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Sunday, 24 June 2012

La Furia WTF vs Les WTF...

Okay, here I am opening my SG'bola trap again. Simply put, it's pretty much interesting to write some counter-intuitive pertaining to the Les Blur. Or is it truly the case? Now allow me to say WTF upon seeing Laurent Blanc plonking a 4-1-4-1 WTF. But after some brain nuking, I'm starting to see where this has been intended to go. Just a few loopholes to disclose here first:

1. Nasri vs Diarra. A lot has been said on the two being the main cause. Yet is there any signs of cliques being formed as the result? I don't remember any. Any follow-ups? Nasri vs the media. That's all. You don't get to see anyone blowing up just because journalists can troll with a civilized face. Grow up, kids. That's how the media works.

2. Hatem Ben Arfa. Anything wrong with this guy? Plenty. If Joey Barton has a long lost brother somewhere, it will be this guy. Why Blance played him in the Sweden rubber is very simple: Cabaye got crocked, he couldn't be risked. If you think I'm lying, go ask his ex-buddies. If a player can't respect his own team mates, he's a possible recipe for trouble. I hate to play the devil's advocate, but srsly Blanc's hands were tied back then.

3. Possible implosion nonetheless? Blanc would have been out of job N ages ago due to what he had done upon just entering the office. If he can deal with ppl like Anelka and Gourcuff, anything is possible. Get what I'm saying here?

4. Amazingly enough, Del Bosque would have been dragged through the streets of Madrid if his unorthodox 4-3-3 had backfired spectacularly.

4-1-4-1=Les WTF

A lot has been said on Debuchy deployed as a right-back, but NOT a lot of ppl knew he can operate as a midfielder as well. Extra right back just to cope with Iniesta and Jordi Alba combined? Apparently no one has mentioned that Iniesta=/=winger. La Furia Roja don't play wingers. Wing forwards, yes. Wingers, no. Simply put, if you think Iniesta will play on the left by default, you're too dumb to live. The hallmark of a top class player lies in the nature where he can be deployed. At least I truly hope Blanc wasn't that dumb to put an extra right-back just contain some fella who can alternate between either side of the pitch.

So now the biggest question: Where did Blanc deploy Debuchy? If that one bloke in front of the back 4 is M'Vila by default, then will it be any wonder on where Debuchy would be deployed? Cabaye's presence has been there for all to see. Assuming Debuchy would adopt a deeper lying role ala the withdrawn playmaker, that would have quite obviously freed Cabaye up. Remember a certain Eden Hazard? The logic is the same with him being more of an attacking mid/winger while Cabaye holds more of a central role.

Onus on how 4-1-4-1 works: Ironically enough, Blanc might have given us a prototype model on how to stop La Furia Roja. A lot has been said on France's defensive frailties, but to me, the key issue lies in Blanc being way too tactically naive this time round. In a very eerie sense, fighting a Les WTF is just like fighting this bloke. Yes, such a formation can be truly effective as a counter-attack possession football via the attacking diamond of Cabaye, two wing forwards and one central striker. But against Spain itself, it's no more than a double edged sword. With such a tactical onus at hand, the key platform lies in dropping 9 guys behind to rob the ball. If España lose the ball, they will be in trouble. If they can retain the ball, the opposite will happen. Simply put, yes Blanc should shoulder the blame. Yet no point firing the machine gun b/c everything has been nothing more than a tactical cock up that ironically might have a hand in countering the 4-3-WTF.

4-3-3=La Furia WTF

3 guys upfront with no central strikers. Outright nutty? If you think this is a 4-6-0, you're way too dumb to live. Consider who are the three amigos upfront: Fabregas, Iniesta and David Silva. All 3 are attacking mids. All three are accounted as technical players quick in their feet and thinking. Interestingly enough, while Fabregas would have played a deeper role ala El Mago de La Pelota (Ver. Exageración?), Iniesta and Silva could easily switch flanks like nobody's business (Guardabosques de La Campo?). Guys, this is La Furia Roja. Once they have the ball, you're ****ed. Unless you're Roberto Di Matteo with El Nino as your compañero. So does that say anything on Vicente "El Zorro" del Bosque? Formación de La Delantero Fortificación. The onus lies in pushing the ball possession forward such that the opponent would be slowly cornered and suffocated. Try envisioning a war being fought where the opponent opted for the unconventional tactic of rapid fortifications within your own territories ala Modo de el Conquistador. Get the picture? Good. Now we all know why Pique can pop up on a far higher frequency than die WTF himself on the relative scale.

Case in point: Spain=[55% possession], 9 shots on goal (5 on target), [7 corners], 6 fouls, [6 offside calls]; France=[45% possession], 4 shots on goal (1 on target), [3 corners], 12 fouls, [1 offside call], [1 save per each side]
And speaking of unconventional means together with El Soldado Roja...