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Thursday, 20 June 2013

'cuz we all can only wah pisai now...

Since I suspect someone upstairs down south cannot be arsed, please allow this northern bastard to do something far more constructive instead...

Simply put, it's called doing tweaks to my ART RPG Characters profile...

But before that, just some extra upgrading since I'm still a S'porean
Technique Skills will increase effect of Character's relevant Technique Actions.
Physical Skills will increase Character's maximum HP.
Mind Skills will earn the Character additional XP.
Capacity increase the Character's resistance to enemy Magic.
Soul Skills will increase the power of Character's Magic.



Expertise: Fencer

Expertise skill: Footwork (+4% Evasion chances)

Class: Ranger
Traits-no penalty in movement through any Terrain. All units under Aeranath during War mode will have Assault property by default. Gain Mobility Focus* and Sudden Strike** as default Skills.***
*Mobility Focus-chance of automatic Parrying so long as Character isn't wearing Heavy Armour.
**Sudden Strike-any attack dealt immediately after Parrying/Evasion counts as a critical hit.
***Expertise bonus cannot be applied.

Infiltrator-can opt to skip Movement phase during Preparation. Character cannot be a target for non-Demon opponents below Rank B.

Martial Zenith-deal maximum damage to any Demon.

Exposure-attacks dealt immediately after Parrying/Evasion will be nullified.
Expertise bonus-increase chance of successful Parrying/Blocking.

Valour-immune to panic* during Engagement phase
*Panic status reduce damage dealt and increase damage taken.

Truth: Wolf
Effect-damage dealt will not be affected by any negative status once HP drops below 50%


Elemental Affinity

Default equipment
Armour-Leather Suit

Type-Blade; Longsword

Grail property
Ride the Lightning
Every Focus attack will count as Lightning ranged damage amounting to Rank D. 1 Action slot taken this way will count as one such attack. Cannot be stacked with Talent or Feat.

Effect-deals normal slashing attack.
Priority effect-increase number of normal slashing attacks dealt per execution.

Effect-deals normal piercing attack.
Priority effect-increase armour damage.

Effect-higher damage slashing attack with higher chances of failure.
Priority effect-increase critical damage.

Full Thrust:
Effect-higher piercing damage with higher chances of failure.
Priority effect-increase armour damage and chances of critical hit.

Effect-next attack dealt after successful Evasion/Parrying will count as 1st priority Action.
Priority effect-increase chances of hitting opponent

Effect-increase the number and damage of melee attacks dealt per execution; +6% in Evasion chances.
Priority effect-increase chances of Evasion and critical hit.

Effect-damage enemies in surrounding area.
Rank status effect-increase area of effect and damage.

Turbulent Cut:
Effect-moving around within the next 5 seconds will damage nearby enemies and induce Bleeding.*
Rank status effect-increase damage and lessen amount of HP healed.
*Bleeding status will drain target's HP by end of every turn unless healed.

Stone Skin
Effect-ignore normal damage suffered during the next enemy attack.
Rank status effect-increase number of enemy attacks applicable.

Blood Freeze
Effect-target enemy takes damage and -40% to hit.
Rank status effect-decrease target's hit chances.

Storm Chaser:
Effect-immune to normal attacks and Magic effects dealt by enemies so long as user is moving continually. All non-Magic damage dealt is counted as Lightning damage.
Rank status effect-increase damage dealt per hit.

[when Aeranath is within Forest Terrain]
Attack any attacking enemy automatically during any character's Engagement phase. Aeranath cannot be attacked back this way.

[perform command during Engagement]
Attacking under Vánagandr status is possible. Focus melee damage dealt cannot be reduced.

Die Schrei
[perform command during Engagement]
Executes a melee attack with +30% to hit.

Chaos Incarnate
Die Schrei effect lasts 4 turns. Melee damage is counted as under Vánagandr status while Focus attacks will be treated as under Ride the Lightning status.

Chant of the Answerer
[Command executed as a Parry]
All non-Boss enemies/Demons below Rank B are killed straightaway. Demons above Rank B will suffer 50% HP damage and -40% Max HP.