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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Of Gods and Men (Interlude)

Okay, I technically lied b/c this post is basically about actual gameplay, FB style. Before I start this post, a blast from the past...

Vital changes:
1. Game is now officially turn based RPG. Well sorta anyway...
2. Game now officially a FB/mobile app. Any takers?

There are two types of Characters-Pantheon and Heroes. Pantheon possess higher stats, but are more difficult to level up. Heroes on the other hand have lower stats, but easier to level up.

Leveling up
Whenever a Character levels up, he/she will gain a relevant increase in every stat. At the same time, the Character will also gain an additional stat block where you can allocate it to any single stat.

There are eight stats available to every Character-HP, Strength, Defense, Agility, Stamina, Command, Attune, HP.
Strength [Pantheon and Heroes only]-affects the amount of damage your Character deals.
Defense [All]-affects the amount of damage your Character can reduce.
Agility [Pantheon and Heroes only]-affects your Character's chances to dodge and deal critical damage.
Stamina [Pantheon and Heroes only]-required to execute that Character's Skills. Once your Character's Stamina drops below 50%, he/she will suffer penalty in every stat according to the amount of Stamina used. Stamina can be recharged manually during Battle.
Command [Vessel only]-affects the performance of Units used.
Attune [Vessel only]-affects the effect of Scrolls used.
HP [All]-indicates how much damage your Character can take before getting defeated.
All stats will have five blocks each where one block equals one fifth of the Character's maximum stat limit. However, this limit can be offset via allocating a bonus block upon every level up or spending Sacrifice tokens.

Pantheon vs Heroes
Pantheon are basically Characters impervious to normal damage. In a nutshell, it means Pantheon cannot be damaged by Units. However, Units are able to buff/heal a friendly Pantheon.
Heroes are basically mortal legends of yore. Not only do they have lower stats, at the same time they can be damaged by Units. On the other hand, Heroes are able to damage Pantheon.
Both Heroes and Pantheon have a maximum level cap of 12. However, you can increase the maximum capacity by 1 level per Sacrifice Token used this way.
Epic Heroes possess higher starting stats, but can only be gained via War. More on that later on.
Heroes tend to level up faster than Pantheon.

Note-There's no difference between the amount of increase in stats per level up.

Vessels are special Characters equivalent to the player's avatar. Acting as the respective faction's chief representative, a Vessel basically controls the relevant Characters in his/her party. At the same time, you can only access to your Vessel's Hall if that Vessel is still alive.
Whenever your Vessel levels up, you gain 1 Offering and 1 Sacrifice Token. At the same time, every Unit's will have a fixed level upon purchase where the level is equivalent to that of your Vessel.

What if Vessel dies?
Be it Pantheon, Hero, or Vessel, once the HP drops to zero, that Character dies. If a Vessel dies, every surviving Character will still remain in play. However, this will present a major handicap due to the Hall permanently disabled for rest of the battle.

A Hall is quintessentially your inventory. There are 3 sections to every Hall-Barracks, Warehouse, Library.
Barracks: Contains Units.
Warehouse: Contains Items.
Library: Contains Scrolls.

Abilities and Skills
Abilities are passive effects requiring no Stamina. Skills, on the other hand, need to use Stamina. Every Character has a countdown timer where once said timer reaches zero, that Character's Overdrive will be triggered. Overdrive is a more powerful version of Skills where no Stamina is needed.
Additional Skills can be unlocked via leveling up. However, that will also mean no stat bonus a normal leveling up would otherwise confer.

Note 1-New Skills will be gained upon reaching Level 3, 9, and 12.
Note 2-Vessels cannot have any Skills, only one Ability.

Used to purchase Units, Unit Upgrades, Items, and Scrolls. Do note that any Unit Upgrade is only applicable to the relevant Unit at hand, thus is not something unlockable. At the same time, Gold can also used to replenish Energy and Duel.

Items are supporting equipment intended for either one of three purposes-Offensive, Defensive, Healing.
Offensive: Deal direct damage and/or confer attacking buffs.
Defensive: Confer damage reduction buffs and/or counterattacking properties.
Healing: Restore HP and/or remove debuffs.
Items are generally available from the start. However, there will be selected Items only unlockable through quests or your Vessel leveling up.

