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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My biggest challenge yet... (And I'm serious)

So this is something new. Okay, maybe NOT that new since I've been toying with that idea... but anyway hope this won't blow up in my face. History can be really boring if the fella across the other end is a fake Governator. -.-'

Brief intro: This is all about Zhao Yun. (赵云。子龙) This post is intended to make tons of people feel like shit just because they don't know what they're talking about anyway. :D And lastly, the original text written by Chen Shou (陈寿) is extremely limited with added annotations by Pei Song Zhi(裴松之). Interestingly enough, Yun Bie Zhuan (云别传)has always been character-focused on Zhao Yun, hence the countless controversies that ensued afterwards. But hey guess what? I not stupid. The fact that I'm just merely a Higher NiTec graduate would have meant something on how effective is the MOE model, eh? ;)

So maybe let me have a hand in doing the demolition job: First things first, Pei Song Zhi is a Historian (史家) rather than a historian (史学家). Simply put, the latter can only do his own analysis at best and talking cock worst come to worst. The former however, is far more serious in nature. Simply put, a person of Pei Song Zhi's stature has always been someone carrying the burden of writing history rather than studying it. You can't have someone saying Jeanne D'arc was merely a deluded fanatic, no? If you want to play with fire, it's your problem. Guys like Pei Songzhi and Chen Shou have never been that type of people to set fire in their own bathrooms. -.-'

Which comes to mind Chen Shou himself. If Zhao Yun is truly that useless like all the subhumans claimed him out to be, then what does that make Chen Shou for putting him within the same book as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao? Perhaps the greatest indication on his intelligence against "the rest" hinged upon these words of his:


Analysis: As vassals akin to tigers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were famed as warriors worthy of ten thousands. Yu repaid Duke Cao's grace while Fei released Yan Yan out of integrity; both displayed the bearing of noble stature. Yet Yu was unyielding and arrogant while Fei was quick to anger and devoid of mercy. To meet their demise upon personal failings was only to be expected. Ma Chao's bravery and act of resistance caused the downfall of his clan, what a pity! It would be far better to gain fame due to poverty! Strong and steadfast were Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun; were they any different from the likes of Guan and Teng as fangs and claws?

Glossary: Teng - Duke Teng (滕公), otherwise known as Xiahou Ying (夏侯婴). Guan on the other hand refers to Guan Ying. (灌婴) Both were renown generals loyal to Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the Han dynasty. (汉高祖)

Pretext: Try to see things in the GRC model. If any given province was the GRC equivalent, then the counties(郡)/prefectures(县)would be seen as the relevant areas under the GRC umbrella. Within the historical context, Changshan would be the county where Zhending is the prefecture. 
Note: Province > County > Prefecture. And lastly, Liu Bei=The First Lord.(先主)Liu Shan=The Latter Lord.(后主)

Be noted: There are mainly three areas of contention within Tales of Zhao Yun, namely the so-called "overly-positive portrayal", the controversy behind Zhao Yun's right to administer advice due to Zhuge Liang's presence and the Battle of Hanshui. Don't worry, I'll debunk each and every shred of nonsense until there's nothing left via the relevant posts. ;)