potential matches, hence possibly diluting Rose's hunger on the pitch. But then again, us vs Chelsea, Sunderland vs Middlesbrough. Now if only I can get to see Rose vs McEachran on the pitch once the Capital One cup tie kicks off. That will make my day to witness two phenoms in two different positions having a go at each other.

A/N: Ihara is indeed real. His class as a Guy user in SSF4 and beyond shouldn't be discounted unless you're dumb enough not to realize that a lot of his PvP vids are uploaded by his opponents and we can just easily guess the most obvious answer to who actually won in those vids themselves.

And Ashley Cole, your ex-mentor has something to tell you: