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Friday, 27 June 2014

Asian Exodus

'Tis a black day for Asia. 4 teams from this heritage rich continent, our only problem with ourselves is that Asians don't have a rich heritage in football. The brave dingos from Oz went down fighting, the lions of Persia has truly staged their last stand. As for the wolves and tigers hailing from East Asia, what else can I say apart fighting the good battle and losing the war? Ah well, at least 'tis been a long time since I posted babes on this blog...

~(Don't) Bomb~
~(Don't) Bomb~
~(Don't) Bomb Iran~

Ver. Celeb: Nicky Whelan

As for the common lass or two...

And lest we forget, Australians are also known for their jocks+jock culture
Both a cricket girl and soccer lass, that's Ellyse Perry for ya.

Shin Mi-na, anybody still recall?
This is Lee Soo-jung. That is in case any hot blooded bloke is left wondering "who sia..."

Note to self: Either I must have been thinking too much or 'tis indeed true that I'm born with bishonen looks. In case anybody dunno what/who is bishonen, try re-imagining everything into your stereotypical Korean flower boy. Guess it's high time for me to re-kick my history engine...


Monday, 23 June 2014

Tonight's Show @FBC: Road to the Final Victory 2014 [2]

??: Welcome back to tonight's show. I believe you all have enjoyed your ride in Brazil 2014 thus far, be it via the screen or in literal terms. I am your host for the night, Kim Dan. Before we get into tonight's main course, let us take a brief look at the happenings on the ground. Corespondent, please.

(x) (x) (x)
Corespondent: Good morning here. As you can see, the skies are clear and sunny. Just like my hometown. I am your local corespondent of the day, Aitor Kamara. Truly it has been quite a topsy turvy tourney thus far with the English Championship deemed better. Seeing Skysports rating Omeruo as Dzeko's better has gotta be my biggest break yet. So who shall lift the much coveted Jules Rimet Trophy bar a grand Latin heist? Let's go and find out.

Tourist 1: Of course our Netherlands! For a very long time, we, the long suffering Dutch, have to endure all kinds of racist jokes. I don't mind those made about our Dutch girls because they're indeed blond and hotly equipped. What I detest most is just about any jokes concerning human implosion. Humans don't implode, they explode! Why are there so many anti-science people making fun of our beloved Dutch nation?

Tourist 2: Netherlands. I'm a neutral and I don't really like how van Gaal performed plastic surgery on this current team. However, I have to admit 'tis pretty efficient. That plus I heard Daina Zagata has promised to be a Dutch citizen if Oranje really win.

Tourist 3: France. Like to see every jeune fille hitting the dance floor so long all of them ain't minors.

Tourist 4: ENGRAND!!!!!!! THREE LIONS!!!!!!! 1966!!!!!!!!! SIR ALF RAMSEY!!!!!!

AK: Erm, England are already out due to Los Ticos making los tacos out of your lads.

Tourist 5: Sorry, mate. He just got himself piss drunk because what you said is the cold hard truth.

AK: Never mind. People always drown their sorrows whenever there's beer aplenty.


AK: Wait, you don't look English.

Tourist 6: Yes, I no English! I Uruguay! I love Middlesbrough!

AK: Err, why?

Tourist 7+8+9+10+12... [and the Latin Express goes on...]: CAVANI IS MANNION! SUAREZ IS CAMSELL!

AK: Well, I guess the day remains young while the night truly awaits. Back to you, Kim Dan.
(x) (x) (x)

KD: I swear the next person calling me by my full will get it from me... why am I cursed with such a retarded name????

???: Kim Dan-nim, are you alright?

KD: Oh, of course I am fine. And here we have it, two esteemed guest pundits. On my right is this year's Miss Ice Goddess. Let us welcome Stevia G!

SG: ......

KD: Erm, okay it seems Stevia doesn't like to talk much. Anyway, on my left is...
*insane cheering coming from the 'live' audience. Weirdly enough, they all sound like guys.*
*Studio phone suddenly start ringing*

KD: Hello! This is...

?: #!$@#$$&*& lah! You think I dunno where is FBC meh?

KD: Erm... boss?

Boss: Yes, this is your boss, B.S Ko on the line. You know who are the special guests of the night? I swear that if I'm not happy, you confirm also not happy. You not happy, others also not happy. Get it?

KD: Err... yes, boss. Get it, boss.

Boss: Good. Introduce properly, okay? Already my friend Jürgen Kok has already created major unintentional consequences when that stupid paparazzi media K-PO revealed that damning selca news completed with the original selca.

KD: So anything else, boss?

Boss: No more. Still have to deal with another salty Korean five minutes later... *hangs up phone*

KD: Wait... that one is...

SG: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. More specifically Alucard's theme. Most tragic protagonist in the series by my estimation unless I'm to figure Leon Belmont in.

KD: Wait, wait... so what am I supposed to do?
*crow flies past somewhere nearby*

???: Good day to every audience both 'live' and watching from the comfort of your living room. 'Tis an honour to be a guest of FBC, I am G.Park.
*security personnel mobilised*

KD: At least these men in blue are doing their jobs for now. Really have to bargain with that doughnut vendor asap. *clears throat and tidy himself* So how shall we proceed, ladies?

GP: Say, Stevia. How's your boyfriend? Last time we met, it seems that he's grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Did he send you anything?

SG: Only a box of sweet pastries from Malaysia.

GP: Let me guess... sweetheart cakes?

SG: Bingo.

GP: That's so sweet~~~~

KD: Err, ladies... we're...

GP: I know. Football, right? Stevia, what's your view on the tournament so far?

SG: Brazil, flatter to deceive. Argentina, cannot perform without Messi. Croatia, dark horse. France, dark horse. Chile, dark horse. Costa Rica, surprise package. Italy, shock package plus 16th August.

GP: Some more?

SG: Holland, early favourites. Portugal, needs Ronaldo for bailout. Germany, my favourite because my friend also living there.

KD: Ladies, I think this is getting nowhere...

SG: England, dead. South Korea... sorry, can't say.
*Random crew hands Kim Dan a piece of fax*

KD: Ladies, I believe we've got some interesting info here. Audience, here's that one thing we all have been waiting for: Jürgen Kok's winning 11 of draft 2! Wait, why is it that the team sheet looks so funny...
*Camera zooms into the team sheet*

Ayew                                          Robben
Giroud         Suárez

GP: Wow, your boyfriend is such a nerd...

SG: A talented one at that...

KD: Wait... don't tell me... Jürgen Kok is...

GP: Yeah, he's Stevia's beau. Why?
*Big screen suddenly activated*

Jürgen Kok: Heyo, peeps!

KD: ...... WHY ALWAYS YOU?????????

KH: Why always me? I thought it's time for me to start analysing...

KD: Never mind. Let's just find a related topic to say. Like how do you see South Korea's massive defeat?

KH: Well, the Desert Foxes did outfox the Taegeuk Warriors. How? By exploiting the open space between the attacking quartet and fortified sextet. Plenty has been said about the Koreans' defensive frailty, the Algerians have proven it beyond doubt. The chief reason why Russia couldn't find a way through is because the South Koreans played their cards right. By employing two flat banks of 4, Hong Myung-bo had effectively stifled everybody else through ball possession from back till middle. Against the African cavalry, it's a total different ball game. The two wide-nim couldn't track back in time, the two anchor-nim got brutally exposed like Gray Fullbuster himself. This might be why the Desert Foxes were able to make a desert out of the result within 45 minutes. After the break, the Koreans managed to rally back due to the Korean pride.

GP: Sadly it's too little, too late.

KH: Yep. The kimchi was effectively done by time the 2nd half kicked off. The fact that your beloved soldiers on the pitch were able to pull 2 goals back was already a miracle in itself. Let me give you a tip, may you relay my words back to that old hero of Taegeuk.

SG: ......

GP: Go ahead! Please tell us how to beat those fake Red Devils!

KH: Fake?

GP: Well, the only true Red Devils come from my people and Manchester.

KH: You'll always go batshit crazy guano loco upon national pride being mentioned. Okay, listen carefully. Not gonna say this twice. Number one: I'm not God, I can't guarantee results.

GP: Number two?

KH: Do what the Algerians did to you, that's my advice to that old hero. Unfortunately, I believe the Belgians have already predicted this before me. Note the movement coming from their wide-nim because their entire 11-nim will keep a sharp eye on the Korean spine.

SG: ......

KH: Eh? You don't look too well, Stevia. Something wrong?

SG: Nothing. I see you're enjoying yourself at England right now.

KH: Here? At Middlesbrough? I know you'll be worried about me. Don't worry. I'm only here for footballing reasons. For the sake of my well being, I never wandered beyond my home after seven. As for girls, I don't even have the time to notice any!

SG: I don't believe you. Proof?

KH: You can join me up here at Teesside if you don't believe me. I swear that my home is actually part of Rockliffe Park, not Rockliffe Hall.

SG: Fine. Meet me up first at Hamburg three weeks from now. I heard you're already quite famous in Germany due to your name rhyming with another Jürgen.

KH: Okay, you win.

KD: Alright, can't stand this Lady and the Tramp moment. So tell me, Jürgen. How do you see the England-Costa Rica match?

KH: It's a match up between nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

KD: I gather that England has nothing to gain and Costa Rica got nothing to lose...

KH: Wrong. Your statement is just like me saying Emma Watson is English.

KD: Well, she's English.

KH: Technically 50% English, 50% French.

KD: I don't get you.

KH: What I'm trying to say is that such mentality can and will go either way. Hodgson can choose to see this match as a glass of wine half empty or a glass of wine half full. If he thinks England has nothing to gain, we'll definitely see a conservative England. The England that tried playing Russian Roulette during the last two matches and ultimately lost. On the other hand, I'll be interested to see whether Lallana will start should Hodgson decide that this team has got nothing to lose.

KD: Why? Because you have him in your fantasy league team?

KH: Partially yes. I can't lie over this question. However, it must also be noted that Lallana's dynamic drifting can AND will open up much wanted space by passing the ball on the ground. Costa Rica will most likely try packing the midfield with the option of having two wide-amigos falling back. That will leave Bryan Ruiz free to roam and once he gets the ball... well, you can ask Prandelli over that goal of his.

KD: So I assume old Roy commited a strategic cock up all the while?

KH: Against Italy, I can understand the need to harass Pirlo. Quite effective if you ask me. Unfortunately, Welbeck ain't the kind of player to do any tactical follow up. He's 100% graft, but not daring enough. Rooney wasn't good enough out wide because once you isolate him, the English will grant you that license to kill. Tactics is all about actual synergy and I'm not talking about Marvel Heroes.

KD: Against Uruguay?

KH: Sturridge got isolated instead. As a deep lying centre forward, Rooney enjoyed better protection to do what others said he does best. Shutting down that black man upfront proved to be Tabárez's victory and Hodgson's poison. La Celeste are known to be extremely physical from back till middle. This is why Cavani and Suárez are able to run the show down like the Mannion-Camsell partnership of yore. England really missed Lallana's ability to open up space. A lot has been said on him and Barkley resuscitating a vegetative England to no avail, but that's because the team was already a vegetable.

KD: No difference between the old shit England and new shit England then?

KH: At least Hodgson managed to create a decent semblance of ball retention. A conservative approach, however, means that England could never ever learn. I mean you're capable of keeping possession, but incapable of playing the ball forward? It's like me saying Tony Pulis is able to advocate passing football, but unable to get 3 points out of 3.

KD: Your analogy is absurd.

KH: Football is absurd anyway. 20 years ago or so, women actually understood what is offside. Fast forward the clock and we end up seeing the likes of Tobin Heath and Alex Morgan demonstrating to men the real meaning of that word.

KD: What about the defence then?

KH: Okay, then. Put 4 wooden blocks in a straight row. How many gaps should there be?

KD: Are you questioning my intellect?

KH: Just answer me. I'm not interested in playing games with you. I still have to try drafting an English spine for the Boro senior squad because I haven't even started it yet!

KD: Alright. Answer is 3.

KH: Congrats. You get an A-star.


KH: No I'm not. I'm just trying to make a point. Simply put, the opponent will always try to exploit the gap between two players. It's not a matter of how many broken links, but rather a case of one is enough. Coordination to master the gaps is key to whether England will exit the airport in partial shame or utter shame. After all, there is only one Nigeria.

KD: Okay, thanks. I believe Hodgson will appreciate your input.

KH: And I believe Hong Myung-bo will want me to be his field strategist.

KD: That's absurd.

KH: Plenty of things we say tend to be absurd. So hope to see you soon, Stevia. Hamburg or Teesside, you can be very sure I'm not being absurd.

KD: Okay, so I guess this concludes tonight's episode of FBC.

GP: And on behalf of my agency and mother nation, I like to express my heartfelt thanks to all whom it may concern.

SG: You need a boyfriend, Park.

GP: But there are no suitable boys in my university!

SG: Go get one from your own professional circle then.

GP; Hmm... that's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Friday, 20 June 2014

Tonight's Show @FBC: Road to the Final Victory 2014

???: Welcome to the special edition of FBC. After valuable feedback gathered from the global audience, FBC decided to resume daily operations. For now that is. I am your host for the night, Lee Yu-Kwang. With me are the two guest pundits of tonight's show. Sitting on my left is renowned English pundit, Ryan Private. On my left is part-time pundit cum lauded genius, Jürgen Kok. Better known as the frontman of CRTrolling-god, he will be embarking on the band's global tour come November. First stop, Incheon.

Ryan Private [abbrev RP]: Wait, why did you give this stupid bratwurst extra exposure?

Lee Yu-Kwang [abbrev LYK]: Because my boss told me, what. I know we're close buddies, Ryan. Unfortunately, I do not own a government.

Jürgen Kok [abbrev JK]: Thanks for your intro, Lee. I thought we're here to talk about football? Or am I missing out something?

LYK: It has something to do with a selca moment. Okay, never mind. Let us first get into...
*kickass rock music suddenly coming out from PA system*

JK: Wow, that's nostalgic. Reminds me of all those times where your executive producer dueled with me at the local arcade. Glad to know B.S Ko still holding the post.

RP: WHAT????????

JK: You don't have to emulate Stone Cold Steve Austin, dearest Ryan. Either you can ask me how to use Order-Sol or you can ask B.S. Ko to help you try mastering Testament.

LYK: Okay, folks. While enjoying the music dished out by P.C*, let us get to our local correspondent in Brazil.
*note from Mr B.S. Ko, i.e. CEO of FBC: P.C has got nothing to do with computers, but rather our man in charge of the PA system.

(x) (x) (x)
Correspondent: Welcome to Brazil, the nation of football and all other good things rounded. I am your local correspondent, Kurt Henry McCoy. It has been an overwhelming tournament thus far with La Furia Roja and Socceroos being the first two casualties. Giants are slain and legends are born, is it any wonder to see neutral romantics calling themselves Team David rather than Team Goliath? Let us hear some opinions on the ground.

Tourist 1: So happy to come here! But not so happy to see Chinese and Koreans taking photos. You believe ref comes from my country? You believe my people so stupid? Now even the gaijin also laughing at us. Better don't mention of my neighbarus here! I got katana! You want to see my katana? Oh sorry to be rude. My gyarufurein got disturbed last night for six hours, think that's why I now start seeing every man to be bakayarou...

Tourist 2: 'Tis a sad day. My amigos have all deserted apart from me. Huh? Why I am still here? No national team, still got chicas locales!

Tourist 3: Nothing new, mate. I mean w're all used to negative press, no? At least our 11 mates taking the field were more comfortable on the eye. Out with all guns blazing better than reading how racists have destroyed our economy. That plus why them Brazilians like that shit brew Foster's so much, I can never understand. Period.

Tourist 4: Sorry, I now busy... err, okay. Oh, 죄송합니다... I was too busy tweeting just now. Wait, why is your face so red? Are you okay?

Kurt Henry McCoy: I... I... okay, back to you guys at the studio.
(x) (x) (x)

LYK: Poor Kurt. After all those years, he still couldn't deal with girls.

RP: But that Korean girl looks beautiful though.

JK: Of course she's beautiful. *name censored due to agency restrictions* is known as a natürliche Schönheit back home in South Korea.

LYK+RP: WHAT???????????

JK: Why?

LYK: No wonder she looks so familiar!

RP: Me as well!

JK: She's that celeb whom I shared that harmless selca moment. Remember what you said, Lee?

LYK: Erm yes, I supposed.

RP: You lucky bastard.

JK: No more luckier than Ned Stark's bastard, thank you very much. I think the poor boy must be wishing for some teleportation ability right now.

LYK: Okay, so maybe we should now air our views on what has gone by in Group A to C. Ryan, you first.

RP: Firstly, I truly feel sorry for Vatreni. I mean the Croatians were already hampered by the weather! Then the next thing we know, referee's mistake. I don't know whether I should say Neymar won the match for Pentacampeões or the referee did so for them.

JK: Agreed. That's a bitter pill to swallow, that's why Vatreni chose to vent their anger on Les Lions Indomptables. They're not out of the woods yet since El Tricolor awaits next.

LYK: So how would you see this intriguing duel given both teams have plenty to gain and lose, Jürgen?

JK: Would you like to answer this for me, Ryan?

RP: No thanks. I'm a gentleman.

JK: Okay, so here it goes. If Croatia wants to enter last 16, drawing first blood is essential. While one point is a possible outcome, Niko Kovač will try to take the game to Mexico. Per what we've seen against Brazil, the Mexicans are capable of operating shrewdly.

RP: You sounds like a racist by using the s-word.

JK: What? You mean *censored*?

LYK: I think Ryan means shrewdly.

JK: Oh, that one. So what? José Mourinho always operate shrewdly, does that make me anti-Portuguese?

RP: Okay, you owned me on this one.

JK: Back to the talk. I firmly believe this will be a battle of attrition across the middle. Miguel Herrera will not tell his lads to pour forward due to the Croatians being ten times better than Cameroon, both technically and tactically. In particular, Chicharito's status as the supersub will come in handy. It seems that for now, dos Santos will get the nod ahead of his fellow speed demon.

RP: Which now comes to how I see the difference between Hernández and dos Santos. Chicharito is a gifted goal assassin, but dos Santos plays on a different style. The former coming off on the field will vastly change how the latter plays, but we all know dos Santos is intelligent enough to make the switch. Capable of playing across the offensive width, dos Santos' versatility might just be his finest weapon, not superior ball technique and a more superior pace.

