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Sunday, 23 June 2013

ART CCG: Character Cards ver.PR (PR 001-003)

'cuz I got nothing better to do, 'cuz I doing tan boh-jiak daiji... But before that, need to put up something to prove something.
Actually, I got nothing to prove apart from President Orbakak... erm I mean Obama is really lagi famous. Oh btw, really suka the way Tony Stark talk cock. Last night watched The Avengers, really suka his suka-suka humour. :)

PR [Precious Rare]
Note: Cards under this status will have a shiny blue foil

PR 001: Aor



Spd-3 Atk-78 Def-40 HP-420


Skill-Demi Entity
Immune to all enemy Characters' Magic

Magic-Wind of Steel
Area of Effect-frontal rectangle, medium short
Charge time-Medium
Type-Sunder [破壊]
Deals damage to all enemy Characters within range
[80 HP damage]

Class-The First True Apostle
[Leader only Class]
Friendly Order Characters gain constant HP regeneration.
Friendly Chaos Characters take lesser damage.
[Regain 3% HP per count; -12% damage taken]

Ability-Return to Nothingness
Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Long
Type-Sunder [破壊]
Enemy Characters are automatically killed.
Number of Characters targeted equals number of your dead Characters.
Can only use this Ability once.


Height: 180 cm
Birth Year: ???
Likes: Meditating
Home: Avalon

[I supposed no murderer is guilty of murder, am I right on that?]


[A pity you cannot answer me for now, Jauss Michas. Or maybe 'forever' is the correct word.]

{Illustrator: Kim Jae-Hwan}

PR 002: Sarel Aphros



Spd-2 Atk-34 Def-33 HP-360


Skill-Demi Entity
Immune to enemy Characters' Magic

Magic-Red Blessing
Area of Effect-surrounding circle, large
Charge time-Short
Type-Special [特殊]
Damages enemy Characters and heal friendly Characters within range.
[25 HP damage; Regain 20% HP]

Class-Grand Damsel of the Church
[Leader/Rearguard Class]
All friendly Characters' stats raised.
[All stats +4]

Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Medium
Type-Special [特殊]
Revives highest cost friendly Character.
Greatly increase Character's Atk and Def.
[Atk+30; Def+40]


Original name: Nanaya no Geun'Jin
Birth Year: [Forgotten]
Birth Place: [Forgotten]
Aim: [Regain what belongs to me]

I find myself in another girl's body. A dead girl's body. How ironic a living person must make do with a corpse. I saw what my host has gone through, her pain, her screams, her humiliation and her death...

I'm no servant of justice nor am I a chaste woman reserved for any god.

"Gail, go hunt down that rapist. Let me have an audience with him, let him come to me."

Silence means consent, that's all I need to know.

{Illustrator: Wolfina}

PR 004: Chaos Incarnate



Spd-4 Atk-82 Def-29 HP-400


Skill-Martial Zenith
Increases damage dealt to all enemy Characters cost 4 or more.
[+20% damage]

Magic-Storm of Ice and Fire
Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Long
Type-Sunder [破壊]
All Characters take damage.
Storm of Ice and Fire cannot be nullified.
[Damage: 150 HP]

Class-The Last True Apostle
[Vanguard only Class]
Deals direct damage to every enemy Character before engaging in combat.

Area of Effect-Self
Charge time-Short
Type-Strengthen [強化]
Melee damage will ignore Def.


Origin: Since beginning of the world
Likes: None
Dislikes: None
Existing Purpose: [......]


[Who... who are you... show yourself, bastard!]

[No, you are the actual bastard... remember your first kill?]

[Shut up!]

[You killed a raper in rage, you annihilated one entire settlement in fury...]


[Gone speechless... how disappointing...]

{Illustrator-Todd McFarlane}