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Monday, 27 January 2014

Mortal Demons

"Give me the correct answer and I shall spare you, O' little girl. Get it wrong and I shall make you mine."
~The Wise Lass and Slavering Bear


A Ranger's Tale


Why… why must this happen?

“When I grow up, I want to be a story teller. Never mind the daily life, it’d be good to give others a bit of hope, no?”

Her words echoing deeply in my mind, I tried screaming out against that monster. What does it look like? A snake doing unspeakable things to my friend? Or maybe it feels like something totally different yet so familiar?

No, I don’t have anything to do with that. I don’t have anything to do with its friends committing the same nature of acts against everybody else.

Monsters, all of you. Do you want me to run away? That’s why you chose not to attack me like the rest?

Stay calm, Aeranath. Stay calm, think of a way. If I retreat now, I will die.

Then it all happened slowly. Somebody shouted my name. A person I should know, yet sounding so much like a stranger’s call.

The snake dashed towards me even though it has no legs. Not just that snake, but all its friends as well. Some look vaguely like that monster, others assume different shapes and sizes.

Blood… I’ve tasted my own blood. But why am I still standing? Why do I feel no pain?

No… it wasn’t my blood warming my lips, it was hers.

I’ve forgotten her name, I only remember her face. She said something before about growing up, but I know immediately that she’s already grown up. At least that’s what my eyes told me all the while. She looked a bit like me, her smooth brown skin and slightly wavy hair making me wonder what is she. Father said something about women, is she one of them?

It doesn’t matter now. She’s dead. No, make that already dead. Her naked chest will scar me for life, I’m pretty sure of that. A gaping hole, a lone figure standing tall and strong. A person whom I called Father countless ages ago, but no longer since.

“Why were you staying put? Mercy to the enemy means being cruel to yourself!”

Mercy? Am I showing mercy? No, it shouldn’t be like that. No one deserves to die like that…

Why am I feeling so empty?

Why do I feel something warm down my cheeks?


Aeranath felt nothing as he got up from his bed, the only proof indicating life beyond yesterday being a brunette whore snoring naked and half exposed. What a bitch, snickered the True Apostle. A little wonder why she’s willing to do business cheap in spite of her good looks and technique equally fine.

The cold frigid air assaulted his muscled back bared, his seated position staying unchanged. Whoever giving me this room ought to be offed, mused the Ranger. However, the only thing he enjoyed more than killing those slighting him was a shagging session paid in full. That count alone was enough to offset completely any brewing annoyance tantamount to whimsical want. This plus his decision in letting his entertainer catching a cold.

“Not my problem if she dies,” shrugged a smug Aeranath, his pants firmly buckled. A muffled crash then greeted his keenest ears, azure orbs resting lazily unto the sight below. A brave soul would have shouted loudly, a timid man pretending nothing happened. Aeranath belonged to neither, he leaned against the sill watching a rape scenario unfolding. His smirk was finally gone, replaced by a visage akin to an unfeeling god. It did not matter to him that the victim in question was a girl comely and nubile, boredom the only thing bothering his mind.

Then the lass’ body went limp, her rapists muttering to themselves in frustration. Turning his back onto the dastardly scene, he cared not over the fact that a potential victim of rape had just chosen suicide via biting off her tongue. Then something changed his mind.

“Well, guess we should try fucking a dead girl. Never tried that before, gonna be a pity letting such a whore gone to waste.”

…beauty… lips… cunt… ass… mine…

Damning memories ages back haunted his empty soul, images of that nameless girl ravished till death assaulting his mind. Somewhere afar, Aeranath could hear a wolf howling. Twisted whims warping a captive willing true, the True Apostle betrayed a knowing leer. Without turning back even once, the Ranger grabbed his sword sheathed and ready. As for his whore, she remained snoring and blissfully unaware.

This was a night for the wolf, a lunar night for icy steel and frigid eyes.


Why… why must this happen?

Those were Barl’s final words before fleeing the scene, his companions for three years running abandoned to torture and imminent death. No one knew what manner of beings are they, those who surely understand were most likely dead and mutilated.

Just like your broad, Barley…

“Shut the fuck up!” screamed an anguished Barl, absolute despair playing games with him. He never minded what others said about him so long his beloved Miral stayed beside him.

“Oh shit! You kicked that bitch too hard, Barley! I think you just cracked her skull.”

A statement of action, an act of impulsive murder, this was why he, Miral, and their other two friends ran away. Educated since young not to take a life, Barl could now feel the dead girl’s soul cackling like some vengeful crone. Naked and suffering cuts along the way, he couldn’t care less for Miral’s screams for help. After all, not even a halfwit would be so foolishly willing. As he attempted whispering a prayer inaudible, mocking laughter greeted his inner being with an almighty roar.

Would the gods hear a murderer out if they’re truly good?

Those words were the last thing Barl ever remembered, his vision exploding into blinding numbness as searing fire lanced him through the hind orifice.


Ian Holls huffed and puffed, but all his efforts could not prepare himself for a scene utmost horrific. He’d been to many an execution, he was known as the Hangman of Merseyside. When word reached his ears pertaining to a murderous act, the Gaffer of Seaside knew what the culpable party looks like. If his men were guilty of rape, it should be him wielding the noose. Ironically, Joes Mouriz was right in his moment of jest.

Be careful, lads. You live by force, you better don’t die easy by force.

“Live under the noose, die by the noose”, snorted Ian angrily, “Next asshole saying this to me is gonna get himself gutted.”

Forcing the crowd aside like an almighty force parting a river deep, Ian Holls’ greatest fear seized him like a hungry wolf. Spring was a representative of anything but death, yet this particular season of war only heralded more deaths than expected. Already one of that thrice damned trio had created mayhem beyond belief at a brothel near the eastern rampart, this time round he ended up greeting a familiar face.