JK: That plus Herrera will surely choke the midfield. Two players from opposite ends to look out for.

LYK: Mandžukić and Ochoa?

JK: No. Modrić and Ochoa. As I said just now, the battle will be lost and won across the middle park. Which means just like how Messi can't perform without Xavi and Iniesta, Mandžukić can't perform without Modrić. Ochoa, on the other hand, will find it easier to perform alone since he's no Peter Schmeichel. But the next Jorge Campos? In between the sticks, I believe the hope of one entire nation will be united behind Ochoa. That's how much I rate his future.

LYK: So how about Cameroon and Australia?

RP: Have to say this is a story of two different losers. Both teams departed with zero points, but only Australia will bid adiós with their pride intact. If Cameroon still wants to call its team  a pride of lions, then someone should just tell that country's leader that those dingos hailing from Australasia are better than them. Cahill, in particular, would have given his national museum something to broadcast about. Purchase the copyright and call that goal a national treasure, that's a good way to boost tourism even though Australia has never been in want where tourist spending is concerned.

JK: And to think the dingo, as a canine species, tend to be associated with crooks.

LYK: Are you saying Australians are a bunch of crooks?

JK: No. But it's true to say their ancestors were.

RP: I think I'm a bit offended by your words, Jürgen.

JK: Don't worry. I know Aussies and Brits hail from the same family tree.

RP: ......

LYK: Okay, maybe we can try commenting on Group C and D now? But first, I need your input on how the South Koreans fared against Russia. Ryan, your take?

RP: Either the Taegyuk Warriors played above themselves or the Russians failed to invoke the spirit of Stalin.

JK: I believe those comments would make you a racist.

RP: At least I never said both.

JK: That would have made you both a nationalist and racist.

LYK: Okay, please don't fight, the two of you. So what's your view, Jürgen?

RP *whispering to LYK*: I want *She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named* as my girlfriend. I think that's what he will say.

JK: No comments. The South Korean FA has placed a ban on my mouth. They know what I'm capable of and the last thing every sane minded Korean wants is an early exit. The Sewol ferry tragedy is still weighing heavily on the nation, that's why they tell...

LYK+RP: Tell you what? That they will promise you a girlfriend of A-star grade?

JK: "Before you start talking, Kwak, shut up."

LYK: That's all?

RP: I though you really might score with...

JK: The Koreans seem to enjoy playing Marvel Heroes as well. Teamed up with a Deadpool bloke named JRC, we actually mopped that Purifier hall with that unstoppable Juggernaut. Dunno whether JRC is Korean tho.

RP: You're not listening to me...

JK: Am I?

LYK: Poor bloke. I think he just got incapacitated.

JK: Via mortification, no less. Okay, so we're onto Group C and D?

LYK: Yep.

JK: Okay. Firstly, let me just congratulate Los Cafeteros and José Pékerman for a job well done. Any fears of a Radamel Falcao hangover was at last put to rest.

LYK: You talk too early and talk too fast.

JK: Then it remains to see how much of a threat Les Éléphants will pose, both short and long term. Ivory Coast is the only team capable of sinking Pékerman's team of titans.

LYK: Am I sensing a Titanic joke brewing here?

JK: April 1912 was down to humane cock up, April 2014 was due to a systematic cock up. If I was in Obama's shoes, I'd have mobilize the CIA in order to find out whether that fugitive is currently protected by DPRK.

LYK: You're jumping to undue conclusions.

JK: Sorry. Must be how I perceive tabloid media. So where are we now? The fact that Deadpool and Bob would double team Yoo Byung-eun if they're real?

LYK *whispering to self*: Wouldn't like to be in some 73 year old's shoes if Deadpool is for real.

JK: Oh, I remember now. The two matches tonight. Simply put, Japan will want to get all 3 points while nothing less than 3 will do for Colombia. Greece will be forced on the back foot, they will most likely want to score via one stroke of break-and-counter. As for Ivory Coast, the form of Yaya Touré coupled with Didier Drogba's impact in the last third will be the crux. Unlike Susanooh versus Ares, 1 goal won't be enough for Colombia or Ivory Coast. Two goals clear and the winner shall be clear. Well more or less anyway...

LYK: So what about Group D?

JK: The Azzurri winning the Three Lions was a no brainer. Los Ticos pulling three whooping wedgies over La Celeste, on the other hand, has got to be the first atomic wedgie in this World Cup. No other results comes close currently.

LYK: Tactics wise?

JK: Tabárez can't perform without Suárez. Everybody says that and everybody knows that. Diego Forlán is a goal predator, not a goal linker. Plenty of Uruguay's success has always been about the linkup play between Suárez and Cavani. Not so much of your typical Emile Heskey-Tony Cottee partnership, but more of George Camsell-Wilf Mannion.

LYK: I know the first pair, but the second?

JK: That was way back during Jack Charlton's time as a manager. Middlesbrough is an area without anything to boast about, but at least the Uruguayans must have watched Camsell and Mannion playing. The style is different of course, but the concept is unmistakably there. In short, Uruguay needs a centre forward capable of linking back play while providing a pressure point upfront. Quite a bit like Gen's Shi'tengetsu.

LYK: So you're firmly supporting the view that Suárez will provide the pressure point if he starts?

JK: Have to say Uruguayans really play their football like how Che Guevara conducted his field tactics. One bloke as the sword, the other playing the dagger. How the goal threat will be presented is via a cloak and dagger approach. Anyone can be that dagger, but more likely either Cavani the sniper or Suárez the lancer. Period. Okay, think I'm getting sleepy at the moment. Have to take a trip to the north east of England tomorrow.

LYK: Huh? Why? Where?

JK: The Riverside stadium, home to Middlesbrough Football Club. The chairman is inviting me for a stay at Rockliffe Hall. He must have known something which I don't.

LYK: So any last words?

JK: This.

LYK: Erm... okay then. Wish you the best in football and love.

Actual last words from Jürgen Kok

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Post-mortem 2014 (Type AB)

1st round now over, bout 2 now underway. To kick myself in the ass, I decided to do all my WC 2014 posts here. Ditto for Euro also even tho have to wait 2 more yrs. But firstly, here's my winning 11 from draft 1.

