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Monday, 6 January 2014

Of Gods and Men (Part 5)/Vessels Intro (Celtic)

Change of plans, it seems. Of Gods and Men has now changed its genre. I blame Marvel Avengers Alliance and the fact that I've scored myself a Dr Doom lockbox lottery. More to follow after I finish doing the Vessels.
I don't profess to be a professional fanfic writer nor am I a fan of any individual. If I don't put this disclaimer, many people will end up shrieking 씨발놈아!

^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^

Vessel of Éire
Lee Se-young
(South Korea)

"So how's your birthday?"

I ignore Jung-rim's question as I brush my arm past her. Immediately, I feel a painful tug on my hair. Turning around to face the most popular girl in school, I try staring her down. Receiving only mocking laughter, I realize that no matter how hard I try, Lee Se-young will always be Lee Se-young. Managing to shut myself away from the surrounding inferno, the chatter of gossipers failed to breach my inner fort.

"Remember this, Se-young. You're beautiful no matter what people say, jealousy is the only reason why we tend to hurt those having nothing to do with us."

This was the final words left behind by my Seonsaeng-nim before he departed for Italy. Why nobody understood the platonic friendship between us, I do not know.

"Huh, platonic friendship? Are you sure it's not platonic love?"

And neither do I care.

^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^

"Wait, you're giving me what?"

Staring at this insolent brat has always been a chore, all I did is to give him my favorite book. Some things will never change, let alone some people.

"Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri."

"Fuck you, old man," his tone anything but friendly, I choose to let him blabber on.

"I understand Italian because Gaius Julius Caesar was one."

"He's Roman, Sét," smiling to myself, at least I've pulled one over this self-assured boy twice overgrown.

"Roman or Italian, makes no difference," shrugged my charge. Then comes the damning question.

"Why are you giving me this funny novel?"

^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^

After that dream moments ago, I realize insomnia has decided again to haunt me like a lingering specter. Indeed I shouldn't have watched that idiotic horror movie. Kim Tae-jung, I hate you like a cockroach dwelling in a dank cellar.

But that dream was nothing like what I've seen in that show. His fierce rugged looks nevertheless beautiful, this was indeed an entity blessed with immortal grandeur.

"Oh, you're finally awake."

Like an icy river washing over me, I jolted up in shock. Staring incredulously at him, I could only marvel at his boyish good looks. How old is he, I really desired to know. In my life, there are two books capturing my imagination. One was Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind, the other Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

"Hey, do you have anything to drink?"

Huh? Am I hearing things?

"Something to drink," his exasperated look not gone unnoticed, I suddenly reacted to his drinking gesture.


^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^

"You did what?"

Apparently, only an idiot wouldn't wish to smash in that smug look on Fergus mac Róich. Sadly, only a cretin would try doing that and die trying so. Countless ages ago, the son of Riangabar failed miserably. Now I still have to greet this cocky son of a bitch.

"Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri, my personal favorite."

We both know only too well that Cú dislikes Romans, you sex maniac. So what else is new, Láeg?

"That boy needs a sheath," sighed that giant of a ginger, "Ríastrad is both a boon and curse. Call it a geis since birth if you want to, but that thing is ten times more of a danger than Gáe Bolg itself."

"It's not his fault!" snapping at the only warrior capable of beating my best comrade is definitely the dumbest act ever, but not for this Prince of Charioteers.

"I second that, Láeg. Blame Scáthach for being a slut. Poor Emer, but at least Conchobar never got emasculated. The Hound of Culann should have done humanity a service."

I gaped in shock towards Fergus' nonchalance, every Ulsterman knew the bad blood between him and his scoundrel king nonetheless. Yet, what does it have to do with Cú's mentor is something beyond me.

"Emer is starting to stir," said Fergus abruptly, his darkest visage at last telling me why he mentioned that enemy most hated, "Someone better inform Cú Chulainn of that dangerous pervert. If Emer gets fucked, this entire peninsula will be baptized through torque and in blood."

Torque... Morrígan, you're one hell of a bitch to give me a bike shop. I'm gonna disembowel the next person mentioning the word irony.

"Well, thanks for your Earl Grey, Láeg," winked Fergus, the nature of his grin telling me he's going to say something smart, "Unfortunately, I hate Earl Grey."

Fergus mac Róich, you bloody son of a bitch. At least he didn't mention the best way to halt hi...

"Oh, I suddenly remember how to stop that rabid mutt once he enters berserk mode again. Remember the sight of beautiful tits? I don't see any differences between the local fillies here and our best Ulster maidens."

Shit, I should have tried earning fame as a seer instead.

^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^

"You did what?"

So is this supposed to be that "beauty" my old man mentioned? And to think Lugh actually has good taste in women.

"They called you a tramp."

If looks can kill, Medb would have ruled over the Ulaid. Thankfully, my little Korean princess is nothing like that queen battleaxe.

"I don't need you to settle things for me. One last chance. Either you pack up the next day or I'll call the cops tomorrow."

I heard this peninsula kingdom is a boring place, indeed it's true. At least I now know what the culprits look like.

"They never caught anyone beating up some homeless bloke, but at least they roasted a few guilty overgrown lambs. See, I know my fairy tales!" Feeling a wide grin creeping up my face, maybe this journey won't be so boring after all.

"Oh no, what am I gonna do?" whined my maiden fair. Maybe I should offer her a solution.

"Don't worry, your tormentors won't remember a shit apart from a few doors wrecked," shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly, I'm pretty sure she will explode soon enough. Her visage says it all, seriously.

"That's the female washroom! Do you even understand what's an all girls school?"

"Something for the girls to learn? Don't worry. As an Ulsterman, I understand."

Okay, that's a big fat lie. Cú Chulainn knows nothing. I owe Scáthach a big one for being my informant though. At least her crows managed to place a geis on them. If those girls want have nice lovers, they better make sure nothing really happened.


Silence is indeed golden. Then again, she looked more beautiful this way.

"One last chance, you horny mutt. Either me or that fairy queen."

Wait a minute, why am I thinking about her?

^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^    ^)(^