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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Literally the most intelligent bastard ever... (Part 4)

Gonna resume this delayed project,100% cui during work, now battery 50% recharged. PISAI 300+ liao, limpeh sure half mampos tomorrow. Welcome to Smogapore, Teesside. Seems that marvelous fate might bring us two together soon...

Troll job satu



《史记: 陈丞相世家》

[Afterwards, Chu attacked swiftly and cut off the Han troops at the Yong pass, hence besieging the Han Lord at Xingyang. As time wore on, the Han Lord grew immensely worried, thus offering the west of Xingyang in order to make peace. The Xiang Lord refused to listen. The Han Lord asked Chen Ping: "When will such turmoil end?"

Chen Ping replied: "The Xiang Lord has always been one who loves and respects people, therefore attracting people of noble character. As for allocating credit and rewards, he is overly cautious, thus they will never swear actual fealty. Since Milord is one who is arrogant and impudent, noble people will never join you. Yet, Milord is able to grant rewards generously, therefore all those weak in ability and integrity mostly joined you. In order to unify the chaos, ridding your weakness and undermining the enemy's strength is the only key. Sadly, Milord tends to insult people, hence unable to gain men of standing. Capable threats including the Xiang Lord's godfather, Zhongli Mei, Long Ju, and Zhou Yin, are merely a few. Milord can distribute gold amounting to a few ten thousand katis in order to sow discord. The Xiang Lord is always wary and mindful of rumours, thus the enemy will attack each other from within. If we can seize the chance, Chu will be defeated."

The Han Lord then agreed to Chen Ping's proposal and put him in charge of forty thousand katis of gold. Letting Chen Ping having total control over the usage, the Han Lord chose to trust him utterly.]
《Annals of History: Record of Chancellor Chen》

There will always be two types of stereotypical $$$ grubbers, namely the Jews and Chinese. They say Western bankers look like Jews, Eastern bankers are Chinese. Apparently, it seems that Xiang Yu has gotten the FFF grading for economy management. Just don't ask me how good was Fan Zeng in this area. What I do know though is that Xiao He was one hell of an A graduate in micro-management and bloke was proclaimed the First Bloke of Han after Liu Bang unified a bloody chaotic China.

So what about Chen Ping? Well, he's only good in one thing: trolling. And in war, may the best troll win. Now, it's a no brainer by then that he knows what kind of character is Xiang Yu. If you bum around long enough in any circle, you'll end up seeing things unseen by others. Let alone being a clever bum at that...

Simply put...
1. Xiang Yu is one who treasures men of talent.
2. Xiang Yu is who derides people of lower standing.

In short, Liu Bang couldn't attract men of standing, but the key word IS standing, NOT talent. Chen Ping was an intelligent bastard, that's why Liu Bang hired him to be his no.2 strategist. So if we're to go by Chen Ping's analysis, both Xiang Yu and Liu Bang have two weaknesses and two strengths (note: this is going by the original text since I'm not God).

Liu Bang's weaknesses:
1. kenna Total War Sanction, i.e. no $$$=no honey.

2. This orang sombong lagi jahat

Liu Bang's strengths:
1. **** stature, go talent

2. **** honour, I'm Chinese.

As for Xiang Yu's weaknesses:
1. Ebenezer Scrooge's Great Tyrannosaurus Ancestor (abbrev: GTA), i.e. "As for allocating credit and rewards, he is overly cautious, thus they will never swear actual fealty."

2. Overall wise a problematic Tyrannosaurus, i.e. "The Xiang Lord is always wary and mindful of rumours..."

Another thing of note:
Xiang Yu has the biggest resources and major manpower, Liu Bang only has his Sad Sombong Bastards (abbrev: SSB).

So what about Liu Bang? He's a ****ing spendthrift tbh. Simply put, "whatever is mine belongs to you" was this scoundrel's eternal motto. No, I'm not shitting you all. Liu Bang was INDEED a notorious drunk.

Not to mention being an universal perv also...

Troll job dua



《史记: 陈丞相世家》

[Therefore Chen Ping managed use the gold to incite unrest amongst the Chu forces. Via announcing the likes of Zhongli Mei being the Xiang Lord's generals, yet unrewarded with lands for their contributions, rumours began to swirl on them wishing to defect under Han's banner and destroying the Xiang clan in order to gain their liege's lands. Xiang Yu indeed chose to distrust Zhongli Mei and the rest. Since he became suspicious, an envoy was sent to Han. As the Han Lord summoned the envoy for a feast, he feigned shock and said: "I thought you're supposed to be godfather's envoy, not the Xiang Lord's!"

Thus, he chose to feed the envoy with poisonous herbs instead. Upon return, the Chu envoy reported everything to the Xiang Lord. His godfather desired to take down Xingyang city as soon as possible, but the Xiang Lord chose to distrust him and turning a deaf ear. The godfather by then knew the Xiang Lord had distrusted him, thus exclaiming in anger: "The victor is already decided, may Your Highness look after yourself! May you allow my withering bones to return back to its rightful home!"

Before he reached Peng city, Fan Zeng died due to a deep rooted carbuncle erupting on his back. During the night, Chen Ping sent two thousand womenfolk out of Xingyang's eastern gates. The Chu army launched their assault as a result while Chen Ping and the Han Lord made their safe escape through the western gates. Thus, able to recover whatever surviving lost troops and staging an eventual rally.]
《Annals of History: Record of Chancellor Chen》

I got $$$, I can use $$$. This has gotta be the greatest act of bribery ever. You see, nothing is being said on Zhongli Mei and co longzong jiak lui, but that doesn't mean Chen Ping still tak boleh trollolol. In short, I got 40K gold bars, I only NATO. No action, talk only, enemy GG.

Oh, and one more thing. Two thousand womenfolk in this instance is all about two thousand female bots.

《史记: 高祖本纪》

[As the Han forces were starved from inside, two thousand womenfolk exited from the eastern gates decked in armour. The Chu army attacked as a result. The general Ji Xin in turn rode the (Han) Lord's carriage in order to create a diversion deceiving Chu. As the Chu shouted in joy while watching from the city's east, the Han Lord managed to escaped safely from the western side.]
《Annals of History: Annals of Gaozu》

Conclusion? This below:

Troll job tiga

《史记: 陈丞相世家》

[The following year, the Huaiyin Duke conquered the vassal state of Qi and proclaiming himself as the Qi Lord while sending an envoy to sanction his decision. Utterly incensed, the Han Lord cursed loudly. As Chen Ping kicked his liege, the Han Lord understood his meaning. Treating the envoy generously, Liu Bang had Zhang Zifang officially proclaiming Xin as the Qi Lord. For his timely intervention, Ping was granted total lordship over Huyou. By utilising his cleverly devised scheme, Chu was promtly destroyed. As the Central Commander Who Protects The Army, he played a vital role in quelling the Yan Lord, Zang Tu's rebellion.]
《Annals of History: Record of Chancellor Chen》

Han Xin is one hell of a mother****er, ain't that so? Granted he's Liu Bang most talented tactician, but a prideful nature would eventually be his downfall. Now allow me to say this: Han Xin IS indeed a better tactician than Chen Ping, but he sucked horribly in strategy.

Tactics are all about using your forces on the field, Strategy is all about planning beforehand. Going by the logic of Minghui-matics...

In short, 4 indicates maximum brainpower, the equation is basically how you use your brainpower.