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Monday, 10 June 2013

Marvel Avengers Alliance, hopefully your glitch is now over for good

Won't go on ranting on how absurd is that browser refresh glitch/bug since I'm convinced this cock up is over liao. Rather, I intend to add a bit of meat to my previous 4 part section on the Four Expertise.

Footwork: Increase chances of evasion and parrying. Wearing lesser/no armour will increase the probability significantly.
Elemental attribute-Air (Speed/Dexterity)

Duelist's Guile: Increase hit accuracy.
Elemental attribute-Water (Intelligence/Dexterity)

Survival Artist: Activate either one of four effects-create a bounded field capable of damage/healing/status effects at anywhere; increase firing range; increase firing damage and speed at reduced range; increase running speed and stamina.
Elemental attribute-Earth (Fortitude/Intelligence)

Imposing Momentum: Inflict panic against enemies engaged and increasing damage dealt whenever taking damage.
Maddest of All: Immune to all negative mind effects; unable to evade and use Magic, lesser chance to hit/block/parry.
Almighty Fortitude: Reduce damage taken.
Elemental attribute-Fire (Strength/Fortitude)


Counter Riposte: Able to execute riposte against counterattacks.
Expertise bonus-Lancer (increase critical hit chances)
Inapplicable Expertise-Archer, Berserker
Affinity effect-Lightning (Counter Riposte will always hit)

Sudden Strike: Blindsiding attacks will deal critical damage.
Expertise bonus-Archer (increase hit accuracy), Fencer (increase damage)
Affinity effect-Lightning (Sudden Strike can be used in any combat situation)

Mobility Focus: Able to engage more than one opponent at a time during melee.
Expertise bonus-Fencer (increase evasion/parrying/blocking chances)
Inapplicable Expertise-Archer, Berserker
Affinity effect-Lightning (gain Martial Insight automatically)

Exposure: Immune to blindsiding attacks.
Expertise bonus-Fencer (increase parrying/blocking chances)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Ice (lower blindsiding enemy's evasion chance)

Martial Insight: Increase chances to deflect/evade projectiles out in open.
Expertise bonus-Fencer (able follow up with any action), Archer (able to shoot back against any enemy)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Steel (increase overall fortitude)

Horsemanship: Ease in mounted fighting equals to that of fighting on foot.
Expertise bonus-Lancer (increase critical hit chances), Archer (increase critical damage)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Steel (able to command cavalry forces)

Counter Defence: Able to attack immediately upon successful evasion/parrying/blocking.
Expertise bonus-Fencer (increase damage)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Ice (lower enemy's evasion chance)

Critical Eye: Increase critical damage.
Expertise bonus-Archer (increase firing speed), Lancer (increase critical hit chances)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Life (increase chance of killing enemy instantly)

Counter Movement: Lower enemy's evasion chance.
Expertise bonus-Lancer (increase hit accuracy), Fencer (increase attacking speed)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Ice (further decrease enemy's evasion chance)

Armour Mastery: Able to move freely even while wearing full plate.
Expertise bonus-Berserker (increase panic effect against enemies when charging)
Inapplicable Expertise-Archer, Lancer, Berserker with Bestial Fury
Affinity effect-Steel (reduce damage taken)

Bestial Fury: Increase melee damage dealt at all times.
Expertise bonus-Berserker (further increase damage)
Inapplicable Expertise-Archer, Berserker with Armour Mastery
Affinity effect-Steel (reduce damage taken)

Infiltrator: Can hide under any cover/plain sight.
Expertise bonus-Archer (unaffected by Exposure)
Affinity effect-Life (self-heal unless engaging in combat)

Master of Circumstances: Can react to any given situation instantly.
Expertise bonus-Archer (immune to panic at all times)
Affinity effect-Lightning (will always attack first)

Perception: Ability to discern and plan beforehand.
Expertise bonus-Archer (increase chances of inducing panic at all times)
Affinity effect-Ice (surrounding allies are immune to all negative mind effects)

Protector: Surrounding allies gain resistance to Magic.
Expertise bonus-Archer (increase extent of resistance)
Affinity effect-Life (heal surrounding allies whenever using Magic)

Leadership: Surrounding allies deal higher damage whenever receiving damage.
Expertise bonus-Archer (surrounding allies are immune to panic at all times)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Steel (reduce damage dealt to surrounding allies)

Valour: Immune to panic whenever fighting.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Inapplicable Expertise-Archer
Affinity effect-Steel (gain Bestial Fury)

Martial Zenith: Demons will suffer highest damage possible against normal weapons.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Affinity effect-N/A

Demi Entity: Immune to Magic.
Expertise bonus-Berserker (gain Protector)
Affinity affect-Life (constant self-healing), Steel (reduce damage suffered), Ice (able to negate enemy's Magic), Lightning (able to deal damage to surrounding enemies)

Storm Crow: Self-heal whenever wounding/killing any enemy in melee.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Inapplicable Expertise-Archer
Affinity effect-Life (increase healing effect)

Reverse Polarity: Always attack first whenever targeted by enemy, be it Magic or physical attack.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-Ice (will always deal critical damage)

Arcana Major: Increase effect of any Magic used.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-N/A

Arcana Minor: Heal surrounding allies whenever executing Magic. Arcana Minor can only be gained if user has Arcana Major.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-N/A

Arms Master Unrivalled: Increase hit accuracy and parrying chances.
Expertise bonus-Fencer (increase chances of armour penetration), Lancer (increase attacking speed), Archer (100% hit accuracy)
Inapplicable Expertise-Berserker
Affinity effect-N/A

Denial of Oblivion: Able to materialise anything conceived through the mind for a certain duration.
Expertise bonus-N/A
Affinity effect-Life (increase relevant properties of created object)

P.S: I might include this in whatever concept in my ART RPG. Altho shit will amount to kosong since Sakaguchi-san will always be Sakaguchi-san.

Unrelated A/N: Game of Thrones-Season 3 has ended and we all know how shit ended. Thankfully, G.R.R Trollolol still got two more volumes to keep trolling us with.