Han    Pirlo

Neuer; Hummels; Pooladi; Moutinho; Valdivia; Sterling; Sturridge

Boss wanted alive or mati:
Mr Eric Soh, you cannot run liao.
You say Germany fave to win 2014 even b4 the kiu is kicked.
Scally your words accidentally hex CR7 and Pepe.
Group A
Brazil finally got off to a winning start albeit after implicating another nation into controversy. No thanks to whoever was the bloke officiating the match, China is now laughing. [1] While I did not watch that match, I'm pretty sure plenty of ppl are now commentating how Japan has managed to bring 1/3 to 1/4 of the Balkans onto its knees. As it turned out later on, サムライ・ブルー actually pulled off quite a good effort in salvaging national+racial pride. [2] Yet, there is plenty to cheer abt for Vatreni. Why? Because this time round, Mario "not Balotelli" Mandžukić is back. Coupled with that frustrated existence otherwise known as Luka "Skywalker" Modrić, the Force might really be strong with Vatreni after all.

On the other end of Group A, Les Lions Indomptables have made Les Aglio e Olio Indomptables out of themselves. While I do not fault ppl unhappy with their government [3], the only thing worse than refusing to take up your national flag is to get your own sex video flagged and leaked at the same time. Needless to say, El Tricolor made them pay their own Iron Price. Against Vatreni, Les Lions Indomptables will have much more to lose than their opposite numbers. For one, national pride is at stake. Secondly (and I hope this won't happen unless the blokes at FIFA want to prove themselves), racial pride. Tbh, Vatreni ain't the only ones getting shafted by a living weapon in black. El Tricolor also felt the pain. If there's any conspiracy theory tantamount to some Great Latin American Sale, I'd say rest your shit. El Tricolor gave a good account of themselves by going all out to grab 3 pts rather than pilfering just 1. Even if one of the goals were to be rightfully flagged offside, no one should blame the Mexicans for feeling like Robb "robbed" Stark himself. [4]
In the absence of Javier "not Martínez" Hernández, Giovani "fastest man in Mexico" dos Santos managed to acquit himself 120%. Promising so much during his years at Camp Nou last time round, how a speed genius has fallen! If there should be any moment to savour and salvage, 2014 would be it. Somehow or another, dropping Hernández wasn't so much of a harebrained strategy after all.

What to expect:
By time I finish this one, chances are that Les Lions Indomptables vs Vatreni would have gone underway. Sullied honour vs a team of 11 Unsullied, who will prevail? Samuel "not Chong" Eto'o might have plenty to say post-tourney, but not now. I dunno whether he have played Marvel Heroes yet, but it seems that Bruce Banner do have that one Quote-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named prepared for him. Les Lions Indomptables must now wake up across the middle and back. Hero or zero, the call should NOT be down to Eto'o. No man is bigger than 11, go ask CR7 if you don't believe me. As for goals, what goals? Les Lions Indomptables will do well not to repeat Ecuador's mistake.

Group B
'Tis not everyday to watch a World Cup match 'live' in your hotel room. While I admit one of my churchmates WY to be correct when she commented I should pursue a job in half time footie analysis alongside Carlton "not Arnold" Palmer, the indisputable MotM was a certain Private Ryan. Why u everytime scream so damn loud one whenever Holland score??????????

Okay, enough of talking cock. What is it that we can glean from #TeamClockworkOranje? While it's too early to tell whether individual brilliance is enough to invoke overall peaking, the signs are boding well. Remember the time where only Marco "not van Bastard" van Basten was the man? This is a team blessed with prodigies and cursed by prodigals. If even Bert "laojiao" van Marwijk couldn't even do so, who else can? In stepped Louis "van Goal" van Gaal, otherwise known as Robben's nemesis during Oktoberfest. Initially, I feared for the worst due to his authoritarian nature. Not even the press dared to mess with van Goal and that says a lot. The last man able to do so could only tame his countrymen, van Goal on the other hand has slain plenty of pack hounds during his illustrious career. A shrewd strategist is van Goal and it showed during the Spain match. Initially back against the wall, #TeamClockworkOranje were unlucky to fall foul of a controversial call which ironically might haunt the fouled for some time. By initiating a mass zonal marking game as the tactical baseline, van Goal managed to achieve his goal. Namely preventing La Furia Roja from playing too many balls forward. 1-0 down and it seems #TeamClockworkOranje might run the risk of tactical implosion instead of tactical explosion. Then it came.
Private Ryan Ng screamed out so loud, I nearly thought Man Utd had just popped a goal past Iker "ikan besar" Casillas. Turned out I was wrong. [5]
Come 2nd half, I was starting to have this sneaky feeling that things would only turn out worse. Turned out my guess was literally spot on since La Furia Roja were now pinned against the ropes. The fulcrum of van Goal's tactics back then was very simple: disrupting deep>controlling the park. If you think you've seen this football brand before, you're not walking alone. [6]
This is a match won by one bloody mangkok's bloody brilliance. Utterly detested in the 1st half during a shoe incident unrelated to the OTE (Old Trafford Expressway), Arjen "Oops... I did it again!" Robben has done it again. Totally vilified over time wasting, Robben managed to set the stadium alight with that first goal of his. Granted his 2nd helping was a case of brilliant assist more than self-brilliance, but his blistering pace was unmistakable. Yet, this wasn't really that old Robben who enjoyed picking fights with French and Germans alike. Reveling in a central striker role, seeing Robben running the entire 2nd half would be like seeing Spock G trolling the shit out of 11 Klingons. His 1st goal was sheer Robben. By transferring the ball from one foot to another, this was the Robben style eye candy we're used to seeing. Not only did he display plenty of Dutch temerity, said technique actually wrong footed TWO Iberian blokes in a blink of an eye. Man of the Match for me hands down.

As for that other Roja, the poor Socceroos could only subject themselves into kangaroo rojak. Granted I've tasted grilled kangaroo meat during my school field trip in Perth [7], but there's nothing tasty over this match unless you happen to enjoy the kind of aggro footie displayed by La Roja. Swift and ruthless width to width, utterly clinical in front of goal. From how I see things, Jorge "not Valdano" Valdivia will be Jorge "too much Latin Jorge liao" Sampaoli's key man. As a playmaker doubling up as an auxiliary centre forward, his off-ball intelligence and effervescence on the ball will prove pivotal to La Causa Roja. At the age of 30, no world class club will ever want him. If there's anybody worthy to be the poster boy in terms of English corporate football bitchslapping, there will be no man like Valdivia. Only Valdivia.

