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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Alliance of the Atom (C upgrade)

Now got a good idea on which famous 8 to use for C cards. Also, I decided to say **** it and let it be. Simply put, no fixed quota on antagonists and protagonists this time round.

C 001: Iron Fist



Damage Type-Unarmed Melee
[can choose to use Hearts as Attack and Spades as Defend during combat]

Power [Brawl]
Iron Chi-Can opt to skip Iron Fist's current turn. Iron Chi cannot be used for Iron Fist's next turn.
You can choose one out of four choices below during your next Draw Phase.
[Healing Chi-1st Healing card played will double amount of HP recovered]
[Critical Chi-+4 damage for Iron Fist's next Attack. Not applicable against Defending Burst]
[Fortress Chi-Iron Fist cannot be damaged during the next Defend card played. Not applicable against Attacking Burst]
[Silent Chi-Immune to 1st Stun card played]

C 002: Angel



Damage Type-Unarmed Melee
[can choose to use Hearts as Attack and Spades as Defend during combat]

Power [Lock]
Soaring Free-1st Attack with value of 4 or more will give Angel one Lock Attack for free. Power can only be used once per turn.

C 003: War Machine



Damage Type-Energy Ranged
[1st Lock Attack costs nothing]

Power [Lock]
Noble Assistance: If you have any Clubs card in hand, you can choose to use it during opponent player's turn. You can only use this Power once till your next turn.

C 004: Morbius



Damage Type-Unarmed Melee
[can choose to use Hearts as Attack and Spades as Defend during combat]

Power [Wild Card]
Living Vampire: Whenever Morbius is attacked and you choose not to use a Defend card, draw a card from the attacking Character's deck. If drawn card is a Diamond numbering 2-10, use it to heal Morbius according to the card value.
[Wild Card effect: Morbius gains immunity to next Attack]

C 005: Mister Fantastic



Damage Type-Unarmed Melee
[can choose to use Hearts as Attack and Spades as Defend during combat]

Power [Wild Card]
Elastic Deflection: Defend card with value 8 or more will nullify any non-Burst Attack targeting Mister Fantastic.
[When Defending Burst is used-Redirect damage to one target Character]
[Wild Card effect: Draw one card from Mister Fantastic's deck whenever this Power is used]

C 006: Sentinel



Damage Type-Energy Ranged
[1st Lock Attack costs nothing]

Power [Lock]
Extermination Programming: Sentinel can never be healed. Any Diamonds card used together with a Spades card will increase current Attack by 1. Can only use this Power once per turn.
[Using Diamonds card with value of Jack/Queen/King-Deals 1 Lock Attack which affects all opposing players' Characters]

C 007: Mystique



Damage Type-Unarmed Melee
[can choose to use Hearts as Attack and Spades as Defend during combat]

Power [Leadership]
Imposter: If you have the least number of Characters in play during anytime, Mystique will copy the stats of any Character belonging to target opposing player.

C 008: Avalanche



Damage Type-Energy Ranged
[1st Lock Attack costs nothing]

Power [Lock]
Seismic Shock: Whenever any of your Character uses a Burst card, Avalanche deals 7 points Damage to every opposing Characters.

Renewed Spring, Brand New Struggle

Land is always surrounded by Sea, Love is always besieged by War. Land will always set itself apart from Sea, Love and War will always walk down the aisle.
~Eliador de Lioncourt


A Ranger's Tale


Fionn of Cumhaill, do you remember our time contending beneath the Fianna’s banner? I, Arondight of the Lake, hereby entrust Ceres unto an oath sworn many a year ago, for tidings of war now beckons.


NE 241, Spring

Alestrial Eliaden woke up abruptly, tears and sweat present with nary a drop of blood or a single bruise. It was a dream, a nightmare she should not live through. Jarvis Dukes was already dead and so were Yeras and everybody else. Forcefully fed by reality, she could never be sure on whether there's such a person named Hugue Lloris.

"Hugue Lloris is merely a mirror you desired. A reflection corrupted not by the Serpent myself, but rather this world itself. So will you believe in a liar when he says you're still innocent and unblemished, right here, right now?"


The defiled maid turned to the right of her mahogany bed, a tearful Yeras Wynda embracing her tightly. The foolish little girl was already dead, rape had murdered her. Spoken rumour from lips undeniably true confirming Alestrial’s darkest fear months ago, Yeras Wynda was now reduced to a slave, toy, and every man’s whore. Anything more, her sole living pillar opted not to speak another word.

"Hush, Yeras. It's alright. I’m on your side…"

"Yeras," an apologetic voice crept out from an opening door crafted from finest of pinewood, mother of pearl and precious stones completing the dazzling gate. Stiffened shoulders as tension’s proof, Alestrial knew this was no voice belonging to an Elf.

“Luk,” nodded Yeras.

“Yeras, I’m sorry, but… our liege requests an audience with Lady Alestrial of House Eliaden.”

Eyed with steely hatred from his Cinha object of reference, the well groomed androgynous brunette never filched. Yeras got up in response, a brief curtsy mocking all that Alestrial Eliaden had stood for.


A now changed auburn haired girl paused in her steps, the following instance she was gone.

“You look better this way. Never imagine myself saying…”

A slap taking him off guard, the unnamed lad could have done what the stunties did to her. But then again, having survived the worst, the lady of Eliaden doubted actual Hell to be any worse. Forcing a stare at him eye to eye, no one told the Cinha girl she was free not to do so.

“A pair of beautiful jewels,” hailed his audible murmur, “Could have been the finest pair of darkest pearls, yet now a pair of hardest agates.”

“Agates are different from black pearls, dearest gentleman,” her bitter tone dripping with venom, Alestrial’s verbal barbs became her only solace, her only comfortable cell.

“Not just colour, fairest Milady,” a wistful smile greeting a raging volley, “Agates are said to be one of the hardest stones. By the way, this is Lukas Brun at your service.”

“Save me your hypocrisy, Young Master Brun.”

“I’m never one.”

There it was once again, Lukas’ apology shamelessly brazen. It was by fine luck that he did not choose to curtsy. Alestrial would have pushed herself and him down the window, plummeting death the best promise given to herself.


A richly decorated room containing exotic animals breathed life into exquisite drawings hanging on the walls, purple orchid prints surrounded an Elf naked waist up in open daylight, "Miliege, Lady Alestrial of House Eliaden is here."

“Good,” waved the decadent monarch, “You are dismissed, Lukas. Return back to your calling.”

As Alestrial took her seat opposite a smirking Elf, she felt pain for the mindless boys wholly naked. Whether they were truly homosexuals no longer mattered, the fact that corruption understands no satiation was more than to bear.

"Raven locks shorn at shoulders' height... indeed such a look really compliments you,” Eliador’s grin never straying far, “Better than that noble little girl if I say so myself."

Golden hair in medium length styled flamboyantly, the top half was spiked back in an elegant manner as a figure lithe and athletic did nothing to hide a predator's aura. A long sleeved shirt in white adorned with a frilly front complimented seamlessly a red sash tied at the waist as a pair of dark brown trousers and matching leather shoes portrayed forth an actual gentleman truly vicious. Alestrial noticed a row of white daggers lined, this wasn’t a mortal being. She had heard old wives’ tales telling stories on those preying on fresh blood and living flesh, Eliador de Lioncourt fitted nicely a monster’s living portrait.

And his grey eyes of icy storms… yes, I am right on him.

Fingers abruptly snapped echoed like weeping cries from the dead, all his pretty boys bowed reverently. Obedience with nary a dissent, they took their leave while staying naked. Untold silence prevailing for eternity, every detail in the serpent's lair was not lost to Alestrial.

Because this room is no different from that one he's caging me in.

"What do you want?" queried the jaded lady at last, her identity no longer noble, "You stripped away everything from me except my life. Do you want my soul after robbing my chastity?"

"Chastity… why, my fairest lady, this is a strong word easily abused," grinned the fair Elf mockingly, a bite taken from a bunch of deep purple grapes, "Histalonia understands no such term just as no Histalonian can understand such a norm."

A vengeful heart threatening to rip itself off her pulsating breast, Alestrial would gladly let this be. Every tendril of sanity loathing him, mysterious tales behind the Homm'Nua became a reality of fear. Finally realising her folly the previous autumn, Alestrial Eliaden was wholly convinced that tales of fairest romance and fairer folk to be children’s tales.

Swiftest movement like a violent breeze pinning the defiled Cinha maiden aback, the unpredictable Elf suddenly resembled that grass viper Hugue Lloris talked about. His breath stank not of decay, his form reeked corruption. Back forced against the nearest wall, Alestrial Eliaden knew a second bout of violation could be on the cards. She’d rather a half decaying Naran Lloris dominating her delicate pink lips and naked writhing form.

"Have you seen my precious little gems?"

Damning question whispered assaulting her off guard, Alestrial understood what his meaning.

Captivating jewels deprived of life, captivating gems captivated… may the Holy Quintet smite you, Serpent of Histalonia.

Without waiting for an imminent reply most expected, Eliador de Lioncourt proclaimed his mocking judgment against every being under Heaven’s rule and walking this known world.

"If my trysts are to be the mark of greatest sin, how much of the world is indeed sane?"

Alestrial's soul gagged before Eliador’s venomous question, no other answer could ever be accepted. Her reaction verily music to this Elf's elongated ears, resistance had never been more futile. For a flashing moment, she wished to remain as the Dwarves’ harlot.

So shall I start first with your manly manhood? Definitely you lot have opened this girl up to a brand new world…

Pressure squeezing against her wrists, Alestrial still recalled her tormentors’ wailing pain. In spite of maidenhood plundered, the Cinha lass remained horrified towards Eliador’s death punishment meted out. Mayhap this was a deliberate demonstration, perhaps the Homm’Nua were really a sadistic bunch complete with demonic teeth. With nary a prior sign, a serpent's slender form suddenly glided away, a golden doorknob grasped firmly. No sooner a relieved breath was inhaled deeply, Alestrial received a numbing shock in courtesy of the Serpent of Histalonia.

"Surely you heard my words on killing a bunch of mongrel dogs back at the Dwarven longship, no? How will you judge me if I'm to tell you right here that Eliador de Lioncourt is never one to lie over statements of similar kind?"

"I'll gladly call you a liar because a deceitful tongue can destroy a nation far greater than murderers taking countless lives."

"Good for you then," Eliador de Lioncourt answered with a slippery smile, frigid orbs akin to massive tempest nullifying any a vibrant spring’s warmth, "Because you could have ended up a whore worthy of a thousand men compared to your friend capable of merely twenty."

"You bastard…"

If Eliador took notice of such an insult from his most prized trophy, he bothered no effort in giving her any assurance.

Cursing like sellsword, you are indeed born a False Noble, Milady Eliaden…


“Bitch…” muttered Amelia Lillien darkly, a green eyed glare narrowing against a beautiful maiden whose snowy mane fell unto her smooth bare shoulders.

As if detecting her grumblings from afar, the fair lady placed a finger on her lips. Feeling intense heat creeping up her heart, Amelia slumped herself onto the cold wooden floor. If there were signs pointing to hysteria, nobody made their dissent heard.

“Vagrants’ Hearth,” smiled the devious girl, “A humble inn, but more than suffice to hold our meeting, ah’ni”

If a partial blond seated opposite was really her target of mirth, he merely gave a derisive grunt. Lars Alterfate was not amused towards Sarel’s petty show, his sympathetic gaze lingering briefly onto the dead girl’s back. Yet, he could see reason behind this sneering jape. This was a well maintained place, fire crackling always ready to warm weary feet during winter. The flooring was done in simple manner, planks of higher grade hardwood nailed together. Its rafts being made of identical material, the roof’s thatching was flaxen hay. Stools and tables made from finely cut granite entertaining none, Vagrants’ Hearth was now a hearth for vagrant dead.

“Enough of your games, ah’mou,” he snapped suddenly, ruby eyes now aflame, “You’re not like that!”

“As Nanaya no Geun’Jin or Grand Damsel of the Church?” smirked Sarel, her visage forcing Lars to question whether he should just devour her on the spot.

That’s the last life you’ve taken here!” shouted the raging man beast, silver gauntlets grabbing the collar of Sarel’s revealing top, “Don’t fuck around with a Demon Hunter, bitch!”

“Bitch?” a mocking sigh was given in reply, her ruby orbs twinkling with malicious mischief, “Why me? Or maybe why them?”

“Geun…” the Demon Hunter tried his hardest to rein in that furious animal, a bestial of thousand beasts roar threatening to merge as one.

It’s not her fault. It’s not Geun’s fault that she becomes like that. It’s…

“Your fault,” answered Sarel a-matter-of-factly, “All Lars ah’ni’s fault, Aera ah’neo didn’t wrong anyone.”

Deceased memory erupting to life once again, Lars understood the irony justifying Nanaya no Geun’Jin’s taunting truth. He remembered why things had gone this way, Aeranath’s wrathful howl still haunting his sleep. Kagetsu no Hyo’Ah was the glue binding every broken shard, she was the balm soothing his wounds.

You love me, don’t you?

“Yes, I do,” whispered a shattered Lars.

But I love Aera.

“Yes, I know that,” smiled a broken Lars.

Sorry, Lars. I…

“You don’t have to apologise, Hyo,” a resolute Lars snapped himself back to sanity, a commoner’s regal stature reverted.

“Lars, please… save ah’mou… my… no, our ah’mou. Minatani’s ahmou…”

Minatani, a first person formality referring to family… Lars Alterfate had failed horribly, Lars Alterfate got defeated totally. Nobody could save Nanaya no Geun’Jin now. At least not him, that is. A little wonder why he believed Guy Cody’s dream to be a frivolous thing of beauty.

Even a hero has to take a piss, it’s called to relieve myself. Any shit with that, Goldwanker?

Goldwanker… fate surely has its merry quirks, noted Lars mentally. But for now, he had to try saving one single soul because Hyo’Ah died without saving anyone. The Demon Hunter knew verily why Sarel invited him here, some half famous gathering for adventuring folk. Garyth Parkins was a renowned soldier of his time, impetuosity untimely cutting short his time.

Both as a warrior and mortal… way to go, Lars Alterfate, you might have created a potential enemy through this.

“Let’s talk about an alliance,” her grin remaining wide, Sarel leaned forward in a bid to tease her prey, “Sort of, anyway.”

“A fucking alliance with a pair of fucking tits,” retorted Lars, ironic humour not lost on the Grand Damsel’s ears, “So who’s that lucky bloke?”

“I’d like to fuck you otherwise,” the seductress drew herself back as continual goading kept her giggling, “A pity…”

“A pity Aera Darko might be harbouring some normal fantasy at last,” snorted the partial golden blond, “Won’t be surprised seeing him shagging some False Noble chick.”

Silence permeating a turbulent ambience, fire and ice clashing together. Both understood what each other wants, Edwood would be the biggest prize yet. Napishtim foresaw an absolute value in a victory every craven Senator remaining blind thereof, the Red Lions were to be Sarel’s only pawns. To Lars, victory means one entire world, inner senses telling him of she-who-is-mocked.

Lady of Eliaden… stupid bitches getting bitched, only intelligent people ain’t them.

“Is this the place? Are you two my partners?”

A lone hulking figure loomed before the Demon Hunter’s view, his youthful countenance setting off warning unspoken. As he stepped beyond the porch, aura most volatile assailed Lars’ supernatural senses.

Oh, monster and freak. Lucky me and luckier Geun…

“Name’s Arondight,” surly introduction promptly given before being asked for it, Lars Alterfate managed to find time and space for a jester’s jab nevertheless.

“Well met, finest Ser Arondight. Lars Alterfate at your service, surely you don’t mind letting this lowly squire here off your hook.”


Background notes:

Ah'mou is the formal Cinha term for younger sister. Yes, this is East Asian rip off speaking here.

Histalonia is a massive island situated in between the Eastern Seas and Northern Seas, i.e. Eastern Seas being the oceanic territory adjacent to the Kalaran Empire and the Northern Seas being the same for Slarvea. Reviled for whatever moral vices running rampant, Histalonia managed to hold Causacean politics together through military neutrality and political diplomacy. Also Histalonians possess olive complexion, large beautiful eyes, and lustrous black hair. Try imagining them along the line of Hispanic/Middle Eastern people.

A/N: Inspired by the Iberian region. The naming is a combination of Hispania (His) and Catalonia (-talonia).

(Orang gatal’s) Final A/N: Histalonian women do have sexy curves. A certain article published by New Nation SG site must have messed my brain up a pretty good bit although I still subscribe to NN’s warped sense of humour.

Word of Maker: No Aeranath/Guy Cody this time round, paiseh. Original intent was to include their respective POV, but I would just end up risking too many shit, i.e. unwanted scene-to-scene lurching=Al Hussein x 10000000000.


World of Yore: SR 003-004

Apparently, Indonesia say haze fighting will take some time. Apparently, I say ganbatte and may the Force be with us/you all.
You shoot first+I shoot first=Harrison Ford always shoot first, next, last & Princess Leia in space bik also.
Jabba the Hutt 2 x confirmed as Jabba dio Hoot liao...

SR 003: Arondight, Knight of the Lake



Spd-5 Atk-80 Def-20 HP-420


Skill-Arms Master Unrivalled
Increase Atk, Def, and critical hit chances when attacking.
[Atk+10; Def+10; Crit chances+5%]

Area of Effect: surrounding circle, small
Charge time-Long
Type-Special [特殊]
Counter enemy Character's Magic.
Deal massive damage to the caster.
[200 HP damage]

[Vanguard/Rearguard Class]
Increase Def if chosen as Vanguard.
Increase Atk if chosen as Rearguard.
[Atk+5; Def+5]

Ability-Nigh Unbreakable
Area of Effect-Self
Charge time-Long
Type-Strengthen [強化]
Immune to enemy Magic and attacks.
Greatly increase Atk.


Nationality: ???
Exact Age: ???
Birth Place: ???
Likes: [O' Ceres... where art thou...]

Blood... head... whose head am I holding?

[Just look at you! Getting into trouble again!]

Ceres... is that you?

[Let's make a bet to see who will snag Ceres, deal?]


{Illustrator: Yoshio Sugiura}

SR 004: Eliador de Lioncourt



Spd-3 Atk-38 Def-40 HP-300


Increase all friendly Characters' Atk and Def.
[Atk+6; Def+10]

Area of Effect-frontal circle, medium
Charge time-Medium
Type-Special [特殊]
Deal damage to enemy Characters within range.
Affected targets cannot move for a short period.
[30 HP damage; Lasts 2.5 counts]

[Leader only Class]
Revival time for friendly Characters reduced
[-4 counts]

Ability-Charon's Path
Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Short
Type-Special [特殊]
Attacks all enemy Characters within range.
Affected targets will lose HP continually for a set period.
[-1% HP per count; Lasts 6 counts]


Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Status: Overlord of Histalonia
Aim: ???

O' Fool, why are you preaching?

O' Jester, why are you judging?

O' Cretin, why are you sinning?

{Illustrator: Wolfina}

Friday, 28 June 2013

World of Yore: Character Cards ver.SR (SR 001-002)

Title for my ART CCG listed as blog title now. Sadly, not enough reason to makerwank. So now onto the SR cards. If PR got 3, then SR got 3+1.

P.S: Decided to troll that most recent local website hacking incident, done the Smogaporean job hours ago via lawful FB status. However, I can swear before all that I am bastard, but I no racist.

SR [Super Rare]
Note: Cards under this status will have a shiny gold foil

SR 001: Aeranath



Spd-3 Atk-64 Def-32 HP-340


Skill-Mobility Focus
Increase Atk and Def when fighting more than 1 enemy Character
[Atk+6; Def+4]

Area of Effect-surrounding circle, medium
Charge time-Medium
Type-Sunder [破壊]
Enemy Characters within range take damage
[60 HP damage]

[Vanguard/Rearguard Class]
Invisible to opponent Characters during start of the game.
Damage 1st opponent Character coming into contact.
[40 HP damage]

Ability-Chant of the Answerer
Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Long
Type-Sunder [破壊]
All enemy Characters take massive damage.
Characters killed due to Chant of the Answerer cannot be revived.
Can only use this Ability once.
[300 HP damage]


Birth Place: ???
Exact Age: [Don't know...]
Likes: [Don't care...]
Aim: [To kill that bastard...]

[Please... I beg you! Let me off!]

And why should I?

[I have a wife and kids! Do me a favour and the gods will bless you also!]

Wow, so you can read my mind? Well, I nearly forget why you must die...

For a wolf knows best the sinful man...

{Illustrator: Takashi Takeuchi}

SR 002: Leon Talonarc



Spd-4 Atk-30 Def-24 HP-350


Surrounding friendly Characters gain resistance to enemy Characters' Magic.
[20% chances of overcoming enemy Magic]

Magic-Stone Skin
Area of Effect-Self
Charge time-Short
Type-Strengthen [強化]
Ignore all non-Magic attacks.
[Lasts 2 counts]

[Rearguard only Class]
Increase damage and critical hit chances.
[Damage+15; Crit chances+10%]

Ability-Leon's Hold
Area of Effect-frontal rectangle, wide long
Charge time-Medium
Type-Special [特殊]
Deals massive damage to enemy Characters within range.
Leon Talonarc gains massive increase in Atk afterwards, but cannot move.
[140 HP damage; Atk+30; Lasts 3 counts]


Family: [I have no one]
Comrade: Ser Bran Stonekeep
Likes: Flirting with beautiful noblewomen
Lover: Ellen Lowen

This is indeed a good fortress.

[Call it Leon's Hold. You deserve it after so many losses.]

Bran is never one for humour, but I can see he's trying hard enough...

{Illustrator: Akimine Kamijyo}

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Alliance of Atom (Rated C)

Common cards on display liao, huat ah! Apparently, Nippon is also kisiao over the Marvel phenomena, very likely that's why Capcom so lagi hiong. :D

Additional Rulez
1. Any Character can execute any number of Actions.

2. Once any Character's deck run out of cards, said Character will die automatically

3. Character dies, his/her deck will be removed from play.

4. Last Character standing=controlling Player wins.

Note: Due to an absurd number of Marvel characters, I can only include 8 Common cards for now, i.e. 4 protagonists and 4 antagonists.

C001: Iron Fist




Damage Type-Unarmed Melee
[can choose to use Hearts as Attack and Spades as Defend during anytime]

Power [Brawl]
Iron Chi-Can opt to skip Iron Fist's current turn. Iron Chi cannot be used for Iron Fist's next turn.
You can choose one out of four choices below during your next Draw Phase.
[Healing Chi-1st Healing card played will double amount of HP recovered]
[Critical Chi-+4 damage for Iron Fist's next Attack. Not applicable against Defending Burst]
[Fortress Chi-Iron Fist cannot be damaged during the next Defend card played. Not applicable against Attacking Burst]
[Silent Chi-Immune to 1st Stun card played]

P.S: Suddenly too shagged out, can only do 1 C grade protagonist. To 9 others, sibeh paiseh... now where should I classify Bobby Drake?

A/N: Iron Fist being listed under C=greatest proof of my fangasm rather than Marvel screwing up their BS (i.e. Bastion Shit).

Updated A/N: Decided to move every damned thing to my next Alliance of the Atom post. -_-

Final A/N: Hey, wait a ****ing sec! Did Wolverine Goes to Hell???

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Character Upgrade Dua...

Nothing better to do, that's all...


Guy Cody

Expertise: Lancer
Expertise skill: Duelist's Guile (+5% hit accuracy)

Class: Soldier
Traits-+10% damage dealt so long HP remains above 50%. +8% damage dealt by surrounding friendly units during their next turn for every enemy unit defeated.

Valour-immune to panic* during Engagement phase.
*Panic status reduce damage dealt and increase damage taken.
Affinity bonus-gain Bestial Fury*
*increase melee damage.

Critical Eye-increase critical damage.
Expertise bonus-Increase critical hit chances.

Counter Movement-enemy has 10% chance of failure during Parrying/Evasion.
Expertise bonus-increase hit accuracy.

Perception-enemy troops deal 30% less damage during War mode.

Leadership-surrounding allies' non-Magic damage increase by 10% whenever attacked. Effects lasts entire battle.
Affinity bonus-reduce damage taken by surrounding allies.

Truth: Lion
Effect-+10% damage dealt whenever fighting against opponents of higher Rank.


Elemental Affinity

Default equipment
Armour-Scale Mail
Rank: C
-20% non-Magic damage suffered

Weapon/Grail-Gae Buidhe
Type-Pole; Hunting Spear

Weapon/Grail-Gae Daerg
Type-Pole; Hunting Spear

Grail property
Golden Barb of Mortality
Damage dealt with Gae Buidhe cannot be healed. Counts as normal attack. Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg are counted as 1 Equipment. Automatically gain Martial Zenith.

Crimson Thorn of Fatality
For every 1 enemy killed in combat, Guy Cody will gain a Fatality icon. Can choose to activate every Fatality icon during Preparation. For every Fatality icon activated this way, Guy Cody gains +1 attack per execution during Engagement. Automatically attack whenever targeted by enemy's Magic. Contact made with any Magic this way will be nullified.

Feint Slash:
Effect-deals minimal slashing damage.
Priority effect-increase chances of landing the next attack.

Effect-deals normal piercing attack.
Priority effect-increase Armour damage.

Full Thrust:
Effect-deals higher piercing damage with a higher chance of failure.
Priority effect-decrease chances of failure.

Spear Storm:
Effect-reflect back 100% damage immediately after successful Parrying.
Priority effect-increase duration.

Dolorous Stroke:
Effect-remains stationary for 3 seconds. Any opponent within reach will immediately be knocked away and receive critical damage.
Priority effect-increase critical damage.

Vanir's Luck:
Effect-Character cannot use Magic. Positive status Magic targeting him will increase duration. Negative status Magic targeting him will have a reduced duration. Damage Magic targeting him will deal lesser damage.
Rank status-increase duration.

Red Lions' Pride
Nearest character takes 6% less damage through any means, be the source Magic or non-Magic.
[during any friendly character's Movement phase]
Nearest character gains +1 Movement.

[perform command during Engagement]
Remain stationary. -35% non-Magic damage taken. Attacking under Invictus status is possible.

[perform command during Movement]
-40% to hit for all enemies on screen. Lasts 2 turns and cannot be cancelled.

Lion of Teesside
Aurelius effect lasts 3 turns while Guy Cody can move under Invictus status.

Alliance of the Atom (aka now it's Marvel's turn to kenna trollolol)

First things first, whatever I know abt Marvel universe comes from the internet. If I'm really that crazy enough to buy the comics, I need to earn more than 10K per week. If like that, alrdy can buy HDB no matter how kisiao the COV price. Sadly, I too poor to do this, my family too poor to do this, my personal inclination too compulsive to fit in. Want to do things that tan-boh-jiak, be prepared to remain boh-lui-kia.

Very simple one lah! You only need to have one full deck of poker cards. Then get yourselves some Character cards. Want to get some, go get some $$$ to buy some booster pack (or wtf you want to call it). If you think lagi expensive, be assured that Mr Tay Tai Ming's brother has affirmed me as a sucker in doing business. Yes, key word is IN, not for. I think it's 2x confirm that my brain works heavily to the left. Good thing or bad, let God decide (I mean this literally. Therefore, no one should ever accuse me of breaking that one out of the Ten Commandments, i.e. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain).

1. For every one Character played, 1 full deck will be counted as said Character's Actions.

2. We all know the 4 suits in every poker card deck. Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds. This 4 suits will form the entirety of all Characters' Actions.

3. Diamonds=Heal. Value of the card played will decide how much Life your Character will recover.

4. Clubs=Stun. Value of card played will decide how many turns target Character must skip. Characters under Stun cannot perform any Actions apart from Heal, i.e. playing Diamond cards. Amount of turns skipped will be decided by [Card value - (3 x target Character's cost)]. If result* is 0 or lower, Character will NOT suffer Stun status.
*rounded down.
Note-If you think this way is easier, you can try using counters, e.g. coins, button, etc, to indicate number of turns your Character must skip due to Stun.

5. Hearts=Defend. Value of card played will reduce the amount of damage suffered by your Character. If the card's value is bigger than the damage value, Character suffers no damage instead.

6. Spades=Attack. Value of card played will decide the amount of damage dealt.

7. Every Character will have his/her own respective cost. No matter what, total cost used cannot exceed the maximum limit of 10.

How to count
Limpeh to Seah Weijie of 32SIB:
I still remember you and how you reminded me of Ernie.

Standard cards: Value will go by numerical order accordingly, i.e 2-10.

Burst cards: Any card played beyond the value of 10, i.e. King, Queen, and Jack, will grant the Burst effect.

How to Burst: Only 1 Burst card can be used per turn. However, you can also use 1 additional Burst card during any opposing player's turn.*
*bonus can only be used once until your next turn.

How Bursting works: Attacking Burst will always deal full damage. Defending Burst will always ignore all damage dealt from a single source. Stun Burst will always cause Stun status. Heal Burst will always recover full Life.

Burst effect counter: If a player's Character deals 1 Attacking Burst and target Character uses 1 Defending Burst, player having the higher Burst card value wins, i.e. winner activates the respective Booster effect while the loser's Boosted effect will be nullified.*
*this rule doesn't apply to Stun Burst and Heal Burst.
Note-Burst card value counts as Jack being the lowest and King being the highest.

Force of Atom: Every deck has 4 Aces. Cards with an Ace value will affect all Characters belonging to any player targeted. Do note that Atomic Force CANNOT be countered/nullified in any manner.

Creations of Atom: Every deck will have 2 Jokers, everybody knows one lah! If you draw 1 Joker card and decide to use it, all your Characters will have Attacking/Defending Burst effect until the end of game. Only 1 Joker card can be used this way. If you get the 2nd Joker, that Joker card will have no value, i.e. you might as well discard it by then.

Every freak, take your turn pls...
Step 1: Players select their Characters accordingly.

Step 2: Allocate 1 full deck of playing cards to every Character.

Step 3: Draw any number of cards from every deck belonging to your Characters.

Step 4: Starting hand must have 8 cards.

Step 5: Game On!

Special Operation Procedure (abbrev: SOP)
Draw Phase: Draw 1 card from a deck of your choosing. Note that you can only draw cards from decks belonging to your Characters.

Main Phase: This is where your Characters will engage combat with opposing players' Characters.

End Phase: Concludes your current turn together with resolving any outstanding effects.

1. Blindside: Every Attack gains +1 damage.

2. Rage: 1st Attack during next turn deals full damage once attacked.

3. Brawl: 1 extra Attack during every turn.

4. Lock: Attack deals full damage at the cost of 1 extra card used.

5. Leadership: 1 extra card drawn during every turn.

6. Wild Card: Unique effect.

1. Every Character will have at least 1 Power.

2. Every Character's Power carries additional effect.

3. Every Character will have the following stats: Life, Strength, Agility, Intelligence.

4. Life indicates the amount of damage Character can take. Once any Character's Life drops to 0, the Character will be declared dead and removed from game.

5. Strength indicates Character's base damage.*
*Actual damage dealt will be decided by value of the Spades card played+Character's Strength.

6. Agility indicates Character's chances of avoiding damage altogether.*
*So long as value of the Hearts card played+Character's Agility is higher than the actual damage dealt by opponent Characters, Character will NOT be hit.

7. Intelligence indicates the number of extra cards drawn from respective Character's deck so long as you have less than 4 cards in hand.

Wow, finish alrdy liao ah! Lagi fast sia!
So let this orang tan-boh-jiak have his 1st try at doing 1 Character first
Limpeh to a certain Mr Carling Jan de'Vries of 32SIB:
I still remember you saying: "You can't see me sia!"

R001: Nightcrawler



Damage Type-Slashing Melee
[+1 damage dealt]

Power [Blindside]
Smoke and Brimstone: Place a Teleportation counter during your Draw Phase.
[Remove 1 Teleportation counter-Nightcrawler takes no damage from any single source of your choice]
[Choose to remove all Teleportation counters-Nightcrawler's next Attack will target X number of enemy Characters where X equals the number of counters removed this way]

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kenna X'ed...

Okay, so this is just some stupid bs talk by yours bs truly. Anyway, I guess by now, Engrand U-20s might have bit the dust (or have they yet to play the red hot Chile peppers?). Ofc I nvr got the time to watch the thing on TV (hey, Mediacorp airing the shit live? Oops, I think I'm talking abt that only footie tourney named after that red faction during the American Civil War).

Now onto my ART games. RPG section might see a major tweak or two (and if so, plus a few PCs also). CCG ver def will try coming up with SR, R, UC, and C cards. Not to mention EX cards meant for my personal fanwankery as well.

On my RotTK CCG, I might have hit a temp impasse due to this lobo being compulsively impulsive. Def not the kind of geek any sane minded girl will want for a bf. Paiseh, laobu. I kno you atm lagi liakong liao over my compulsive behaviour. Be assured that I'm not being addicted to browser games, just that your son don't have an actual social life.

Oh, and one more thing. I think I may have gone lagi gila over my OTT FB remarks on my beloved Boro.

P.S: Compulsive Impulse Disorder (abbrev: CID) acting up again liao. Brain feeling 50% gatal, brain feel like doing conceptual planning for some Marvel CCG. Or maybe even a SF/KoF/Tekken one also.

German Dictator vs Korean Dictator... YEEEAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Apparently, this lobo is born to be compulsive (in all things), impulsive (in all things online), and repulsive (in all things impressing ppl). Guess that's why I can start a convo, but can't maintain a convo. Just hours ago, my laobu has proven me right on this front, this is my cold hard truth that my sis knows N ages ago. NGSB=NGFL? Far more likely than it might seem...

Normal Ending:

True Ending:

Moral of the story: This is why I can't get a decent life+gf. :o

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Reddest Summer, Everchanging Winter

Fire and ice, which is stronger of them all? Ice and fire, which one is first and which one is second? Fire versus ice, a molten wall quashes the invaders. Ice against fire, a relentless horde overrunning the unwavering host.
~Fire and Ice, Ice and Fire
Composer-Leon Talonarc


A Ranger's Tale


NE 240, Summer

"Woat?" Big Al hardly believed his pudgy ears as a familiar lad cut short their agreement.

"Yeah, you heard me, Big Ass Al,” sighed the bare chested youth, his exasperated visage standing tall, “I'm gonna take Lolyx because somebody else has offered me a better bargain."

"Wayt! Deel iz…"

"The deal is that I put her in your temporary care, you promise me to take care of her," Lars Alterfate severed off a shrill protest still in infancy, his mannerism akin to a robber slitting his victim's throat.

"Ya, ya, ya… doin’ so to ma best efferts…"

If Big Al thought any explanation would placate the young beast before his beady orbs, he got the guess grossly wrong. Blurring hand seizing his jaw, a concussive force pinned his rotund form against the whitewashed wall. For the very first time, Lolyx witnessed a Lars Alterfate truly unlike Lars Alterfate.

A monster which shouldn't belong here…

"Best of efforts? You? A man who would rather rape his own daughter than to keep true my demands?" snarled a fair face now twisted foul, "I warned you before not to let anyone touch her!"

"Bud ‘er tits stil’ intack!"

Big Al's whimpering riposte, however, doomed his fate. He could see it from Lars’ flaming orbs of red, a pair of rubies akin to an all-consuming pyre.

"Chastity! That's the key word, you fat bastard!"

Lolyx shuddered fearfully as one man's wrath became another man's gallows, condemnation rippling all over the establishment resonating in her ears. Big Al was indeed right in stating that she still remains untainted, yet a moment of genuine lapse might have cost him his life as death started knocking at the porch.

"Allow me to repeat myself: I told you not to touch her, I told you not to let anybody touch her," whispered Lars’ guttural threat.

"Mink fayl ‘is job! Go hund ‘im daown, plees dun keel me!" exclaimed Al, shrieking desperation falling to dear ears.

"A mink is merely an animal," Lars' lips rolled forth a statement soon to adopt a cryptic turn, "An animal awaiting its false dawn of freedom.”

“An’ da pelt?" came Al’s sudden whisper, his tone of blatant relief and subtle glee abruptly proven as uncharacteristic.

"Lars!" screamed Lolyx helplessly, a stranger wrapping his bulky arms around her waist.

Yesh! ‘Er titties ar ma titties!

Big Al delivered a deranged smile in response, a dagger seen embedded in Lars' abdomen. The tubby proprietor had finally won, Sinking Hole was proclaimed free. Big Al always lusted after Lolyx, ditto for his patrons. If not for this impudent boy imposing his power onto him, he would have reneged on the deal.

Then a dirge sung by silver and bones opened a path for its arrival. Mayhap incomprehensible by those truly normal, mayhap only Lolyx was the one privy to this forbidden knowledge, but the sight remained unmistakable.

Gleaming chains shooting out from every direction impaled all within the bar, be they innocent or guilty. Image of that one eyed giant tree aflame remained rooted somewhere in between without perception on its actual position. A being not mortal yet still humane assumed Lars Alterfate’s status, every single quarry skewered got hacked down before a mighty scythe wrought from blood and steel. Whatever greeted her swiftly after were a massive flock of crows and a vaguely familiar feeling of being borne away into an unknowing darkness.


"So you're delivering her to my care this time round?" smiled Sarel Aphros while draining her glass of Marsiel, "Lars, I'm sad and disappointed at you. Why not do this in the first place?"

"You know the reason," replied a stoic Lars, his ruby orbs nowhere different from the Grand Damsel’s. The Demon Hunter had always been a jester, a prankster. If there should be anyone capable of halting him, such individuals no longer existed.

“The Sacred City of Napishtim will protect her well, Lars Ah’ni,” assured the white haired beauty, “Are you still looking for Aera?”

“I’d like to say everybody wants a piece of him, but that would be pushing basic logic,” smiled Lars wryly, “And besides, I’m someone much more prone in making enemies.”

“You got a point here,” came Sarel’s amused answer, “If only Ah’na is with us. Then…”

“Jin, it’s all over for everybody now. Memories are not meant to be.”

Sarel Aphros felt a stabbing pain twisting in her fragile heart, the impact akin to glass dashed into shards. Why did she not choose to die back then? She hoped for something without even knowing it, she ended up in another dead girl’s corpse. A total irony given her current host belonged to an innocent village maid raped and mutilated.

“No! It can’t be! I’ve killed you, bitch!”

“Then shall you allow this dead bitch to have you hanged, drawn, and quartered in public? I remember you do have a nice little family oblivious to your demented fantasy.”

She forgot the name of that murderous rapist, all she remembered was the look on a dead man’s face and shock from his living family. So much for being a family man, certain secrets were fated for doom. What would Hyo’Ah say if she’s still alive? Geun’Jin was called Nanaya because of her birth under the seventh night of the seventh month. Folks said such people were either meant to be mad or great, Sarel Aphros believed in the former. Thus, who should be the maddest of them all?

A corrupted entity like me or Chaos Incarnate himself?


NE 240, Winter

The sandy blond lion laid prone on the hard frozen ground, frigid knives piercing his bones. He used to bug his uncle Parky to bring him out, Garyth Parkins merely stated the boy woul get himself sick. That was nine years ago, Teesside had always been a place of harsh winter and hottest summer. Guy Cody enjoyed summer, but he also yearned to play in winter.

“Look, Uncle Parky! Falling snow!”

“And what else is falling now as well?”


“Listen to me, Guy. Winter is a nice thing to watch, but not a nice place to play. People die for a reason.”


“Well, never mind if you don’t understand my words. You will once you grow up. Before that, enjoy playing. That’s all I can tell you.”

Guy Cody sorely missed those whom he left behind, not just only Garyth Parkins. Catterm Leen always devoted every drop of attention watching his back, the sandy blond yearning to tell his redhead friend that only dream. To be a hero and having Catterm as his companion, together both shall wander till the ends of this only known world. They would battle tyrants and their armies, slaying hideous Demons and monstrous beasts. Bountiful treasures belonging to them, exchanging vows with their most loved women shall be their final destination. The smallborne would envy Catterm Leen and Elys Ain as a couple knowing what they want, the elite would cast envious looks towards him wedding Alestrial Eliaden.

“You say you want to be a hero, I suggest you first go take a piss.”

That man’s words rang ever so true, that man was now training him. But not before he gave this Kalaran boy an absurd mission of sorts. Surviving one entire summer with absolutely nothing could easily made quitters out of all, but Guy knew he was never born this way. Trading his sleeveless collared shirt of white, he gained a tunic of teal reaching slightly above his ankles. He tried getting used to leather buckles replacing the buttons, his resultant adjustment wasting less than an hour. With black trousers exchanged for breeches of forest green, knee high leather boots were obtained at his leather shoes’ expense. The Kalaran lad was glad to rid himself of such garb though, for those were everything the Church’s bitch bestowed upon him. Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg combined, however, was an opposite issue altogether, therefore Guy did not mind cursing himself as a knowing hypocrite.

“Those are some expensive clothes. Sure you wanna trade, laddie buck?”

Guy Cody remembered the kindly old man’s face. In order not to attract unwanted drama, he could not opt for any tailor offering better prices. Not that he lacked money, but rather he merely wanted convenience over extravagance. His years at Merseyside at last coming to use, he recalled constant survival drills enduring for days or even weeks. No one taught the cadets how to hunt, no one taught them how to defend. It’s been said that a lion’s greatest gift is to push its cub over the cliff, only a worthy prince can inherit the king father’s lot.

“Sorry there, Guy. I’m gonna bail and it ain’t ‘cuz of you. I passed the final hurdle, stooger gave me Grade S.”

“Grade S? That’s the…”

“Highest score possible, yeah I know. The Kalaran Dream is not for gays, but at least you’re certified straight.”


“The best farewell to Lukas Brun is a belated farewell. You can’t prove idiots wrong without ‘fuck’ and ‘you’, you’re nowhere a cretin compared to ten Gaffers combined.”

“So are you done?” yawned his impromptu mentor, Lars Alterfate, “I’m really hungry and neither of us can cook shit just to save our lives.”

“You can’t cook shit,” muttered Guy, “This bloke is nuts.”

“And you’re a wild horse untamed,” smirked the partial blond, “Call this a compliment if you want to.”

Guy Cody managed to take up his stance once more, Lars refused to take him seriously much to the young lion’s chagrin. He could never dictate the power of Gae Buidhe, but at least activating Gae Dearg should be a viable last resort. Unfortunately, he had already gone through this train of thought roughly hour and half ago.

“Gae Dearg can only be activated under a strict condition.”

“And? I activated it once, golden baboon!”

“And you’re a sand buffoon if you think no one got a hand in this.”

“So who’s the mastermind?”

“Unidentified fighting object.”

“Fuck you. Don’t fuck around with me, okay?”

“No I’m not fucking you around. In this world, there are those akin to gods rather than far many more trying to be one.”

That was their first sparring conversation, his payment duly delivered in the form of sound beating. All because he relied on Gae Dearg awakening instead of knowing this to be a touch and go gamble, all because of Lars Alterfate being a better man.


"Milady, preparations to retake control of Edwood are now in place. Permission to carry out the assassination?"

"No," whispered Sarel, "I've sent your fellow sister, Gail. News of her endeavour will come soon enough. What the rest, including you, need to do is this. Secure a contract with the Shadow Brotherhood and stay on standby alert. The Imperial Parliament won’t be that willing to approve any large scale military action, that’s why these snivelling Senators are begging Napishtim to help them out.”

“The deal brokered with those Elves is nearly done, Milady.”

“Good, but I don’t want any last minute changes. That's all, you're dismissed."

As Gail vanished into the wind, Sarel opened a wooden casket. Naked back turned against mahogany door, a gruesome female head detached stared back at her hate filled eyes. Empty sockets and a severed tongue completing the gory package, the Grand Damsel still remembered his written message now reduced to ashes in the hearth an hour before.

A pity this pretty toy soldier failed miserably. Surely Gail is a good name for the most entertaining whore. I hope to see what you can do about liberating Edwood, but forgive me when I say this county holds no value to me. Believe my words or not, you can choose taking it or leaving it.

~From yours truly, the Serpent of Histalonia

Note: Surely the day will come when you shall discover the joys of being a woman.

"Eliador de Lioncourt… are you so desperate to goad me?" smiled Sarel deviously, a pattern of vengeance apparently shown, "I doubt Sarel Aphros will be Histalonia’s perfect whore, do not underestimate the meaning of ‘Nanaya’. This damsel never in distress will not forget your timely advice."


Crag Isles, a cluster of islands rich in stone and ore, home to the Dwarves. Like their hardy physique, this was a place where the strong mastered their fate while the weak became their slaves. Their fortresses worked from stone and steel, their longships made from their local castwood. Short in stature, stunty was meant as an insulting slur. Yet, with their Shieldmass lined at the front and Pike Bulls behind, blaring war horns and majestic ballistae sowed fear in their quarries’ hearts. They were a tactical race, a seafaring race. No coastal cities could resist them, no coastal towns left unturned. That was until Teutonia under High Lord Gawain I half a century ago annexed their homeland and renamed it Crag Isles, a place full of infertile soil and rocky high ground. As for its original name, every detail was consigned to shadowy depths.

"What a sincere show of honour, Homm'Nua," sneered a Dwarf strong in girth, his even tone hiding a quick temper, "Do you not heed the reputation of Homm'Eot?"

"As warriors unequalled and rapers ten times more?” smiled a fair blond Elf wryly, “Why, yes I do, O 'mighty Thane unequalled ten time over."

"Do not take words of sarcasm for praise, cur fallen from Nuada's seed!"

Eliador de Lioncourt kept his smile, Jarl Ironstone was a fool. Holding no love for his racial kin, no affection was reserved for others as well. Such was one who manipulates and cannot be manipulated. Pulling a fast one over the Kalaran Empire, none could discern the youthful Elf’s reason for doing so. Histalonia had always maintained a neutral political stance, its many eyes watching everything and doing nothing. Coastal raids were frequent, but never so daring as to declare open invasion. The Empire wanted trade, the Kingdom desiring gunpowder and its Goblins’ research. Slarvea got nothing to offer bar its finest maids, the only aid offered in return was equal rights in trade. Indeed they said serpents were always the most devious amongst every bird and beast, the Serpent of Histalonia being the greatest of them all.

Blanking out his mind, the majestic Dwarf’s verbal wrath degenerated into nary but childish tantrum thrown. Finally with Jarl Ironstone getting tired of his own incensed rant, Eliador de Lioncourt made the next move, his pocket reached inside and whipping out…

A deck of playing cards much to his counterpart’s ire and his mocking rejoice.

"Only the truly worthy can cross wits and strategy with yours truly,” whispered the fair Elf smugly, cards oft used in any gamble of life and death shuffled and dealt, “As for the rest, it's either my blade alone or my law altogether."

Eliador liked what he’s seeing currently, his speech continuing its haunting voyage, "I don't care much for your straw men. Why not we deal a game of poker? Winner takes all, the loser left with none. Not even your very own life..."

Thane Jarl of Seat Ironstone froze in his seat. A repute of untold raiding was no inferior to riches and maidens waiting for usage, this slippery snake examining his fingernails now surely confirmed as an exception. It wasn’t that simple as a death duel played, this was a gamble pitting luck against death.

"Whether there's any hidden meaning won't matter a single bit, both before and after the victor is announced," grinned Eliador, his pearly white teeth hauntingly akin to daggers wrought from alabaster, "I do not remember the Crag Isles being a place founded by harmonious gods, that priceless look of yours has finally betrayed you. Any more questions?"


"What do you mean by this, knave?"

"You heard me, O 'mighty Thane Oarl, exiled as Seat Ironstone’s firstborn son," smiled Eliador, "Your twin usurped your father's seat by defiling your rightful share of spoils decades ago, a pity no adviser will ever beseech brother and brother to share a common woman."

"And Jarl… he's currently…"

"Alive, kicking, and left cursing at the chains binding him. At least this was the case when I last left his fort. I did notice quite a few comely maids with comely curves waiting to be used though,” no remorse was evident in the Elf, no emotions were present in his heart, “A real shame that this one Elf here is swinging towards the mistaken end."

"My brother will never be bettered by any third rated charlatan with a sixth rated taste," sighed Oarl Ironstone, a wicked arc drawing up a telling smile, "Name your price, Serpent."

"Nothing in return, O' mighty Thane," replied Eliador, Elven grin fading away to naught, "I bought his men and fleet, whatever without life has fulfilled my demand admirably. I’m ashamed to say otherwise for the crew, however."

"What a shame then, to hear word verifying my own wrongful kinsmen rightfully flayed and decapitated," Oarl enjoyed where this conversation is going, his grizzled beard stroked slowly, "Permission requested to hand over my brother of blood and in name?"

"Feel free to do so, please,” quipped Eliador with shoulders shrugged and both arms out wide, “This entire deal has been solely between Histalonia and Crag Isles anyway."

As he got up from his stool of crafted quartz, Oarl shot Eliador with a question spoiling his placid mood.

"Hey, Serpent! I hear you gotten a fine girl. Cinha? They say Cinha girls are extremely proficient in their only trade!"

"And fortunately for you, I do not intend to share her with anyone else,” replied Eliador slowly, his deliberate stare freezing Oarl Ironstone’s warrior blood, “You must now start learning how to negotiate, for every man has his own pride and my pride will always demand that highest price."

Oarl shook his head, one half amused and the other half wary. This is somebody no one should be dealing with unless insane, he reminded himself.

The banker will always win and Eliador de Lioncourt will always be the banker.

Background notes

Castwood is the only hardwood tree native to Crag Isles. Extremely prized throughout The Known World, castwood trade is rumoured to be lucrative business between the Dwarves and Cinha merchants in the Furthest East.

Shieldmass is the core defensive force of the Dwarves. Used either as tactical cover in raids or sheer defensive wall, they are the most versatile troops The Known World may have ever seen.

Pike Bulls are the Dwarves’ cavalry arm much feared for their mounts’ bellowing cries. The riders are lightly armoured with horned plated helms, their mounts wear heavy barding. Armed with pikes and unstoppable momentum, they are aptly called The Horned Juggernauts.

Homm’Nua is the formal name Elves use for themselves. However, outside races are not allowed to call them that.

Homm’Eot is the formal name for Dwarves. Like their Elven counterparts, this is a term outsider races cannot use where they themselves are concerned.
Note: Homm'Eot is my invention, Eoten is not. Reiteration just for self-lulz.

Nuada is the Elves’ progenitor, hence Homm’Nua being named in his honour.
Note: Nuada has nothing to do with Hellboy. Rather, it's this bloke.

Napishtim is the Seat of the Quintet Church upon where its land is considered wholly independent. In fact, it's situated at the intersection between the Kalaran Empire, Kingdom of Teutonia, and the Republic of Slarvea.
Note: Inspired by the name of Gilgamesh's ancestor within the Epic of Gilgamesh, where he's basically the parallel to Noah of the Bible since the relevant text did reveal the presence of a great flood submerging the entire world. Okay, his full name is not Napishtim. Rather he's officially named Uta-Napishtim the Remote.

Final Conclusion: See? I'm such a geek with no life.

P.S: I need a new computer b/c my mom’s laptop got a bit wonky. Marvel Avengers Alliance fight got assed halfway due to this, no air con to cope with hazy Smogaporean heat as well. Doubt I can get a rich gf. :P