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Sunday, 16 June 2013

After TCG and RPG, we now have... (Parti Tiga)

Game Mode

Will take player through the entire plot of ART/relevant side stories.

LAN network PvP.

Global network PvP

Card Selection
At the beginning of play, gamer must choose his/her own selected cards to play. Maximum total cost cannot exceed 15. Any combination between Characters, Magic, and Skill is allowed so long as there are at least 3 Characters being played. After the deck is selected, gamer must allocate individual Magic and Skill cards to every specific Character, i.e. 1 Character is given 1 Magic and 1 Skill.

Select your Party
This is where you will place your Character cards accordingly. First card being placed will be your Leader, second card placed will be your Vanguard, and third card placed will be your Rearguard. Any Characters beyond the three can be placed in either position.

Tactical Play
Roller controller will move your entire party. However, by moving the cards individually after the party stopped moving, the respective Characters be controlled freely.

Leader [隊長]-This Character cannot move alone unless having at least one Rearguard. If your Leader dies, you'll lose the match.

Vanguard [先導]-You can control this Character freely even when the entire party is moving.

Rearguard [殿軍]-You can control this Character freely once the enemy is approaching your Leader. Rearguard Characters will glow blue once this option is allowed.

Conditions for victory
Option 1: When your opponent Leader is killed.

Option 2: There will be one checkpoint entitled Reality for each side-one will have Avalon and the other gets Yggdrasil. Destroy opponent's checkpoint to win.

You will get to choose which Reality to have-Avalon or Yggdrasil. Different checkpoints will give you different Miracles. So long as your Reality remains in play, you'll have a chance to activate the respective Miracle. At the same time, a Miracle can only be triggered after fully charged. Charging bar will be shown at the top with its name in the middle.

Miracles are classified into 3 types-War [戦], Judgement [判], Vindication [証]

Charging Duration-Short
Effect Duration-Instantaneous

Charging Duration-Medium
Effect Duration-Fixed

Charging Duration-Long
Effect Duration-Permanent

Realm of Law and Order, this is rumoured to be home of the enigmatic True Apostles. Flowing petals of white swirl constantly while a full moon blue as the morning sky looms in total view. With a huge pristine lake at the middle, Avalon is indeed a paradise devoid of life.

Miracles granted-Siege Perilous [War], Camlann [Judgement], Tír na nÓg [Vindication]

Siege Perilous:
Kill one opponent Character of the highest cost apart from the Leader. All your surviving Characters will regain a portion of their HP according to that opponent Character's cost.

Delay all dead opponent Characters' revival time.

Tír na nÓg:
All your Characters below cost 3 will have their Defence increased; all your Characters cost 3 and above will have their Attack increased.

Realm of Chaos and Freedom, this is whispered to be no one's home except for a giant tree wearing a single baleful eye. Nobody has seen Yggdrasil, anyone claiming otherwise are regarded as either liars or lunatics.

Miracles granted-Midgard [War], Vanaheimr [Judgement], Asgard [Vindication]

All your dead Characters will revive automatically with 50% HP.

All your surviving Characters cannot be targeted by opponent Characters' Magic.

All opponent Characters receive damage according to their cost. The higher the cost, the higher damage dealt. Surviving opponent Characters cannot use Magic.

A/N: Will Michelle Chong truly get the banhammer? Barbarella=Borat Sagdiyev/Leticia=Ali G/Lulu=Brüno Gehard? Stay strong, Singapore. You still have Admiral General Aladeen typing here. :D