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P.S: Oh, and one more thing. Vid below is yet another ideal OP for A Ranger's Tale.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Glossary for Chapter 2

Bray: To be scolded or punished

Boned: To be deceived/taken advantage of.

Time to roar off the monkey piss: A verbal show of the gungho mentality.

Blimey: An expression of relief/thankfulness.

Bant: Pointless talk. A play on the word banter.

Iron chef: A reference to a person who had taken on the art of cooking after an honourable discharge. This is extremely common in The Known World due the every soldier's basic need to cook his own meals.

Kill and bail: A successful act of escaping after committing a crime.

May the Roary be with you: The standard quote of encouragement within the Red Lions. In particular the new recruits. (Yes, it's a parody of the all-famous Star Wars quote.)

Terms used within the male context

Blokes: Direct reference to others within one's own circle/organization.

Re'bro: Reunion between friends.

Butt heads: The alternative phrase for the above meaning.

Stranger dick: A person who have no clue on the given subject at hand


Gaffer: The head of any division within The Red Lions.

Command: A term for soldiers intended for a specific scope of warfare.

Cinha: The Known World's direct parallel to the Chinese. Their most notable achievements lies in the field of politics and economical managment.

Buff poker: Strip poker.

I guess this is just for fun?

After watching the Star Awards in the entirety, I can't help but to put this up. Just don't ask me why. In fact I'll be the first one to say "it's a knee jerk for the lulz".

Glossary for Chapter 1

SOP: Standard Of Procedure. A derogatory reference to any form of red tape culture.

Son of oil: A parallel to the idiom “slippery as an eel”.


Geis – A contract formed between a Demon and any individual(s) where the gift of power would demand a relevant price/drawback at the dealer's terms. While the nature of the price will be fixed so as to speak, the extent will be decided by the amount/nature of the powers gained.

Raidband: A group of Orcs numbering between twenty to fifty. Tactically wise, it could be used as a sub-component of a Warband.

Warband: Similiar to the above term, but numbers would constitute beyond a thousand in total.

Kalara: The sole Empire state within The Known World. Have been engaging in constant political warfare with Teutonia towards the west and Slarvea up north. Alliance with Tamuria was the only reason why a full blown war has never been on the cards.
Tamurians: The Known World's direct parallel to the Malays. Renowned as fearsome warriors hailing from the Central Belt, the kingdom of Tamuria acted as an effective buffer from the arid South. Unknown to most, the key reason behind their constant victories lies in their command of strategy and tactics.

Central Belt: A swath of mountains separating the Northern Continent from the Southern Lands. Barring the presence of Tamuria, nothing much of an info has been gleaned from the region.

P.S: Again something went wrong with the formatting. Dunno why. T_T 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Just something 100% random

Just b/c I decide to do something before I bury my head into the second chapter rewrite of A Ranger's Tale. That plus last night has been weirdly draining as well. -.-'

 Disgraced Rose:

Deeper into the Blue sky
Illusionary dreams are Whiter
Wings scatter To a thousand pieces

The Original Sin Is bloodier
The calling voice Farther
We fulfill ourselves For that coming day

O-la Sanctus, E-u Sanctus, (Are we more Holy, Are we more Holy,)
Où est la Lumière... Ah, c'est toi? (Where is the light... Is that you?)

The currents breezes Higher
Eternity more Sapphire
With our wandering Memories

The lake Darkens
The hymn sings out Pure
We waken and Open our eyes

Only You
Of so Far away,
It falls to the ground This rose
O-la Sanctus... (Are we more holy...)

Original Japanese Lyrics:

The Library's Writ, Greetings from the Mad

Hither forth, Child! Or mayhap ye be much more than countenance spake... Aye, Siege of wisdom thy seek, Yet whereof hearken heed the sooth. Whither the path lead, Nary a fool...

