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Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Good Thursday...

Because today was my suay day... some more have to come back to work on Good Friday.
Moral of the story: I need a rich gf.*
*Eh, you all bodoh peh kambing think I talk real, is it? Get real lah! I still have to earn $$$ like siaokao okay!

8 games to save our season...
Provided the rest screw themselves up that is... but anyway, it seems that morale is getting low atm. I truly believe Carl Ikeme wasn't the only Mr Black Miyagi (albeit it will be nice seeing him doing the kind of karate stunt on these losers), but still I'll be liar if I'm to say we don't have our very own Mr Miyagi brand dressing room. Erm, actually Mogga mentioned it alrdy...

So erm, yeah... just a brief breakdown on the 8 matches...
Even though I'm doing this just for fun... yes, I truly doubt our season will be a success. T_T

VS Wolves:
Firstly, they will be out to fight for every ball while getting themselves forward. The fans won't settle for anything less. He who draws first blood wins. No, I'm not crapping you guys. If Wolves score that decisive 1st goal, we'll be in a heck of a big trouble b/c that will build up their morale and momentum. Given how our football is panning out atm, it will spell catastrophe for us. Ofc if we do exactly that, then...

VS Peterborough:
Will 3 pts at Molineux do the trick? Darren Fergie (I believe he's still at Peterborough anyway) will tell his lads to go straight for the jugular anyway. If we screw it this weekend, it means Peterborough will have a mental edge coming into round 2. It's pointless for Darren Fergie to tell his boys to set up shop behind the ball anyway. In fact no matter what, such an approach is nothing less than absurdity quite obviously.

VS Hull:
One statement: stop Robert Koren. Forget all the stupid talk on Steve Bruce's new buys. Robert Koren is the one making Hull City tick. Hull is a team thriving on dynamic wing play, but w/o Koren supplying the ball, Steve Bruce can't do a dime of magic no matter how you look at it. The only catch? Koren will be most likely pulling the strings from the deep. In short, he will have cover from the back 4 and at least 1 central mid playing the guard dog.

However, he can just pop you out with an odd goal or two. I believe the looney ppl at the New Den are still smarting from that.

Either we try cutting off his passes or isolate him once he goes upfront. Whichever suits our needs anyway.

Note: Due to the presence of Koren in the dead middle deployment, one must take note that Hull City can alternate between a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 if we're talking abt starting deployment.

VS Brighton
Me Gusta! Poyet will tell his lads to go all out. This will be a far stiffer challenge apart from Hull City (given the order of fixture quite obviously). How we fare will hinge greatly on whether we can assume control across the middle b/c Brighton is quite possibly far more of a probing 4-3-3 compared to Mad Ian's direct 4-3-3. These fellas from Amex will be doing their utmost best to utilise the width and their movement play, be it cutting from either flank or a flat out touchline run. I don't have any problem with Mogga's 4-3-3 tbh so long as we do something to control the middle park 1st.

VS Nottingham Forest
The team that Jack Charlton hated the most. Apart from that, history is an issue since we only got one over these Robin of Loxley wannabes. Alex McLeish is one to play a defensive brand of football with two strikers up front. He's far more of a classic 4-4-2 altho he's not above using a 3-5-2. In short, he will tell the Sherwood lads to go gungho in terms of shutting the midfield down. Scottish football in particular is (in)famous for that. Can we bypass the middle 4/5? The onus on Mogga's end will be guessing correctly how many fellas will McLeish deploy across the middle (altho it's very likely a 3-5-2 approach given the nature of our home pitch. Zola tried that before and Watford stole 3 pts off our turf just like that).

VS Bolton:
Will this pose the stiffest challenge ever? Firstly, it depends on whether we can string a more than decent run beforehand. Dougie Freedman is the Top Doug of Glasgow, make no mistakes abt that. He's someone favouring a flat 4-5-1 compared to Sean Dyche's expansive 4-5-1. He will tell the Trotter lads to run us down from the midfield with support pushing from the back 4. In short, the key will lie in whether the Reebok faithful can roar their lone ranger on. In short, we're talking abt the lone striker upfront. This is a match where our back 4 must NOT commit themselves recklessly forward. Organise a flat 4 across the field so that our middle lads can track back on time. Cut off the ball supply going to that lone giant and one quarter of the battle will be won. Ofc Bolton will end up forcing their numbers forward by then and it will truly be a mettle of will beyond everything else. Will we end up as men of steel come the end of 90 mins or will we end up as scrap metal heap? It's gonna be a bumpy ride, folks. A non-stop break-and-counter game at hand most likely. 1 goal to kill off this match and may the toughest guy win.

VS Charlton:
Banana skin at home. It really depends srsly. Will this be a dead rubber where our opponents will play without burden? Or will they play like the 3 Lions we all know so well about? A patient approach might do the trick if we're talking abt first 30 mins or so. Chances are that we will know the answer post 30 mins. Or 40 mins at most.

VS Sheff Wed:
Dave Jones still around? Tak-tahu. But I guess he's still there. If not, how can the Owls go on a jailbreak run? Hull City got screwed 3-1 at home last time round, Dave Jones will tell his lads to end this on a high. In short, they will be gunning for 3 pts due to positive effects rubbing off onto next season (and again, let me repeat that Hull City lost 3-1 at home against this team hell bent in pulling off a Lannister style prison break). I believe they will fight for every ball, it's imperative we must match them passion for  passion. Win the ball and break forward. Track back once we lost the ball while our backline must remain stable. That's it.

Conclusion: Nothing much to conclude. This is just me talking nonsense b/c I know Boro won't get promoted come end of season unless a miracle will come from we-know-Who. That plus I still have to work on Good Friday. Bleh...

Win a raffle? Only ticket atm? Am I mabuk now or am I too gong?