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Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Good Thursday...

Because today was my suay day... some more have to come back to work on Good Friday.
Moral of the story: I need a rich gf.*
*Eh, you all bodoh peh kambing think I talk real, is it? Get real lah! I still have to earn $$$ like siaokao okay!

8 games to save our season...
Provided the rest screw themselves up that is... but anyway, it seems that morale is getting low atm. I truly believe Carl Ikeme wasn't the only Mr Black Miyagi (albeit it will be nice seeing him doing the kind of karate stunt on these losers), but still I'll be liar if I'm to say we don't have our very own Mr Miyagi brand dressing room. Erm, actually Mogga mentioned it alrdy...

So erm, yeah... just a brief breakdown on the 8 matches...
Even though I'm doing this just for fun... yes, I truly doubt our season will be a success. T_T

VS Wolves:
Firstly, they will be out to fight for every ball while getting themselves forward. The fans won't settle for anything less. He who draws first blood wins. No, I'm not crapping you guys. If Wolves score that decisive 1st goal, we'll be in a heck of a big trouble b/c that will build up their morale and momentum. Given how our football is panning out atm, it will spell catastrophe for us. Ofc if we do exactly that, then...

VS Peterborough:
Will 3 pts at Molineux do the trick? Darren Fergie (I believe he's still at Peterborough anyway) will tell his lads to go straight for the jugular anyway. If we screw it this weekend, it means Peterborough will have a mental edge coming into round 2. It's pointless for Darren Fergie to tell his boys to set up shop behind the ball anyway. In fact no matter what, such an approach is nothing less than absurdity quite obviously.

VS Hull:
One statement: stop Robert Koren. Forget all the stupid talk on Steve Bruce's new buys. Robert Koren is the one making Hull City tick. Hull is a team thriving on dynamic wing play, but w/o Koren supplying the ball, Steve Bruce can't do a dime of magic no matter how you look at it. The only catch? Koren will be most likely pulling the strings from the deep. In short, he will have cover from the back 4 and at least 1 central mid playing the guard dog.

However, he can just pop you out with an odd goal or two. I believe the looney ppl at the New Den are still smarting from that.

Either we try cutting off his passes or isolate him once he goes upfront. Whichever suits our needs anyway.

Note: Due to the presence of Koren in the dead middle deployment, one must take note that Hull City can alternate between a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 if we're talking abt starting deployment.

VS Brighton
Me Gusta! Poyet will tell his lads to go all out. This will be a far stiffer challenge apart from Hull City (given the order of fixture quite obviously). How we fare will hinge greatly on whether we can assume control across the middle b/c Brighton is quite possibly far more of a probing 4-3-3 compared to Mad Ian's direct 4-3-3. These fellas from Amex will be doing their utmost best to utilise the width and their movement play, be it cutting from either flank or a flat out touchline run. I don't have any problem with Mogga's 4-3-3 tbh so long as we do something to control the middle park 1st.

VS Nottingham Forest
The team that Jack Charlton hated the most. Apart from that, history is an issue since we only got one over these Robin of Loxley wannabes. Alex McLeish is one to play a defensive brand of football with two strikers up front. He's far more of a classic 4-4-2 altho he's not above using a 3-5-2. In short, he will tell the Sherwood lads to go gungho in terms of shutting the midfield down. Scottish football in particular is (in)famous for that. Can we bypass the middle 4/5? The onus on Mogga's end will be guessing correctly how many fellas will McLeish deploy across the middle (altho it's very likely a 3-5-2 approach given the nature of our home pitch. Zola tried that before and Watford stole 3 pts off our turf just like that).

VS Bolton:
Will this pose the stiffest challenge ever? Firstly, it depends on whether we can string a more than decent run beforehand. Dougie Freedman is the Top Doug of Glasgow, make no mistakes abt that. He's someone favouring a flat 4-5-1 compared to Sean Dyche's expansive 4-5-1. He will tell the Trotter lads to run us down from the midfield with support pushing from the back 4. In short, the key will lie in whether the Reebok faithful can roar their lone ranger on. In short, we're talking abt the lone striker upfront. This is a match where our back 4 must NOT commit themselves recklessly forward. Organise a flat 4 across the field so that our middle lads can track back on time. Cut off the ball supply going to that lone giant and one quarter of the battle will be won. Ofc Bolton will end up forcing their numbers forward by then and it will truly be a mettle of will beyond everything else. Will we end up as men of steel come the end of 90 mins or will we end up as scrap metal heap? It's gonna be a bumpy ride, folks. A non-stop break-and-counter game at hand most likely. 1 goal to kill off this match and may the toughest guy win.

VS Charlton:
Banana skin at home. It really depends srsly. Will this be a dead rubber where our opponents will play without burden? Or will they play like the 3 Lions we all know so well about? A patient approach might do the trick if we're talking abt first 30 mins or so. Chances are that we will know the answer post 30 mins. Or 40 mins at most.

VS Sheff Wed:
Dave Jones still around? Tak-tahu. But I guess he's still there. If not, how can the Owls go on a jailbreak run? Hull City got screwed 3-1 at home last time round, Dave Jones will tell his lads to end this on a high. In short, they will be gunning for 3 pts due to positive effects rubbing off onto next season (and again, let me repeat that Hull City lost 3-1 at home against this team hell bent in pulling off a Lannister style prison break). I believe they will fight for every ball, it's imperative we must match them passion for  passion. Win the ball and break forward. Track back once we lost the ball while our backline must remain stable. That's it.

Conclusion: Nothing much to conclude. This is just me talking nonsense b/c I know Boro won't get promoted come end of season unless a miracle will come from we-know-Who. That plus I still have to work on Good Friday. Bleh...

Win a raffle? Only ticket atm? Am I mabuk now or am I too gong?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lore: The Four Expertise (Part 2)

****ing hate the weather.Why only SG? I thought got other parts of the world kenna cold snap leh! I think must go stock up herbal tea and herbal jelly liao... X.X

Deceptively agile rather than attack with sheer speed, a Lancer's skill lies in movement coordination. They say that a Lancer's life is not of his own, but rather his own limbs. Hence, lack in heavy armour is for the best.

Yet, an unrivalled skill with all manner of pole-arms would mean knowing when and how to strike. Knowing how to strike is all about attacking, knowing when to strike is the highest art of defending. As such, it will be a folly indeed to assume Lancers to be defensively inept. However, knowing when and where the fatal hit will come is something any lesser opponent is not privy to.

Due to unpredictability being the very core to this Expertise, a Lancer's skill is truly akin to the element of Water where none can ever differentiate tranquility from a maelstrom, be they man or beast.

Nature of weapon choice:
Spear: This is the basic/staple weapon for a Lancer. Mostly used for piercing, slashing strokes are also used. If the former is for dealing potentially fatal/crippling blows, the latter is seen as something far more tactical rather than a direct approach. By slashing the blade towards the opponent, a Lancer can easily force him back or having him running the risk of a severed neck artery, whichever is more likely.

Halberd: A far more versatile option, yet much heavier. A pole-arm used for piercing and hacking, it's truly a weapon with a steeper learning curve due to defensive lack. However, mastery is not unattainable depending on how the wielder is able to control and maximise the momentum gathered. Teutonian Lancers are known to utilise this very weapon of choice.

Glaive: This is an unorthodox variation of the Lancer field due to zero thrusting involved. However, a vital need in limb coordination makes this a possible weapon choice. Nature of mastery is similar to using a halberd apart from the lack in piercing. Lancers of Cinha and Sudhlit ethnicity are more known in wielding this pole-arm while it is not impossible to see a Slarvean user as well.

Word of Maker: Elven "Lancers" in this respect are always regarded as actual Fencers instead due to an Elven glaive having a shorter handle with a longer blade.

Lance/Pike: Due to these two weapons being suited for war rather than duel-oriented, i.e. unusable in any one-on-one combat, no Lancer has been known to choose either a pike or a lance as his weapon, let alone achieving any level in mastery.

Additional note: Armour
Heavy armour is still usable if we're to talk about glaives or halberds. This is in order to make up for whatever difficulty is defending due to momentum being the key rather than control and trickery.

Halberd users are more prone in wearing plate armour although full plate is never an option. In short, such user will be decked in full chaimail together with helmet, breastplate and steel gauntlets.

Glaive users however, are more used to wearing plate mail suits designed like a long sleeved tunic with split ends running from the belt area unto the lower calves. This is for the Cinha people within the Further East. For the Slarveans and Sudhlits, such a Lancer will be wearing medium armour, i.e mail shirt, for the former and light/no armour for the latter.

Word of Maker: Given the arid conditions in the Southlands, it's a no-brainer to see Sudhlits favouring the lightest approach.

Spears will warrant light/medium armour, e.g. leather and mail shirt. Yet, it's quite common to see an unarmoured Lancer in this sense.

Confirmed Lancers


Fighting style parallel


Fighting style parallel

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kuok Mingsi, I blame you for dragging your bro into...

No, I'm not lying when I say indirectly caused everything. You see, I was that bad example of a firstborn son by initiating my younger sis into the cult of Japan. I think it actually started when I rented the Fushigi Yuugi TV anime (like that was during my Sec schooling years lol!). So at the end, my sis repaid me the much needed favour via Petshop of Horrors. And srsly speaking, it's really that damned good if we're talking just abt plot and characters alone. Who says anime/manga are for little kids? You don't get to survive any and every bs post-1945 where some international war tribunal ended up nerfing your entire army ffs. Perhaps that's why I used to tell my sis that the Japanese do have a very twisted sense of creativity more oft than not. -.-

A/N: And let's not forget America while we're at it since only an idiot will end up believing in permanent friends/enemies when it comes to the politicos.

P.S: Tried finding a decent full ver, ended up with a 3 x damned Ouran AMV. -_-

Final P.S:
Suddenly remembered the rabbit arc to be the most effective parenting session ever...

Monday, 25 March 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 2: Part 2)

Suddenly realised it will be far easier for me to do anything compared to rewriting ART. I must have gotten way too 龟毛 liao... -_-
P.S: Can't find the ED sequence clip=not my fault. -.-

Add P.S: But heng still have Kajiura Yuki.

Who's your daddy?
So let's get this out first. Namely Kiritsugu's scene. Now it's much noteworthy to see that Saber-chan had gotten off to a worst possible start with her Master (although Iri's reaction wasn't anywhere near saintly as well lol!). One extremely interesting facet of her character is this: She has never seen herself as a girl, but hey, she IS one lol! At this point, we didn't know anything much on her past (that is if we're to discount Fate/stay night, which ironically was released a few years earlier back). Yet, it seems that she really detests any kind of girl treatment. Okay, scratch that. She already showed that to Shirou anyway. But still, it's pretty refreshing to see a far more naive Arturia (i.e. Saber's actual name is NOT Arthur). Her dream all the while at this point of time was only to save Britain. If not for the Battle of Camlann... (and no, I shit you all not. The Battle of Camlann is NOT something Nasu pulled off from his ass).

So what is it that Arturia wants from the Grail since her mission to save Britain was a certified epic fail? I believe any potential conflict would have gotten worse had not Iri playing the mediator. In fact, Arturia is... well pretty much reserved towards Kiritsugu in terms of trust. It's not that she resents Kiritsugu as a Servant (hello, folks~ one Gil is already bad enough! -.-). But rather as we will find out soon enough, it actually runs way deeper than just a bad impression (lol she even tells Shirou that they only ended up talking like... wtf, 4 times or so?!).

Interestingly though, Arturia is actually together with Iri in the Einzbern Castle rather than with Kiritsugu. And this was when Arturia is willing to stoop down a notch so as to speak. In short, she's willing to cut Kiritsugu some much wanted slack and credit should go to Ilya. In short, the Kiritsugu before Arturia is nothing more than a normal father indulging his daughter. In fact, after listening to Iri and watching Kiritsugu, Arturia manages to make up her mind. That she doesn't see any difference between her and Kiritsugu in terms of saving the world (although I need to add in the spoiler fact that Arturia is pretty much stupid in believing a common goal to be sufficient).

Now let's talk about Kiritsugu and Ilya. It's actually a very simple, yet heartwarming moment. Eight years ago, he didn't dare calling himself a father. Eight years later on, he did the only thing affordable. And that is to be a gentle father promising his daughter that he will be back. Of course we all know this is a literal Mission Impossible come Fate/stay night, but at least Kiritsugu has to do something. Something reminding him that someday and somehow, he'll be able to live out his ideal as a "Seigi no Mikata" (正義の味方/Ally of Justice). In fact, this will be his final battle no matter what. If he can survive, he will come back for Ilya. Of course Ilya didn't know anything, but that doesn't mean Kiritsugu should try lying to himself.

And lastly allow me to comment on Kiritsugu's little white lie. You see, he knows what will happen to Iri once the Grail War is done. And Kiritsugu actually ended up going the distance by telling Ilya that "Mother won't be around for a little while".

Ilya's response? "Mother says she won't be around for a LONG time".

And here we see Emiya Kiristugu the human being, NOT Emiya Kiristugu the one man terrorist organisation. He knows certain things can never be kept in dark for long, yet he doesn't want Ilya to get hurt by knowing the cold hard truth. In a certain respect, Iri is far more of a brutal liar while Kiritsugu is more towards the gentle liar. Of course Iri's motive in being brutally blunt is down to her belief that so long Kiritsugu is still alive, he will protect Ilya after she's gone. Ironically, she had to remind herself constantly on helping Kiritsugu realising his dream of global peace. Does Arturia truly understand why Iri has to do so? I dunno, but without Kiritsugu, Iri will just be a mere vessel for the Grail. With Kiritsugu, she will still remain being the vessel.

The only difference? You can either be a vessel without a self purpose or you can be a vessel with an actual purpose.

Like a Bro...

And lastly let me conclude this analysis post with the starting sequence of episode 2. Namely Waver Velvet and Bro-skandar. Now this is the most interesting Servant/Master pair in the sense that we can't really be sure who's the Boss and who's the little Bro.

Firstly and foremost, there's nothing much to discuss where Bro-skander is concerned. We don't know how badass he is atm(although it has to be stated that he's still the undisputable greatest badass in the story), we only know that he's a Rider class Servant. Yet, via his interaction with Waver, it can be said that Iskandar the Greatest Bro, is... well quite a whimsical Bro lol!

Now if there's any scene hinting at Bro-skandar's sheer badassery, it will be that most impressive pimp ride called the Bro-mobile.
Problem, Bruce Wayne?
Of course, everything is NOT just about that Bro-mobile. If you know your history, Persia was an important life chapter for the REAL Alexander the Great, i.e. Iskandar himself. In fact, this could be why he end up asking where is Macedonia (i.e. all my base are belong to me) and Persia upon a successful bookshop heist.
Yes, Bro-skandar IS that whimsical...
So what does Macedonia and Persia have to do with Bro-skandar's aim? Very simple. He just wants to conquer the world.

To finish an unfulfilled dream due to his untimely death.

To ride across the globe with his super badass army marching behind.

And in the process of doing so, recruiting worthy Servants as his... well, Servants lol!

One interesting flashpoint here is this: what is Waver's wish once he obtains the Grail? Very simple, guys. He only wants everybody in the Clock Tower to recognise his own self worth. In a very real sense, Waver doesn't really have any friends there and Kayneth's derision towards his so-called "half-assed thesis" only made things worse. From this retrospect, I do believe every one of us do have an inner Waver Velvet, i.e. a desire to be recognised and treated seriously.

Of course no one has ever tried asking him this question. Apart from the one and only Bro-skandar himself. Have you ever seen a Servant asking his Master this type of question? Only Bro-skandar can be that daring. The only catch? Not everyone is that lucky. Bro-skandar's reply? Waver has to try growing 30 cm more. No, this is not me bullshitting. Bro-skandar really did say that. And that's on top of him bitchslapping his Master.

But still, we all know Waver is now stuck with a problematic Servant. A Servant so incredibly badass, he can easily make hardened soldiers out of men and women alike.

Because there can be only one Bro-skandar, he's everyone's best and baddest Bro.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 2: Part 1)

Note: Tongue still hurting, tongue kenna scalded, I got cat's tongue. If the Engrish too powderpoo, please forgive me.

