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Friday, 28 June 2013

World of Yore: Character Cards ver.SR (SR 001-002)

Title for my ART CCG listed as blog title now. Sadly, not enough reason to makerwank. So now onto the SR cards. If PR got 3, then SR got 3+1.

P.S: Decided to troll that most recent local website hacking incident, done the Smogaporean job hours ago via lawful FB status. However, I can swear before all that I am bastard, but I no racist.

SR [Super Rare]
Note: Cards under this status will have a shiny gold foil

SR 001: Aeranath



Spd-3 Atk-64 Def-32 HP-340


Skill-Mobility Focus
Increase Atk and Def when fighting more than 1 enemy Character
[Atk+6; Def+4]

Area of Effect-surrounding circle, medium
Charge time-Medium
Type-Sunder [破壊]
Enemy Characters within range take damage
[60 HP damage]

[Vanguard/Rearguard Class]
Invisible to opponent Characters during start of the game.
Damage 1st opponent Character coming into contact.
[40 HP damage]

Ability-Chant of the Answerer
Area of Effect-full screen
Charge time-Long
Type-Sunder [破壊]
All enemy Characters take massive damage.
Characters killed due to Chant of the Answerer cannot be revived.
Can only use this Ability once.
[300 HP damage]


Birth Place: ???
Exact Age: [Don't know...]
Likes: [Don't care...]
Aim: [To kill that bastard...]

[Please... I beg you! Let me off!]

And why should I?

[I have a wife and kids! Do me a favour and the gods will bless you also!]

Wow, so you can read my mind? Well, I nearly forget why you must die...

For a wolf knows best the sinful man...

{Illustrator: Takashi Takeuchi}

SR 002: Leon Talonarc



Spd-4 Atk-30 Def-24 HP-350


Surrounding friendly Characters gain resistance to enemy Characters' Magic.
[20% chances of overcoming enemy Magic]

Magic-Stone Skin
Area of Effect-Self
Charge time-Short
Type-Strengthen [強化]
Ignore all non-Magic attacks.
[Lasts 2 counts]

[Rearguard only Class]
Increase damage and critical hit chances.
[Damage+15; Crit chances+10%]

Ability-Leon's Hold
Area of Effect-frontal rectangle, wide long
Charge time-Medium
Type-Special [特殊]
Deals massive damage to enemy Characters within range.
Leon Talonarc gains massive increase in Atk afterwards, but cannot move.
[140 HP damage; Atk+30; Lasts 3 counts]


Family: [I have no one]
Comrade: Ser Bran Stonekeep
Likes: Flirting with beautiful noblewomen
Lover: Ellen Lowen

This is indeed a good fortress.

[Call it Leon's Hold. You deserve it after so many losses.]

Bran is never one for humour, but I can see he's trying hard enough...

{Illustrator: Akimine Kamijyo}