Indeed the informant was right. Hanging atop the execution platform were two Red Lions dead and disembowelled, both spotting fatal wounds on the chest. Seated below rotting entrails left dangling was a sellsword dark and handsome, his back crouching like a wary beast guarding its kill. His sword was left unbuckled, but sheathed nevertheless. Gritting his teeth before that offensive weapon leaning against the murderer’s right shoulder, the only sight ten times more obscene was a grinning Ranger naked waist up.

A march upwards deemed an act too demeaning, Ian decided to demand justice on the spot. Why should one like him bother remonstrating in front of knaves wholly unrepentant? As if murderers and rapists can be reasoned with, raged Ian’s heart. If his target harboured even the slightest shred of remorse, however, he merely flashed a middle finger while saying nothing. Wide eyed in outrage, the local Gaffer roared a thousand curses unspoken.

Why you… you scoundrel and bastard born! Come down this instant so that I can cut off your hand!

As if answering Ian Holls’ silent dare, Aeranath got up and stepped down from the public stage. His blade held loosely in one hand, the other ended up running through his snowy hair swept to the right. Finally standing on even ground, the True Apostle at last gripped Fragarach tightly.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t like me,” said the True Apostle, a serious look supplanting his grinning face moments ago, “Then again, I don’t like you either.”

“Good,” spat Ian, “I’m sure no one likes you anyway.”

Inhaling deeply, Ian brandished his trusted axe. This was his only companion throughout decades of warfare, some said even his entire lifetime. While he never mentioned this to anyone, it was true that Biter had always been his sole pillar of strength. If not for losing a drinking bet with a certain closest friend, he would have embraced this secret wholeheartedly down the grave.

Moggray Tonn, you bloody son of a wine barrel… what would you’ve said if you’re seeing this?

Catching his breath sharply, Ian prepared his guard as his half naked adversary casually dipped his weapon downward. Eyes narrowing warily, the sword slide away from its sheath with Ian staying his focus.

The sword… don’t let it escape…

Numbing shock abruptly assaulted his side, burning pain slicing apart his soldier’s calm. Unable to hear his ribs cracking under impact, the Mad Rat of Seaside nonetheless understood a crippling wound when he felt one. The battle… it was surely…

“Over now,” shrugged Aeranath, callous visage justified by his smug countenance, “If you don’t want to die, please don’t get up.”

You thieving asshole… what the fuck is this? I never strayed my sight away, yet you ended up kicking me out of nowhere.

Raging against his object of ire, Ian’s desire to retaliate only met up with a worse reprisal in courtesy of a punctured lung. His own lung, his own blood, his own mortality… Joes Mouriz became the last person surfacing in his mind despite friendship oft rifted by opinions. And there was Moggray Tonn also, a comrade after his own.

“Rule number one,” sighed a derisive Aeranath, one final glance thrown back before walking off, “To fight is to lie and cheat. Hope you learn that unless you die halfway through.”


Charlni could only stare in a mix of terror and fascination. In times of war, no one should be venturing beyond the gates. Unfortunately some unreasonable bullies threatened to expose her best friend’s so-called secret despite claims of attempted rape. So much for being in a state of partial undress, Charlni could only agree to their dare.

If word leaks out, guess who will believe who? If my parents say I’m right, it means I’m right. Get it, dumbass bitch?

She ended up staring at a monstrous being resembling an ape made of fire.

Hopefully Demons don’t eat you up. I heard they enjoy feasting on retarded people so good luck and good riddance. Ha ha ha!

Charlni always possessed this naïve belief that once she closed her eyes, a painful death otherwise would be painless and swift. Yet another individual ended up captivating her attention, sparks and fireworks lighting up the night. If whatever horror shattered seconds ago was supplanted by a living form of fantasy, surely this stunning saviour would be her fascination’s source.

"A fair lady for a fair honour's take. Should it be a given for me to know your fairest name?"

“Cha… Charl…” stammered the flabbergasted lass.

“Charlotte?” mused the handsome youth, “Sounds a bit…”

“Charlin, you idiot!” snapped the irate Kalaran, her reaction invoking peals of laughter from the partial blond. Before she could devise a way to flatten his sudden mirth, he suddenly turned serious.

“Lars Alterfate at your service. Remember all that you’ll be seeing, ‘tis not every day to have a handsome bloke exhibiting his power.”

A baleful cry resembling a vengeful dirge filled Charlin’s ears, her head nigh exploding. Ethereal wisps illuminated the starlit skies, a voracious host converging unto their brethren’s grave. Frozen on the spot, Charlin suddenly recalled how much she suffered under just because her father passed away three years ago. Tormentors akin to the worst off scum, worst off scum akin to those foul beings staring hungrily at her. Keeping her fingers crossed, Charlni desired nothing more than these entities banished back unto hell. That is if there’s such a place, noted the cynical lass.

Placing a finger onto his lips, Lars wagged the other index finger like a street urchin taunting a fat arrogant boy. Mischievous grin begetting an outcome utmost lethal, the Demon Hunter stayed unmoving as he simply snapped his fingers nonchalantly.

Streaks of silver sped lashed out against their prey like unerring arrows fired straight, endless chorus of anguished pain piercing the tranquil air. The silver were glistening chains sparkling under the lunar moon, dual edged blades spearheading the fatal barrage.

There they were, embedded onto the ground and nearby trees. Charlni was left dumbfounded before a spectacular show of power, surely this was the stuff of legends and fairy tales! She tried tracing the source, her soft brown eyes could only discern nothing whence these deadly bolts hailed from. Then it all happened way too fast, yet so seemingly slow.

Stripping off his vest, the strapping lad revealed a swirling tattoo engraved on his back. Glowing red, and blue, a hand was slowly raised. Muttering something in an intelligible language, a scythe materialised out of thin air, its ethereal answering his beck and call. A swing was all it took to revert the impaled Demons back to nothing, a multitude of darkish purple orbs converged into Lars Alterfate himself.