A Tale of 3P
And no, 3P as a term has nothing to do with pr0n. 3P in short means 3 Pairs. Namely 3 pairs of Servants/Masters. Now at this point of time, I need to get something across the system. Namely I do NOT classify Tokiomi/Gil and Kirei/Assassin as part of the 3. This is down to way too many ambiguity going on at this point of time, i.e. Ep 2 (altho I do roughly know what is the driving force behind the sudden wtf twist so early on).

So let's out the last pair first

Last pair as in Uryuu Ryuunosuke and Caster. At this point of time, it's worthy to note that while Caster called himself Bluebeard, it's NOT his actual name. Bluebeard in actuality is a French literary folktale (La Barbe bleue). One of the suggested sources is a certain Gilles de Rais and perhaps this is where Urobuchi/Nasu has gotten the inspiration. In fact given Nasu's interest in Western fairy tales (as per so blatantly shown in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru), it might not be a long shot in saying that it's the most likely reason, i.e. Urobuchi Gen wrote the plot and characters, but copyright still goes to Nasu/TYPE MOON. And yes, Gilles de Rais IS Caster.

Now onto Ryuunosuke. I really have to say that trying to decipher his character right now is no different from trying to murder my own brain (shitty pun intended). Hence, I'm not going to say anything cerebral here. But what we can see at this point of time is this: Ryuunosuke is outright crazy. He enjoyed killing young women and children in particularly, but it's still not clear atm why. Whatever speech he spoken in his debut episode alone is something you'll associate the closest to a true blue psycho killer. We all have seen this type of character archetype in every cop drama, but trust me when I say no one comes close. Ofc since this is Urobuchi Gen we're talking abt, it's actually a no brainer. He's truly someone not being a stranger in creating deranged characters with a purpose (altho I still can't put a finger on Ryuunosuke's plot purpose).

Interestingly enough, his offhanded comments on demons is somewhat of an accidental prophecy. He never realised what kind of monster will end up being his Servant, but it still serves as an eerie foreshadowing.

In fact come at this point of time, one might realise this: out of all the Master/Servant pairing thus far (with asshole Kayneth's Lancer yet to be outed), this has got to be the closest deal persona wise. In fact, I suspect that what we may be seeing from Caster and Ryuunosuke will be a far more profound case of Master-Servant character dynamics.

However, it should also be stated that Ryuunosuke has never seen himself as Caster's Master. Rather at this point, he sees himself as Caster's follower. As in Ryuunosuke seeing Caster as his idol while Caster on the other hand sees Ryuunosuke as a literal kindred.

On a side note, Ryuunosuke's admiration only took form after seeing what Caster had done to that nameless poor kid who got offed in the most harrowing manner. Before that, we did not know how he murdered the entire said family. However, upon Caster's personal philosophy on fear and death, Ryuunosuke bought the whole thing hook, line, and sinker. Why? Because that IS his own manner of ideals, no matter how twisted.

In short, Caster believes in fear and death being an inter-dynamic cycle and this has been something Ryuunosuke had been living for. What a pair of sick ****s.

Conclusion: They say the Grail chooses the Master and Servant. For this psychotic pairing, it cannot be anymore truer. In fact, Ryuunosuke only ended up doing the ritual out of a whimsical curiosity. To him, it doesn't matter whether it's a success or failure. In short, he's pretty much of a YOLO person.

To be continued (b/c my head is now feeling light)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bai, my beloved Boro... T_T

Not that I'll be turning my back on yet another disappointing footie romance, but rather we have next season to gun for at the very least. If my future gf is not a footie fan, it means I'm dead on lucky b/c I dun think any normal girl into football will know where/wtf is Middlesbrough F.C.

So what am I gonna do? Some much needed fanwanking linking to yet another ART/TKW venture...

Ser Johan Henrie

Baron of Schweinsberg

Chief of Kreuzwacht

The Neverending Watcher

"Aye, they say he's one to hate womenfolk and I doubt tis a lie. Word has it that he could have a decent family if not for his wife walking out on him and his only daughter eloping with who-knows-him to who-knows-where. Some halfwitted idiot made a bad joke about it three years back despite being sober and he got pummelled half dead. So do not say 'where whores will always go' unless you want to be a whore for beating."

Johan Henrie: Young boy, am I merely born a sheep, a sheep which you take me for?

Guy Cody: Say what you want, but I have given my word to Bastien.

Johan Henrie: Watch your mouth, cat of a different coat. This is our High Lord you're talking here. Address him properly!

Guy Cody: And risk his ire just because he has grown tired of being treated as a living god?

Johan Henrie: ......

Guy Cody: There's only one reason why I agree to be your champion in the upcoming trial of arms. I believe you're not lying.

Johan Henrie: Because I ended up saying the truth? That your foreign nymphet was being held captive rather than defecting to her homeland?

Guy Cody: Yes. And nothing more. Bastien would gladly have your head if not for your sense of honour. Either him or me. So what says you?

Junios of Aulista

Lord of Schattengarde

He Who Dances With Death

"They're born to be bastards, fairest Milady. Either through a noble's seed willingly or sowed by force, it doesn't matter. Bastards have no share in any inheritance, bastards have no share in honour and pride. Junios is no different from those under him and that's why all in the Schattengarde will gladly die for him."

Junios: Do you know why I'm here? Right in the heart of an enemy fort?

Alestrial Eliaden: Because there is something here Bastien wants.

Junios: News of your wellbeing, Milady.

Alestrial Eliaden: I know... please, you have to get back alive. All the way to Anglsax, all the way to warn Bastien, Guy... everybody! Renewed talks of peace have gone underway, yet there's no letting up in fortifying and reinforcements! Something's wrong!

Junios: So I see... no wonder I have to get past a masked girl. A shame I have to kill her though. A tough fight against a tough flat chested chick still looking pretty after death...

Alestrial Eliaden: ......

Junios: Oh come one, don't look at me like that! I may be small in build, but I can be a giant swift and agile once the need arises. Or are you thinking about the only one gone missing?

Alestrial Eliaden: Ae...

Junios: Aeranath... Ales, you're really damned selfish. You'll never let go of anyone's hand so long as you keep believing in that person. His Highest is right in crowning you as Queen of Roses during the tournament at Leister.

Alestrial Eliaden: Say no more... just get back to Bastien, inform him of the possible perils! Please! I beg you, Junios!

Junios: Then I shall take my leave.

Alestrial Eliaden: ......

Junios: Have you ever tried loving somebody? I do. I still do...

Pointless talking cock: A certain incident made me realised that there's no harm in negative stereotyping. Ofc not all S'poreans are shit drivers, but still one has to wonder wtf is happening to my beloved island's lagi gracious society. Sadly enough, the two ah-kongs listed below are fictional. If not, I sure welcome either or both with open arms one...

Ser Mannion Camsell

Captain of Weissgarde

The White Lightning

"Ah, Ser Mannion Camsell... of course every Teutonian knows him! We don't call him the White Lightning for nothing. Captain of the Weissgarde guarding His Highest, that old one can easily decapitate any knave in a single stroke. In fact, he's been doing it during every given duel since fifteen winters!"

Aeranath: Lopping off someone's head before everybody? You got balls, old man.

Mannion Camsell: And I can easily do the same to anybody disregarding other people's lives...

Aeranath: So you want a piece of me?

Mannion Camsell: No. At least not now.

Jarlton of Diord

Culann of Fianna

Master of Hounds

"'e be ah' barkin' mad 'n, lemme tell ya! 'member wat 'e say 'bot dat little black book fillin' with names?"

"Do not assume me to be just an old man, whelp! I may have lived a far lesser number of years, but I know much more than just a brat living for too long a time. Like knowing a wolf when I sense the correct scent."
~Aeranath kenna pwned (?) 

"When I said all those years back about that little black book, people called me a bullshitter without knowing what actual bullshitting is all about. You're a sharp one, laddie. You can perceive all that an idiot can never see and believe me when I say nine out of every ten people are idiots waiting to be led."
~Guy Cody=sibeh tokong

"You're not born for war, you're born to lead. You're not born for the battlefield, you're born to hold fort and to rule. If one calls you out to be a living sword, be sure it's not a lie. For a blade is not meant to kill, but to protect the wielder. So choose carefully who should be your wielder, sweet young thing. Durned snake wasn't bullshitting after all..."
~Alestrial Eliaden=chiobu 2 x confirmed.
  SYT term inspired (?) by C.L.I.F 2
  Durned snake=there can be only one snake
  Durned snake=durned gnome=got that from R.A Salvator's Drizzt saga

End note
Sucks. Doubt can finish the entire re-edit for ART now. >.<

Saturday, 16 March 2013

It runs in the family...

Note: Decided to up some Die Untergang just to while the time away.
Inspired (?) by what I've seen in that Jon Snow Twitter page.
Suddenly realised that I've just done some fairly loopy stuff online due to the customary inquisitive bastard striking back once more. But anyway...
Imitation=best form of flattery. Any takers? Not me tho...

Friday, 15 March 2013

Lore: The Four Expertise (Part 1)

But I procrastinated, I screwed things up. I'm right now in the process of writing a brand new chapter of A Ranger's Tale (draft ver) and since I'm not too sure when I'll end up finishing it, I might as well do something worthwhile here. But before that, figure I should up an Evanescence clip. Because I should have done so N ages ago and not because I'm an emo (although not so amazingly, I've grown somewhat cynical over the years)

In The Known World, there will always be a few being masters of one weapon and none other. Such exceptional individuals are known to be the Aesir and Vanir. While their origin is somehow a mystery, one thing agree by every scholar is this: an Aesir or Vanir will always uphold standards unreachable in his chosen weaponmastery.

About the Four Expertise
In lieu with general warfare, soldiers will always be armed with either sword, spear or bow. Three of the Four Expertise originated from them, namely Fencer, Lancer and Archer. The final one, Berserker is somewhat an anomaly waiting to be covered later...

A Fencer's skill lies in footwork. It has never been a matter of whether you're clad in heavy full plate or fighting without armour. Footwork has never been about needless movements, being a Fencer is all about taking instantaneous advantage of the opponent should an opening presents itself, no matter how slight.

Hence, skills in fencing will always be synonymous with the element of Air, where speed in reacting is key in achieving victory.

Nature of weapon choice:
Broadsword: This is mostly used by Fencers who are heavily armoured. A precise swing is capable of cleaving an opponent clad in full plate armour with the only catch being that only blades forged from Elven steel are capable of doing that. Mostly used in a sword-and-shield manner.

Longsword: Mostly used by lightly armoured/unarmoured Fencers although those decked in heavy/full plate armour are known to wield such a variant if they choose to. Mostly used without a shield, but a sword-and-shield style can be regarded as something never unheard of.

Rapier: Always used by unarmoured Fencers valuing finesse while eschewing strength. Considered a pure thrusting weapon since slashing as a viable alternative can only be used sparingly due to the narrow blade. 

Dagger: Can be used for either throwing or fighting in close corners. The slashing/thrusting nature makes this a possible route for any Fencer.

