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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lore: The Four Expertise (Part 2)

****ing hate the weather.Why only SG? I thought got other parts of the world kenna cold snap leh! I think must go stock up herbal tea and herbal jelly liao... X.X

Deceptively agile rather than attack with sheer speed, a Lancer's skill lies in movement coordination. They say that a Lancer's life is not of his own, but rather his own limbs. Hence, lack in heavy armour is for the best.

Yet, an unrivalled skill with all manner of pole-arms would mean knowing when and how to strike. Knowing how to strike is all about attacking, knowing when to strike is the highest art of defending. As such, it will be a folly indeed to assume Lancers to be defensively inept. However, knowing when and where the fatal hit will come is something any lesser opponent is not privy to.

Due to unpredictability being the very core to this Expertise, a Lancer's skill is truly akin to the element of Water where none can ever differentiate tranquility from a maelstrom, be they man or beast.

Nature of weapon choice:
Spear: This is the basic/staple weapon for a Lancer. Mostly used for piercing, slashing strokes are also used. If the former is for dealing potentially fatal/crippling blows, the latter is seen as something far more tactical rather than a direct approach. By slashing the blade towards the opponent, a Lancer can easily force him back or having him running the risk of a severed neck artery, whichever is more likely.

Halberd: A far more versatile option, yet much heavier. A pole-arm used for piercing and hacking, it's truly a weapon with a steeper learning curve due to defensive lack. However, mastery is not unattainable depending on how the wielder is able to control and maximise the momentum gathered. Teutonian Lancers are known to utilise this very weapon of choice.

Glaive: This is an unorthodox variation of the Lancer field due to zero thrusting involved. However, a vital need in limb coordination makes this a possible weapon choice. Nature of mastery is similar to using a halberd apart from the lack in piercing. Lancers of Cinha and Sudhlit ethnicity are more known in wielding this pole-arm while it is not impossible to see a Slarvean user as well.

Word of Maker: Elven "Lancers" in this respect are always regarded as actual Fencers instead due to an Elven glaive having a shorter handle with a longer blade.

Lance/Pike: Due to these two weapons being suited for war rather than duel-oriented, i.e. unusable in any one-on-one combat, no Lancer has been known to choose either a pike or a lance as his weapon, let alone achieving any level in mastery.

Additional note: Armour
Heavy armour is still usable if we're to talk about glaives or halberds. This is in order to make up for whatever difficulty is defending due to momentum being the key rather than control and trickery.

Halberd users are more prone in wearing plate armour although full plate is never an option. In short, such user will be decked in full chaimail together with helmet, breastplate and steel gauntlets.

Glaive users however, are more used to wearing plate mail suits designed like a long sleeved tunic with split ends running from the belt area unto the lower calves. This is for the Cinha people within the Further East. For the Slarveans and Sudhlits, such a Lancer will be wearing medium armour, i.e mail shirt, for the former and light/no armour for the latter.

Word of Maker: Given the arid conditions in the Southlands, it's a no-brainer to see Sudhlits favouring the lightest approach.

Spears will warrant light/medium armour, e.g. leather and mail shirt. Yet, it's quite common to see an unarmoured Lancer in this sense.

Confirmed Lancers


Fighting style parallel


Fighting style parallel