Then Charlin blacked out.



“You heard me, Joes Mouriz,” yawned Tristan Ajax, his boredom evident, “You don’t have to worry…”

“About the killings which have scarred every resident mentally?” snapped the irate veteran, “This isn’t part of the deal!”

“Yes, it is,” replied Tristan nonchalantly while sucking his thumb, an act getting under Joes’ skin, “Part of the deal is to ensure no supernatural occurrence happens, that’s why I said there’s no cause for worries.”

“I find that you cannot be trusted, Tristan Ajax.”

“Not even the noblest of heroes, Tactician of Stamford. We all know what war is like, so no point lying. Leave that to the story tellers.”

Pervasive silence invaded the tense atmosphere, Joes Mouriz wasn’t a fool. The common masses had no need to perceive all things unseen, only those obliged to take up arms year in and year out are required to know. And that includes elite individuals taking orders from none bar the Church, noted the Gaffer of Stamford darkly. However, this only meant answers should be demanded all the same because the only difference between him and this enigmatic Sudhlit lies in a different loyalty.

“I suppose accountability is really a positive trait in doing business,” sighed Tristan, his orbs of darkest blue betraying only a sombre gaze, “Listen well, Joes, since I’ll only say it once. A Demon Hunter saved the trouble for everyone, just don’t ask me for any details.”

“And what makes you think your words are…” before Joes could finish his question, Tristan ended the interrogation for good.

“Go ask a girl named Charlni Waters. I believe she’s now safe and sound at her home sweet home. Find her, ask her. And you shall know the answer. Not that you’ll be impressed with whatever revealed anyway.”

His words finished at last, Tristan Ajax got up with neither a word nor complaint. War had taught him a lot, but necessary silence would always be that most important lesson gleaned. In a show of foolhardy insanity, however, he chose to leap out from Joes’ office window. Yet, his counterpart showed no care or concern. That was until he realised something pilfered from his cabinet nearby the sill.

That’s my finest bottle of wine till date, thieving knave.


I have sailed the seas and seen many gods. Gods made of wood, stone, and precious gold, idols which promised many and delivering far littler. Oh, heal my illness! Save me from poverty, save me from failure! Grant me that maiden whom I desired, grant me riches and success! But do you know that one thing no gods can ever bestow? I have that knowledge. This is why more oft than not, the unholiest of men is wiser than the holiest saint.

Alestrial could not sleep, Eliador de Lioncourt’s words playing out a haunting crescendo in her still racing heart. He talked about his exploits as if every drop of blood shed thus far was no bigger than the smallest lie, the Cinha lass detesting every word and phrase spoken. This wasn’t about self-exaltation. Rather, she’s able to sense whatever sliver of unadulterated truth present. She did not want to structure her thoughts into legitimate statements, for who in her circumstances would be so daring?

She then recalled an incident erupting a week ago or so. She was not a witness, but word remained rife on a bar hostess kicked to death. She knew not the underlying factors, neither did she want to. What provoked her, however, was Eliador’s decision to announce a manhunt only three days after this heinous act. As if taunting her with the Dwarves wasn’t enough, the Elf managed to set aside some free time for entertainment. Coercing her to play countless games of chess was already barely tolerable, asking her for opinions nearly became the last straw.

“What is your view towards their imminent end? Will they live as normal folks or fugitives for life?”

Alestrial could not forget her reply given.

“They will die.”

She could not forget Eliador’s astonishment, a mockery directed against the very little she had left.

“Oh? Do tell me your answer O’ fairest maid, for you shall spend the night here in my room if I hear no answer. Just any answer will do, I do not want to judge your words as correct or wrong.”

“If Eliador de Lioncourt desires a dead criminal, Eliador de Lioncourt would have him flayed alive and screaming. If you O’ Serpent desires a test, my answer is that they will die sooner or later. Histalonians are significantly recognisable, the only sensible person to them is one praying for harm and not reprieve.”

She expected a painful death through a massive gang rape, the devious Elf merely said nothing apart from fulfilling his promise. Yet, who was he to decide which promise to keep and which one to renege? She had never felt so dirty before, but reports on the culprits’ horrendous end cut her alive like a serrated knife. How much of a cruel irony to see herself treated like a queen where in fact she’s quintessentially a harlot now? Sneering remarks from the past reminded her all that was said about her, she never imagined fortune telling to be a profession of great torture.

Why is it that when someone gains a sword, another must perish?


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Of Gods and Men (Interlude)

Okay, I technically lied b/c this post is basically about actual gameplay, FB style. Before I start this post, a blast from the past...

Vital changes:
1. Game is now officially turn based RPG. Well sorta anyway...
2. Game now officially a FB/mobile app. Any takers?

There are two types of Characters-Pantheon and Heroes. Pantheon possess higher stats, but are more difficult to level up. Heroes on the other hand have lower stats, but easier to level up.

Leveling up
Whenever a Character levels up, he/she will gain a relevant increase in every stat. At the same time, the Character will also gain an additional stat block where you can allocate it to any single stat.

There are eight stats available to every Character-HP, Strength, Defense, Agility, Stamina, Command, Attune, HP.
Strength [Pantheon and Heroes only]-affects the amount of damage your Character deals.
Defense [All]-affects the amount of damage your Character can reduce.
Agility [Pantheon and Heroes only]-affects your Character's chances to dodge and deal critical damage.
Stamina [Pantheon and Heroes only]-required to execute that Character's Skills. Once your Character's Stamina drops below 50%, he/she will suffer penalty in every stat according to the amount of Stamina used. Stamina can be recharged manually during Battle.
Command [Vessel only]-affects the performance of Units used.
Attune [Vessel only]-affects the effect of Scrolls used.
HP [All]-indicates how much damage your Character can take before getting defeated.
All stats will have five blocks each where one block equals one fifth of the Character's maximum stat limit. However, this limit can be offset via allocating a bonus block upon every level up or spending Sacrifice tokens.