Friday, 27 April 2012

Some random footie thoughts before the March Hare gets shot dead

CL semis super insane

I thought Barca would win the return leg. But then again, I also thought Real would win as well. Apparently, Pique getting bumped off halfway sealed the deal for Chelsea. Apparently, the ah-kong upstairs decided to laugh at Florentino Perez come end of half time. No prizes for guessing where Robben has played before he got shipped to the greater Munich. And no it's NOT Chelsea. btw I swear Toni Kroos has come good. How old is that guy? Even younger than my sis. And she's 5 yrs younger than this old kid typing here. :S

Why the English like to kao-beh kao-bu

Beats me as well. I truly hope the entire British press going rabid over the Allianz being the CL final venue is just merely a foreign media overhype. Just ask the Krauts on how they felt last time round during 1966.  

Lampard's no-goal=kelong 

1966 no-goal=super kelong!

P.S: Ironically, both are all abt English vs the Krauts. Perhaps even far lesser ironic lies in the fact that the 1966 kelong is the REAL final. -.-' Greatest irony of them all? We're talking abt the real great guy called Sir Alf Ramsey. Read - Last time round=mata wear shorts. :S

Subject of the post title

I believe this might be the final post from me concerning the Championship season. ppl are gluing their eyes on the Manchester derby, but to me this weekend is def the BIGGEST match ever to me. Or just abt any and EVERY 100% sane member of our band of Boros. My take on the issue:

Our lads should just see things in perspective firstly and foremost. If Cardiff draw, we're screwed. If we fail to win, we're screwed. Simply put, the odds are stacked against us. It's pointless to say the sods over there at South Wales will choke. A certain Mr Eric Soh has famously stated that "history is there to be broken". We saw what Spain had done under that same racist Fart. Not that Cardiff will triumph by default, but rather we don't really have anything to lose if we can see things via a realistic POV. If Cardiff cui, then we'll have everything to play for. If they draw, let alone winning at Selhurst... 
then all I can say is: "Laddies, let's kill that damned rabbit off with all guns blazing. 'cuz we should still bugger the sods at Vicarage for all the right reasons:
For us, the great North Eastern pride and our Mogganaut!!!! 

Ending note: Let's not mention whose that last boss there. It will only murky the waters. Whatever it means to anyone anyway. -.-'

SG Terminology:
Kao-beh, kao-bu=To complain non-stop. i.e. Cry father, cry mother in literal terms. Hokkien dialect is bad for the kids.
Kelong=a rigged result.
Cui=crushed/collapsed/unable to make the mark.

Heaven Or Hell?

Hell for me if we're talking abt Sol BadAss

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Twisted sense of humour. Proceed with caution... (And I'm NOT joking!)

And I won't really share this if not for the Star Wars parody lulz in pt 3. The fact that I find this kind of stuff funny doesn't mean the same to the rest. The fella typing this post has been pretty much familiarized with the Japanese culture for donkey years so as to speak. -.-'

Be warned! The Japanese can be extremely warped in their creativity.
Fanservice culture happens for a very legit reason. :S 

Pls read this before you proceed:
Gaki no Tsukai

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Four Lives, Four Seasons

b/c I might be high on something. Or perhaps way too tired to do anything else. x.x
Anyway, this is just something that I've tried messing around with. Yes I know ppl will go wth over this fail job, but... meh, just screw it. I don't profess myself to be poet anyway. -.-'

Borne from the warmth shall blossoms bloom
Songs of birds herald the rebirth new
The oaken fort regains the strength of old
Foxes boast forth tales of guile
Scamper the hares through shimmering shrubs
Three months passed and an old chapter done

The glaring sun roars out passion felt
Heat within the sinews the hunters sing
  One day's kill, three days full.
Venison upon the spit strong brews flow
Gravies savored and tankards drained
Three months passed and an old chapter done

Leaves of gold laid their rest
Moments of waltz and nothing more
Harvest the fruits lest one hunger
The hawks shrieked their joy as blood tasted
Woe is at hand for slumber nears
Three months passed and an old chapter done

That which is dreaded has sound the horn
Cloaks of white bowed to emptiness' call
Shut the doors and lit the hearth
Care not the hunt wrought by wolves
A chilling bite yet hope not lost
Three months passed and a new chapter sung

Monday, 23 April 2012

We DON'T have to thank Nintendo of America for THIS!

