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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Alliance of the Atom (aka now it's Marvel's turn to kenna trollolol)

First things first, whatever I know abt Marvel universe comes from the internet. If I'm really that crazy enough to buy the comics, I need to earn more than 10K per week. If like that, alrdy can buy HDB no matter how kisiao the COV price. Sadly, I too poor to do this, my family too poor to do this, my personal inclination too compulsive to fit in. Want to do things that tan-boh-jiak, be prepared to remain boh-lui-kia.

Very simple one lah! You only need to have one full deck of poker cards. Then get yourselves some Character cards. Want to get some, go get some $$$ to buy some booster pack (or wtf you want to call it). If you think lagi expensive, be assured that Mr Tay Tai Ming's brother has affirmed me as a sucker in doing business. Yes, key word is IN, not for. I think it's 2x confirm that my brain works heavily to the left. Good thing or bad, let God decide (I mean this literally. Therefore, no one should ever accuse me of breaking that one out of the Ten Commandments, i.e. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain).

1. For every one Character played, 1 full deck will be counted as said Character's Actions.

2. We all know the 4 suits in every poker card deck. Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds. This 4 suits will form the entirety of all Characters' Actions.

3. Diamonds=Heal. Value of the card played will decide how much Life your Character will recover.

4. Clubs=Stun. Value of card played will decide how many turns target Character must skip. Characters under Stun cannot perform any Actions apart from Heal, i.e. playing Diamond cards. Amount of turns skipped will be decided by [Card value - (3 x target Character's cost)]. If result* is 0 or lower, Character will NOT suffer Stun status.
*rounded down.
Note-If you think this way is easier, you can try using counters, e.g. coins, button, etc, to indicate number of turns your Character must skip due to Stun.

5. Hearts=Defend. Value of card played will reduce the amount of damage suffered by your Character. If the card's value is bigger than the damage value, Character suffers no damage instead.

6. Spades=Attack. Value of card played will decide the amount of damage dealt.

7. Every Character will have his/her own respective cost. No matter what, total cost used cannot exceed the maximum limit of 10.

How to count
Limpeh to Seah Weijie of 32SIB:
I still remember you and how you reminded me of Ernie.

Standard cards: Value will go by numerical order accordingly, i.e 2-10.

Burst cards: Any card played beyond the value of 10, i.e. King, Queen, and Jack, will grant the Burst effect.

How to Burst: Only 1 Burst card can be used per turn. However, you can also use 1 additional Burst card during any opposing player's turn.*
*bonus can only be used once until your next turn.

How Bursting works: Attacking Burst will always deal full damage. Defending Burst will always ignore all damage dealt from a single source. Stun Burst will always cause Stun status. Heal Burst will always recover full Life.

Burst effect counter: If a player's Character deals 1 Attacking Burst and target Character uses 1 Defending Burst, player having the higher Burst card value wins, i.e. winner activates the respective Booster effect while the loser's Boosted effect will be nullified.*
*this rule doesn't apply to Stun Burst and Heal Burst.
Note-Burst card value counts as Jack being the lowest and King being the highest.

Force of Atom: Every deck has 4 Aces. Cards with an Ace value will affect all Characters belonging to any player targeted. Do note that Atomic Force CANNOT be countered/nullified in any manner.

Creations of Atom: Every deck will have 2 Jokers, everybody knows one lah! If you draw 1 Joker card and decide to use it, all your Characters will have Attacking/Defending Burst effect until the end of game. Only 1 Joker card can be used this way. If you get the 2nd Joker, that Joker card will have no value, i.e. you might as well discard it by then.

Every freak, take your turn pls...
Step 1: Players select their Characters accordingly.

Step 2: Allocate 1 full deck of playing cards to every Character.

Step 3: Draw any number of cards from every deck belonging to your Characters.

Step 4: Starting hand must have 8 cards.

Step 5: Game On!

Special Operation Procedure (abbrev: SOP)
Draw Phase: Draw 1 card from a deck of your choosing. Note that you can only draw cards from decks belonging to your Characters.

Main Phase: This is where your Characters will engage combat with opposing players' Characters.

End Phase: Concludes your current turn together with resolving any outstanding effects.

1. Blindside: Every Attack gains +1 damage.

2. Rage: 1st Attack during next turn deals full damage once attacked.

3. Brawl: 1 extra Attack during every turn.

4. Lock: Attack deals full damage at the cost of 1 extra card used.

5. Leadership: 1 extra card drawn during every turn.

6. Wild Card: Unique effect.

1. Every Character will have at least 1 Power.

2. Every Character's Power carries additional effect.

3. Every Character will have the following stats: Life, Strength, Agility, Intelligence.

4. Life indicates the amount of damage Character can take. Once any Character's Life drops to 0, the Character will be declared dead and removed from game.

5. Strength indicates Character's base damage.*
*Actual damage dealt will be decided by value of the Spades card played+Character's Strength.

6. Agility indicates Character's chances of avoiding damage altogether.*
*So long as value of the Hearts card played+Character's Agility is higher than the actual damage dealt by opponent Characters, Character will NOT be hit.

7. Intelligence indicates the number of extra cards drawn from respective Character's deck so long as you have less than 4 cards in hand.

Wow, finish alrdy liao ah! Lagi fast sia!
So let this orang tan-boh-jiak have his 1st try at doing 1 Character first
Limpeh to a certain Mr Carling Jan de'Vries of 32SIB:
I still remember you saying: "You can't see me sia!"

R001: Nightcrawler



Damage Type-Slashing Melee
[+1 damage dealt]

Power [Blindside]
Smoke and Brimstone: Place a Teleportation counter during your Draw Phase.
[Remove 1 Teleportation counter-Nightcrawler takes no damage from any single source of your choice]
[Choose to remove all Teleportation counters-Nightcrawler's next Attack will target X number of enemy Characters where X equals the number of counters removed this way]