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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Some concepts on disputed/undisputed lands...

Simply put in our modern day context, it's called territorial dispute. East Asia got two super high profile ones (mainly because only China, Japan, and South Korea are the major regional powers. Not that this region really got at least 5 nations longzong siowpah anyway). At the same time, I dunno wtf is happening on any of the ASEAN front while I don't expect Kashmir to ban any missile weapon anytime soon anyway. -.-'

Some background info:
1. Prior to the current situation we're used to in A Ranger's Tale thus far, the entire Northern continent was actually an unified land with a unified people. Well sort of anyway...

2. Shit happened somewhere down the road and the entire continent went to pieces.

3. What truly happened that cause the split? Actually I'm still trying to come up with a sensible justification because I don't like pulling things out of my ass. Let a stupid past take care of it(my)self.

4. Unless there is a chance for me to pull this out of my ass.

5. Basically, we may be staring at a big ass succession siowpah after all.

6. Poli-tikus alert! Simply put, I don't have anything personal with politicians as human beings, but politics in general on the other hand...

7. In case you guys dunno wtf I'm saying here above, it means we have more than 3 contenders vying for power. Simply put, it had never been a Triple Threat or even a Fatal Four Way. Guys, we're talking about Royal Rumble+Championship Scramble combo. Or we can just stop at calling this a battle royal.

8. Fail Ending. Nobody wins in the end. That's why we have a treaty popping up.

9. Which now comes to the best part. Namely areas populated by people from either end of the borders.

10. Layout of such areas are pretty much segregated in nature. Try firstly to imagine the system of apartheid before it was officially banned by Nelson Mandela. Then try imagining South Africa being separated into the so-called White People's country and Black People's country.

11. Inversely, you all can try imagining the actual American Civil War since the whole Union vs Confederation deal might make thinking far more direct.

12. Official Triple Threat ongoing till now.

13. Most common form of combat: cross border skirmishing. Technically speaking ofc since it's all about who settles at where and not whatever being stated clearly in print.

14. This happens every once in a while: I declare war on you. And it will take someone a mighty load of brains and balls to pull off this 50-50/touch-and-go decision.

15. Reasons can vary accordingly. Pressing charges against peasant guy A raping noble lady B can be a fair tactic because a lot of people can be really stupid 9 out of 10 times.

16. Politics is a game of thrones and in it, it's either you win or you die. Ned shouldn't have died, but G.R.R Troll did so anyway. Know what I'm trying to say?

17. There are still tons of unclaimed lands waiting to be taken.

18. Disputed lands claimed by either party will be declared as undisputed lands.