Note-Items are usable for both Units and Characters.

Scrolls are basically magic spells serving the same purpose as Items. However, Scrolls will grant better effect than Items. Scrolls are either available from the start or via your Vessel leveling up.

There are three types of Units-Ranged [symbol-Bow], Melee [symbol-Sword], Siege [symbol-Tower], Healing [symbol-Staff]. Damage dealt by Ranged Units will always ignore target enemy's Defense; Melee Units deal second highest damage on average; Siege Units deal highest average damage and affect multiple targets; Healing Units restore either HP, Stamina, or both. In order to use any Unit, player must first unlock that Unit either via Divine Favor or in-game requirement(s). At the same time, there will be certain Units available during the start.

Note-Every Siege Unit has its own cooldown time in terms of usage.

Unit Upgrades
Unit Upgrades can be unlockable via various means. Depending on whichever Unit in question, every Unit Upgrade can be unlocked either through individual quest(s), satisfying in-game requirement(s), or both. Alternatively, some Unit Upgrades can be accessible from the start due to relevant Units already available at the beginning.

Sacrifice Tokens
This is used to buy premium items. Alternatively, you can choose to use them to power up your Characters by one block per token. A Sacrifice Token is symbolized by a crimson coin with a knife motif. Sacrifice Tokens are also used to purchase to exclusive Characters and Units.

Divine Favor
Divine Favor is needed to summon additional Characters. One Divine Favor used will earn you a Character. A Divine Favor comprises of numerous Offerings where number of Offerings required to complete a Divine Favor varies accordingly with the individual Character. Divine Favor is symbolized by a plain purple banner lined with gold.

Wheel of Fortune
We all know how hot Vanna White was during the 80s and 90s (by my own estimation), this is another form of WoF. Basically, this will be a roulette wheel with twelve segments. Said wheel will have a cross axis splitting it into four quarters. First try is free, where subsequent tries will cost 4 Sacrifice Tokens per turn. If you opt for additional spins this way, any prize within the same quarter of your first prize will be doubled.*

*Note-Bonus gained this way also applies to your first prize.

You'll need this to do Quests and travel in between various Maps. Permanently set at 100 where player must spend 10 Energy per Quest. Travelling from Map to Map will require the relevant amount of Energy. Symbolized by a yellow lightning.

You'll need this to fight Battles. Permanently set at 10 where you must spend at least 1 Duel per Battle. Symbolized by a red flame.

Maps and Quests
There are three kinds of Maps available, namely Mortal, Immortal, and Nether. Mortal Map indicates travelling within the living world, i.e. our current world. Immortal Map allows travelling in the realm of Gods while Nether Map will lead the player to the underworld. Travelling from Mortal to Immortal will cost 20 Energy while travelling from Mortal to Nether costs 25 Energy. From Immortal to Nether and vice versa will cost 30 Energy.
Within any respective Map, there will be Quests available. In a Quest, there will be Battles and Deployments waiting for the player.
At the same time, Quest completion will have a five star mastery system where your performance in Quest completion matters most.

Note-Maps and Quests are only available via PvE.

Deployment is only applicable in PvE. While this is optional in any Quest, successful Deployment(s) will guarantee additional bonus in gaining specific Item(s)/ Scroll(s)/Unit(s). In order to complete a Deployment, you must use a specified Hero and Unit.

There are three types of Battles-Quest, Player, Boss. Quest and Boss Battles are counted as PvE while Player Battles are counted as PvP. A Quest Battle consists of generic enemies while a Boss Battle will pit the player against Boss enemies. In certain Quests, there will be multiple Boss Battles. A Quest Battle won will fetch the least average XP while a Boss Battle won will fetch a much higher average XP.

Allocation of who fights who is random by nature for PvP. The amount of XP gained through victory varies accordingly to the level of opponent Vessel defeated.

