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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Analysis - Fate/Zero (Ep 2: Part 1)

Note: Tongue still hurting, tongue kenna scalded, I got cat's tongue. If the Engrish too powderpoo, please forgive me.

A Tale of 3P
And no, 3P as a term has nothing to do with pr0n. 3P in short means 3 Pairs. Namely 3 pairs of Servants/Masters. Now at this point of time, I need to get something across the system. Namely I do NOT classify Tokiomi/Gil and Kirei/Assassin as part of the 3. This is down to way too many ambiguity going on at this point of time, i.e. Ep 2 (altho I do roughly know what is the driving force behind the sudden wtf twist so early on).

So let's out the last pair first

Last pair as in Uryuu Ryuunosuke and Caster. At this point of time, it's worthy to note that while Caster called himself Bluebeard, it's NOT his actual name. Bluebeard in actuality is a French literary folktale (La Barbe bleue). One of the suggested sources is a certain Gilles de Rais and perhaps this is where Urobuchi/Nasu has gotten the inspiration. In fact given Nasu's interest in Western fairy tales (as per so blatantly shown in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru), it might not be a long shot in saying that it's the most likely reason, i.e. Urobuchi Gen wrote the plot and characters, but copyright still goes to Nasu/TYPE MOON. And yes, Gilles de Rais IS Caster.

Now onto Ryuunosuke. I really have to say that trying to decipher his character right now is no different from trying to murder my own brain (shitty pun intended). Hence, I'm not going to say anything cerebral here. But what we can see at this point of time is this: Ryuunosuke is outright crazy. He enjoyed killing young women and children in particularly, but it's still not clear atm why. Whatever speech he spoken in his debut episode alone is something you'll associate the closest to a true blue psycho killer. We all have seen this type of character archetype in every cop drama, but trust me when I say no one comes close. Ofc since this is Urobuchi Gen we're talking abt, it's actually a no brainer. He's truly someone not being a stranger in creating deranged characters with a purpose (altho I still can't put a finger on Ryuunosuke's plot purpose).

Interestingly enough, his offhanded comments on demons is somewhat of an accidental prophecy. He never realised what kind of monster will end up being his Servant, but it still serves as an eerie foreshadowing.

In fact come at this point of time, one might realise this: out of all the Master/Servant pairing thus far (with asshole Kayneth's Lancer yet to be outed), this has got to be the closest deal persona wise. In fact, I suspect that what we may be seeing from Caster and Ryuunosuke will be a far more profound case of Master-Servant character dynamics.

However, it should also be stated that Ryuunosuke has never seen himself as Caster's Master. Rather at this point, he sees himself as Caster's follower. As in Ryuunosuke seeing Caster as his idol while Caster on the other hand sees Ryuunosuke as a literal kindred.

On a side note, Ryuunosuke's admiration only took form after seeing what Caster had done to that nameless poor kid who got offed in the most harrowing manner. Before that, we did not know how he murdered the entire said family. However, upon Caster's personal philosophy on fear and death, Ryuunosuke bought the whole thing hook, line, and sinker. Why? Because that IS his own manner of ideals, no matter how twisted.

In short, Caster believes in fear and death being an inter-dynamic cycle and this has been something Ryuunosuke had been living for. What a pair of sick ****s.

Conclusion: They say the Grail chooses the Master and Servant. For this psychotic pairing, it cannot be anymore truer. In fact, Ryuunosuke only ended up doing the ritual out of a whimsical curiosity. To him, it doesn't matter whether it's a success or failure. In short, he's pretty much of a YOLO person.

To be continued (b/c my head is now feeling light)