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Friday, 8 March 2013

This lobo should have been outed N ages ago...

This lobo should have been outed N ages ago... This lobo should have been outed N ages ago... This lobo should have been outed N ages ago...



Appearance: A grizzled youth rugged and heavily built, his unkempt hair reaches down to the shoulder blades. A visage dark and handsome hiding insanity without peer, indeed one who is cursed and presently dead.

Garb: "...his right fist armed with gauntlet of blackest steel... grey leather corslet with a single shoulder guard made from identical material worn across the opposite shoulder, a simple brown undershirt with short sleeves, and black pants completed with worn leather boots."
~A Ranger's Tale - Nameless Girl, Unknown Rage

Conceptual (badass) quote

"I once gripped another man like you in this manner. He who's fond of fondling little boys and I killed him on the spot. A single punch before his horrified prey back then... and you'll end up soon like him. Now."

Conceptual quotes (from others)

"He's not mad! He wouldn't have saved me from gangs of rapers if you're right!"

"Only I can afford to call him a mad dog on the loose, I shall not be held liable for the blood of every other fool."
~Eliador de Lioncourt

"A warrior most insane, a man most worthy to be a knight."
~Sarel Aphros

"A crazy bastard crazier than me... now that's a sight to behold..."

"A right fist meant to protect and born to fight, a right hand blessed in forging a blade unbreakable high."

Conceptual dialogue

Lars Alterfate: A nice girl with a nice figure... you're a lucky bastard. Is Ceres her name?

Arondight: ......

Lars Alterfate: Well, guess you can't deal with pretty chicks. Need my help?

Arondight: No thanks. She's now getting along fine with your Lolyx anyway.


Guy Cody: No...

Arondight: And do you want me to call you Guy Gisborne again?

Guy Cody: That's a fucking lie, you fucking liar!

Arondight: And how many mad men have you met in your life? Maybe I'm right in calling you a murderer and the rest your victims.


Arondight: Little girl, enough of your well meaning lies. Do I look like a shaggy sheep to you?

Alestrial Eliaden: And do I look like a harmless doe to you?

Arondight: ......

Alestrial Eliaden: We will all lie and be deceived time and again. You are indeed insane, you are indeed a gentle giant of a man.

Arondight: If I'm to die one fine day and if I can have my way by then, promise me that you'll be the one sending me on my way.

Alestrial Eliaden: ......


This has nothing to do with any actual stuff in-plot/character