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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Character Concept: Aeranath

This is actually intended for the titular character of A Ranger's Tale. Basically just a breakdown on how I came about having this character plus a few interesting(?) snippets.


Firstly, this is a story which I planned to deviate from the classical heroic fantasy. In fact I would call it a sword and sorcery genre. In a very real sense, this is my very first attempt to create an anti-hero. Upon the first draft, he's intended to be foul mouthed character along the mold of Genjou Sanzo. But after going through experience in life together with expanding my own horizons in fantasy fiction, things started to get interesting. From the original "anti-hero destined to turn good", I just ended up saying "screw it" and created an entity far more cynical and morally apathetic. 

Appearance: Blessed with fair Elven features and dark complexion of the Tamurians,  all tend to see him as a half-blood. With locks of frigid snow cut short with prominent bangs brushed slightly to the side, his eyes of azure blue pierced even the cheeriest of heart. Indeed his very features has intrigued all, his very identity as a Ranger shunned by the folks.

Garb: Dressed in forest green with yellow bordering the ends, the short sleeved tunic reached unto his calves. Two belts secured his waist together with a sword fastened in tow. Donning boots of leather, his torso and arms were framed by armour and gauntlets of the same material. Yet the former was brown with the latter a muted grey. A tattered cloak of darker brown was draped across his shoulders as his look was completed with his role as a Ranger.



A sense of jest akin to the winter's bite
The sane deemed him as whimsical, his victims witnessed a maniac
Nary an agent of Order, mayhap Chaos made flesh

"One fellow reviewer once called him a sociopathic killer undeserving of his/her pity. And that was way before I popped in the rewrite." ~Me.

Quotes most quote-worthy

"Show me a sinless man and I will gift you a stainless blade." 

"Unto life's very end, there are only two paths to go: Either with a smile or that expression most priceless..." 

"To see that old fart giving me a toy most interesting... but then again you're no indestructible bastard..."

"A cheap man's drink ransomed by a cheap man's blood. Enjoy your drink six feet underneath..."

"Everyone will be betrayed one way or another. Only once with that very knife called the self."

"I call this out to be crap because you made it possible."

"I'd like to tap that ass, but unfortunately I have matters far more pressing at hand. Like the fair lady holding you hostage..."

"Melbo Fairweather? Surely you don't expect a certified killer to keep a hitlist..."

"I don't have anything to spare, so why don't all of you screw off?"

"I don't need any random critter to define my morals. The end." 

"You talked way too many crap for your own good. Be thankful for your half-assed existence."

 Seriously we can't believe our ears...

"I told him about that bloke he offed."
"That Melbo Fairweather's a bloody bigot?"
"Yeah. And he just laughed."
"Scary damned thing..."
"I know, boss. Because my words are factual without error..."


"You're not the monster others made you out to be... because I can still see the clarity in you."

"Call me twisted if you want to, but I know his azure orbs are nothing more than a testimony of pain." 


"You're not evil by nature and never will be as well. The beasts and birds made sure of that..."

"He has never meant to be hero, yet he died like one. Perhaps you're the only one worthy of The Answerer."


"Live on, Aeranath... even if your life has been nothing more than a mistake..."

We no speak Engrish...

Aeranath will be the kind of fella using "ore" to address himself while "temae" will be used to address others. Interestingly, "anta" would be the term reserved for those he viewed with enmity despite such a term being more respectful/polite compared to the former. For elderly people who failed to run foul of him, "omae" will be used. Incidentally (or not), those who managed to earn his respect will also receive the same personal pronoun. For those who had truly set him off, yarou (i.e. bastard) would be used. Whether "yaru janai ka" (i.e. not bad at all) should be seen as a compliment or insult really depends on his mood and situation. As for "yaru ka?" (i.e. you want a piece of me?), its actually nothing more than a taunt despite this phrase mostly used aggressively. 

P.S: Yes, the Japanese DO have an unique system of swearing lingo that can be applied towards any relevant character archetype.

P.S: A sign of things to come?

The song I'll associate with him: