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Friday, 2 November 2012

So in order to make my 30th birthday pretty much worthwhile...

And that's despite me being a no-lifer armed with a blog, internet, mom's laptop, daily job and no... okay, scratch that unfinished part out. >.<

Inspirations are meant to be inspirations. Simply put, I don't intend to mock any religion or given system and hence, I'm not a bigot. Also neither will I tolerate any bastard fat or thin if false accusations and hurtful comments targeted at any community are lobbed like a half assed Scud missile.
Sounds funny? Well, it shouldn't be unless you want to be your own clown.

Lore: The Quintet Church
This is an organisation that is under no political leanings bar that of an outright neutrality. Its main role is to maintain peacekeeping in times of conflict between any of the three factions of the Northern Continent, i.e. the Kalaran Empire, Republic of Slarvea, and Kingdom of Teutonia. Indeed due to complexities of political dynamics abound, the simple truce allowed full scale conflicts in the name of self defence and fighting for disputed lands along the borders. Therefore despite its proclaimed nonpartisan stance, the Church in reality is an extremely powerful political organisation key to maintaining regional stability way more than any of the three factions

A hollow circle of white flames with four symbols: a shield within the hollow core, a fancy hat above the circle completed with a hammer and a scroll positioned at the left and right respectively.

This was when the monopoly of religion started rearing its head. Due to the economy being severely affected via a deadly mix of epidemic and political upheaval [1], the three way war was ended by a humble group of clergy that would go on to form the Quintet Church.

Originally, the role of clergy was to aid the destitute. However, immediate needs far more serious than preaching a mere message of hope soon seized the naive missionaries within three days where the male members were being killed and the female members raped.

In order to halt the spread of senseless anarchy, Teutonia offered to protect the preachers via dispatching the Kreuzwacht. [2]

At that time, High Lord King Karlfreud II had just ascended the throne as a twelve year old boy with such a decision nothing more than one justified by the royal seal. The Fuehrer [3] at that time, Fergus of Roich [4] controlled the Sidhe Court [5] and was the one bringing up this daring proposal. None dared to go against him, for he wielded the Mark of Kings. [6]

On Slarvea's side, the folks provided much needed supplies and even sheepskin tents [7], but nothing more.

The Kalarans, however were the one giving the priests and priestesses the most amount of help due to the newly crowned Emperor Nirol granting them immunity in the wake of insane atrocities committed against them and their families.

The Northern Continent was finally stabilised without any major hassles albeit numerous heinous acts on a far smaller scale were still exacted.

Yet due to the extent of dire situations marked by what would be later known as the War Dead's March [8], it took a full decade to pacify the people (and region as well) with a further more five years to start seeing signs of recovery.

By then, this humble group of religious people had swelled their ranks through humble folks desiring to share their resultant prestige rightfully earned by heeding the message of peace.

Hence, the Quintet Church was officially declared with much fanfare from the rich, poor, elite, smallborne, rulers, and nobility all alike.

System: Duty
Contrary to whatever stated by rural folks with little or no education, the clergy has the right to marry as per the acceptable law of monogamy set down by the Church Court itself. Yet, all are to subject themselves under the local law wherever they may be. Their duty is to those within the respective Church Office's jurisdiction. Tasks include overseeing the most menial work done by labourers paid by the Church to education and regular visits for those truly in need.

System: Income
There are two types of income sources: Charity and Gifting.

Charity are given by the common folk willingly as it is decreed that all who are helped by the Church must pay back their rightful gratitude via a price named by the payers' terms rather than the payee, which in this instance is the local Church Office.

Gifting on the other hand, will be paid by the same standards apart from two differences: that it will be those truly rich and powerful together with a base amount fixed by the individual Church Office's standards.
If Charity goes a long way in securing the people's trust and support, then Gifting will be how the rich and elite can create a case of mutual benefiting.

Such a system was made in consideration to the most basic needs of the preachers back then, but now it has unwittingly evolved into a political stranglehold of sorts where no one in the Northern Continent dares to offend the Church.

System: Hierarchy
There are two main levels of jurisdiction: the Office and the Seat. The former is in charge of local affairs subjected under the civilian law while the latter is only in charge of supervision, yet having total political immunity and independence unless being suspected of high treason against any respective regime.

System: Military
Threats from the otherwordly Demons will always happen immediately during and after any conflict amounting to military actions approved (refer back to the Origins to know briefly what the resultant truce truly means).

In order to combat such threats which not even the best military units can take care of, there are specific warriors rumoured being able to utilise the epic feats most commonly known as Magic. [9] These soldiers under the Church are commonly known as Beasts of the Quintet due to their unparalleled combat prowess be it in duel or group combat.

However, among themselves and in particularly the Church as well, they are formally known as the Aesir. In reality however, nothing even of noteworthy hearsay is known about such units apart from scholarly debates stating unproven claims on Rangers being part of them despite nothing of factual proof. Interestingly enough, the Church actually DENIED any interactions with Rangers.

