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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lore: The Four Expertise (Part 4)

I suddenly realised I need some serious help. Being a self-absorbed freak just can't cut the cake for anyone. Is a case of obsessive single focus counted as a psychological disorder? No, I'm not joking here. Spending 10+ years of semi-solitude can easily make one an emo. Hopefully my recent whining doesn't count. Oh, and one more thing: Marvel: Avengers Alliance can be really addicting if you're not careful. -.-

Maddest of mortals, immortal in strength, such is a Berserker. Blessed with enormous fortitude, this is one Expertise not many can stand firm against. Normal at first glance, none can discern a living monster till the battle starts. Overridden by insanity and promise of bloodshed, Berserkers will always enter into combat frenzy upon the seconds in engagement. Neither feeling pain nor fear, it will take a clean fatal blow to kill such a fearsome foe.

Nature of weapon choice:
Basically a wielder of weapons capable of highest average damage. Mostly two handed types, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

Axe: Having a sturdy blade with larger cutting surface edge will mean greater damage inflicted. Mastery applicable to both one and two handed axes.

Halberd: Usage will be primarily hacking by nature instead of alternating between cutting and thrusting for a Lancer.

Glaive: Heavier versions are used. In this instance, the blade will be much larger, the shaft shorter in comparison.

Scythe: Due to the blade's nature, mastery is relatively more difficult. A straight miss can be outright fatal, but score a hit and the enemy will be instantly dead, if not critically injured.

Hammer: Blunt weapons like mace and morning star also fall under this category. Best used against warriors donning full plate armour, it's able to cause the most extensive damage possible.

Great Sword: Usable by Fencers as well, the blade length coupled with the necessity in offensive momentum will ensure the best balance between maximum reach and force.

Further information:
No one knows why Berserkers are so mindlessly violent in war, but it is doubtless that unless via decapitation or similar measures, a Berserker cannot die from whatever wounds sustained. Able to maintain the offensive rush no matter what, Berserkers have known to take down tiny regiments without batting an eyelid.

In fact upon running forward in full speed, any Berserker can cover ground extremely fast. Stamina wise, they can keep going till the battle is over or if they die.

In terms of armour wearing, there is no specific preferences. The heavier armour worn, the slower a Berserker's running speed. The lighter armour worn, the faster the running speed. Yet, a Berserker's hardiness also corresponds greatly with whatever armour worn with those decked in full plate nigh indestructible. Although it is noteworthy that Berserkers tend to wear light, if not, no armour.

Last but not least, any Berserker can unleash a terrifying aura which can shatter an enemy's mind. The closer it gets, the greater the effect.

Notable Berserkers


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