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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Some babes... and hopefully I don't end up as ISA bait.

Go Dutch. Yes, it's a shitty joke... I know.
Image size lagi big... T_T
 But srsly, this is the one who caught the eye:
@Tur: You're the one who gave me the knowledge of the stereotypical blonde and stacked Dutch girls... so erm... I dunno what to say here anymore. >.<

But srsly, it's really damned hard to find Engrish pics w/o getting hauled to jail:

The most politically correct answer to Lady Gaga and the Flagging-gate(s). No offense intended srsly.

No more Blokhin... I promise...

That most famous James Bond title...

Yet another personal fave pic of mine... (read: Lost count alrdy)

I know the Swedes feel like shit now. And srsly, it's NOT even the team's fault. Stevie G must have lulz'ed hard now. Because the sweetest revenge will always be reserved for the media. -.-'

Erm... sibeh chio?
Yes, why me so biased?
To all the Irish teamsters, you're a letdown. FAI better do something before I add in the L.
Erm... a Fianna chick?
Erm... Katy Perry? Bzt, brain shutdown... x.x
Moral of the story: Why so many blondes????
Les Bleus (ver. Jeune Fille)
Erm... the girl in white polka-dots?
*self head-shot*
Note: Every single foreign word used is picked up via web search.
The fact that I'm a self-perfectionist doesn't mean that I can lip read.
Period. -.-;
It's not that I'm biased this time round... just that Google threw up too much of Deutschland. :S
Weirdly enough, 1st impression: Brünnhilde...

Girl@the middle: Potnia?

Moral of the story: Greeks=/=Geeks

Geeks=ppl like me (& Foin as well. :P)

Calcio (Bella) Donna:

 Shittiest pun ever coming from yours truly: Czechmate.
(Yes, me=sure kenna the O'Great Polish Poleaxe)
Erm, is this the same girl I've put in a previous post?

CR must be proud of his country... well he SHOULD!
My sis will kill me for this.
Apparently, she has nvr been so amused whenever I ended up creating problems of my own. -.-'
Further proof to justify my fears stated above. -.-;

Croats... Now we all know why Bilic can troll so well... :S

Glamorous... that's all.

La Senorita Roja.
Yes, I'm speaking broken Spanish here b/c I'm trying too hard to be self-perfectionist. :(
Lesson learnt so far: There will be times where post/text formatting can get really buggy for some unknown reasons. Case in point? Not every post have a caption nor do every country have it's own label as well. T_T Now really headache. Have to take Panadol now. X.X

Moral of the story? There can be only ONE James Bond.
But srsly... 
She a Roligan? O_O