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Monday, 5 November 2012

Kork M.Hancock, Rogue Economist: Media and the global economy (Part 2)

Important notice
The case cited in this post is of now yet to be concluded. Hence, we at the Rogue Economist Institute together with the columnist will refrain from posting assuming statements on the court proceeding itself. At the same time, any vulgar innuendo is utterly unintentional due to names outed being the actual ones leaked by the local media.
~Sincerely yours, Rogue Economy Insitute
Signed by High Dean, Highest Prof Simisai

Example of not so important media: Coverage on a certain ongoing corruption court drama
I can affirm to you here that the said case isn't happening here. Rather, it's somewhere way up north where other people tend to say money talk big time there. Whether such statements should be right or wrong doesn't matter because corruption trials happen all over the world anyway. So what's the case about?

Long story short, Chief of Big Shot Bureau, Ng Bor Kan was hauled up by the Anti Corruption Squad and tried in court for four charges of hiring four underaged prostitutes. Due to prostitution being illegal, we can see where this is going. The most shocking truth? Only one gets all the limelight. Namely Ceecee Teh Su Su. So what's so special about Miss Teh Su Su? Well, it seems that she's actually one with a very good figure and the media truly botched up on the court gag order for reasons local media authority has declared they will look into.

The resultant media storm was truly expected by the insiders as nobody cared for the actual proceedings. Rather, all they wanted to know is whether her boobs are fake. If so, then did she fly all the way to South Korea for her boob job? Sounds shallow and misogynistic? Feminist groups actually cried foul over what they perceived was an actual abuse, but yet sales of lad magazines actually has skyrocketed from hence forth. In short, no boner gives a damn.

Scarily enough, the guys are not just the only ones lapping up the news. The girls themselves are also asking where did Miss Teh got her boob job as well. But if the guys were only interested in the boobs themselves, then the girls were only interested in any possible process.

In fact, the number one search term in global search engine all the while is this: fake teh su su.

Online reactions actually ranged from whether Miss Teh is truly legal to allegations that her boob job actually came from China rather than South Korea despite nothing being said on this end by the media. Bloggers' hit/views traffic started to shoot upwards due to speculations on how to better detect fake boobs where in fact the authorities were trying extremely hard to remind the public on how to better detect corruption at the same time.

Outside the court room, even foreign journalists were snapping away at Miss Teh and reporting on the salacious details of how Ng Bor Kan's did-he-did-he-not standard of process actually panned out. Famous global surveying firm, Chris Kimpossible actually came up with these shocking findings pertaining to the case:

1. Seven out of ten every local youth below twenty actually didn't know that prostitution is a crime.

2. Eight out of every ten local elderly adult fifty and above actually believed that underaged prostitution is globally accepted.

3. Nine out of every ten local young teenager below sixteen actually never knew the legal age for consensual sex.
Note: the final one above was just to make sure the level of social understanding should be there.

In an even more damning survey done by ambiguous legal surveying firm, Duress:

Nine out of every ten males interviewed on the spot outside the court room declared proudly that they were only there for shooting photos of Miss Teh with nine out of such interviewees actually declared proudly that they will start a Miss Teh Photoshop pageant within three days while the remaining few actually stated that they were "just curious" for reasons they chose not to disclose.

As for the females interviewed, all of them were actually middle aged ladies complaining about the social ills and Miss teh's parents. However upon being asked on why they chose to stick around like their male counterparts, the surveyors were promptly threatened with the threat of calling the police despite full knowledge that everything is legal for Duress' guys. When it didn't work of course, these ladies just merely stated that they want to see "justice served correctly".

So what does this serve for the global economy? In the wake of Aimn Cheong Sua fading from the limelight, the famously coined Kan-Su-Su incident actually garnered the kind of money for the global media industry where only the early birds can truly get the worm. Everything is a media rat race and the first world countries are the ones to benefit the most due to having first world media networks. In fact, due to the case still ongoing, the money generating is quite obviously ongoing.

Needless to say, it's the media and global economy being the biggest winners here.