Old news anyway: b/c the guys at Xseed are the ones who will publish the whole JRPG under the Nintendo partnership. At least the peeps at North America won't have to mod their Wiis. Not that I'll encourage it anyway. Sometimes it's good to be under the scope of Nintendo of Europe. -.-'

P.S: Take note on what I've said in my greeting text. I'm no guru in gameplay. (In fact I don't own a current gen console) But do I like games worth my time in bumming around online just to find stuff truly worth my own time? I never said I'm normal, you know. ;)

Original JP trailer:

English ver (Director's Cut):

I really need to watch this NOW! Yes, me=loser

 Original Work: Urobuchi Gen (Nitro+)/TYPE MOON
Studio: ufotable
Soundtrack: Kajiura Yuki 

I ask of you... are you my Master?

I make my oath here... I am that person who is to become the virtue of all Heavens
(I want to protect the world even if it is destroyed)
I am the person who is covered with the evil of all Hades

(The desired opportunity of miracle returns)
(Fellow magus engaged in mutual massacre) 

As you command...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just for the lulz

Not that I will expect anyone to read this but...

Everything will go down to the crunch by end of the season. Come next weekend, that damned March Hare will be shot dead for good. For the better or worse anyway. -.-' But if there's anything to go by...


Yes it's an old vid. Still... same old story, same old Bluebirds. LOL!

And it's down to this guy:

No prizes for guessing why we can hear so much swearing. Our guys at the stands were bloody pissed off. Not at the Saints, but rather the ref was being the sinner on the pitch. Ok, scratch that. The sods at the South Coast ain't that saintly throughout the match anyway. -.-'

P.S: There's something abt the Moroccans. It's called the super imba free kick syndrome.

Final P.S: This is for all those blowing the trumpets of victory at Berkshire atm. We did you guys a favor. So pls don't screw up come next season top flight. I've got high hopes for your gaffer who goes by the initials B.M. If Brendan Rodgers can pull off an "O yeah, O yeah, O yeah!!!!" with the Jacks, there's no reason for you ppl not to do the same. Esp if we're talking abt the whole Welsh-vs-the-English kinda contrast I'm seeing here.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Just something to tide things over...

b/c Boro's positively screwed. If we couldn't even win a basement team at home, we deserved to be dunked straight into the River Tees. One Oreo cookie at a time. -.-'

 Imitation (Theme of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)

Kanji lyrics

辿りついた夢の果てで 人は何を想うのだろう
やがて来るその時 僕はどんな顔をしているのか

もしも誰かに 裏切られても 必要とされなくても
忘れはしない 自分自身が 選んだこと

偽りの夢だって 叶えてみせる
今はまだ 笑われてもいいさ
綺麗事だとしても 目指したいんだ
今はまだ 彼方だけれど きっと偽物は 本物に変わるだろう

過ぎていった夢の痕(あと)は 人に鉄の強さくれた
やって来たあの時 僕は自分だけ救えなかった

いつか誰かに 巡り逢っても 名前すら告げられない
思い出すのは 宝石のような 眩しい姿

偽りの夢だから 悔やんだけれど
今はもう 答えを得たから
絵空事だからこそ 抱き続けた
今はもう 微かだけれど きっとはじめから 真実はここにあった

まるで奇跡のよう 響き合った言葉
間違いじゃない それだけで 溢れだす

偽りの夢だって 叶えてみせる
今はまだ 笑われてもいいさ
綺麗事だとしても 目指したいんだ
今はまだ 彼方だけれど きっと偽物は 本物に変わるだろう

Romaji lyrics
 tadoritsuita yume no hate de hito wa nani o omou no darou
yagate kuru sono toki boku wa donna kao o shite iru no ka

moshimo dareka ni uragirarete mo hitsuyou to sare nakute mo
wasure wa shinai jibun jishin ga eran da koto

itsuwari no yume datte kanaete miseru
ima wa mada warawarete mo ii sa
kireigoto da to shite mo mezashitainda
ima wa mada kanata da keredo kitto nisemono wa honmono ni kawaru darou

sugite itta yume no ato wa hito ni tetsu no tsuyosa kureta
yatte kita ano toki boku wa jibun dake sukue nakatta

itsuka dareka ni meguriatte mo namae sura tsugerarenai
omoidasu no wa houseki no you na mabushii sugata

itsuwari no yume dakara kuyanda keredo
ima wa mou kotae o etakara
esoragoto dakara koso idakitsuzuketa
ima wa mou kasuka da keredo kitto hajime kara shinjitsu wa koko ni atta

maru de kiseki no you hibiki atta kotoba
machigai ja nai sore dake de afuredasu

itsuwari no yume datte kanaete miseru
ima wa mada warawarete mo ii sa
kireigoto dato shite mo mezashitainda
ima wa mada kanata da keredo kitto nisemono wa honmono ni kawaru darou

