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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Analysis for Fate/Zero: Episode 1 (part 2)

Note: While my body is now feeling much better (at least enough for me to report to work tomorrow), I realized that I need to split this post into 3 parts due to me not wanting to rush things in any way or form (and hopefully my workload won’t be too heavy as well).

Tohsaka Tokiomi
Firstly, there's very little I can write about him as of now apart from the most obvious. Namely he's your typical Nasuverse Magus. And by that, I mean having the desire in reaching the Root (Nasuverse's equivalent of the Holy Grail from Arthurian legends). Interestingly enough, unlike Kayneth, Tokiomi isn't the your typical "god of versatility" because he's a specialized fire user unlike his nearest competitor specializing in Alchemy, Spiritual evocation, and Summoning. However, there's a very good reason why our main hero Emiya Sr regarded him as one of the two most dangerous opponents during the upcoming Grail War. Because Tohsaka as a Magus family have a very long history dating all the way back during the Japanese feudal era. In fact while it's a fair enough statement to say that Kayneth is most likely the strongest competitor, the only reason why Tokiomi is regarded as that no.2 was only down to the Tohsakas not having the kind of immense magical lineage during the start. In short, the Tohsaka family can be seen as a slow burner finally coming good. Now interestingly enough, Tokiomi's statement of the Tohsakas "being the only one out of the original three still yet to lose its direction in trying to reach the Root" was indeed true. Because together with the Tohsaka family, the Einzbern family and Makiri family (later to be known as Matou) were the ones creating the Holy Grail. In short, you can say the Big 3 are the ones causing the shit. Now while it's true to say that every Master in the series is a selfish bastard, I'll have to say that in a very twisted sense, Tokiomi's selfishness has always been one that is the most acceptable in the eyes of every Magus. Because you know something, guys? Every Magus can tell you that reaching the Root should be the highest aim in life (which is why we end up seeing ambitious characters in the Nasuverse like Araya Souren and Aozaki Touko). In fact come to think of it, didn't Aozaki Aoko herself managed to reach the Root momentarily during Mahou Tsukai no Yoru? (Okay, I know I'm bullshitting here on Aoko's front. >.<)

Matou Kariya
Firstly and foremost, I really like this guy as a character. Out of all the 7 Masters, he has to be that one man most willing to jump straight into the fires of hell for whatever he believes to be right. Even though whatever that's “right” in this instance is all about his love for Zenjou Aoi. Now in spite of his utterly wrecked character (which was ultimately justified in the most horrific manner nearing the end), Kariya has be the MOST innocent character I’ve ever seen in the entire cast. To him, his aim was very simple. Something which EVERY decent guy (like yours truly) can truly empathize with: to protect the ones he loved the most. For him, it has never been about protecting Aoi because prior to the 4th Grail War, she had to leave Fuyuki City together with Rin (yes! That tsundere Tohsaka Rin).

But what about Matou Sakura? We all know that Sakura in truth, wasn’t part of the Matou family, let alone whatever magical lineage to do with it. Sakura was literally Rin’s younger sister. Both being daughters of Tohsaka (Zenjou) Aoi and Tohsaka Tokiomi. However upon news that Sakura was being given up for adoption to the Matou family, Kariya sorta broke. You see, Kariya might be someone still pining for Aoi’s love, but at the same time he accepted wholeheartedly the fact that Aoi had, in the end, accepted Tokiomi rather than himself. He could have said “**** it” and leave, but he never did so when it comes to saving Sakura.

Interestingly enough, a lot of his personal motivation has to do with how much he hated his own family. Now this is one man with a whole load of balls. Ballsy enough to even effectively say **** you to Matou Zouken through his decision to bail out of his family. However, it seems that he had to swallow his pride for good. Because he never foreseen Tokiomi’s decision to send Sakura away despite whatever Kariya knew about his corrupted old man (which interestingly enough doesn’t really mean that this is the type of knowledge privy to Tokiomi as well).

Now at this point of time, I need to highlight one very interesting fact about Kariya and the Matou lineage in general. Simply put, the magical lineage within the Matou family has essentially dried out for whatever reasons I don’t know about. Kariya was the only one capable of reviving the family due to him truly having a Magus’ lineage literally. In short, the others in the family (excluding Zouken of course) are a bunch of certified failures.

Most classic example: Shinji.

Now let’s just talk a bit about Sakura because she’s the actual catalyst behind Kariya’s “kill or to be killed at all costs” persona. If we understand the fundamentals of the Heaven’s Feel route in Fate/stay night (and Fate/Zero IS the prequel after all), we’ll understand that more oft than not, creations most twisted foul exist for a reason. And that includes the penis worms above all. Now I’m not about to go in depth about whatever insidious plans Zouken has for Sakura since it has nothing to do with the major plot here (apart from justifying Kariya’s worth both in-plot and in-character), but seriously guys, Zouken is a sick buggery ****. And that’s why we end up seeing Kariya rage-quitting.

A/N: Because I want to prove that my assessment on Kariya is truly spot on, try imagining the kind of pain and insanity you’ll have to go through by having countless worms eating your body away. That’s the kind of living hell Kariya had to live with and ultimately endure greatly without going 100% broken.

The above picture was Kariya before he was disfigured self-voluntarily.
Just a brief note to end this post:
Is it any wonder why I find him so endearing? I believe this was the basis behind his final design. Because there's a need to create a vast contrast between Tokiomi's sophisticated aura and Kariya's average Joe nature prior to that thrice damned agreement with Zouken. Tokiomi had always been a far more self centered character than most while without an overwhelming desire to save Sakura and salvage Aoi's happiness, Kariya would still be that plain looking bloke looking to earn a mundane living.