Pantheon vs Heroes
Pantheon are basically Characters impervious to normal damage. In a nutshell, it means Pantheon cannot be damaged by Units. However, Units are able to buff/heal a friendly Pantheon.
Heroes are basically mortal legends of yore. Not only do they have lower stats, at the same time they can be damaged by Units. On the other hand, Heroes are able to damage Pantheon.
Both Heroes and Pantheon have a maximum level cap of 12. However, you can increase the maximum capacity by 1 level per Sacrifice Token used this way.
Epic Heroes possess higher starting stats, but can only be gained via War. More on that later on.
Heroes tend to level up faster than Pantheon.

Note-There's no difference between the amount of increase in stats per level up.

Vessels are special Characters equivalent to the player's avatar. Acting as the respective faction's chief representative, a Vessel basically controls the relevant Characters in his/her party. At the same time, you can only access to your Vessel's Hall if that Vessel is still alive.
Whenever your Vessel levels up, you gain 1 Offering and 1 Sacrifice Token. At the same time, every Unit's will have a fixed level upon purchase where the level is equivalent to that of your Vessel.

What if Vessel dies?
Be it Pantheon, Hero, or Vessel, once the HP drops to zero, that Character dies. If a Vessel dies, every surviving Character will still remain in play. However, this will present a major handicap due to the Hall permanently disabled for rest of the battle.

A Hall is quintessentially your inventory. There are 3 sections to every Hall-Barracks, Warehouse, Library.
Barracks: Contains Units.
Warehouse: Contains Items.
Library: Contains Scrolls.

Abilities and Skills
Abilities are passive effects requiring no Stamina. Skills, on the other hand, need to use Stamina. Every Character has a countdown timer where once said timer reaches zero, that Character's Overdrive will be triggered. Overdrive is a more powerful version of Skills where no Stamina is needed.
Additional Skills can be unlocked via leveling up. However, that will also mean no stat bonus a normal leveling up would otherwise confer.

Note 1-New Skills will be gained upon reaching Level 3, 9, and 12.
Note 2-Vessels cannot have any Skills, only one Ability.

Used to purchase Units, Unit Upgrades, Items, and Scrolls. Do note that any Unit Upgrade is only applicable to the relevant Unit at hand, thus is not something unlockable. At the same time, Gold can also used to replenish Energy and Duel.

Items are supporting equipment intended for either one of three purposes-Offensive, Defensive, Healing.
Offensive: Deal direct damage and/or confer attacking buffs.
Defensive: Confer damage reduction buffs and/or counterattacking properties.
Healing: Restore HP and/or remove debuffs.
Items are generally available from the start. However, there will be selected Items only unlockable through quests or your Vessel leveling up.

Note-Items are usable for both Units and Characters.

Scrolls are basically magic spells serving the same purpose as Items. However, Scrolls will grant better effect than Items. Scrolls are either available from the start or via your Vessel leveling up.

There are three types of Units-Ranged [symbol-Bow], Melee [symbol-Sword], Siege [symbol-Tower], Healing [symbol-Staff]. Damage dealt by Ranged Units will always ignore target enemy's Defense; Melee Units deal second highest damage on average; Siege Units deal highest average damage and affect multiple targets; Healing Units restore either HP, Stamina, or both. In order to use any Unit, player must first unlock that Unit either via Divine Favor or in-game requirement(s). At the same time, there will be certain Units available during the start.

Note-Every Siege Unit has its own cooldown time in terms of usage.

Unit Upgrades
Unit Upgrades can be unlockable via various means. Depending on whichever Unit in question, every Unit Upgrade can be unlocked either through individual quest(s), satisfying in-game requirement(s), or both. Alternatively, some Unit Upgrades can be accessible from the start due to relevant Units already available at the beginning.

Sacrifice Tokens
This is used to buy premium items. Alternatively, you can choose to use them to power up your Characters by one block per token. A Sacrifice Token is symbolized by a crimson coin with a knife motif. Sacrifice Tokens are also used to purchase to exclusive Characters and Units.

Divine Favor
Divine Favor is needed to summon additional Characters. One Divine Favor used will earn you a Character. A Divine Favor comprises of numerous Offerings where number of Offerings required to complete a Divine Favor varies accordingly with the individual Character. Divine Favor is symbolized by a plain purple banner lined with gold.

Wheel of Fortune
We all know how hot Vanna White was during the 80s and 90s (by my own estimation), this is another form of WoF. Basically, this will be a roulette wheel with twelve segments. Said wheel will have a cross axis splitting it into four quarters. First try is free, where subsequent tries will cost 4 Sacrifice Tokens per turn. If you opt for additional spins this way, any prize within the same quarter of your first prize will be doubled.*

*Note-Bonus gained this way also applies to your first prize.

You'll need this to do Quests and travel in between various Maps. Permanently set at 100 where player must spend 10 Energy per Quest. Travelling from Map to Map will require the relevant amount of Energy. Symbolized by a yellow lightning.

You'll need this to fight Battles. Permanently set at 10 where you must spend at least 1 Duel per Battle. Symbolized by a red flame.

Maps and Quests
There are three kinds of Maps available, namely Mortal, Immortal, and Nether. Mortal Map indicates travelling within the living world, i.e. our current world. Immortal Map allows travelling in the realm of Gods while Nether Map will lead the player to the underworld. Travelling from Mortal to Immortal will cost 20 Energy while travelling from Mortal to Nether costs 25 Energy. From Immortal to Nether and vice versa will cost 30 Energy.
Within any respective Map, there will be Quests available. In a Quest, there will be Battles and Deployments waiting for the player.
At the same time, Quest completion will have a five star mastery system where your performance in Quest completion matters most.

Note-Maps and Quests are only available via PvE.

Deployment is only applicable in PvE. While this is optional in any Quest, successful Deployment(s) will guarantee additional bonus in gaining specific Item(s)/ Scroll(s)/Unit(s). In order to complete a Deployment, you must use a specified Hero and Unit.

There are three types of Battles-Quest, Player, Boss. Quest and Boss Battles are counted as PvE while Player Battles are counted as PvP. A Quest Battle consists of generic enemies while a Boss Battle will pit the player against Boss enemies. In certain Quests, there will be multiple Boss Battles. A Quest Battle won will fetch the least average XP while a Boss Battle won will fetch a much higher average XP.

Allocation of who fights who is random by nature for PvP. The amount of XP gained through victory varies accordingly to the level of opponent Vessel defeated.

Better known as a PvP tournament, War consists of a five tier ranking system, namely Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Finishing a War with Wood tier will earn the player abundant Gold while finishing at Stone tier results in a few Divine Favors gained. A Bronze tier finish offers Sacrifice Tokens, Silver grants the player a high end Hero. Lastly, finishing at Gold tier will earn you an Epic Hero and any Pantheon of your choice.

Note-Victory in War will fetch you higher average XP for PvP.

How Duels are spent
Every Quest or Player Battle costs 1 Duel. Boss Battle costs 2 Duels. During any War, a Player Battle costs 3 Duels instead.

A special series of Quests concerning various exclusive Pantheon/Heroes. While it's possible to purchase these Characters via Sacrifice Tokens, the most straightforward way is to gain them for free via Journey. Different Journeys will yield different exclusive Characters. Completing every Quest in a given Journey at full mastery will earn you the exclusive Hero. However, you must complete the Journey one more time in order to gain the exclusive Pantheon. The only catch? You can say round 2 is quintessentially hell mode difficulty.

Note-A Journey will only last for a fortnight!

Conducting a Battle
In every given Battle, you will engage up till 4 enemies at a time, i.e. on the screen. Whoever has the highest Agility will go first. Battle is conducted in a turn-based manner where the Vessel will normally go last. You can include four Characters in a Battle, i.e. not the default number, where one of them must be the Vessel. You cannot have more than one Pantheon in play this way.

Note-The number of turns a Vessel can have equals the number of Characters under that Vessel's control.

Basically whatever options your Pantheon/Heroes have during Battle, namely Attack (first panel from the left); Defend (second panel); Recharge (third panel).
Attack-target any enemy to attack; any Attack Skill can be accessed through this panel.
Defend-reduce amount of damage taken; also affects chances of receiving no damage; any Defense Skill can be accessed through this panel.
Recharge-restore one third Stamina.

Note-A Vessel can only gain access to the Hall.

Because I feel like doing something creative, I decided to design Lee Se-young and Cú Chulainn. Okay, sorta anyway...

Visual design
Se-young: Simple casual wear comprising of... erm... okay, just try visualizing whatever Go Dok-mi would wear normally. That's me being too lazy fyi.
Cú Chulainn: Leather armor exposing his abdomen; forest green pants and grey boots; draped in a fur lined cloak.

Lee Se-young:
Tranquility-Whenever any Pantheon/Hero controlled by this Vessel recharges Stamina, remove all debuffs from that Character.

Cú Chulainn:
Ríastrad-Gains 10% Torque whenever taking damage; amount of Torque gained will increase damage accordingly; attack up to 3 enemies at the same time once Torque reaches 100%.
Demi-Counts as both Hero and Pantheon, i.e. a Hero with high Strength and Stamina.
Del Chliss-Gain 1 extra turn after activation; increases Attack damage for next 3 turns.
[Level 1 Skill; Melee Attack buff; consumes 30% Torque]
Dubán-Increase Defense until the next turn; 30% chance of counter against ranged attacks.
[Level 3 Skill; Defense; consumes 10% Torque]
Claidheamh Solius-Creates an arcing slash targeting all enemies on screen.
[Level 9 Skill; Melee Attack; Burning, i.e. additional damage lasting 3 turns]
Gáe Bolg-Unleashes seven attacks targeting all enemies on screen; the lesser number of enemies targeted this way, the higher damage dealt. Can only be used every 3 turns after the battle starts.
[Overdrive; Ranged Attack; Bleeding, i.e. affected targets take 40% more damage afterwards]

Possible XP bonus:
(Note-bonus XP set at +50)

Without Borders (Rivals)-Jumong
Good To Be Bad (Chaotic Characters)-Susanoo, Loki, Dionysus
Flirt (Flirtatious Characters)-Fergus mac Róich, Dionysus, Helen of Troy
Making War (Characters associated with warfare)-Ares; Jumong
Holy Bastards (Heroes associated with any Pantheon as a parent)-Dionysus, Heracles, Perseus, Loki, Vidar
I am your Father (father and son relationship)-Lugh
BFF (close friends)-Láeg

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The 3 Big Bad(ass) Wolves... (more bs on Aeranath-Prelude)

Okay, so apparently I got nothing to do apart from a bit of stomach discomfort. Focus might have gotten compromised, might as well do a post where I'm free to type anything and everything off my head. Oh, and this is just the prelude b/c I need more sleep tonight.

A wolf knows best the sinful man
This is the underlying theme of A Ranger's Tale, 'tis my intent to create my own humanistic take on high fantasy (note that I never used epic b/c the plot is anything but Tolkien-esque). It goes without saying that Aeranath is the titular character. However, as I've said to a churchmate 2-3 weeks earlier (wow, I must be really boliao to have such a photographic memory), the intent is to make Aeranath NOT as the default protagonist, but rather the plot focus. It's a bit like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings where titular characters count for naught in terms of whether they are main characters or side-cast (to be fair, Sauron was the villain while Bilbo is considered the catalyst character to Thorin's status as the main [anti-] hero). Hence, I'm prepared to create various POV characters compared to just 2-3 (to be frank, I think I've already done much more than just Aeranath, Guy, and Alestrial).

It's a one man journey story where hard questions will be asked from the related cast, whether they like it or not. At the centre of everything lies Aor, a mysterious antagonist who at the same time is the sole reason behind our titular bloke's current life.

As I've said so clearly to my curious churchmate back then, Aeranath could just easily let the world burn if it means an end to his obsession. In fact, I won't be surprised if Aeranath still remains this way if we're talking about current plot progress.

Big Bad Wolf
A token symbol of evil and avarice, wolves have been feared, shunned, and hunted ever since we human beings understood the 26 alphabets. Okay, that's a hyperbole, but I'll have to be frank here: I used to hate wolves also.

You see, man can never be God. Hence, you do NOT assume whatever said by man to be the Word of God unless said speaker can present undisputed proof on an objective basis. Sadly, our irrational fear towards this splendid creation of God is anything but correct (well, Genesis did say all things God have created are good). From superstitions (and I'm not talking about my own local S'poreans) to slanderous tales without scientific basis (unless genetic science can prove to me the possibility of human beings growing fur instead of hair), from Europeans to Native Americans (note that different Native American tribes will have different interpretations on whether wolves are good or evil), it seems that people enjoy talking about four legged beings and not whether a fellow two legged being had just died last night.

For Aeranath, he's truly a wolf in the sense that people shunned him. Those who witnessed his anger and whims will only fear him. He doesn't give a damn to what other people think, this lone-wolf parallel was actually the chief inspiration behind The Known World's version of this creature. Yet, the fear factor and being shunned by others were left clearly untouched.

Going back to the erroneous perception of this magnificent beast, I find it rather fun to use ourselves as the mirror role. Quite obviously, we won't end up being werewolves just by looking at the mirror. However, whatever negative traits homo sapiens superior tend to associate wolves with, we ourselves actually have bundles of it. Let's see what we have here, hmm?

Greedy as a wolf-This is something people are used to saying and seeing, yet not so understanding. Obesity is a global malaise, but you don't see any fat wolves prancing about. Wolves devour a lot of meat in order to last themselves for prolonged period. Wildlife scientists have proven to every ignorant Dick and Jane that their chance of a successful hunt is quite below the median percentage, i.e. 50%. Due to the most obvious, people living a few centuries ago were unable to comprehend this.
How this played out for Aeranath:
He's a sellsword. In short, his loyalty lies in survival and purse strings. Money isn't everything, but without money you're nothing.

Savage as a wolf-Wolves are believed to be malicious. In particular, the ancient Chinese tend to associate them with the northern nomadic tribes on every sinful charge possible. In fact, many a believer would have no qualms in arguing home that wolves enjoy feeding on human flesh.
How this plays out for Aeranath:
He can be extremely bloodthirsty and callous whenever he wants to. Once he drew Fragarach, there's no turning back.

Perverted and lecherous-This is something we the Chinese (note that Chinese in this context is NOT China-exclusive) would associate wolves with. As someone familiar with the local media and beyond, I can assure you that the term 色狼 has been spammed in virtually every news and TV media possible.
How this plays out for Aeranath:
Ever ready for bitches, whores, and noble girls. Need I say anything more?

Above symbolic stereotyping will always result wolves getting judged harshly, be it media or actual stupidity. However, I must also add in that:
1. To be greedy is to be humane.
2. Human beings are perfectly capable of murder unless they believe themselves to be in error.
3. I always enjoy making fun of the stereotypical guy due to a legitimate reason.

Compare above factors with Aeranath and we'll get:
1. Aeranath only earns enough to survive and enjoy basic pleasures.
2. Aeranath doesn't need a court trial if he wants you dead.
3. At least Aeranath isn't guilty of rape (yes, 'tis officially legit).

I'm NOT saying Aeranath is a better individual than the worst criminals humanity has ever seen. In fact, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind being associated with people like Adolf Hitler and Nero, historical individuals cursed with infamy. Rather, he'd prefer being an actual scoundrel than being a hypocrite. At least an honest man will never judge and you can be damned sure as hell that an actual scoundrel is an honest one.

To be cont'd...

A/N: Suddenly realised one thing I failed to notice till recently-This

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pre-mortem 2014 (Group C/Part 2)

Okay, I'm back, guys. With the remaining two teams of Group C left for dissecting, I realised it's high time for me to try guessing why Karanka has yet to appoint a permanent PA. If the bookmakers are to toss their proverbial die, I'm pretty sure we'll see either Jamie "stand-in bloke" Clapham or Mark "'You try getting ****ing near him!" Venus. Either way, a promoted Boro is a happy Boro. Let alone this Sad Smoggie Bastard still in pining (?) mode.

Group C

République de Côte d'Ivoire
Talk cock intro: This is a relatively young footballing nation in the African continent. One thing worthy of note is the fact that African football only started hitting top gear during the past 5-10 years. Ivory Coast's footballing heritage, suffice to say, is nothing compared to the likes of Ghana, Cameroon, and Senegal. [1] In fact, even Japan have a deeper footballing history by comparison. Which only made La Montée Les Éléphants even more super hiong. If I mentioned Ivory Coast to any fellow locals prior to 2006, I believe their first response might go something like "oh, do they produce legal oil or illegal diamonds?" [2]

Without a doubt, Didier "Peacemaker Kurogane" Drogba is a big man with a far bigger heart. This is a bloke receiving plaudits for his goal scoring prowess despite being a non-French black. [3] Yet, I believe it was down to him playing Ivory Coast's very own Bran Stark which caused one whole nation to unite under a dreamer's banner. Cynics nevertheless scoffed at his efforts to bring temporary respite via a national sport, but I don't see Le Mastodonte slowing down within the next 5-10 years. After that period, it will be interesting to see whether the momentum will cease or continue gaining steam.

Le fardeau de la preuve: The main reason why Group C is commonly seen as a straightforward group is down to the Latin American climate. Humidity is merely one half of the equation, the heat being that other half. I'm not too sure how African teams will measure up to the former, but definitely they can handle the heat.

Formation wise, chances are that they will play a compact 4-3-3. While 4-5-1 is a possibility, it will only work effectively against Japan at best. Against Greece and Colombia, the onus will lie in drawing first blood, something which Les Éléphants is perfectly capable of. While everybody knows Didier "Peacemaker Kurogane" Drogba, I'm pretty sure Sabri "le Compagnon" Lamouchi will have a couple of aces up his sleeve. Wilfried "not related to Ron Bone" Bony will be hungry to prove his worth from the bench while only a fool will discount Gervinho's class. In Salomon "Drogba's dawg" Kalou, Les Éléphants will have that stabilising factor in the firing squad.

However, I believe the midfield engine will be where Le Saccage shall start the rampage. In Yaya "tidak papaya" Toure, we have someone capable of breaking play upfront and anchoring the ball anywhere from the defensive third till the middle park. A lot has been said on Patrick "don't hate Fergie, hate Keano" Vieira and Roy "Take that, you c***!" Keane being the greatest strongmen of their time, do not discount something like this.

Prediction: My guess will be Les Éléphants trampling Japan and Greece. Granted this is a daring prediction [4], but this a team priding itself in physical strength and pace. The technical end will be where Les Éléphants must prove themselves as either Les Challengers or Les Prétendants. Although 2014 is a leap of faith too far, but surely Brazil will be the perfect stage to showcase their skills.

Who I'd like to see in her national colours
Elizabeth Zunon

Talk cock intro: China is rejoicing [4], South Korea is laughing [5]. Why I am saying this is because chances of サムライ・ブルー surviving this group is practically...

When we talk about Japan, only two things come to mind. Eroge and AV. The rest, we all tend to place on the back burner. However, there's nothing erotic about Japanese football unless you happen to be someone worshiping some kind of gay propaganda. [6]

You see, サムライ・ブルー will most likely remain as the number 1 Asian powerhouse at least until 2018-2022. Granted South Korea is gaining ground swiftly, but one thing サムライ・ブルー have is a substantial talent pool in terms of flair players. This is something South Korea is trying to replicate, I'll get to that once the correct time comes. Yet, サムライ・ブルー still remains the most technical team in Asia where the only reason why South Koreans are able to pull a few wedgies over their much hated regional rivals is down to effective disruption of tempo. [7] Against the Ivorians and Colombians, サムライ・ブルー will be sorely outfought and outwitted. Against Greece, this will be where the fun part comes. Watch this space below...

責任: The fact that サムライ・ブルー have no chance in hell of surviving this group shouldn't be an excuse for the entire team to perform 切腹 halfway through 90 mins. I detest watching territorial politics unfolding, but I do enjoy good football whenever the chance presents itself. And trust me when I say サムライ・ブルー are capable of that. The group stage is already 100% disadvantageous, coupled to this the Latin climate and it's a no-brainer.

Physique wise, they cannot fight. Technique wise, I don't see Ivory Coast and Colombia throwing the fight. Against Greece, サムライ・ブルー will be facing an opponent more or less their equal. In Honda "Civic" Keisuke, we have an intelligent ball player whose greatest strength lies in vision and holding up play. Capable of playing in a whopping total of 3 positions [8], this should be an accurate indication that this Honda Civic really means business.

At the same time, only a 馬鹿 will discount Kagawa "Evil Kagawa" Shinji as a force utterly spent. Just because his current gf is some hot AV idol doesn't mean anything unless you happen to be Wilfried "my boss got hot daughter" Zaha. High crass jokes aside, Shinji's greatest weapon lies NOT in playing behind the lone CF, but rather sublime ball control and off ball intelligence. Unlike his Honda Civic 兄弟, Shinji thrives on space and freedom rather than wu lia kiu boh. He's capable of playing at the flank, trust me on that. [9]

Oh, and one more thing. サムライ・ブルー are also known for their tenacity second only to the Koreans. It really has a lot to do with their post-war history.

Prediction: Do you really want Vince McMahon's number just to confirm what I want to say here? I only keep tabs on any girl I fancy, not some rich heel owner.

Who I'd like to see in her national colours
Aragaki Yui

To be cont'd...
Next up-Group D

[1]: I bet money on France win, you know! Senegal win 1-0, I lose until tengkor!
~convo during my full time ITE days. Many a shit was funny as hell so long no one subjected me under verbal hell.
[2]: Okay, the last part was Sierra Leone, not Ivory Coast. Don't believe me, go ask Bar Refaeli's famous ex.

[3]: Les Bleus=Les Noirs. Technically speaking, I wasn't the inventor. Georges Freche got his backside kenna poke b/c of his 9/11 racial theory.
[4]: Despite missing out on the World Cup post-Korea/Japan.
[5]: Despite facing an equally certain death via grouping.
[6]: Well, gay not as in me=homophobic, but...

[7]: 'Tis something tactical, guys. Don't believe me, go ask Wenger.
[9]: Not wanting to sound sarcastic nor am I insinuating anything, but at least give Moyes some credit over something which Ser A.Fergie failed to accomplish all the while.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pre-mortem 2014 (Group C/Part 1)

Yes, I've been procrastinating till now, no excuses here. Since I've already got a Wordpress blog on football, guess the World Cup 2014 multi-post will be my last footie talk for this blog. Which now comes to it, how many groups are left? At the same time, why did I feel a funny shiver down my spine? As if weird stuff is happening somewhere? Nah, must be me getting too paranoid. Either that or we will lose to Blackpool Inc(e).

Group C

República de Colombia
Talk cock intro: Traditional regional powerhouse, this will be how people describe this nation. However, it wasn't until the most recent qualifiers that people started calling Colombia just that, a regional powerhouse. Technically speaking, I'd rather call Colombia a resurgent powerhouse.