Short sword: Same as above, but only for close combat.

Great sword: Rather tricky in usage since control of momentum will mean having a well balanced footwork more than the rest. Yet, this is a weapon capable of cleaving any opponent within a single breath.

Elven sabre: Chiefly used by Elves since their own invented weapons will always be their pride and ego. However, there are humans known to use it, e.g. Jase Steele. This is Aor's weapon of choice as well.

Yedo: A single edged sword used by the Cinha. Sturdier than an Elven sabre, but not as keen. Sharper than a dual edged sword, but not as durable.

Confirmed (?) Fencers


Fighting style parallel



Fighting style parallel


Fighting style parallel

Of Parting, Games, and A Serpent's Canker

One man's sin is verily his own joy, one man's sin will verily spell another man's death. If all are sinners drinking from the same poisoned cup, what then is a living saint?


A Ranger's Tale


"Without morals and honour? Why, my good lady lord, would I do that? Every mortal has his own facade and his pride a certain price."

Those were the last words echoing through the mind of Meranie Sworth, excruciating pain knifing swiftly into her throat. She tried bargaining with that person before her fading gaze, failure did indeed come in form of words spoken true from her adviser’s lips.

You are a fool to take this throw of die, Milady! No one deals with the Serpent and lives to tell a single tale!


"Rise and shine, you gay!"

Lukas Brun let out an annoyed grimace as his self-proclaimed girlfriend announced her presence seen. Everyone in the Drowning Bear was unable to perceive why Yeras Wynda has always been this boisterous, Lukas in turn was left contemplating why some little broad should get away cleanly nine times out of ten.

"Hey, you hear me?"

"You damned rich prissy little..."

Before Lukas could finish his mumbling, Yeras yanked away the blanket while wearing her smuggest face. Toned naked body facing off against her comely features tanned, a glare was more than enough a sign hinting at vengeance imminent.



"A little wonder to see that rich little missus pissing you off," sighed Guy upon sipping a mug of tea, "You've yet to expose her after screwing her temples against your knuckles?"

"And risk having her announcing to the entire world that Lukas Brun always sleeps naked? Get real, Guy Cody," growled Lukas, a vein bulging from his forehead, “Oh, and one more thing, Guy. Can you try rewording this question in the future? The previous time people overheard this, I got to entertain stupid questions on how well she’s able to please a man.”

"Well, we can’t blame others from imagining too many pairs of tits bouncing, Bruno," quipped the sandy blond, eyes of sapphire blue meeting Lukas' hazel brown gaze, "But it's been quite some time since we've banted. Perhaps if you hadn't bailed out of Merseyside..."

Remaining words ensuing forth lost on Lukas Brun, he cared not for unwanted formalities. Memories most painful stinging his mind, it was not hatred gnawing at him. This was all about his final conversation with Guy Cody before leaving the Academy, both had never bothered looking back since.


"Wait a sec. So you managed to whack one entire lot despite grounding orders set down by Sarge Scholes?"

"Well, I've got a partner in crime. I call him Catts."

"Guy Cody, you're being retarded!"

"No more retarded than the rest calling themselves... erm, normal? Or is it righteousness? I forgot."

"I give up on you."

"Hey, you’re laughing at me?"

"Of course. Go figure who’s that fuckwit sparking off that free-for-all two months back! Linking problematic families with stupid parents has gotta be your craziest shit yet."

"Well, nobody likes hearing words of wisdom, Bruno."

"Go screw yourself, Guy."

"Are you serious, Bruno? I’d rather go screw a girl."

"Okay, you don’t have to tell me who’s that girl."

"Why? Did I say anything wrong?"

"Well... sorta. You’ll only end up creating more trouble by time I leave Merseyside. Take care and please don't fuck around with your future Gaffer, whoever he is."


"Well, how did the whole re-bro go?" asked Yeras, her brown eyes nagging inquisitively at Lukas till no end.

"None of your business," waved back Lukas, “He just said he won't be coming back for a little while.”

Sensing "a little while" to be a byword for trouble unseen and brewing, the stranger was right after all in calling Lukas a fine gay. The androgynous brunette was an intelligent person after all, there was no need to credit any Tom, Dick or Harry for his intellectual accomplishment.

"Hey, Luk," chimed a familiar voice.

"What, Yeras?” frowned Lukas, “You want me to pull down your skirt and spank you?"

"Hell, no! That sounds so perverted!" blushed the serving girl of Drowning Bear, "It's just that... well, that friend of yours is quite a hunk. Such a nice bloke and you never told me about him! I hate you, stupid gay!"

"Yeras Wynda, can I comment on something?" sighed the androgynous lad while scratching briefly his light brownish mop.

"About Guy Cody?" Yeras' face lit up in front of her dream man's name.

"Nah, wrong call. Just that... well, you know…" smirked Lukas with an eerie glow to his eyes, "GET BACK TO WORK, BITCH!"


The man whore had committed a fatal mistake, his attempt to rob an unwitting stranger marking a untimely grave. A society most acceptable trampled him underfoot, only the blind did not know him. Accusing fingers jabbed towards social status only a myth, any sexual orientation would always be workable under any acceptable circumstances. Alas anger no matter how well-justified amounted to naught, yet he had to cough up so much more.

"Moron..." sighed a frustrated Aeranath, blade removed from his victim's gaping maw, "Moral of the story: don't fuck around with me, gay or no gay."

Rancid wind breezing through the underbelly of an otherwise glorious society, the True Apostle detected somebody monitoring his every move. Acute senses losing said individual's track, a snickering laugh disregarded a quarry none of his interest.

