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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Phase 4

Purely for in-theme comedy and nothing more. -.-'

I can't reward my man because I'm broke!!!!



Upon Chengdu being pacified, Yun was made The General of the Soaring Army. (Original Account of Zhao Yun)

Upon Yi Province being pacified, Zhuge Liang, Fa Zheng, Fei and Guan Yu were rewarded with five hundred catties of gold, a thousand catties of silver, fifty million qian and brocade of a thousand bolts while rewards for the rest varied. (Account of Zhang Fei)




During the first days of attacking Liu Zhang, Bei made a promise with his men: "If we manage to achieve our goal, whatever there is in the treasuries you're free to take." Upon taking Chengdu, the soldiers threw down their arms and hurried to plunder whatever they could manage.
(Account of Liu Ba)

As revelry prevailed in the lands of Shu and the First Lord prepared massive banquets for his men, gold and silver were taken to reward the soldiers...
(Account of the First Lord)

Note the bolded text in Zhang Fei's account. Yes, I, Liu Bei, don't have enough money to properly reward this poor bloke. Me=Pok-kai T_T

But then again I can give him the right to talk big...





...Yu was gifted the duty of supervising the affairs of Jing Province.
(Account of Guan Yu)
[i.e total control over Liu's Bei's five counties at Jing]

...Fei undertook the post of Grand Administrator of Baxi.
(Account of Zhang Fei)
[i.e. highest ranked local authority of a county]

...gave Zheng with the Grand Administrator of the Shu county and The General Who Spread the Might.
(Account of Fa Zheng)
[i.e. All hell broke loose because this vindictive S.O.B ended up being the highest local authority in the capital. Plus a General's title as well.]

...gave Liang with the rank of The General of Military Affairs, tasked with administrative affairs of the government. 
(Account of Zhuge Liang)
[i.e boss of all things operations where the government is concerned.] 

Conclusion: Zhao Yun knew how to troll after all... (Evidence shown below)


Shortly upon the land being pacified, there were suggestions to grant the houses and rural farmlands in Chengdu to the generals. Yun objected to such a proposal stating: "Huo Qubing once said that a home is pointless should Xiongnu continue to run rampant, what's more the traitor now isn't merely Xiongnu itself? In order to pacify the kingdom, its best to return back the lands and houses to the people. Having just endured the shock of war, we can gain their support by such means upon which they will be willing to fight for us. " The First Lord heeded the advice. 
(Tales of Zhao Yun)


先主争汉中,急书发兵,军师将军诸葛亮以问洪,洪曰:“汉中则益州咽喉,存亡之机会,若无汉中则无蜀矣,此家门之祸也。方今之事,男子当战,女子当运,发兵何疑?” 《杨洪传》

When the First Lord was fighting at Hanzhong, Zhuge Liang consulted Hong upon receiving the letter of plea for reinforcements. Hong stated: "Hanzhong is the throat of Yi, the key to survival. Without Hanzhong, Shu cannot exist, hence this is a matter of woe. In such a face of dire straits, then men must take up arms and the women as manual labour. What is there to hesitate about?" (Account of Yang Hong)

As it turned out, the advice became a vital key to Liu Bei's success. And above all, the advice Zhao Yun had given was pretty much a combo of Petr Cech's penalty save plus Drogba's winner in that we-know-what. In fact given what had been going through as per stated in Account of Liu Ba and the corresponding evidence in Account of the First Lord, the cause of Zhao Yun's advice was pretty much a no-brainer. To him that is.

Now just a little bit of insight on the society at that time. Simply put, no one would give cast his holy vote on having a military man giving advice on all things internal policies. But then again, Zhao Yun wasn't a Stone Cold Steve Austin. Which is why his advice actually went a long way in giving the opposing Wei forces that Stone Cold Stunner rather than the civilians themselves turning into a massive brood of rattlesnakes.

Author's Note: This is how you utilize populist policies. Period. :P

But I can give him the right to talk big... (Ver. Fail)

孙权袭荆州,先主大怒,欲讨权。云谏曰:“国贼是曹操,非孙权也,且先灭魏,则吴自服。操身虽毙, 子丕篡盗,当因众心,早图关中,居河、渭上流以讨凶逆,关东义士必裹粮策马以迎王师。不应置魏,先与吴战;兵势一交,不得卒解。”《云别传》

When Sun Quan took Jing Province by treachery, Liu Bei was angered and decided to declare war.. Yun advised: "The traitor is Cao Cao, not Sun Quan. If we can destroy Wei, Wu will submit accordingly. Although Cao Cao had passed away, his son Cao Pi has incurred anger by usurping the Han throne. We can use their sentiments to our advantage by occupying the key tributaries in order to set our sights at Guanzhong. The loyalists from Guandong will surely welcome us with supplies. Yet if we're to fight Wu first, we won't be able to pull ourselves from the future conflict. (Tales of Zhao Yun) 


Upon assuming his status as the Emperor, the First Lord was determined to wage war in order to avenge the loss of Guan Yu. The objections of his vassals fell on deaf ears. (Account of Fa Zheng)

Verdict: Failure, Thy name is predestination... And its not Zhao Yun's fault.T_T

Second bullet sent: On the second Tales of Zhao Yun controversy, people tend to say Zhuge Liang was the go-to boss on all things policy. I don't need to say anything here since the above accounts written by Chen Shou has debunked the crap for me.  Ironically enough, Zhuge Liang DID attain such a status. But that's after Liu Bei died.