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Friday, 14 June 2013

After TCG and RPG, we now have... (Parti Dua)

1. Big ass map... well sorta...

2. Bar at the bottom of screen lists down your Characters in-game. Portraits shaded in red means Character is awaiting revival.

3. Big ass square shaped box at lower right corner is your map.

4. Battle will commence via 3D graphics.

5. You move your Character cards around in order to move the Characters about (d'oh!).

1. Cabinet's left side only consists of one roller controller.

2. Roller controller isn't for camera zoom. Shit is basically auto-mode.

3. Roller controller is used for moving your Characters as a single group.

4. Right side of cabinet consists of three buttons lined vertically.

5. Top button is blue in colour. This is for any of your Character's specific ability.

6. Middle button is red in colour. This is to activate any of your Character's Magic.

7. Button at the bottom is gold in colour. This is to activate your chosen Miracle.

Stage Type
There are 8 types of in-game terrain, namely Forest [森], Desert [漠], Mountain [山], Swamp [沢], Plains [原], Coliseum [場], City [町], Hall [堂]

Forest grants boost in Attack, but also gives penalty in Defence. Ranged attacks will deal bonus damage.
Stage-Forest of War and Battle
Location: High Realm of Teutonia
Eagles and ravens, wolves and bears

Desert will slow down movement the least, but it will confer penalty in both Defence and Attack. Penalty will only affect melee combat.
Stage's title-Desert of Blood and Gold
Location: Southlands
Sands of glory, finest takers

Mountain slows down movement the most, but it will also confer the highest boost in Defence.
Stage-Mountain of Bronze and Iron
Location: Tamuria
Strong in will, brimming with courage

Marsh is the second most difficult terrain to move about. Boosts Attack during ranged combat.
Stage-Marsh of Dirge and Gloom
Location: Republic of Histalonia
Watery grave, ghosts abound

Plains will not hinder movement, but offers no boost as well.
Stage-Field of Steeds and Riders
Location: The Free Land of Slarvea
Wild men and women, passion and love

Coliseum impose longer revival time for Characters.
Stage-Spectacle of Bravery
Location: Capital City of Romus, The Blessed Kalaran Empire
Life favours the brave, Death welcomes the bold

City offers higher overall score for the victor.
Stage-Mundane Place
Location: County of Teesside, The Blessed Kalaran Empire
Small worth, little value

Hall offers the presence of statues. A statue can boost all nearby Characters' Attack and Defence.
Stage-The Seat of Kings
Location: Fortress City of Anglsax, High Realm of Teutonia
Sword as honour and victory, shield as loyalty and chivalry