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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Just a few post-match thoughts...

Germany vs Portugal. Now ppl tend to ask why you defend Portugal? Well to be fair I guess Bento's game plan is very simple. I put Nani and CR on the offense while I know who are the guys from the other end. Germans were frustrated? Well if so, then its 100% logical. If Portugal was playing for a draw, then I'm not too sure whether plonking Nani and CR together would be just a wayang (malay for play acting). Simply put, Bento isn't a fool. He knew that 3 points is far more valuable than 1 given the group they're in. What I'm guessing here is this: Frustrate the Krauts and smack them come the final 20 mins or so. Simply put, this is the best I can come up with while making my stubborn pride intact. Case in point: Which end of the German pitch will crack first if Portugal just wanna go parking lulz mode? Not the attack or the middle 3rd. Doubted Lahm could have barked some far needed calm worst come to worst. So 72nd min sucker punch from Mario Gomez scuppered everything altho Neuer=Hero of the back end. So as to speak anyway. Interestingly enough, I'm still wondering since when Gomez had scored in the World Cup given his quite-the-opposite club form. Low better bark some srs sense into him. I truly doubt the Danes will be crying over his own brand of sucker punch srsly. :S

On the Dutch sucker-punched. Now interestingly enough, ppl tend to ask where is RVP when you need him. Funnily enough, RVP-->RVD'ed no matter what. And above everything else, a 4-2-3-1 w/o Huntelaar seems weird. Or rather I would say Huntelaar is far more of the classic goal poacher than RVP. ofc 4-2-3-1 isn't the kind of formation to put this guy in unless we end up seeing RVP behind Huntelaar. Deployment bleepgot here, old Bert? Sneijder is no-brainer. de Jong and van Bommel in front of the back 4 is a conservative approach given van Bommel lol! So maybe we should ask why van der Vaart wasn't plonked into the fray far earlier. Profligacy is the effect, not really the cause. When that 24th min goal pop up, the Dutch were laying siege like a bunch of far right blokes who have just finished smoking weed due to Fitna dealing them a much-needed mind rape fix. So at the risk of sounding like a dick (no innuendo intended due to the Dutch legalizing *cough cough*), Bert cocked up. Big time. Maybe van der Vaart should be subbed in far earlier. 60+mins? Sounds logical to me. As for Kuyt... I'm still in the WTF la-la land. In fact if there's anything to go by, van der Vaart followed by Huntelaar later on could have some really interesting results. As in VDV's much needed creativity as the shock outlet followed by Huntelaar as the impact lancer? I dunno srsly. What I do know is that VDV is a Spurs player for a very good reason. It's not just abt Modric getting crocked or whatever. This guy can really go forward. Period. Case in point: The 71st min 2x subs hit an immediate impact. What if the timing is... well as per what I've assumed? (note of self-fallacy: assume=ass-u-me) But a lot of what-ifs, one VERY valuable blessing in disguise. Simply put, thigns could have been worse for BOTH Germany and Portugal. Yes, NOT the Dutch. Why? Very simple. The Dutch team has been far more stable than the two. Bento managed to steady the ship, but how far he will go still remains to be seen. Germany can do a superb blitzkrieg, but I can't be so sure on their own bunker. If there's anything to go by, Olsen's tactics could have a far more srs trolling effect under any given bad endings.

So should ol' Bert whack himself silly over the opening match? Just ask Maradona and the 2006 World Cup. Or maybe even better, Calciopoli if it's truly a living person. :S

P.S: Need to input the final part. Not enough time to trawl pic search. No personal intentions intended. Now need to eat dinner.