I always said to Mr Eric Soh that La Roja will be the dark horses this year and his silence basically told me he agreed with me wholeheartedly. If there's any consolation for Vicente "El Zorro unmasked" del Bosque, it would be Andrés "not Bonifacio" Iniesta's sporadic brilliance between the midfield and firing line. Now officially a drifter, seeing him play atm is like wondering whether a certain Adam "not lalas" Lallana can replicate this feat [8] before England's very own merry men end up cutting short their very own merry tropical adventure.

So what can we expect from the match raging on atm?
Seems that van Goal didn't opt 4-3-3 after all. Socceroos will be fired up for the 2nd half, mark my words. They might style themselves after boxing kangaroos, but I daringly predict a team of dingos unleashed. CSU is not just about Charles Sturt University churning out A*Star grade scholars. CSU is also a byword for shit football if we're talking abt crosses, potshots and underhand tackling. This is gonna be fun lol!

[1]: Plus unifying the Korean ppl for full 90 mins+stoppage.
[2]: Sadly, effort is not good enough.
[3]: And this is indeed true in 100% of the world nations.
[4]: That is unless you happen to be a legal American furthest north.
[5]: Even though Robin "Fergie wants his $$$ back" van Persie was the scorer.
[6]: Le Professeur and Tony "not part of SPF" Pulis have proved us right.
[7]: Plus that hot girl Cara.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Nailing two birds with one stone, huat ah!!!!!!!

If any reader happens to be British, be assured that bird=/=young woman. This is me modding a Chinese saying "killing two birds with one stone" where the meaning lies in achieving two objectives with a single measure...
Anyway, it's been some time since I've written something on all things Nasuverse and I don't really feel like restarting my Marvel Heroes engine so soon despite whatever desire otherwise (must be that damned humidity). Hopefully I can either:
1. Finish my 2nd chap rewrite of ART
2. Write up a less than decent article on the World Cup matches thus far.

On an unrelated side note, it seems that either Twitter might have ate up a couple of my tweets or I'm really thinking too much. Also I ended up doing something that will earn ridicule and scorn from whatever pragmatic standard prescribed by my stereotypical beloved island nation. Period.

Bird no.1:
Been wanting to do this for a veerry long time, finally boleh liao. While I do not profess any knowledge on how Fate/hollow ataraxia ties into Fate/stay night, shit still doesn't prevent me from doing my very own rom-analysis here.

A lot of us must have felt so sorry for poor Lancer. While he only boasted of a bit part role in F/SN where ランサーが死んだ! (この人でなし!), F/HA is def the part where he ran half the show. Figuratively speaking ofc...[1]

And therein I find the need to say something on Bazett x Lancer. You see, Bazett was forced to live a lonely life despite developing into be an Irish stunner. This was down to a combination of two factors:
1. Despite hailing from an ancient magi lineage, her clan/family chose to isolate themselves from the world.
2. Despite whatever importance stressed on lineage quality, Bazett was dismissed as irrelevant to the Mage's Association. [2]

While I do not know when she became so besotted with Lancer, one thing is for certain: She wanted to save Lancer from his tragic fate. [3] No one enjoys being alone, let alone an attractive woman like Bazett. So why did she choose to immerse herself in that fateful legend otherwise known as Aided con Culainn? [4]
I firmly believe that this has got to do w/two factors:
1. Both Bazett and Lancer are Irish. [5]
2. 'Tis commonly said that a hero is born to be lonely. [6]

From child like obsession to a full blown romance, I guess this is the result of Bazett's pursuit. Now I know plenty of local S'porean ladies will laugh and ask "why so stupid and naive?"
To understand Bazett's psyche is to try understanding why women are from Venus instead of Mars. You see, there's a little idealist living in every one of us. As time goes by, every little girl/boy will grow up to be a fine young woman/man. Yet, that also means people changing and becoming more pragmatic/calculating/materialistic/dastardly/*insert whatever derogatory term in the name of idealism*. Bazett nvr had any friends and this gave birth to her naive persona. It's not that she nvr wanted to grow up, but rather she's UNABLE to. There must AND has to be some outlet of escape from reality. Do I need to fill in the rest?

Come F/HA, we got a problem. Bazett was supposed to die due to Kotomine Kirei's dastardly brand of pragmatism. [7] However, she seized at the first chance of staying alive. Yet, this ended up being a contract sent from hell instead of heaven. While it's vital for us to understand Angra Mainyu to merely corrupted rather than wholly evil, we must also know that the Grail will stop at nothing to fulfill its only mission. And that is to grant the wisher his/her wish. The nearest it had gotten was via the Fourth Grail War where Emiya Kiritsugu was to be the Chosen One. [8] So imagine the joy when Bazett became sucker tiga. [9]

So where does Lancer come into the equation? Lancer has nvr been a sucker, evidence stated below:
The irony is that Lancer was attempting the SAME thing Bazett has always been wanting to do. To his ex, it's the only answer to her tragic childhood. For Bazett's ex, I doubt it's not just mere duty. To Lancer, I believe Bazett reminds him constantly of that only woman he loved. Like how Bazett has failed to save him all the while, Lancer was unable to save himself. Not only was the Hound of Culann unable to save the only woman he loved, he wasn't able to do the same for those around him. Make no mistakes, Lancer's tragedy was BOTH the making of personal mistakes and damning fate. While it's way beyond a long shot for me to present any hard evidence on whatever romance relevant, at least one can say the theme of saving another person is something mutual between Bazett and Lancer in ways more than merely one.

Lancer's only problem? He couldn't save Bazett on literal terms, that's way beyond his best efforts. By killing that other woman able to capture his heart, Lancer could only opt for the best-out-of-worst choice. I remembered a certain little known Taiwanese idol drama where a certain dialogue went something like this.

陶復邦: What kind of rotten MCQ is this? I don't want this kind of MCQ!
許毅源: Life has always been full of rotten MCQs.

Likewise, Lancer has to face that MCQ 10 times more rotten than Rotten Tomatoes itself. Only by killing Bazett could the poor girl herself be freed. Freed from Angra Mainyu's slavery since there's literally NO way for Bazett to come back alive. [10] This IS why Lancer chose to duel Bazett till death by invoking the four runes of Ath nGabla. In a twisted sense, this is 100% equivalent to what Scathach had always wanted: tortured by being alive, attaining deliverance via death.

Ultimately, whatever transpiring between Lancer and Bazett is truly a tale of redemption rather than merely your run-of-the-mill self-sacrificial romance. Not only are the two trying to redeem each other, they are also trying to redeem themselves. Everybody goes through that one phase called regrets, neither the best of heroes nor finest of women are free from this equation.
And lastly, remember the earrings Bazett inherited from Lancer? I call them jewels representing a story shared from yore.

And speaking of regrets... the "prequel" is full of them...


I am the bone of my sword


Steve was right after all. My ex-AS1 actually commented that so long I'm addicted to anime/manga, I will never earn a decent gf based on merit. Then again, it seems that I'm born to be pig headed so as to speak. This is the story of a character cursed with this similar trait, a character with a name. He's called Emiya Shirou, yet he's got nothing to do with House Emiya.

You see, we all know Emiya Kiritsugu screwed up mightily. As a child, he deserved a decent childhood where he should grow up like each and every one of us. The right to pursue personal happiness, the freedom to be selfish just because no human being can ever be 100% altruistic... all these things were brutally taken away from him. Like a certain counter-guardian N eons later on in another parallel world, Kiritsugu was betrayed NOT by himself but rather by circumstances beyond anybody's control. [11]

Betrayed the second time, (this time by his own making), only a child survived his horrendous decision. Said child is *insert unknown true surname* Shirou. Unable to forgive himself over uncontrollable circumstances created by his closest kin, 'tis a no-brainer understanding the warped similarities between father and son. The only problem? Shirou's future (?) self.
What's exactly wrong with Archer? If you end up having your fave anime character voiced by a certain Suwabe Junichi, be mentally prepared for the worst b/c this guy is damned famous for VA'ing jerkass characters, no matter how handsome they are. [12] There's a reason why Archer is Shirou's antithesis. As an appetizer, here is the official introduction.

Interestingly enough, 2nd vid actually has Shirou stating "his body is alive, but his heart is already dead." Why is this the case lies in Shirou's desires going against his heart. There's a reason why Fate/stay night HAS to end at Heaven's Feel. The 1st route, i.e. Fate is all about Shirou's beginning while Unlimited Blade Works is 100% Shirou-esque. HF, on the other hand, is to resolve the anomaly surrounding Shirou's life b/c there has to be some humane logic dictating a perfectly humane plot. [13] Yet, make no mistakes about it. UBW is NOT your shonen anime/manga story b/c I do NOT foresee any happy ending come its True End. At best, we'll only see a bitter-sweet ending (which is most likely the reason why Nasu chose to end everything at Rin bringing Shirou to the Mage's Association @England).

Why I liked UBW at first was due to the titular Reality Marble itself. In a bid to carry on my own pig headed nature, I decided to delve further so as not make myself into your stereotypical Bleach/Naruto/*insert any mainstream title* fanboy. Then I realized there's a reason why Unlimited Blade Works is a skill not only synonymous with Emiya Shirou, but above all Emiya Shirou himself. On the first glance, F/SN is all about some parallel story of our childhood, i.e. from little kids (Fate) to teenagers (UBW), from teenagers (UBW) to adulthood (HF). If we're to equate F/SN with Shirou's ideals alone though, then Unlimited Blade Works IS Fate/stay night.

This is a route telling the coming of age and the responsibility behind whatever freedom we all enjoy. Like all of us, Shirou has to grow up someday. Like all of us, no one can and should be held liable for Shirou's decisions apart from himself. This is not about apathy where person A ended blaming factors A, B and C in the event where some gunman goes on a rampage. Someone like Shirou will never find excuses for his actions, yet this is exactly where things went horribly wrong for that other EMIYA.

You see, a person can be responsible for things within his freedom. But what will happen once he decides to, let's say, assume responsibility for things within his freedom YET beyond his control? There is only this much of an altruistic measure one can go because we are only human beings cursed with a human being's limitation. Archer's problem lies in trying too hard to save others beyond his normal capacity. Sooner or later, things would reach a breaking point and this was when Emiya truly becomes... well, EMIYA. On the other hand, this was also where the destructive nature behind human beings reared its head. Turning their swords against the one who chose to save them at the expense of his entire life, Archer realized one horrible fact.

Humans are born to be mutually destructive, his naive ideology merely made this cold hard truth all the more brutally transparent. This was why he ended up forgetting everything apart from the fact that his true Heroic Spirit's identity is named after his misguided altruism. EMIYA is not just an identity, but also a curse. It is not just the purest of ideals, but also the harshest betrayal.

This is exactly why we're seeing Archer's pain via Rin's POV, something which is quite surreal since she didn't have anything to do with Archer himself. [14]
In a bid to undo his mistake, EMIYA has no choice but to kill his former self. In fact, EMIYA himself was THAT mistake. It's a double whammy for the real deal because this was the only way to resolve both an existent tragedy and its imminent offspring. So was such selfless ideology truly selfless after all?

