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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Phase 2

River - Guandu theme

Real men are scammers


When the First Lord entered Yuan Shao's service, he was reunited with Yun. Both shared the same bed while Liu Bei sent down the orders to gather men numbering hundreds. As they proclaimed themselves as soldiers of the Left General (Liu Bei), Shao was left unsuspecting. From hence onwards, Yun followed Liu Bei to the Jing Province. 
(Tales of Zhao Yun)

Analysis: Yuan Shao got scammed. Because Liu Bei was a scammer. Sun Wu (i.e. the author of Sun Zi's Art of War) on the other hand could be seen as the grandfather of all things scamming. Don't believe me?

绍遣将道路奉迎,身去邺二百里,与先主相见。 驻月馀日,所失亡士卒稍稍来集。


Shao sent his men to welcome Liu Bei as he met up with the First Lord at Ye. Within months, the men Liu Bei had lost began to regroup quietly. 
(Account of The First Lord)

Upon achieving numerous exploits in the war, Liu Bei first took the magisterial office at Pingyuan, after which he assumed the post of it's High Official.
(Account of the First Lord)

See? Chen Shou said so! In fact, since Liu Bei already has his own right of reputation, will it be a long shot to say that Zhao Yun had also established himself as Liu Bei's chief cavalry? As for the cause though:

曹公东征先主,先主败绩。 曹公尽收其众,虏先主妻子,并禽关羽以归。

The First Lord tasted defeat as Duke Cao turned east towards him. Cao managed to capture his men, wife and Guan Yu as well. 
(The First Lord's Account)

Just don't ask me where has Zhang Fei gone. I have no idea because nothing was said in the official records. For all we know, he might have his hands full in dealing with the fact that he's a lolicon. Yes, the girl was a certified minor. But still we're talking about feudalism. Jailbaits are not that uncommon unfortunately. T_T

P.S: She's Xiahou Yuan's niece. No joke. O.O