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Sunday, 16 June 2013

After TCG and RPG, we now have... (Parti Empat)

Additional rules
1. Reality will always be located at centre of the battle field. At the same time, both Realities' HP will be shown as both sides' life gauge.

2. Avalon will take lesser damage.

3. Yggdrasil will reflect 30% damage back to its attackers.

4. Forest terrain now has multiple trees present where they will obstruct Characters' movement. Attack bonus and Defence penalty only apply when combat is engaged near the trees.

Every Character will be classified under either one of the two: Chaos and Order. Characters with Order trait can heal gradually so long as they remained still. Characters with Chaos trait will deal higher damage once game timer drops below 33 counts.

Characters with Order will reduce damage taken by Avalon. Characters with Chaos will increase Yggdrasil's maximum HP.  

1. Every Character will have a specific Expertise.

2. Nature of Expertise will affect your strategy and tactics.

3. There are 4 types of Expertise-Fencer [剣], Lancer [槍], Archer [弓], Berserker [狂]

4. Respective Expertise can mutually counter against another Expertise.

5. Berserker counters Archer, Archer counters Fencer, Fencer counters Lancer, Lancer counters Berserker.

1. Magic is separated into four main Elements-Fire [火], Earth [地], Water [水], Air [空]

2. Out of the 5 Elements, 4 of them mutually nullify each other, i.e.Fire nullifies Water, Water nullifies Fire, Earth nullifies Water, Water nullifies Earth.

3. Higher cost Magic will decide which Element is the winner, e.g. higher cost Fire wins lower cost Water, higher cost Water wins lower cost Fire, etc.

4. Air will always nullify Water, Earth nullifies Air, and standard nullifying rule still holds true for Air vs Fire.

1. There will be a specific Affinity for every character-Lightning [嵐], Steel [鋼], Life [命], Ice [氷]

2. Character's Affinity will affect the Magic selected according to respective Element.

3. Affinity type will also allow Character to use any Magic unique to said Affinity.

4. Elemental Affinity decides which Skill your character can use.

5. A character can only have 1 Skill during any round.

6. A character can only have 1 Magic during any round.

7. Magic of Affinity nature cannot be countered in any way or form.

1. Skills are classified into four types-Technique [術], Physical [体], Mind [心], Soul [魂]

2. Technique and Physical affects Characters' Attack and Defence.

3. Mind and Soul grants support effects.

4. Skills do not counteract each other in any way or form.

How Counter system works (Expertise)
Attack type-Range
Strength-Movement won't be hindered by terrain, high chances of critical hit.
Basic property (Aim) [射撃]-Slows down enemy Characters' movement while attacking.
Counter bonus-Deals extra damage against Fencers.

Attack type-Melee
Strength-Takes lesser damage.
Basic property (Charge) [進撃]-Automatically charges towards enemy Characters once they're within screen.
Counter bonus-Movement cannot be slowed by Archers.

Attack type-Melee
Strength-High critical damage.
Basic property (Penetrate) [迎撃]-Increases Attack when stationary.
Counter bonus-Deals critical damage against Berserkers when charged at the front.

Attack type-Melee
Defence-Low to High (depends on Character)
Damage-Low to Medium (depends on Character)
Strength-Takes lesser damage during melee.
Basic property (Riposte) [反攻]-Increases damage when fighting enemy Characters of lower cost.
Counter bonus-Riposte is applicable against Lancers of any cost.

P.S: Wow, vid below LoV II sia... to think Parti Dua vid is all abt LoV III. -.-'