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Saturday, 23 February 2013

My most ambitious analysis post ever... Fate/Zero

A certain exchange N years ago (before this blog was started)

Friend X: Well, you know the drift about manga/anime? That the main male character will always look and act like a slacker, but somehow or another he will end up being very powerful in fighting. That's why all the impressionable youths are prone to imitate them.

Me: Erm, that's not really the case...

Friend Y: No, X is right, you're wrong.

Me: Well, not every manga/anime is like that...

Friend Z: No, X and Y are RIGHT. Because I know what they're talking about.

Me: ......

This will be an ongoing series of analysis posts. If luck will have it, 24 parts in all. In short, you won't get to see a 24 episode running series since I do have my own life (read: my own personal excuse for that stupid delay in watching Fate/Zero until tonight and that's due to a prolonged bout of food poisoning). At the same time, any views portrayed here are mine and mine alone. I do not demand myself to be the correct party because I only see human beings as fallible. And by that, it also means I'm equally human as well.

As per stated, I've only started watching Fate/Zero tonight on my mom's laptop. Thankfully, I remembered to transfer the files from my desktop. I think like more than 20 GB in all at least, so it will take me quite a lot of time to finish this 24 part post, not to mention the likeliest chances of seeing random posts being wedged in between (and you all have seen that before in my Fate/stay night Fate route multi posts). Now since I've only watched the first episode (and it's a whopping 40+ mins long duration), I think I should just get started on whatever character analysis based on debut introduction. But firstly...

WHY NO CASTER???????!!!!!!!!!
Amazingly enough, it's been implied that Uryuu Ryuunosuke was already active by then due to the TV news report on some missing little girl being found murdered by that unknown serial killer. And we all know who by now anyway. But whether Caster had been summoned by then remains a big question mark. Because Assassin was actually summoned way earlier than the other 5 Servants so as to speak (bar Caster of course since we can't be sure on Gilles de Rais himself)

A/N: Apparently, trying to dissect Ryuunosuke's persona might be my greatest nightmare ever due to his wildly inexplicable nature as a psychopathic killer. In fact, he's already beyond your stereotypical "I kill for lulz" serial nutjob murderer to be fair. Urobuchi Gen, I know you're the one behind this knowing full well what you're truly capable of. *cough*Saya no Uta*cough*

The 7 Masters (in no order of preference/merit)
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald
Firstly, my only impression was "a bloody elitist prick" to be honestly fair. Now let's give credit where it's truly due: that he's indeed a talented Magus by his own right. For not only is he a versatile Magus, but he's also very damned strong in his learned fields. Out of all the seven Masters, he has to be arguably the most dangerous bloke upon the merit of sheer capability. In fact, this could be very likely why he was a stubborn prick as well. You see, the Archibald family is a respectable family within the Mage's Association due this very family boasting a whopping 9 generations of recognized Magus lineage in all. Which is why he was pretty much pissed off by Waver Velvet's thesis where reaching an equal height of ability by sheer efforts alone would be equally plausible. Simply put, should such a thesis be put to test and proven true, his value as a Magus together with the entire Archibald family will be reduced to crap. Period.

Waver Velvet
If Kayneth should be seen as an idealistic elitist who believes in lineage above all else, then his student here will be seen as a pragmatic idealist. Simply put, his thesis mentioned above in Kayneth's section was one built upon the foundations of pragmatism where everything is far more inclined towards the concept of meritocracy through hard work and studies unlike Kayneth's views that repute in lineage should be the one taking the highest priority. As we all know by now, Kayneth trashed Waver's thesis and Waver stole Kayneth's most precious parcel. Although it's more towards a case where shit happens and that the UPS man delivered the parcel to Waver knowing full well that he is the intended client's student. Of course what happened afterwards should be an ample proof of Waver being able to somehow walking his talk where a practicing student hailing from a 3 generation's worth of recognized lineage was able to detect vital details in no  part due to whatever talent he had in terms of "giving your best shot". In short, this was where we first see his own sense of opportunism and hunger in self-efforts. Traits justifying his own thesis, but subtly hinted in justifying how he's able to connect the dots through sheer immense effort (read: library will always be your best friend).

To be continued...
(because my head is getting light at the moment)