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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kork M.Hancock, Rogue Economist: Media and the global economy (Final Part)

Example of popular media: What we can learn from the Why-light couple
The report was dated a few months ago, but if there's any news far greater than Aimin' cheong sua or whether Teh Su Su truly really kenna kan, it will be this bombshell of the century. Or maybe even the millennium.

November the 1st will not only be remembered for my birthday, but above all the alleged affair between still famous brunette bombshell Kook Stew and her latest collaboration partner, Fuhrer Sanders. You see, I has always been a Kooker, i.e. a KookStew fanboy, ever since I've watched the Why-light movies. Granted I wasn't a fan of her more famous squeeze Robb Frat because he's actually far hotter than ninety percent of the guys currently alive, but still I'll have to admit that they're still the best celebrity couple because they look so good together on-screen. So why Fuhrer Sanders?

Apparently, it was down to a case of one to talent and charisma, nil to looks and rugged charm. No one knew why the paparazzi could catch the two in the act, let alone why it only took three seconds LITERALLY for the pair to admit Robb Frat has lost that counter strike match during the first press conference post-affair. So many questions and a heartbroken Frat.

So what we would be seeing next wasn't really that much of a rocket science physics, but rather the most fundamental trolling physics. Angry Frat Girls hurled insults at Kook Stew calling her a Kook'ed slut while the Kookers actually called Robb a Frat boy. Which to me is a far better used insult due to the word play. And what about Fuhrer Sanders? Well, it seems that people were speculating whether he's Adolf Hitler's descendant since you can't be sure who's truly who in this whole wide world.

Needless to say, the media actually earned big bucks all over the world because Why-light basically means Why-hype in another sense according to the unbelieving cynics. Yes, people who will suffer in hell after they died because they believe not the truth.

So did Why-light benefit from the unwanted exposure? Interestingly enough, while Kook Stew and Robb Frat went into hiding due to a possible mass invasion of privacy, people were actually paying more attention to Why-light far more intensively than the previous installments.

For one, it actually shifted the limelight onto the slightly lesser known Tayls Taut, who keeping true to his honourable word chose to keep silent on the whole affair. Hence, his fan club decided a name change is best for further PR. From Tauters United, his official fan club was renamed the Silent Wolves much to the chagrin of the equally rabid fans of J.R.R Martin's A Song by Flamers despite their object of fan worship declared dead in action within the prologue chapter after an unrivaled badass entrance. Indirectly, it actually created far better PR for A Song by Flamers than Why-Light due to reasons I'm not at convenience to disclose. But yet, Tayls Taut wasn't the only one benefiting from his somewhat outdated sense of honour since the rest of the cast who didn't do anything to be exact actually became famous as well due to the absence of the KookFrat couple.

So does that created a well desired PR so that the final Why-Light movie, Broken Dawn can truly eclipse the previous box office smashers? Well, it surely had created an added awareness amongst the neutrals because everybody knew what KookFrat stands for.

Not so long after, Kook Stew and Robb Frat actually reappeared holding hands. The fanbase were utterly delighted and shocked at the same time. The top search term second only to fake teh su su on Goggles web search up till press time is omg how they do it and the only reason behind the ranking is down to the boobs of Miss Teh Su Su. That plus a shocking twist to the entire saga.

And it's called an unknown bullying victim forced into suicide.

You see, such schoolyard news are truly unworthy to be called a cash cow in comparison, but it seems that a female victim forced into suicide due to constant schoolyard bullying was actually Tayls Taut distant cousin. You see, Mr Taut has always been too busy with work even now so as to speak. But yet, it also means he has a family even though he's still confirmed single. And that included his distant cousin truly unfortunate. What's even more unfortunate though was that no one, and I really mean NO ONE knew the truth because the shy girl didn't like any kind of Hollywood treatment.

Long story short, Taut tried to address his relative's death online because he didn't really know who are the ones responsible. For all we know even at this moment, the numbers might even exceed five thousand just because the young things hate all things uncool. Under the moniker Barrack Yo'mama, he waged a one man war against the keyboard warriors unto much failure. Seeing how distressed he had gotten was way too easy to spot, but only Kook Stew and Robb Frat could get the truth out of him. In the most dramatic twist rumoured to be redone as a vital part of Broken Dawn, the two actually mobilized the Kookers, Frat Girls and all the now renamed Silent Wolves. In fact, even the official A Song by Flamers fanbase, lent their aid to flush out the "murderers" responsible since we all know the law can't really punish such individuals because bullying is only a schoolyard crime.

In a freak twist of fate, one particular Flamer, i.e. a fan of J.R.R Martin, actually overheard his best friend's ex boasting about some kind of bullying process that sounded weirdly familiar. After a few days of painstaking search due to Tayls Taut hiring a first world private investigator, it was revealed that a certain Little Miss Catty was one of the major culprits. And how the comeback was secured finally was nothing short of unity is strength.

You see, the victim was forced to death due to being called slut constantly just because she did some foolish act that was only affirmed by third party sources claiming to be objective witnesses without a face. What's truly the stuff of karma drama is this: Little Miss Catty was indeed a real slut compared to the victim being and accused slut. And the greatest evidence? She actually filmed a sex tape behind her ex's back with her not-so-current fling because every young thing knew this was a cool thing to do and still is right now.

Revenge against a bullied dead and your best buddy as well means you get to kill two birds with one stone. Or bluntly put in my fellowmen's own words, buy one get one free.

In short, tape got leaked, Little Miss Catty unwittingly let slip her accomplices in crime due to overwhelming pressure of righteousness and the culprits all were socially isolated without a life. Parents were shamed in public, schoolyard culture was finally put into question and the current President of All States, Barrack O'mama is now mulling over a bill that will make any schoolyard crime a felony act.

To sum it up in a nutshell, the biggest winner is still the media and the global economy. 
But the biggest winner of them all?

The Ivy Justice League: