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Monday, 25 June 2012

Now let's mara (Malay for scold) Engrand

Sadly, I'm not abt to do any bashing. Firstly, let's see where things went wrong. Simply put, Prandelli sprang a big one upon putting a 4-1-3-2. As per stated in a prev post, the Italians are gonna troll the Engrish as long as they have the ball. Now a lot has been said on why Welbeck has to go forward and mark Pirlo, but considering Prandelli's very clear cut instruction, Roy's hands were tied. Read: No one told Pirlo to go forward. In the deployment sense, it's just like 1 Schweinsteiger with 3 Khediras. England depends heavily on wingplay, yet it's a dual edged sword that will end up having England losing 9 out of 10 times against a technically superior team. Why? Without the ball, you can't do a shit. With the ball, the opponent can keep you guessing like a 12 yr old. A lot of the current continental football has developed into a central 3 system where the onus is on ball possession around the center. Wingers are outdated, wing forwards are the new ballistics. Why? Very simple. Wingers go flanking, wing forwards can go anywhere. It's just like playing Street Fighter where you can't go that far just by spamming Hadoukens/Shoryukens because if I'm a good Guy user, I can pretty much mess you about without dropping a point. Period.

So maybe we should ask ourselves one very simple question: Why Pirlo's deployment work? On Prandelli's end, it's a stroke of strategic brilliance. On the other hand, Capello's curse has finally came true. Simply put, 4-1-3-2 Italia would merely count for shit without the ball. In fact due to the Pirlo factor, I can even call it a riskier formation than Les Bleus' 4-1-4-1 (Thankfully for Prandelli, the semis is all abt the Krauts. La Furia Roja will pull off a Vash the Stampede under this context.).

Hence is it a case of penalty nerves? England was lucky to hang on unto this point. If the Italians can take their chances, St George's Dirge would have been sung far more earlier (And perhaps far more merciful as well). A lot has been said abt making your chances count, but then again, if you can't retain the ball, you can't pull off any shit. Ever tried discussing what to eat for lunch where in fact your budget is an absolute kosong (Malay for zero)? You may laugh out loud and call it an absurd theory, but this IS England through and through! If you're to ask me, I'll just say "**** the jinx! Focus on the ball first!". No team in it's right mind will want to go PK, let alone England. Yet if you can't do anything on the pitch, this is what you'll get. Again I REPEAT: Forget abt the jinx. It's a psychological barrier that can only be solved by doing something constructive to REFORM your infrastructure first!

Yes! You all have guessed it. The Devil(s) in question aren't the players, let alone ol'Roy or just abt any other coaches before him. Case in point: Youth football in England is still 100% intact. FA better do something bloody constructive for the next 3-5 yrs instead of playing a NATO (i.e. No Action, Talk Only). NO more of that stupid ruling meant to make up the numbers. You screw the infrastructure, you fix that shit back!

Houston, we now have a problem here...

And it's called the Tabloid Culture. We all know they will make cuckoos out of anyone they like/dislike. Yeah, it's all fine and dandy to read, laugh and go to sleep afterwards. But anything more than that=you're the sucker who have taken the bait. Every celebrity can testify to this mass invasion syndrome, but how many of us know the kind of problems it has created for English football? What is pride? Is it abt twenty two headless chickens running throughout the pitch? Is it abt blood-and-thunder 50-50 tackles where in fact everything is a mere zilch without the 3 points? Xavi nvr got crucified for Spain and Barca. Sneijder will nvr run like stoner high on weed. Pirlo? Who cares abt stupid ppl calling him a coward where in fact his loyalty on the pitch is all that matters? If there's anything to go by, Hodgson's brand of pride holds far more substance, but only this much. It's one thing to say I've done my best and quite another to say I didn't gain any valuable shit at the end of the day. 4-4-2 a success? Sorry guys. I've seen way too much football for one's own good. Shit will only work on the domestic front. Without the foreign influx brought abt via the destruction of the infrastructure, English teams won't even make it past the group stages in any given European club competitions. Mark my words: You gain the money and fame, you sold your pride without even knowing it.

So is it all doom and gloom? 

Not so. If there's anything to go by, I'll be truly damned if we will get one Wilshere per every decade. Because England should worth so much more. A lot has been said abt the top clubs, nothing has been said on the Academy system barring the whole "next big thing" hype. Be warned to all you upstarts of the pitch:  
 Pride and Fall are lovers decreed by God.
Case in point: Ask every Boro lad and they can tell you abt Nathan Porritt. I don't care abt whatever negatives being said abt him. All I know is that he could and should have been someone worth so much more on the pitch. In a very real sense, I'm truly consoled that NP is an exception rather than the norm in the great Ol'North East. Nothing positive has been blared out from that area barring Alan Shearer himself. Yet that doesn't mean that North East of England should deserve JUST one Shearer in any given position. Yes, Tyneside is now experiencing a crisis of sorts due to the obscene amount of TV money allocated within the top flight for donkey ages running (Any given successes didn't really help out that much considering the fact that Newcastle is the only global North Eastern brand so as to speak). But thankfully, Wearside is still hanging strong while We the Lions in Red have a proud tradition of making an ass out of Rafa himself (Srsly how many Steven Gerrards and Jamie Carraghers do/will you have? LOL!). West Ham? LOL! Take a cold hard look at Leeds, you self-haughty arseholes! Ridsdale screwed them tight=the script called "fallen for good" never materialized. In fact, when we use the term [stand-by on duty], it shouldn't be seen as a joke. Given the correct grooming from the correct people, every dog will have his day.