English translation:

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sun Xu, you should have made yourself clearer...

b/c we all saw what you did there. No point for me to reproduce the evidence on court. I truly doubt even Phoenix Wright will dare to take your case. But if there's anything to go by, I'm still willing to believe your words are being misunderstood. Why?

Edith Mary Tolkien, Lúthien, 1889 – 1971 
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Beren, 1892 – 1973

P.S: The fonts in bold are there to highlight the correct Tolkien, but I just can't bear to omit his wife's name. Because my parents taught me to be prudent, responsible and treat everyone with the respect due.

Final P.S: Near 50 years down the road posthumous, this guy still remains a legend. Legacy revisited: Dec 2012. Come 2013, we'll see war all over again.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The most provocative S.O.B post ever?

We all know Twilight. I've heard of ppl saying hating Twilight means hating art itself (Whatever that means anyway). And I think this should be something that will have all the Twi-hards up in arms. b/c not everybody can take jokes:

Someone actually stated 6:21=Epic Derp face. I lol'ed hard. b/c it's really true. And Jacob... if only he's really that daring (or stoned. Whatever floats your boat anyway) in the real deal lol! But we all know Stephenie Meyer would nvr do that.

P.S: No Anne Rice, no Twilight. No Lestat=no Edward. Or rather no Anne Rice=no copycats.
Anne Rice

Something outright insane: And its called The Dictator. I swear that MDA will ban it upon release. I still remember Dogma. And it's truly something way too damn insane. And yes, MDA banned that one too ( I've never watched it before, but I know its truly there. Yes, I blame the 3rd party media). 

My advice to anybody curious enough to wonder: Go YouTube. Proceed with caution and mental preparation. I'm not gonna hold myself responsible for things I'm not guilty of. 
Or to make things far more easier and less controversial for everybody, this:

Note: Wikipedia can never be 100% dependent for all the most obvious reasons. But at least the general picture is there.

Weekend musing

First things first. The footballing gods don't play by the script. We won 1-0 at Pride Park, Cardiff won 1-0 at Barnsley. The rest just screwed up majestically. But still the greatest lmfao moment: DW Stadium has its own 12th man. It's not just Old Trafford and Nou Camp, guys. ;) That Victor Moses goal should be allowed to stand though. Anyone willing to say Hawk-Eye ftw?

What Hawk-Eye is all abt

Still remembered what Roger Federer has said. And he's not a happy man I can tell you all that.

And lastly words of wisdom from North East itself:

If we can't beat a side that is relegated then we don't deserve the playoffs.
In fact we deserve to be shot out of a cannon into the River Tees.
~ Aarfy-Aadvark, oneBoro

Sunday, 1 April 2012

This is the first salvo...

Disclaimer: The below statements can only be seen as subjective at the very most. It's my views and mine alone.  I wish I could have picked up a pundit's job, but Shebby Singh proved to be far more talented than me.

When we first came across the term "squeaky bum time", it's a certain Sir A.Fergie who said that. Now why he would be hijacked by that Italian is beyond me, but apparently something went wrong. Case in point:  
Apparently Mr Fergie has this to say:

"I'm trying to analyse that,"
Possible meaning: P.V is way more intelligent than me. Never mind about the fact that I've been in the hood for 25 years.

"I am not sure. I mean, he's more or less saying all the referees have been wrong this season and, being an official, you are not supposed to discuss referees."
Possible meaning: I pity that BBC lad who questioned that authority before him. He's facing a squeaky bum time now.... by the way, what's his name again?

"We can bring [Roy] Keane back if he wants and make it interesting. Apparently he's retracted it a bit but it's inte

Possible meaning: THIS

Or perhaps on a far more insidious note:

P.S: Is it possible that we will see this all over again?