At the same time, the Church has also a staple peacekeeping force recruited from humble families albeit there has been persistent information unknown stating that these soldiers are in fact people defeated in wars and battles, those bailed out from crimes together with victims of political struggles. Or perhaps even their descendants as well.

System: Beliefs
If the Quintet Church is the official religion in the Northern Continent, then the Quintet Faith will be seen as the doctrines dating back to the Age of Renown [10] where worshiping the Sacred Quintet had yet to be centralised. The five deities are actually separate entities only bounded by a common nature beyond humane. Hence the starting phrase of any given prayer will start with:

By the Quintet and five parts of Heaven itself.

Basically, the members of the Quintet are listed below.

The Soldier
The Soldier is one in charge of discipline, tactics, valour and rightful cause in the battlefield. Those embroiled in military conflicts will never pray during any expeditions and campaigns, but rather believing that only the victor is truly right as victory will be a show of the Soldier's favour granted. However, they will always shout out their prayers as a battlecry before marching out.

By the Quintet and five parts of Heaven itself shall we crush the heathen skulls and judge the worthy right!
Soldier, Craftsman, Poet, Scholar.
And yea indeed also to our greatest Father True!

The Poet
The Poet is one in charge of poetry, songs and all manners of art. Those who seek to relief the suffering through a freedom of expression and leisure will invoke the same prayer in silence before planning their respective piece and upon the end of any play or unveiling of works purely written/drawn.

By the Quintet and five parts of Heaven itself shall I draw fairest flair and judge the worthy maids!
Poet, Scholar, Craftsman, Soldier.
And yea indeed also to our greatest Father True! 

The Craftsman
The Craftsman is one in charge of craftsmanship. Any form of livelihood involving the hands, most notably smiths and masons are indeed vital to provide a stable platform for any society to survive. The prayer will always be done prior to starting work everyday

By the Quintet and five parts of Heaven itself shall me build the strongest steel and judge the worthy trade!
Craftsman, Soldier, Scholar, Poet.
And yea indeed also to our greatest Father True!

The Scholar
The Scholar is one in charge of intellectual affairs. From advisers of governing to advisers in war, all are vital to a people's strength. For only through clever wisdom and perception sharpest can a race and the lands become strong. Prayer will be done before flipping open every book.

By the Quintet and five parts of Heaven itself shall us learn the finest text and judge the worthy minds!
Scholar, Poet, Soldier, Craftsman
And yea indeed also to our greatest Father True!

The Father
The Father is in charge of none, but the lord of all. Everything is done by the four, all things are made possible by the only One. Without his mandate spoken, kings can never be made. Without his will, people can never live. Without a nod from his visage never to be seen nor crafted, the Soldier can't fight, the Poet can't perform, the Craftsman can't work and the Scholar can't speak. Every day, the people must pray once in the morning and evening each.

By the Quintet and five parts of Heaven itself shall all thank every harvest and judge every brother, sister most worthy or naught!
Four others in a circle
And yea indeed also to our greatest Father True!

[1]: In fact this was why the war between the Empire, Teutonians and Slarveans was halted in favour of an eventual truce. The conflict in question here was hence known as War of the Sundering North.
[2]: Kreuzwacht is actually a vast network of civilian soldiers tasked with maintaining law and order. This is different somewhat from the militia system in the Kalaran Empire since Kreuzwacht is considered part of the regular military via a compulsory enlistment law in the militaristic Teutonia.
[3]: The highest ranked official tasked with overseeing the daily operations within the capital ranging from administration to military logistics.
[4]: Later revered as the Righteous Usurper for his role in forcing the treacherous pretender, Kestarn of Lochness off the throne after High Lord King Karlfreud's freak death at the age of sixteen due to a boar hunting accident.
[5]: The ruling court of officials in the capital, Anglsax.
[6]: The sword symbolising the royal authority, Caladbolg. While any ties with Magic is merely a myth, it's indeed true that Fergus of Roich used it to slay Kestarn Deadthrone (who is Kestarn of Lochness) on a one on one duel during the Battle of River Nord.
[7]: Tents in Slarvea are made of sheep leather and such a commodity is highly prized all over The Known World in particular the isles of Histalonia.
[8]: A collective term referring to the time starting from where epidemic broke out until the end of the resultant peasant uprisings. While historians agree that the starting point should be after the Truce of Fair being signed, there has been no consensus on when it should end since it's far more a chain of generic events rather than one major event on the whole.
[9]: No one knows what Magic truly is, but intellectuals agree that it should be something visually spectacular and devastating during any given time.
[10]: The earliest age of unified civilisation where every race lived in total harmony albeit very little details have been gleaned from the remaining text.

Now I way too damned shagged out to contemplate whether this song really compliments the post