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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bai, my beloved Boro... T_T

Not that I'll be turning my back on yet another disappointing footie romance, but rather we have next season to gun for at the very least. If my future gf is not a footie fan, it means I'm dead on lucky b/c I dun think any normal girl into football will know where/wtf is Middlesbrough F.C.

So what am I gonna do? Some much needed fanwanking linking to yet another ART/TKW venture...

Ser Johan Henrie

Baron of Schweinsberg

Chief of Kreuzwacht

The Neverending Watcher

"Aye, they say he's one to hate womenfolk and I doubt tis a lie. Word has it that he could have a decent family if not for his wife walking out on him and his only daughter eloping with who-knows-him to who-knows-where. Some halfwitted idiot made a bad joke about it three years back despite being sober and he got pummelled half dead. So do not say 'where whores will always go' unless you want to be a whore for beating."

Johan Henrie: Young boy, am I merely born a sheep, a sheep which you take me for?

Guy Cody: Say what you want, but I have given my word to Bastien.

Johan Henrie: Watch your mouth, cat of a different coat. This is our High Lord you're talking here. Address him properly!

Guy Cody: And risk his ire just because he has grown tired of being treated as a living god?

Johan Henrie: ......

Guy Cody: There's only one reason why I agree to be your champion in the upcoming trial of arms. I believe you're not lying.

Johan Henrie: Because I ended up saying the truth? That your foreign nymphet was being held captive rather than defecting to her homeland?

Guy Cody: Yes. And nothing more. Bastien would gladly have your head if not for your sense of honour. Either him or me. So what says you?

Junios of Aulista

Lord of Schattengarde

He Who Dances With Death

"They're born to be bastards, fairest Milady. Either through a noble's seed willingly or sowed by force, it doesn't matter. Bastards have no share in any inheritance, bastards have no share in honour and pride. Junios is no different from those under him and that's why all in the Schattengarde will gladly die for him."

Junios: Do you know why I'm here? Right in the heart of an enemy fort?

Alestrial Eliaden: Because there is something here Bastien wants.

Junios: News of your wellbeing, Milady.

Alestrial Eliaden: I know... please, you have to get back alive. All the way to Anglsax, all the way to warn Bastien, Guy... everybody! Renewed talks of peace have gone underway, yet there's no letting up in fortifying and reinforcements! Something's wrong!

Junios: So I see... no wonder I have to get past a masked girl. A shame I have to kill her though. A tough fight against a tough flat chested chick still looking pretty after death...

Alestrial Eliaden: ......

Junios: Oh come one, don't look at me like that! I may be small in build, but I can be a giant swift and agile once the need arises. Or are you thinking about the only one gone missing?

Alestrial Eliaden: Ae...

Junios: Aeranath... Ales, you're really damned selfish. You'll never let go of anyone's hand so long as you keep believing in that person. His Highest is right in crowning you as Queen of Roses during the tournament at Leister.

Alestrial Eliaden: Say no more... just get back to Bastien, inform him of the possible perils! Please! I beg you, Junios!

Junios: Then I shall take my leave.

Alestrial Eliaden: ......

Junios: Have you ever tried loving somebody? I do. I still do...

Pointless talking cock: A certain incident made me realised that there's no harm in negative stereotyping. Ofc not all S'poreans are shit drivers, but still one has to wonder wtf is happening to my beloved island's lagi gracious society. Sadly enough, the two ah-kongs listed below are fictional. If not, I sure welcome either or both with open arms one...

Ser Mannion Camsell

Captain of Weissgarde

The White Lightning

"Ah, Ser Mannion Camsell... of course every Teutonian knows him! We don't call him the White Lightning for nothing. Captain of the Weissgarde guarding His Highest, that old one can easily decapitate any knave in a single stroke. In fact, he's been doing it during every given duel since fifteen winters!"

Aeranath: Lopping off someone's head before everybody? You got balls, old man.

Mannion Camsell: And I can easily do the same to anybody disregarding other people's lives...

Aeranath: So you want a piece of me?

Mannion Camsell: No. At least not now.

Jarlton of Diord

Culann of Fianna

Master of Hounds

"'e be ah' barkin' mad 'n, lemme tell ya! 'member wat 'e say 'bot dat little black book fillin' with names?"

"Do not assume me to be just an old man, whelp! I may have lived a far lesser number of years, but I know much more than just a brat living for too long a time. Like knowing a wolf when I sense the correct scent."
~Aeranath kenna pwned (?) 

"When I said all those years back about that little black book, people called me a bullshitter without knowing what actual bullshitting is all about. You're a sharp one, laddie. You can perceive all that an idiot can never see and believe me when I say nine out of every ten people are idiots waiting to be led."
~Guy Cody=sibeh tokong

"You're not born for war, you're born to lead. You're not born for the battlefield, you're born to hold fort and to rule. If one calls you out to be a living sword, be sure it's not a lie. For a blade is not meant to kill, but to protect the wielder. So choose carefully who should be your wielder, sweet young thing. Durned snake wasn't bullshitting after all..."
~Alestrial Eliaden=chiobu 2 x confirmed.
  SYT term inspired (?) by C.L.I.F 2
  Durned snake=there can be only one snake
  Durned snake=durned gnome=got that from R.A Salvator's Drizzt saga

End note
Sucks. Doubt can finish the entire re-edit for ART now. >.<