Some things will never change and you're still the Church's bitch.


Locking stares against Sarel Aphros was no laughing task, a young lion standing tall despised her deceptively radiant smile. The Grand Damsel was no appreciator of foolish men weak, Guy Cody impressed her without boundary’s end. Demand for an audience rejected, not even a personal reply was given. He tried demanding answers still nevertheless, she’s now prepared to give him one.

At a price worth nothing less than Gail lain dead before his feet.

"Surely you do have a penchant for mayhem, my dearest lion," purred the white haired beauty, "Why not wait for my arrival instead? Your vigour has stayed with me since that time, its my hope to pleasure you once again soon."

"You'll never give a damn, Church’s bitch,” snarled Guy, "Let me ask you, do you know about his presence way before Scholes and the rest got slaughtered like hapless sheep?"

"So brutally blunt towards the dead," replied Sarel mockingly, a wistful sigh rubbing salt on Guy's insulted wound, “Now you made me unsure on the Red Lions' loyalty highly touted."

"Don’t try playing thief with me," the sandy blond maintained a belligerent stance, his eyes of sapphire blue burning against a pair of ruby red orbs unflappably calm.

"Do you perceive not the value of your own person?” a softening answer suddenly without warning threw Guy aback, “You love Alestrial Eliaden for who she is, but do you know why Mayweather Lucs has always loved you hopelessly in the same manner as well?"

"Do I care for your question?" growled the newly emerged Lancer.

"And do you care to know Mayweather Lucs is already dead?"

Guy Cody went dumbstruck before Sarel's question. He recalled Mayweather treating him finely, he even knew her feelings for him. Yet here he was, standing and not knowing Mayweather Lucs already gone.

"It is for who you are, Guy Cody," continued the Grand Damsel, "Never a faker, always a man. Your valour is that most valuable treasure desired by ladies and smallborne maids alike, do you not see a lion amongst men in your image?"

"So that's why you made me your bitch despite countless others before me. Yeah, right," replied Guy sneeringly, his lips still curled into a feral snarl, "Don’t bail out from my question. There has to be reason why only the Red Lions were notified and mobilised."

Silence and unease conquered the standoff between boy and lady, understanding not the cause beforehand begot a string of assault buffering the young lion’s mind. Joyful days equating to ignorant years, Guy Cody would gladly give a limb and more to salvage the past.


"What? Please don't scare me with this kind of body language. You know I hate that look of yours."

"Don't you feel weird seeing all of us getting mobilised without a single statement being voiced out from the regular military? This doesn't sound natural..."


"Catts, I suspect we might have been boned even though I can't put a finger on how and why."

He remembered his pet habit truly unique, he remembered its very meaning. He knew whenever profound thoughts came visiting at the porch of his mind, both hands would be clasped tightly before a calm serious face. Combining no less with back muscles tensed while hunched like a wary lion, none could ever understand such a look and posture save a chosen few. A posture honed, a posture mastered, Guy Cody had successfully traced a vague picture from the dots scattered apart.


The morn was bright, the skies were clear. Beneath a cluster of purest clouds stood a mansion strong. Strong because it was built upon actual high ground, strong because this was the Seat of Teesside. The Northern Rock was named as such for a very good reason, it was an infertile land granted to Erasmus Eliaden during his remaining years as an aged sage. The fourth Emperor in line, Franstatis I, was no imbecile others ridiculed him out to be, Erasmus was one of the very few not content in joining the fools. As a bulwark guarding the profitable coastal lands eastbound, it had seen countless naval battles won and undefeated. Never did the First Patriarch of House Eliaden end up leading from the frontline, for the Empire was indeed indebted to his peerless acumen in deployment rather than a mere leader.

"What a fool," sighed Louthes Eliaden, a sip of wine taken from a flute in hand, "Meranie Sworth has sealed her own death pact without even knowing an obvious trap. Power's lust pointing to the direction of a Lord status within the Justice Ministry has truly costed her dearly."

"And do you call this justice?" mocked an Elf, his emotionless smile greeting the golden daylight filtering from curtains drawn closely tight, "Justice served is venom for another. I pity that poor girl upon her assailant’s acquittal, but one deluded's death will never erase any stigma dealt from an erroneous hand."

"Pray tell then, how will you define pity?" asked the wrinkled Human dressed in blue and red, flowing locks of iron grey static before his Elven counterpart, "Your eyes betray no such experience. If not for a drastic need for the Serpent's boon, you should not utter this word."

"And why would you want a high standing judge's demise if her only sin is corrupted pride alone?"
Louthes could see a pointless baiting more than mile away, the Elf wasn't pushing his luck to be fair.

"Because deluded fools can never be trusted with absolute power, be they man or woman," answered the jaded Knight Lord, "A righteous flame should never coexist with fires fed from a zealot's breast and drunk with an idealist’s milk."

"Truthfully a child of House Eliaden," replied the Elf, slender hands lavishing a mocking round of plaudits, "Attempts in proving your worth via bloodshed due to ideals cruelly dashed would seem to me a matured man. A fiery lad back then has mellowed tenfold like this finest wine we're having now."

"Enough of your talk,” snapped Louthes, “Name your price, Eliador de Lioncourt."

"A meeting with someone by the name of Lukas Brun," bargained Eliador, grey orbs of unpredictable storm chilling the core of Louthes' iron soul, "This has something to do with a runaway girl somewhere in the Seaside."


"My debt to you has now been cashed in full. Don't bugger me again if you see a familiar bastard somewhere, somehow."