This is a nation brimming with proud footballing heritage and tradition, yet 1994 proved to be a near-death knell for Los Cafeteros. I still remember playing as a defender during my secondary school days where I just can't play anywhere else. My existence was deemed a liability and every of my classmates would say "Hey, you take Minghui!", "No lah! You take him!", "But he will make us lose matches!", "Same for us what!" In one of my greatest moment of personal humiliation, one particular classmate even called me openly Andrés Escobar.

I don't know how every Colombian will feel over this confession of mine, but it is indeed true that 1994 would be remembered for all the wrong reasons. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someone told me Escobar's untimely death actually went a long way in traumatizing one entire nation's footballing future. Better known as El Caballero del Fútbol, only people like this type below would scoff at a good man brutally murdered.
Any dream of making a comeback only made the next decade plus more unbearable. It wasn't until Copa América 2011 that Los Cafeteros dared to dream once more. This time, there's no turning back. A shock 3-0 loss to a strong Peru team had many local watchers fearing whether their beloved nation would ever see a brand new dawn. After all, Korea/Japan 2002 was a heartbreaking year. Come the 2014 qualifiers, Los Cafeteros could at last say "Viva el Sueño!"

La responsabilidad: Like Verde-Amarela, the players' greatest enemy are themselves. Why 2002 was considered a nightmare wasn't down to team quality, but rather a weak attack and a weaker dressing room. This time round, the players will do well not to repeat history once again. Quality wise, this has to be the greatest Los Cafeteros for many a year. Mentally wise, esto es sólo el principio. In particular, it's good to see Taylor Swift's The Red Tour giving Colombia a miss. I swear Los Cafeteros have nothing against her, but surely they have gotten sick and tired of a certain color mentioned here.

One thing the Chinese are famous for is a taboo mentality, better known as pantang. I'm pretty sure the Latin amigos would have no issues with addressing death, hence please allow this desviada de Singapur to invoke the name of Andrés Escobar.

My point in a nutshell? You can't revive the dead, but you can make his family feel proud. Again, Viva el Sueño.

Special mention has to be reserved for  José "Jackie Pék" Pékerman. This is an extremely shrewd tactician capable of playing Gandalf the White along the touchline. Through his footballing brain, Colombia's greatest strength lies NOT in a strong attack but a stable defensive platform four by four. Like his first namesake, i.e. José "O Especial" Mourinho, the finest portion of Jackie Pék himself lies in saving the best for the last. If there's any magic capable of turning the tide, it would be a tactical substitution or two.

Prediction: Colombia's group stage fortune has to be the greatest no-brainer. On paper, only Ivory Coast can put up a decent fight. Greece and Japan will have a hard time fighting for numero tres. It's only when we get past this stage where la Batalla will officially commence. Neutrals, foreigners and locals alike will be rooting for numero uno, but as a certain Mr Tay Tai Ming once stated: "The ball is round, anyone can win."

Who I'd like to see in her national colours
Karen Carreno

Ellīnikī́ Dīmokratía
Talk cock intro: Foinikas, you owe me a big one for this part. Now let's continue, shall we? Firstly, what is the first word one will associate with Greece? Surely anything bar football. On the bad end, we'll hear words like austerity and bailout. On the good side, Greece boasts of an impressive cultural heritage and hot chicks. [1] No matter what, Greece has gone a long way since Heracles managed to bless Euro 2004. The greatest strength behind Galanolefki is a sense of unity amounting to unpredictable excellence. This is best proven NOT during Heracles 2004, but rather Spartans 2012. Against the odds, Galanolefki managed to pull off yet another Piratiko. Given that major crisis happening back home, one can surmise King Leonidas is truly greater than the son of Zeus and Alcmene.

Sadly, however, Galanolefki is preparing to stare down yet another shotgun barrel. Granted no one gave them a chance in hell to survive their group stage during Euro 2012, but this will be arguably a far tougher fight. Firstly, Foinikas' beloved Ethniki had acquitted themselves well during the qualifiers. Second comes the hardest part: Maria Sharapova's mother nation taking a tumbling bow was down to a combination of freak circumstances and 90 mins of wtf. [2] In short, we have Heracles 2004 and Leonidas [3] 2012. Come 2014, will we see Broskander the Great? [4]

το βάρος: Gotta love Greek fonts, no? Now onto the important stuff. Firstly, it's of utmost imperative for the Greeks to retain possession. In a host nation where ball retention=/=unique culture, only England can say "we invented football for teh lulz!" [5] The good thing about Galanolefki lies in Fernando "Jason and the Argonauts" Santos being a compatriot to a certain late titan [6] while via Otto "Aegis German" Rehhagel, Galanolefki was a Labyrinth forged from the skies. From how I see it, Santos never tried fixing whatever unbroken.

The greatest problem behind Rehhagel's Labyrinth is a consistent lack of goals. During 2004, no one could replicate Theseus' most well known feat. Come post-2004,  Daedalus got himself busted for good. The glorious trail left behind by Argo shouldn't be discounted as some one-off wonder. 2012 managed to prove this point, imo it's best for Galanolefki to enjoy the process of playing rather than the pressure of winning. 

Prediction: Playing football is somewhat akin to being a Singaporean. Only results matter, damn all the rest. However, Santos' paramount priority should lie in fine-tuning the Argonauts' mentality. Convincing them foremost that only a miracle will take them to the top spot is merely the first move. The hard part comes when Santos starts talking about second place. Period. Whether Ionioi Hetairoi can be materialized however...

Who I'd like to see in her national colours
Maria Louiza Vourou

To be cont'd...
Next up-Part 2 of C

A/N-If this post cause any nosebleed, be known that this is called unintentional consequences.

[2]: Something which cost Dick "where is my national job?" Advocaat absolutely nothing in terms of CV upgrade.
[5]: Os ingleses o inventaram, os brasileiros o aperfeiçoaram