There is no such thing as a selfless ideology, this was quintessentially the crux behind EMIYA vs Shirou. Both understood this fact, but only Shirou was willing to embrace this illusion. Not only is such manner of altruism 100% unattainable, but at the same time it's also no diff from being selfish  due to the humane self-awareness. Ultimately there's only one reason why Shirou won his toughest battle: Understanding the paradox surrounding that one source of likely betrayal. Ironically, credit has to go to EMIYA 100%. Period. At the same time EMIYA's defeat was something 100% of his own making b/c no matter what, no individual can ever betray his/her own life. Funnily enough, the only thing pushing Shirou forever onward was the perception of his body being alive, yet his heart is already dead.
"It isn't a mistake!"
This was the one word winning the fight for Shirou. Not only should we see this as an affirmation where Shirou is concerned, but above all that one answer EMIYA dreaded most. Because EMIYA can never call himself a mistake, no matter what. Sounds confusing? Not really. You see, we as human beings are more than capable in betraying others but not ourselves. Doing the opposite will virtually destroy everything and everyone we love, no matter what or who. This is a catch 22 situation because it's like me saying there is no commonsense logic behind a human being calling him/herself an ape on literal terms. [15] Unless EMIYA could find another way to justify his existence, every single stunt he tries pulling will be nothing more than living out a lie. That is why Shirou was right in saying "it isn't a mistake!" Damned all the cynics because this is Shirou's life, not theirs. [16]
Unlimited Blade Works is not merely a manifestation of both Emiyas' inner world. Above all, it represents the basis of their common belief. Like how one can never find any semblance of life in the swords, we can never deny the fact that Kiritsugu's fatal decision culminating in countless lives lost to be something anywhere different. If the swords are to represent the lives lost in that great Fuyuki fire, then Shirou is both the creator and one of them. This is why "everything is here and nothing is here." Shirou's life was effectively ended together with those perished during that fateful event, the only thing bestowing him a sense of humane identity was Kiritsugu's unfulfilled ideal. This might also be why the swords came to Shirou like weapons endowed with life. To me, this is more than ample proof that Shirou has already truly understood himself.

On the other hand, Gilgamesh was doomed to lose this battle. When Shirou activated Unlimited Blade Works, Gilgamesh might have realized he has ripped off that something far more than he could handle. Plenty has been said on complacency and I admit this is that one crucial factor. However, we also see Gilgamesh's greatest mistake: himself. It's ironic on every given level b/c while Gil could easily curbstomp every Servant, that one Servant he's unable to topple is himself. Shirou recognized his fragility and chose to accept it. Gil recognized his own weakness, yet choosing to deny it. It's like getting a guy getting cancer. Denial won't change a shit apart from whether you want to visit that hot radiologist in the MRI dept.

Whatever original weapons he pulled off from the Gate of Babylon are capable of taking lives, but each sword created by Unlimited Blade Works is a representation of an individual life. There is no life in Gilgamesh's treasures, this was why they're being shattered like for like, sword for sword. There is life driving the otherwise lifeless swords, that's why replicating speed was an advantage the GoB could never hope to overcome. Let alone overwhelm. So now comes the greatest question: Who is the faker, who is the original?
The answer lies in the same entity: Emiya. Whether we're talking about Shirou or Archer, Emiya is a faker because he can only find purpose via that only ideal replicated from a single source. Emiya is also the original because not only is he an owner like Gil, but more importantly he is also a creator. Like the two fakers whom he despised, Gilgamesh is merely an owner and not a wielder. Unlike the two fakers whom he poured unbridled scorn on, however, Gilgamesh was only an owner, not a creator. His arrogance is not just a proof of his only weakness, but also the greatest evidence highlighting Emiya's courage in not looking back.

Remember that scene in the OP where Shirou ended up racing up a hill of swords? This is not just a symbol of struggle, but above all knowing why and what. Trials and tears are inevitable in life, but what is that one thing you'll see at the end of the road? I can say for sure that both Archer and Shirou has reached their own Avalon, this only means one thing for the deceased Kiritsugu:
Emiya Shirou has finally fulfilled his promise made when he's a mere child.

If Fate is all about using Sabre as a physical symbol of Shirou's ideal, then Unlimited Blade Works is all about the titular Reality Marble being a literal symbol of Shirou's life.

Ultimately, did Shirou end up failing? Yes. He failed to save Ilya just to prove this point. Did Shirou end up tasting success? Well, let's see here...
Target saved 1: Rin
Reason: Without Shirou, she could never understand what it means to truly live and NOT just being alive.

Target saved 2: Himself
Reason: Said everything liao...

Target saved 3: Kiritsugu
Reason: Technically speaking due to regrets at last abolished.

Target saved 4: Sabre
Reason: Going by the True End, at least Sabre departed on a joyful note after wrecking the Grail one more time. This time with 100% success.

Target saved 5: Archer

I am the bone of my sword
[I am my own ideal]
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood
[Created by steel and fire]
 I have created over a thousand blades
[I have fought over a thousand battles]
 Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
[Ignoring my own life and death]
 Have withstood pain to create many weapons
[I have truly gotten this far]
 Yet, those hands will never hold anything
[There is no value all the while]
 So as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works
[This is my final destination]

Emiya Shirou
I am the bone of my sword
[I am my own ideal]
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood
[Created by steel and fire]
 I have created over a thousand blades
[I have fought over a thousand battles]
 Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain
[Ignoring my own gains and losses]
 Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival
[I have truly gotten this far, but not yet there]
 I have no regrets. This is the only path
[There is no turning back, this is the only path]
 My whole life was Unlimited Blade Works
[My life shall be my final destination]

[1]: *SUPER SAIYAN GRADE SPOILER ALERT!* Lancer ended up surviving till the very end. Whatever little details gleaned as a result seem to hint at the Hound of Culann having at least some semi-protagonist role to play should Nasu pulls off the impossible, i.e. Fate Pt Tiga.
[2]: Note that she decided to join the Association due to her desire to pursue another path in life.
[3]: As Irish legends would have it, the Hound of Culann ended up living a tragic life where being a hero is tantamount to living out a curse.
[5]: Quite a bit like local girls giving preference to local guys in terms of dating.
[6]: 英雄永远是寂寞的... #supersad
[7]: Cannot spell betrayal=English fail=you go jump off building.
[8]: Ofc we all know how things turned out and what really in turn triggered F/SN for what it is.
[9]: We all know who became the next Chosen One after Kiritsugu and what really in turn triggered F/SN for what it is.
[10]: Ironically, she actually survived at the end due to Angra Mainyu granting her that exact wish w/no strings attached.
[11]: Ironically, it was his father's selfishness that caused everything.
[12]: Quite a bit like the kind of character She-Hulk might dislike.
[13]: Just like how physics cannot make any sense w/o the law of physics.
[14]: Eerily enough, things might not be that simple once we noticed a weird verse from the Imitation song mentioning a red jewel and that unnamed girl passing by.
[15]: Which ofc is literally correct no matter whether you're a creationist or evolutionist. I mean we human beings being literally human beings, not monkeys and apes.
[16]: Inversely, it also means Archer has no other means to bail himself out.