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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Character Upgrade Dua...

Nothing better to do, that's all...


Guy Cody

Expertise: Lancer
Expertise skill: Duelist's Guile (+5% hit accuracy)

Class: Soldier
Traits-+10% damage dealt so long HP remains above 50%. +8% damage dealt by surrounding friendly units during their next turn for every enemy unit defeated.

Valour-immune to panic* during Engagement phase.
*Panic status reduce damage dealt and increase damage taken.
Affinity bonus-gain Bestial Fury*
*increase melee damage.

Critical Eye-increase critical damage.
Expertise bonus-Increase critical hit chances.

Counter Movement-enemy has 10% chance of failure during Parrying/Evasion.
Expertise bonus-increase hit accuracy.

Perception-enemy troops deal 30% less damage during War mode.

Leadership-surrounding allies' non-Magic damage increase by 10% whenever attacked. Effects lasts entire battle.
Affinity bonus-reduce damage taken by surrounding allies.

Truth: Lion
Effect-+10% damage dealt whenever fighting against opponents of higher Rank.


Elemental Affinity

Default equipment
Armour-Scale Mail
Rank: C
-20% non-Magic damage suffered

Weapon/Grail-Gae Buidhe
Type-Pole; Hunting Spear

Weapon/Grail-Gae Daerg
Type-Pole; Hunting Spear

Grail property
Golden Barb of Mortality
Damage dealt with Gae Buidhe cannot be healed. Counts as normal attack. Gae Buidhe and Gae Dearg are counted as 1 Equipment. Automatically gain Martial Zenith.

Crimson Thorn of Fatality
For every 1 enemy killed in combat, Guy Cody will gain a Fatality icon. Can choose to activate every Fatality icon during Preparation. For every Fatality icon activated this way, Guy Cody gains +1 attack per execution during Engagement. Automatically attack whenever targeted by enemy's Magic. Contact made with any Magic this way will be nullified.

Feint Slash:
Effect-deals minimal slashing damage.
Priority effect-increase chances of landing the next attack.

Effect-deals normal piercing attack.
Priority effect-increase Armour damage.

Full Thrust:
Effect-deals higher piercing damage with a higher chance of failure.
Priority effect-decrease chances of failure.

Spear Storm:
Effect-reflect back 100% damage immediately after successful Parrying.
Priority effect-increase duration.

Dolorous Stroke:
Effect-remains stationary for 3 seconds. Any opponent within reach will immediately be knocked away and receive critical damage.
Priority effect-increase critical damage.

Vanir's Luck:
Effect-Character cannot use Magic. Positive status Magic targeting him will increase duration. Negative status Magic targeting him will have a reduced duration. Damage Magic targeting him will deal lesser damage.
Rank status-increase duration.

Red Lions' Pride
Nearest character takes 6% less damage through any means, be the source Magic or non-Magic.
[during any friendly character's Movement phase]
Nearest character gains +1 Movement.

[perform command during Engagement]
Remain stationary. -35% non-Magic damage taken. Attacking under Invictus status is possible.

[perform command during Movement]
-40% to hit for all enemies on screen. Lasts 2 turns and cannot be cancelled.

Lion of Teesside
Aurelius effect lasts 3 turns while Guy Cody can move under Invictus status.