The True Apostle's words sought their way to Alestrial Eliaden's heart, his distant apathy an unerring storm of arrows firing true. Longing regret and lingering hurt together with total reluctance in letting go…

Why did she choose to believe in him despite acts most reprehensible? She tried convincing herself all the while that everything started from that fateful night seven years ago, she wasn't really sure of her conclusion right now. Irrational anger hailing from Guy haunted her dreams more than once, she could only afford deciding either one of the two or none at all. Every reason should beget every action, never had she truly understood Aeranath all along.


"Hey, you hear me speaking?"

A holler crisply cheerful bursting open Alestrial's bubble of dream, the Cinha maid stared bemused at her counterpart slightly younger. Here was a girl reminiscent of the Guy Cody she always remembered fondly. The Guy Cody always in her pursuit, the Guy Cody full of vitality and vigour...

The real Guy Cody himself...

Caring not any intention exhibited from a stranger nestled in front of her, the noble lady fair chose to verily accept this sudden twist of fate.

"Well, what're you gawking at?" frowned the tanned freckled girl, both arms folding across her ample chest, "I know I'm pretty with auburn locks, soft brown eyes like you, blah, blah, blah... but seriously, your food is getting cold!"

"Sorry, my apologies here," giggled Alestrial, both hands covering her mouth, "People tend to say I have a sensitive tongue."

"Wow, you have a cat’s tongue?" exclaimed the attractive redhead excitedly, "Just like me!"

"So should we be sisters instead?" gasped Alestrial playfully as the brunette shook her head rigorously.

"Nah, nah, nah! Not me," a nostalgic huff much to Alestrial's amusement was the sole answer, "My family's rich, I guess. A merchant's family somewhere in Seaside and I just hate it to see them trying to horse trade me! I'd rather marry a gay and destiny has decreed me meeting a nice one at that!"

"Edwood..." whispered Alestrial. The mention of Seaside immediately sparked off another county nearby. Edwood together with Seaside were renowned for their seaports and military support for the Imperial Navy, a place of exact location and exact name was now to her another place of another meaning.

Lerry Dukes was the county Governor, Lerry Dukes was to be her father-in-law. Jarvis Dukes had a repute of being a nice enough lad, Jarvis Dukes had a repute of being gentle and considerate. She knew him since ten, she had never minded his occasional childish tantrums all the while. Sadly, another Guy he wasn't meant to be, his last name not Cody. Marriage without bonds doomed to failure, success in name would suffice for life. Suppressing numberless worries threatening to tear her apart, Alestrial decided that making friends with a total stranger might not be too bad an idea.

"So what's your name?"

"Yeras. Yeras Wynda. Just call me Yeras is enough!"

That smile, cheer and zest... maybe Yeras should be the lucky girl for Guy instead of this pitiful noble's dowry sitting in my place.


"What is your wish in life?"

Lukas Brun recalled that haunting question sung like a ghostly melody. He had nothing bar a pretty face, the beautiful Elf had promised a life in accordance to whatever answer given.

"I… I wish for…"

Lukas knew what he wanted the most, he understood what he desired the most.

Will that fairest Elf grant me my wish, he murmured to himself.

"A normal life in spite of an abnormal past? Deal."

Lukas’ breath was trapped in his throat, his vainest hope now coming true.

"But there’s a clause…"

Lukas' breath was suddenly sealed in the throat, his jubilant soul went dead like a hare entering a serpent's jaw.

"I will be back one fine day. Do you know Louthes Eliaden?"

The androgynous brunette knew who the Governor of Teesside was, he needed not anyone to give him the answer.

"He owes me a favour, I owe him no obligation. I do not know when I will return, but I know I will. I know him since he's fourteen, I know he’s doomed to be upright."

"What are you trying to say?" Lukas finally spoke out, he felt his lips and throat going dry.

"Even the godliest of all men are willing to kill a thousand in exchange for thousands saved. Hence what makes you think he is anywhere godlier?"

Terror constricting a soul brimming with faith moments ago, Lukas Brun instinctively knew why despair can easily taste so easily sweet.

"There are beings darker than the darkest deeds, you should be more mindful towards all calling themselves beacons of values. Demons are not meant as make believe, Demons are not meant to be imagined. Demons are no different from you and me, Demons are not different from the purest of judges."

"That’s why…"

Lukas did not have to complete the statement, his benefactor had already completed for him whatever in need of being said.

"Only an ungodly soul can be regarded as the godliest soul, for who can judge the sins of a saint otherwise? Eliador de Lioncourt should be a name rightfully feared, my name has always been a serpent’s canker."


Background notes

The terms banted and re-bro were first mentioned in Chapter 2.

Gail was mentioned in Chapter 8.

Guy being able to kill her might not be something of a deu-ex-machina considering whatever potential implication from the last chapter.

That flashback from Guy pertaining to any connections with the Quintet Church on Aeranath himself was the exact scenario in Chapter 2.

Jarvis Dukes was briefly mentioned albeit not by name in Chapter 4.

The Lord status is the highest rank in any given ministry. Note that this is subjected to debate and that Lord as a title can be applicable beyond any ministry with a different meaning. A Ministry Lord is in charge of daily supervision via the capital of Romus itself. However, he/she can never be a Senator, hence having no power to approve or veto any given policies at hand.

Ministry of Justice is a parallel to the actual concept of any law ministry in reality.

Blue and red are the customary colours of House Eliaden albeit colours in this context alone need not be unique.

Governor is the highest local authority within any given county. Needless to say, Teesside is a county just like every of the Red Lions’ respective Division.