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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Q&A on that most tragic romance of the decade...

Just to protect my arse from idiotic fire...
I don't have anything to do with anything pro or anti-feminism because I just can't be arsed by people putting two and two together and getting a five. Fullstop.

A weird note of coincidence
I'm still in a state of "what's going on, man?!" where my latest Sunday Bible class is concerned. Seriously, Book of Ruth???? Mrs Lena, you've finally shocked me good. Or rather Pastor T himself. O.O


Q: Didn't Ser Barristan Selmy have stated that no one could truly understand Rhaegar?

A: Good point there. Rhaegar did never fully trust Barristan. And all for a very good reason. He actually trusted Ser Arthur Dayne far more than anybody else. Sounds retarded? Here's something for you all to chew about (SPOILERS ALERT!!!)

Q: But basically, it doesn't really say anything about Robert Baratheon being wrong in insisting that Rhaegar was "a monster and rapist"!

A: Ah, ah. Not that simple, dude. Firstly and foremost, if you see a quarrel going on between an ah-lian and a noisy auntie in a crowded MRT, who will you give that benefit of doubt? Unless there's some truly clear-cut evidence, you'll be incline to say that the ah-lian is in the wrong! In fact, I've actually committed a similar mistake on the Knight of the Laughing Tree. The same goes for King Robert as well. Did he witness something that made him think this way? Yes, I believe so. Can you trust a Baratheon's judgment? I'm afraid not. The Baratheons are extremely famous for their somewhat volatile temper and I can only list Renly as that odd bloke out. In addition, we have to remember the kind of shockwaves rippling through during the Tourney of Harrenhal. Or rather the very end where Rhaegar Targaryen as the winner actually crowned Lyanna Stark as the Queen of Love and Beauty instead of his lawful wife, Elia Martell of Dorne.

Q: So that basically means... it's consensual then?

A: I truly doubt it's that simple. For all we know, Rhaegar DID indeed abduct Lyanna, but NEVER raping her.

Q: Sounds like a paradox...

A: Not that much of a paradox considering the events called that Knight of the Laughing Tree. Now remember why I've said that one was a screw up on my own end? Very simple. I used to think that Lyanna was that mystery knight. After that, I just felt things were way too simple and I cast my lot into Howland Reed. And only because he was the difference between victory and outright death back then during the events at the Tower of Joy, i.e. Ned would have been killed by Ser Arthur Dayne if not for Howland Reed. Coupled with the fact that he's a crannogman, i.e. he's pretty much slighter built than most full grown blokes, and it's a no-brainer why I got bluffed by the red herring. Simply put, Lyanna was most likely the Knight of the Laughing Tree.

Q: Evidence?

A: Firstly and foremost, the shield was emblazoned with a smiling heart tree. And this is a sign that the challenger most likely was from the North, i.e. that's where House Stark hailed from. Of course the crannogmen also have ties with the Children of the Forest, so this is just a strawman appetiser. The only problem? The crannogmen have never been known for fighting in ways far more chivalrous. They actually relied on terrain warfare and guerrilla tactics. Which essentially means they won't give you a fair mano-a-mano fight. So Howland Reed being that fella is out of question. Which by a simple case of implication could mean that Ned actually survived due that third party backstab.
Secondly, only Lyanna Stark had the legitimate reason to duel the respective Lords of House Blount, House Haigh and House Frey. Given her given reputation as a "free girl truly wild and untamed", it wouldn't be a tall task for her to defeat three third rated knights. Remember that she's good in horsemanship and equally, if not better in the art of swordplay.

Q: So why are you even talking about such an unrelated event?

A: Because of two events happening prior to this Harrenhal-gate. Firstly, we all know how Howland Reed was being bullied around by a trio of young squires and how Lyanna drove them away by shouting at them, calling Howland "her father's man" (which of course was a lie). Second event is that most vital shocker. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen actually performed a sad and beautiful song that made Lyanna weep. Benjen teased her and she dumped some fine wine over his head. But that's not the issue. The key point is this: if we're to assume that Rhaegar was thoroughly impressed with Lyanna's character, would it be that much of a long shot to call it a tragic romance? Okay, let's make that infatuated because if the song he played back then was something he composed after one of his numerous ventures into the ruins of Summerhall, then we all can see where this is going.

Q: So that means Rhaegar is truly a good man after all?

A: It's NOT really that simple to be fair. Firstly, it's been said that Rhaegar's songs "can reduce women to tears". If this was just a mere generic banquet or an informal harp play under the stars, then maybe Rhaegar would have done a simple show and end of story. An event of such a magnitude like the Tourney of Harrenhal? Truly doubt so. Aerys II would far sooner ground Rhaegar for good in his room if you're to ask me. Simply put, this IS something intentional. You can say Rhaegar wanted to test Lyanna, but at the same time it could be interpreted as Rhaegar wanting to prove a certain dominance over the "wolf-maid" due to her out-of-this-world character. The only question is why would he do that?

Q: Yeah why, bro?

A: Firstly and foremost, Ser Barristan Selmy's reply to Daenerys Targaryen when she asked whether Rhaegar truly loved Elia was that "He's extremely fond of her". Take note, it's "fond", NOT "loving". Simply put, Barristan was convinced that Rhaegar's marriage wasn't a happy one because it's actually something political in nature. Remember that Dorne itself has always been an autonomous region because nobody from the line of Aegon the Conqueror really managed to conquer it. Which is why Doran Martell actually has the balls to plan a major backstab on just about everybody else bar the Targaryens themselves.
So if Rhaegar had never loved Elia, then "fond" in this respect could be seen as something of a mutual confidant at best or duty obliged at worst. Remember that why Rhaegar had always been treated with respect even from Ned himself was down to the fact that he's actually an extremely responsible person. He'd rather throw away a part of himself than to betray what he deemed as important. Duty as a husband, without love or not is nowhere different. *pauses*

Q: So? Do go on then, Bastard!

A: Firstly, it's been stated that Rhaegar was "born in grief" and "considered melancholic at times". This was down to his birth somehow coinciding with the year where a major disaster happened: "Tragedy at Summerhall". How the entire event really tied into Rhaegar's paradoxical complex, i.e. he felt the happiest, yet saddened by the memories as well whenever in the ruins of Summerhall, remains to be seen because we can only deduce the possible cause as a failure to revive the Targaryen glory via re-hatching the ancient Dragons. Now Rhaegar was someone with very little friends because most of his social circle actually alienated him due to his reclusive tendencies. In short, he's an emo apart from the fact that he's not truly one. G.R.R Martin doesn't write Twilight, he doesn't create whiners like Uchiha Sasuke himself. In fact, I truly doubt any Tom, Dick or Harry can truly sympathise with Rhaegar due to the fact that at least ninety nine percent of the nobility doesn't actually care for anything apart from their wealth, prestige and whores. Rhaegar Targaryen would have nothing of that. Perhaps it's the kind of life he detested, perhaps he's born to be an anti-conformist. I don't know to be exact. *pauses*

Q: Hey, stop trolling us, Bastard!

A: Okay, I'm getting there very damned soon. Now it seems that via whatever accounted by Maester Aemon, Rhaegar actually had an experience pertaining to the Azor Ahai prophecy. For all we know, it DOES have a vital link with the unknown cause of events at Summerhall. He once said Aegon was the Prince Who Was Promised, never mind why he said a dragon must have three heads (which is the most obvious clue to Jon Snow's parentage anyway). You can literally call it his heroic BSOD.
Simply put, Rhaegar Targaryen's life had always been about the prophecy itself even unto the stage where everything became an obsession. Is it truly a long shot to say that this is where Rhaegar's frailty lies? In fact, I believe he would have been truly crushed upon knowing that his firstborn was a daughter and Elia herself was bedridden for half a year or so due to her delicate health. Basically, that could mean that Lyanna might be intended as another way to conceive "the chosen one".
Remember how Lyanna chased the no-life trio away from Howland Reed? I believe that in the wolf maid, Rhaegar actually felt a certain attraction to her fiery no-holds-barred nature. Of course back then, he might NOT even noticed it because simply put, Rhaegar Targaryen had grown numb towards his own self identity much more than for the others due to constant years of self suppression.

Q: So Robert was right after all!

A: So why didn't Ned hate Rhaegar as well? If Rhaegar was indeed Lyanna's rapist, you can be very sure that Ned would NEVER have a good word for that kind of worst case enemy. Remember that the Northmen's code of honour, that they will NEVER forget any slight made against their honour. And for Ned, Lyanna's chastity has always been the honour of House Stark. Their father Rickard died because of that, their brother Brandon died because of that. And Jon Arryn himself declared war on House Targaryen indirectly because of that.

Q: So that means Lyanna reformed Rhaegar?

A: I know anti-feminists will bash me for that, but let me just say that Lyanna had always been far more resilient than Rhaegar. Rhaegar was a coward for not having the courage to live his own life. Lyanna dared to do so without any regrets. Remember the Knight of the Laughing Tree? Why did everyone fail to seek out his/her real identity back then? To me, if it's truly Lyanna, then Rhaegar's role would be one pointing to that sole accomplice. Simply put, the Knight disappeared immediately for a very good reason. If it's Howland Reed, then he shouldn't have any worries on getting busted. But what if it's Lyanna? Who was the one supplying her the arms and armour? And if she's in a certain need of jousting practise for that inevitable showdown with the three Lords, to whom should be the best man for the job if not Rhaegar Targaryen himself?

Somewhere down the line, Lyanna managed to shake Rhaegar back to his senses. That he shouldn't be living for a prophecy alone, but rather assimilating that very prophecy into his life!

Conclusion: There's a very good reason why Rhaegar didn't bring forth the proposal beforehand. On one end, that would have blown Lyanna's cover and Rhaegar would never be that stupid given Aerys being a thoroughly mad fucker. Secondly, would House Stark accept their daughter to be part of a polygamous marriage? Polygamy has always been deeply frowned upon unless we're talking about the Targaryens and Dornish people. Political chaos were sure to be ensued if Rhaegar even dared to breath a word of their underground relationship. In short, Lyanna had never been a lady saint and we all know she'd rather die on her own sword than to be labeled as such. So we don't have to see either or both parties as saintly people. Because in Westeros itself, everyone is trying to make something out of nothing. Even the most detestable bastards like Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister.

So who is the real Rhaegar Targaryen? Is he the rapist accused by Robert, the honourable man lauded by Ned, the most able king never meant to be deemed by Barristan, or the symbol of Targaryen valour that is still keeping the remaining loyalists alive? None of the four. To me, Rhaegar Targaryen is merely a mortal. No different from people like me and you with the only difference being that he's born as a royalty. A man of little joys and many sorrows. A kingly knight saved by a genuine promise of love and freedom that only Lyanna Stark could truly gift.
Due to Rhaegar being someone far more fearful of loss than the rest, he locked Lyanna away in the Tower of Joy while ordering Ser Arthur Dayne as part of the three Kingsguard to protect the woman he truly loved come hell or high water.

Due to Rhaegar being someone far more gentle than the rest, you can virtually say that the abduction was for real, but not the rape itself. He did so because he feared for Lyanna's safety upon where the wolf maid ended up quarreling with him.

Due to Rhaegar being someone far more understanding of self-responsibility than the rest, he ordered Ser Jaime Lannister to PROTECT Elia and their two children, Rhaenys and Aegon. An act that Jaime failed to accomplish due to voluntary decisions in valuing his father's life and settling a personal closure against Aerys' insanity over everything else, i.e. an Oathbreaker before becoming a Kingslayer.

And lastly, due to Rhaegar being someone far more able to protect than the rest, Robert Baratheon knew for good that sometimes, the biggest winner might turn out to be the far greater loser.

O' Woe unto King Robert Baratheon, First of His Name!
You battled, you conquered, you gained the right to rule upon the Iron Throne!
O' Woe unto King Robert Baratheon, First of His Name!
You hated, you won, you lost the steel of freedom true!

O' Blessed truly is Rhaegar Targaryen, he who perished upon the Trident's duel!
You grieved, you wandered, you doomed yourself with a true wolf's maid!
O' Blessed truly is Rhaegar Targaryen, he who perished upon the Trident's duel!
You fought, you lost, you gained a victory everlasting with the wolf's maid love!