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Monday, 25 March 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 2: Part 2)

Suddenly realised it will be far easier for me to do anything compared to rewriting ART. I must have gotten way too 龟毛 liao... -_-
P.S: Can't find the ED sequence clip=not my fault. -.-

Add P.S: But heng still have Kajiura Yuki.

Who's your daddy?
So let's get this out first. Namely Kiritsugu's scene. Now it's much noteworthy to see that Saber-chan had gotten off to a worst possible start with her Master (although Iri's reaction wasn't anywhere near saintly as well lol!). One extremely interesting facet of her character is this: She has never seen herself as a girl, but hey, she IS one lol! At this point, we didn't know anything much on her past (that is if we're to discount Fate/stay night, which ironically was released a few years earlier back). Yet, it seems that she really detests any kind of girl treatment. Okay, scratch that. She already showed that to Shirou anyway. But still, it's pretty refreshing to see a far more naive Arturia (i.e. Saber's actual name is NOT Arthur). Her dream all the while at this point of time was only to save Britain. If not for the Battle of Camlann... (and no, I shit you all not. The Battle of Camlann is NOT something Nasu pulled off from his ass).

So what is it that Arturia wants from the Grail since her mission to save Britain was a certified epic fail? I believe any potential conflict would have gotten worse had not Iri playing the mediator. In fact, Arturia is... well pretty much reserved towards Kiritsugu in terms of trust. It's not that she resents Kiritsugu as a Servant (hello, folks~ one Gil is already bad enough! -.-). But rather as we will find out soon enough, it actually runs way deeper than just a bad impression (lol she even tells Shirou that they only ended up talking like... wtf, 4 times or so?!).

Interestingly though, Arturia is actually together with Iri in the Einzbern Castle rather than with Kiritsugu. And this was when Arturia is willing to stoop down a notch so as to speak. In short, she's willing to cut Kiritsugu some much wanted slack and credit should go to Ilya. In short, the Kiritsugu before Arturia is nothing more than a normal father indulging his daughter. In fact, after listening to Iri and watching Kiritsugu, Arturia manages to make up her mind. That she doesn't see any difference between her and Kiritsugu in terms of saving the world (although I need to add in the spoiler fact that Arturia is pretty much stupid in believing a common goal to be sufficient).

Now let's talk about Kiritsugu and Ilya. It's actually a very simple, yet heartwarming moment. Eight years ago, he didn't dare calling himself a father. Eight years later on, he did the only thing affordable. And that is to be a gentle father promising his daughter that he will be back. Of course we all know this is a literal Mission Impossible come Fate/stay night, but at least Kiritsugu has to do something. Something reminding him that someday and somehow, he'll be able to live out his ideal as a "Seigi no Mikata" (正義の味方/Ally of Justice). In fact, this will be his final battle no matter what. If he can survive, he will come back for Ilya. Of course Ilya didn't know anything, but that doesn't mean Kiritsugu should try lying to himself.

And lastly allow me to comment on Kiritsugu's little white lie. You see, he knows what will happen to Iri once the Grail War is done. And Kiritsugu actually ended up going the distance by telling Ilya that "Mother won't be around for a little while".

Ilya's response? "Mother says she won't be around for a LONG time".

And here we see Emiya Kiristugu the human being, NOT Emiya Kiristugu the one man terrorist organisation. He knows certain things can never be kept in dark for long, yet he doesn't want Ilya to get hurt by knowing the cold hard truth. In a certain respect, Iri is far more of a brutal liar while Kiritsugu is more towards the gentle liar. Of course Iri's motive in being brutally blunt is down to her belief that so long Kiritsugu is still alive, he will protect Ilya after she's gone. Ironically, she had to remind herself constantly on helping Kiritsugu realising his dream of global peace. Does Arturia truly understand why Iri has to do so? I dunno, but without Kiritsugu, Iri will just be a mere vessel for the Grail. With Kiritsugu, she will still remain being the vessel.

The only difference? You can either be a vessel without a self purpose or you can be a vessel with an actual purpose.

Like a Bro...

And lastly let me conclude this analysis post with the starting sequence of episode 2. Namely Waver Velvet and Bro-skandar. Now this is the most interesting Servant/Master pair in the sense that we can't really be sure who's the Boss and who's the little Bro.

Firstly and foremost, there's nothing much to discuss where Bro-skander is concerned. We don't know how badass he is atm(although it has to be stated that he's still the undisputable greatest badass in the story), we only know that he's a Rider class Servant. Yet, via his interaction with Waver, it can be said that Iskandar the Greatest Bro, is... well quite a whimsical Bro lol!

Now if there's any scene hinting at Bro-skandar's sheer badassery, it will be that most impressive pimp ride called the Bro-mobile.
Problem, Bruce Wayne?
Of course, everything is NOT just about that Bro-mobile. If you know your history, Persia was an important life chapter for the REAL Alexander the Great, i.e. Iskandar himself. In fact, this could be why he end up asking where is Macedonia (i.e. all my base are belong to me) and Persia upon a successful bookshop heist.
Yes, Bro-skandar IS that whimsical...
So what does Macedonia and Persia have to do with Bro-skandar's aim? Very simple. He just wants to conquer the world.

To finish an unfulfilled dream due to his untimely death.

To ride across the globe with his super badass army marching behind.

And in the process of doing so, recruiting worthy Servants as his... well, Servants lol!

One interesting flashpoint here is this: what is Waver's wish once he obtains the Grail? Very simple, guys. He only wants everybody in the Clock Tower to recognise his own self worth. In a very real sense, Waver doesn't really have any friends there and Kayneth's derision towards his so-called "half-assed thesis" only made things worse. From this retrospect, I do believe every one of us do have an inner Waver Velvet, i.e. a desire to be recognised and treated seriously.

Of course no one has ever tried asking him this question. Apart from the one and only Bro-skandar himself. Have you ever seen a Servant asking his Master this type of question? Only Bro-skandar can be that daring. The only catch? Not everyone is that lucky. Bro-skandar's reply? Waver has to try growing 30 cm more. No, this is not me bullshitting. Bro-skandar really did say that. And that's on top of him bitchslapping his Master.

But still, we all know Waver is now stuck with a problematic Servant. A Servant so incredibly badass, he can easily make hardened soldiers out of men and women alike.

Because there can be only one Bro-skandar, he's everyone's best and baddest Bro.