Better known as a PvP tournament, War consists of a five tier ranking system, namely Wood, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Finishing a War with Wood tier will earn the player abundant Gold while finishing at Stone tier results in a few Divine Favors gained. A Bronze tier finish offers Sacrifice Tokens, Silver grants the player a high end Hero. Lastly, finishing at Gold tier will earn you an Epic Hero and any Pantheon of your choice.

Note-Victory in War will fetch you higher average XP for PvP.

How Duels are spent
Every Quest or Player Battle costs 1 Duel. Boss Battle costs 2 Duels. During any War, a Player Battle costs 3 Duels instead.

A special series of Quests concerning various exclusive Pantheon/Heroes. While it's possible to purchase these Characters via Sacrifice Tokens, the most straightforward way is to gain them for free via Journey. Different Journeys will yield different exclusive Characters. Completing every Quest in a given Journey at full mastery will earn you the exclusive Hero. However, you must complete the Journey one more time in order to gain the exclusive Pantheon. The only catch? You can say round 2 is quintessentially hell mode difficulty.

Note-A Journey will only last for a fortnight!

Conducting a Battle
In every given Battle, you will engage up till 4 enemies at a time, i.e. on the screen. Whoever has the highest Agility will go first. Battle is conducted in a turn-based manner where the Vessel will normally go last. You can include four Characters in a Battle, i.e. not the default number, where one of them must be the Vessel. You cannot have more than one Pantheon in play this way.

Note-The number of turns a Vessel can have equals the number of Characters under that Vessel's control.

Basically whatever options your Pantheon/Heroes have during Battle, namely Attack (first panel from the left); Defend (second panel); Recharge (third panel).
Attack-target any enemy to attack; any Attack Skill can be accessed through this panel.
Defend-reduce amount of damage taken; also affects chances of receiving no damage; any Defense Skill can be accessed through this panel.
Recharge-restore one third Stamina.

Note-A Vessel can only gain access to the Hall.

Because I feel like doing something creative, I decided to design Lee Se-young and Cú Chulainn. Okay, sorta anyway...

Visual design
Se-young: Simple casual wear comprising of... erm... okay, just try visualizing whatever Go Dok-mi would wear normally. That's me being too lazy fyi.
Cú Chulainn: Leather armor exposing his abdomen; forest green pants and grey boots; draped in a fur lined cloak.

Lee Se-young:
Tranquility-Whenever any Pantheon/Hero controlled by this Vessel recharges Stamina, remove all debuffs from that Character.

Cú Chulainn:
Ríastrad-Gains 10% Torque whenever taking damage; amount of Torque gained will increase damage accordingly; attack up to 3 enemies at the same time once Torque reaches 100%.
Demi-Counts as both Hero and Pantheon, i.e. a Hero with high Strength and Stamina.
Del Chliss-Gain 1 extra turn after activation; increases Attack damage for next 3 turns.
[Level 1 Skill; Melee Attack buff; consumes 30% Torque]
Dubán-Increase Defense until the next turn; 30% chance of counter against ranged attacks.
[Level 3 Skill; Defense; consumes 10% Torque]
Claidheamh Solius-Creates an arcing slash targeting all enemies on screen.
[Level 9 Skill; Melee Attack; Burning, i.e. additional damage lasting 3 turns]
Gáe Bolg-Unleashes seven attacks targeting all enemies on screen; the lesser number of enemies targeted this way, the higher damage dealt. Can only be used every 3 turns after the battle starts.
[Overdrive; Ranged Attack; Bleeding, i.e. affected targets take 40% more damage afterwards]

Possible XP bonus:
(Note-bonus XP set at +50)

Without Borders (Rivals)-Jumong
Good To Be Bad (Chaotic Characters)-Susanoo, Loki, Dionysus
Flirt (Flirtatious Characters)-Fergus mac Róich, Dionysus, Helen of Troy
Making War (Characters associated with warfare)-Ares; Jumong
Holy Bastards (Heroes associated with any Pantheon as a parent)-Dionysus, Heracles, Perseus, Loki, Vidar
I am your Father (father and son relationship)-Lugh
BFF (close friends)-Láeg