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Friday, 15 March 2013

Lore: The Four Expertise (Part 1)

But I procrastinated, I screwed things up. I'm right now in the process of writing a brand new chapter of A Ranger's Tale (draft ver) and since I'm not too sure when I'll end up finishing it, I might as well do something worthwhile here. But before that, figure I should up an Evanescence clip. Because I should have done so N ages ago and not because I'm an emo (although not so amazingly, I've grown somewhat cynical over the years)

In The Known World, there will always be a few being masters of one weapon and none other. Such exceptional individuals are known to be the Aesir and Vanir. While their origin is somehow a mystery, one thing agree by every scholar is this: an Aesir or Vanir will always uphold standards unreachable in his chosen weaponmastery.

About the Four Expertise
In lieu with general warfare, soldiers will always be armed with either sword, spear or bow. Three of the Four Expertise originated from them, namely Fencer, Lancer and Archer. The final one, Berserker is somewhat an anomaly waiting to be covered later...

A Fencer's skill lies in footwork. It has never been a matter of whether you're clad in heavy full plate or fighting without armour. Footwork has never been about needless movements, being a Fencer is all about taking instantaneous advantage of the opponent should an opening presents itself, no matter how slight.

Hence, skills in fencing will always be synonymous with the element of Air, where speed in reacting is key in achieving victory.

Nature of weapon choice:
Broadsword: This is mostly used by Fencers who are heavily armoured. A precise swing is capable of cleaving an opponent clad in full plate armour with the only catch being that only blades forged from Elven steel are capable of doing that. Mostly used in a sword-and-shield manner.

Longsword: Mostly used by lightly armoured/unarmoured Fencers although those decked in heavy/full plate armour are known to wield such a variant if they choose to. Mostly used without a shield, but a sword-and-shield style can be regarded as something never unheard of.

Rapier: Always used by unarmoured Fencers valuing finesse while eschewing strength. Considered a pure thrusting weapon since slashing as a viable alternative can only be used sparingly due to the narrow blade. 

Dagger: Can be used for either throwing or fighting in close corners. The slashing/thrusting nature makes this a possible route for any Fencer.

Short sword: Same as above, but only for close combat.

Great sword: Rather tricky in usage since control of momentum will mean having a well balanced footwork more than the rest. Yet, this is a weapon capable of cleaving any opponent within a single breath.

Elven sabre: Chiefly used by Elves since their own invented weapons will always be their pride and ego. However, there are humans known to use it, e.g. Jase Steele. This is Aor's weapon of choice as well.

Yedo: A single edged sword used by the Cinha. Sturdier than an Elven sabre, but not as keen. Sharper than a dual edged sword, but not as durable.

Confirmed (?) Fencers


Fighting style parallel



Fighting style parallel


Fighting style parallel