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Friday, 30 November 2012

In preparation for 13th of Dec 2012...

Because if you think the best romance hails from the Twilight series or Fifty Shades trilogy, you're a retard. Don't believe me, suckers?

I'll show you the actual proof:
Most heartfelt tribute, 100% no faking guaranteed.

Original Lyrics in Sindarin
I*nimwaloth i bain a phant,
I laiss in end calen nadhras,
A egennir galad vin lant
En elin vi uialthiliol
Tinúviel i lilthas ias
Na lind o *simp dholen a brand,
A vi finnil dîn glîn ennas,
A vi chammad dîn míriol.

Nu laiss Beren erui padas,
Ab aegais ring dad túliel,
Ennas i *elduin sirias
Ho nûr a erui reniol
Min laiss en-gwaloth tíriel
Glinthant ’lassui mellys ennas
Na choll a rainc dîn derthiel
Sui esgal finnil dîn aphadol

I lûth nestant i dail naegrol
Berthennin dhyl athreviad;
Agamp geleg ho vell, bragol,
Mabant ithildim thiliol.
Trî ‘aladhremmin *eldorath
He dregas fair na dail lilthol
Awarthant Beren reniad
Erui vi daur dhínen lastol.

Sui laiss dulus i thail ellint
Lastant ennas lhyss reviol,
A vi imlaid thyrin i lind,
Ennas eithelui tuiol.
Si *nimwaloth i tharn, thinnol
a thloss ab loss vin chelch thind
laiss e-mrethil vi daur dharthol
hain sui gwilwileth sí dannol.

Ún chir hen revias palan
Erin laiss caedennin ennas,
Nu ‘ilgalad a nui gúran
Vi menel edhring míriol.
Nu ithildim coll dîn tinnas
Sui caw amon, haeron a brann
Nadail dîn peliol, lilthas
I chîth gelebren hwiniol.

Udul he ad ne thrîw dregol,
Linn dîn leithiant i ethuil,
Sui tuilinn a rhoss dannol,
A nen udul o loss glavrol.
Egenn tuiad niphredil
Na dail dîn, nestas aphadol
anírant lilthad na mrennil
Linnol am nadhras úbrestol.

He dregas ad, dan ho nerant,
Tinúviel! Tinúviel!
Eneg edhellen dîn estant;
adhor ennas lû hen lastol.
Ne phost thent Beren, túliel
Na lûth ed lam dîn gen gwedhant 
Barthannen si Tinúviel
Dorthas vi rainc dîn thiliol.

Beren tirant na chîn iell 
Vi ‘wath finnil dîn velui,
O elenath aglar menel
Egent ennas i míriol.
Tinúviel *elvanui 
Elleth alfirin *edhelhael,
O hon ring finnil fuinui
A rainc gelebrin thiliol.

I dhoer manath únodui,
Trî annon dûr, angren thamas 
Am ered gondeb, hithui
A thaur dhúatheb angoeol.
I aearon min hain dorthas,
Govanner hai na vedui,
Pelanner io anann ennas
Úníniel vi daur linnol.

* not attested or reconstruced -simp == reconstruction from Quenyan _simpa_ flute† Tinúvielelvanui … gelebrinthilioltranslated by David Salo for the LOTR movies